Best Public Speaking Courses Online 2024

18 public speaking courses to help you become a great speaker.

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, public speaking is the art of effective verbal communication with an audience. However, this art seems to be a tricky one to learn for many of us. While there are many proven methods to deliver compelling presentations, it is often stage fear or the fear of speaking in front of an audience that will hold us back.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

But, as long as human beings need to interact with each other to accomplish anything worthwhile, verbal communication skills are essential. The good news is that everyone can learn the art of public speaking. In this post, I’ll give you a tour of the best public speaking courses online that can help you prepare for success in your career and your life.

Public Speaking Courses Online – Overview

Good communication is often the key to success, to reach an agreement or present an idea or vision to a wider audience. The more relevant the accomplishments are to the success of individuals, communities, nations, or businesses, the more critical it is that we execute effective oral communication to convey ideas and inspire action.

The best public speaking courses online will teach you the following core concepts:

1. Preparation: This includes research, outlining, slide creation, rehearsal and appearance. Building confidence and overcoming anxiety also come in handy here.

2. Execution: Here, you will use the skills of body language, pitching, persuading, rhetoric, and storytelling to deliver your message and get your results.

3. Completion: What you learn about Q&A and setting and accomplishing goals for your speeches will be useful at this point.

Best Public Speaking Courses Online – Top Picks

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Speak & InspireVR Public SpeakingPower of StorytellingIntro Public Speaking
from $41/month$45/monthfrom $10/monthfrom $11.99/class
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Note: This review curates some of the best public speaking courses online but cannot cover all the presentation classes available. It is a guide to help you find the best class.

1. Speak and Inspire – Lisa Nichols, Mindvalley

Image Public Speaking Courses Online - Speak and Inspire, Lisa Nichols, Mindvalley

Speak and Inspire (visit website) is an online public speaking course on Mindvalley. It is suitable for individuals who wish to drive massive change through the sheer power of speaking and communication. Whether it’s an entrepreneurial venture, a board meeting, or a motivational speech, everyone can learn to use the power of words in this program.

Spanning over 30 days, the class will take participants on a transformative journey of channeling their inner energy to inspire and persuade people. As a student, you will have to invest only 10 minutes daily to discover a nuance of masterful speaking every time.

Lisa’s effective guidance will take you through a total of four modules starting with a look inward, harnessing your inner unique gifts, and owning your voice. Next, you will explore the intricacies of connecting with your listeners. Learn how to connect with your audience on a heart level before beginning to plant seeds of inspiration.

In the third module, you will come across a wide range of Lisa’s techniques for exuding power and charisma before learning to harmonize these and becoming an ace speaker. This is one of the best public speaking courses online and combines well with any other personal development program on Mindvalley. Those are included in each membership.

Provider: Mindvalley, Lisa Nichols | Time: 4 Weeks | Rating: ★★★★★
Price: $99/month or $499 annually. Access to all online courses and programs.
Info: View course page. Discount on Mindvalley Membership? View website for details.

2. Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization – Coursera, University of Washington

Image Best Public Speaking Courses Online - Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization, Coursera

Dynamic Public Speaking (visit website) helps you increase confidence and presence, learn how to prepare effective speeches and use body language to engage your audience. This online public speaking course is for individuals and professionals alike.

As you progress through this class, you will have the opportunity to master proven techniques such as storytelling, topic framing, and discussing evidence. Like many of the other best public speaking courses listed here, the class also teaches slide creation.

The instructor is Dr. Matt McGarity, founder and director of the University of Washington Speaking Center who has won awards from Toastmasters and the National Speakers Association for his work.

Kinesthetic learners will enjoy the applied learning project that concludes this four-course specialization. In it, you create and record an actual presentation and submit it for peer feedback. Thus, you would also get to see and critique other students’ work.

Instructor: Coursera | Instructor: Dr. Matt McGarity | Level: Beginners
Type: Specialization | Public Speaking Courses: 4 | Rating: ★★★★★
Price: View course. Free audit. Get a certificate with Coursera Plus. Visit website.

3. Essential Public Speaking – VirtualSpeech

Image Essential Public Speaking Course - VirtualSpeech

Essential Public Speaking (visit website.) is an interactive course to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. It will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and help ingrain your newly learned skills with unlimited virtual speaking practice. Sounds fun? It is.

Instructor Dom Barnard starts with voice practices before moving directly into essential communication topics. These include the canons of rhetoric, the pillars of persuasion, literary techniques and speech planning. From there, you will learn anxiety management and delivery techniques including the use of body language, eye contact and gestures.

A unique feature of this virtual public speaking course is interactivity. You can use your browser or a virtual reality headset for unlimited virtual practice in mock conference rooms, video-conferencing applications, formal ballrooms, or a lecture hall.

You can also elect to practice specific skills with exercises that focus on impromptu speaking, improving eye contact, or navigating sound and visual distractions. Record your presentations and receive immediate feedback on speech rate and listenability. This is one of the best public speaking courses online to enjoy live practice with multiple other people.

Platform: VirtualSpeech | Style: Virtual Public Speaking Course + Speech Practice
Level: Beginners, Intermediates | Price: From $34/month. Access to all programs.
Info: View course. For pricing and discounts – Visit website.

4. Speaking in Public: Storytelling, Influence and Presence – GetSmarter

Image Public Speaking Courses - Speaking in Public: Storytelling and Presence - GetSmarter

Speaking in Public (visit website) helps you to use the power of storytelling to compellingly communicate your ideas in any public forum. Award-winning journalist and public speaker Bruce Whitfield will teach you the essential communication skills and how to use them to present, pitch, brand, persuade or navigate complex and difficult public conversations.

In addition to learning how to synthesize complex ideas into engaging presentations, you will learn how to tell the kinds of stories that build powerful brands. Acquire effective media engagement strategies and learn to represent your company clearly to stakeholders.

During this public speaking course, you will also receive actionable feedback to help you craft your personal communication style. Even seasoned speakers can expect to learn new industry techniques, strategies and tools.

Ultimately, if you are a professional who works in big, bold, complex, or even controversial spaces, this is among the best public speaking courses online to help shape you into a confident, compelling speaker that can deftly command a room.

Provider: GetSmarter | Time: 2 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
For: Professionals, Students | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $165 or £145
Info: View course page. Browse all classes available on GetSmerter.

5. LeVar Burton Teaches the Power of Storytelling, MasterClass

Image Public Speaking Courses Online - LeVar Burton, MasterClass

LeVar Burton (visit website), the actor from Roots and Star-Trek and a 23-year long host of Reading Rainbow, has developed his popular MasterClass around the power of storytelling. The Emmy and Grammy winner is now sharing his secrets to leave an indelible mark on your surroundings through the stories you can tell.

Mastering the art of storytelling will enable learners to better connect with their audience and inspire curiosity in them. His class focuses on finding intention, using your voice, and mining your experience in a way that makes your stories dynamic and invigorating.

In this popular public speaking course, you will learn how to tell stories without losing the interest of your audience and use them to make meaningful connections. LeVar Bruton will help you find out your personal story. In addition, students will learn to grope the subtle nuances when it comes to storytelling for children, adults, and speaking to an audience.

By the end, you will have understood how fear or nervousness is only suppressed excitement and how the latter is easier dealt with intellectually than those fears. This is one of the best public speaking courses online for those ready to finetune their speaking skills.

Provider: MasterClass, LeVar Burton | For: All levels | Rating: ★★★★★
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 180+ online courses.
Info: View course page. Compare pricing plans and browse all online classes.

6. The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course – Udemy

Image Public Speaking Courses Online - Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course, Udemy

Chris Haroun (visit website) brings his 25 years of experience, including keynote and TEDx speaking, and lecturing at universities such as Stanford and McGill to one of Udemy’s best public speaking courses. Improve your skills in a multitude of speaking scenarios.

In 12 “acts”, he will not only teach public speaking methods but also shows you content creation, preparation, slide creation, appearance secrets, post-presentation work and how to meet the goals of your public speech – everything “from page to stage”.

He offers students many downloadable presentation templates and presentation skills guides (each covering a different type of speech) which will appeal to kinesthetic learners.

Some students were impressed and inspired by his enthusiasm and said that he helped them overcome their fear of public speaking. Others were less impressed, writing that he could have been more concise, that he covered too much course material but none of it in depth, and that he digressed and reiterated often.

Thus, if you want a great overview of the many types of speaking engagements there are and practical tips for each, this class is among the best public speaking courses online.

Platform: Udemy | Instructor: Chris Haroun | Level: No prior knowledge required.
Course Materials: Yes | Video Lectures: 205. 16 hours. | User Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: View Course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse full category on Udemy.

7. Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication, MasterClass

Image Public Speaking Courses Online - Robin Roberts, MasterClass

Robin Roberts (visit website), the Emmy-winning “Good Morning America” co-anchor, shares her secrets to create unforgettable moments with her listeners in her popular public speaking class. Learn how to communicate confidently and effectively, whether you are talking to your workmates, a live audience, a potential employer, or just a group of people.

Upon enrolling in the class, you’ll begin mastering the art of making your “mess your message”. This ultimately requires you to share and express your vulnerabilities with sincerity, making an authentic connection and communicating your values at work.

Robin is also sharing her failproof presentation and public speaking secrets to nailing your job interview and communicating for live TV. She’ll be taking you behind the scenes of “Good Morning America” and give you concrete advice on interviewing people efficiently.

Her final class is on inculcating resilience and optimism in your persona and how to let it shine through your speech, one of the most effective strategies in communication. This is one of the best public speaking courses to learn presentation skills for everyday use.

Provider: MasterClass, Robin Roberts | For: All levels | Review: ★★★★★
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 180+ online courses.
Info: View course website. See pricing plans and browse all online classes.

8. Public Speaking: Find Your Unique Voice – Domestika

Image Public Speaking: Find Your Unique Voice - Domestika

The “Find Your Voice” public speaking course on Domestika (visit website) will help you unlock your presentation skills as early as today! Using a combination of practical techniques, you can learn to exude confidence in a room full of people and influence even the most immovable. Students can put their skills to the test by designing and delivering compelling presentations of their choice at the end.

From vocal gymnastics that set you up for perfect fluency to body language and breathing techniques that help you project across the room, there is not a dull moment in this class. You’ll also learn the importance of storytelling in the art of persuasion, including great tips for evoking the desired emotion in your audience and memorizing content.

If you’re plagued by pre-presentation jitters, this online public speaking course can guide you through grounding techniques to keep your nerves in check. Whether this is your first time taking a public speaking class or not, you can certainly benefit from the drama training principles that Coach Dasha applies in her pre-recorded online lessons.

Instructor: Dasha Dollar-Smirnova | Level: Beginners | Time: 2 hours
Info: View course. From $14.99. Up to 75% off. Browse category Communication.

9. Intro to Public Speaking – Give a 5-Minute Talk Without Dying – Skillshare

Image Best Public Speaking Courses Online - Skillshare - Give A 5-min Talk

Nick Armstrong, “Geek-in-Chief” of WTF Marketing and experienced TEDx speaker, offers this great course (view class) for entrepreneurs, especially kinesthetic learners who could use a slide deck and some practical help creating an upcoming speech or pitch meeting.

Armstrong will prepare you to deliver in “20 highly visual slides” and convey your idea with the “simplicity of 20 tweets”. Armstrong boasts a step-by-step recipe, with deliverables including helping you identify and eliminate verbal and physical tics, how to source free images for your slides, and how to look, act and sound like a pro.

He teaches some other courses on Skillshare, including one on storytelling and “Onboarding Clients Like a Boss”. Reviews say that the instructor is engaging, gives helpful and practical examples and that his lessons are well organized.

This is among the best public speaking courses online if you have plans for a speech but have no idea how to prepare for success. Armstrong will get you there.

Platform: Skillshare | Instructor: Nick Armstrong | Level: Beginners
Course Content: 105 projects | Rating: ★★★★★
Info: View course. $15/month for all courses. Get 30% off annual plan.

10. Professional Certificate in Communication, Public Speaking – edX, RIT

Image of Best Public Speaking Courses Online - Communication Skills, Public Speaking RIT, edX

A meticulous public speaker spends more time preparing than delivering. If you wish to become better at giving and preparing memorable speeches and presentations, you may want to consider the Communication Skills certification by RIT on edX (visit website).

Apart from learning how to tell stories, craft powerful narratives, and create compelling visualizations, this path also contains some of the best public speaking courses online. It is taught by Keith Jenkins, Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity at the esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

In his class, he shares the insight that public speaking should extend from critical thinking, well-organized narrative, reasoning, research, and preparation. Students learn how to control the various stages of public speaking to reduce anxiety and build confidence.

The emphasis is on evidence, language, and ethics, and teaches many other skills that are common in other best public speaking courses online. You will also get some insight on identifying main and supporting ideas. The public speaking course can be audited for free, but a small fee allows you to score a verified certificate with the RIT logo on it.

Provider: edX | University: RIT | Level: Beginner
Length: 3 Weeks | Efforts: 4-6 hours/week | Review: ★★★★★
Info: View course page. $597 with professional certification and support.

11. Storytelling and Influencing: Communicate with Impact – Coursera, Macquarie University

Image of Best Public Speaking Courses Coursera - Storytelling and Influencing

If you have some speaking experience and want to level up for greater impact, you might love this learning and career path (visit website). The lecturers are Associate Professor Lawrence Ang and Arabella MacPherson.

MacPherson is a former actress and Director of Resonate Communications where she has coached CEOs in corporate communications for 10 years. Professor Ang is Program Director of Bachelor of Marketing and Media at Macquarie. They co-present this 6-week online course to hone the ancient skill of storytelling.

This class can be taken as a stand-alone certification. It will teach you story structures and provide a wealth of presentation skills for a wide range of business applications.

Ang and MacPherson explore some of the science behind how the brain takes in, stores, and processes stories. You will learn some of the Milton Model (a set of NLP persuasion techniques that heads of state frequently use), building rapport, meeting planning and execution skills, and how to prepare for and answer objections.

Lots of diagrams and easy-to-remember acronyms will especially appeal to visual learners. This course will take your speaking to the next level. One of the best public speaking courses online for those who wish to take their skills to the next level.

Provider: Coursera | Level: All Levels | Type: Specialization
Public Speaking Courses: 4 | User Review: ★★★★★
Info: View course. Free audit. Get a certificate with Coursera Plus. Visit website.

Reading tip: Other classes could go along well with one of the public speaking courses mentioned here. These include negotiation classes, productivity courses, speed reading classes, or language courses in general.

12. Communicating With Confidence – LinkedIn Learning

Image of Best Public Speaking Courses LinkedIn - Speaking with Confidence

If you have given some speeches already and struggled without being clear as to why Jeff Ansell has the right course for you. In addition to communication tools, strategies and tips, he teaches techniques to help overcome anxiety, breathe properly as you speak, and come across more confidently using body language and hand gestures.

His course features a detailed lecture on the “power of the pause”, a fundamental, extremely effective strategy that other online public speaking courses gloss over. He demonstrates excellent public speaking techniques effectively in his lectures so you can experience firsthand what he wants you to take away from his teaching.

There are also two valuable coaching exercises at the end of this popular online public speaking course – one for hand gesturing and one for slowing down.

Ansell has a management consulting and communications training firm that has worked with the CEOs of such corporate giants as Walmart, Proctor and Gamble, PepsiCo and Ford. He can prepare you for the big time!

Category: LinkedIn | Instructor: Jeff Ansell
Level: Beginners | Course Duration: 1h 16min | Rating: ★★★★★

13. Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking – edX, Harvard University

Image of Public Speaking Courses Online - edX - Rhetoric, Art of Speaking, Harvard

If you haven’t been there, here’s your chance to touch the venerated campus of Harvard University without having to go to Massachusetts! Professor James Engell, Gurney Professor of English and Professor of Comparative Literature, brings you this online public speaking course that is built around his actual on-campus Elements of Rhetoric class.

For those considering a career in public service, this class will equip you with relevant public speaking skills for going toe to toe with heavyweights on economic and political issues. Engell teaches students how to compose an effective argument and how to analyze others’ arguments to identify logical fallacies.

In his class, you will dissect historical speeches by such American luminaries as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President John F. Kennedy to extract timeless embedded wisdom on how to employ rhetorical devices.

Here’s your chance at a Harvard education – you can get a certificate emblazoned with the school’s name and crest – and a solid foundation for giving a world-changing, history-making speech when your name gets called.

Provider: edX | University: HarvardX | Skill Level: Beginner
Length: 8 Weeks | Efforts: 2-3 hours/week | Review: ★★★★★
Info: View course page. $597 for the whole certification Communication (view course).

14. TED Public Speaking Masterclass

Image TED Public Speaking Masterclass

Master the Art of Public Speaking is a self-paced TED masterclass for anyone who wants to learn to identify, develop and share their best and proven ideas. Using animation and clips of powerful TED talks, instructor Chris Anderson will guide you through the process of preparing and giving your own TED-style talk.

In the preparation units, you will learn the essential qualities of ideas worth sharing, how to craft your talk plan, when to script and when to improvise as well as how to use body language and voice techniques to punctuate your presentation.

In the crafting unit, you will learn storytelling techniques, how to express complex ideas with clarity, key concepts about persuasion, and how to use visuals. By the end of this online public speaking course, you may also submit a recording of your presentation to TED curators who will consider featuring your talk on the website.

Platform: TED | Style: Own-pace. Includes training + exercises + speech practice
Skill level: Beginners, Intermediates | Price: $49.99 + tax. Info: View.

15. Public Speaking Mastery – Dale Carnegie

Image Public Speaking Course - Dale Carnegie

If speaking with conviction and confidence is a skill you desire, Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking Mastery course may be a good fit. This short, beginner-level course helps discover and refine your presentation style using Dale Carnegie’s very own techniques.

You will learn to use Carnegie’s tried-and-true outline for how to research and organize your presentations; voice and gesture techniques to punctuate your delivery; strategies for navigating Q&A sessions; and skills to handle heckling from your audience.

During the class, you will create and review videos of your presentations to track the progress of your public speaking style. Thus, you will build confidence in your new skills. The video is yours to keep as an on-demand refresher anytime you need it. It is one of the best public speaking courses online to learn from one of the most impactful speakers.

Instructor: Dale Carnegie | Style: In-person public speaking class + speech practice
Level: Beginners, Intermediates | Price: From $1,895. Various cities. Info: View.

16. One Talk Workshop – Speaker Nation

Image One Talk Workshop - Speaker Nation

The principle behind this 3-day public speaking class on Speaker Nation is that our perfect life is on the other side of a good presentation. Whether you are on a quest to sell a product, source investment for your business or promote a social cause, this course helps you design a phenomenal talk that you can tailor to fit any circumstance.

You’ll learn to make this talk as compelling and memorable as possible to galvanize your audience into meaningful and long-lived action, securing the desired response in the most strategic manner. Delivered by Eric Edmeades, a prominent figure in the field of public speaking, this course’s theoretical material is supported by practical drills.

The evolutionary principle of the “Stage Effect” and the “Broad Spectrum Appeal” method set the foundation for this intensive class. By letting these psychological techniques drive your talk, you’ll command your audience from the start, maintain their attention throughout and leave them hungry for more, never needing to use presentation notes again.

Platform: Speaker Nation | Style: Live 3-Day public speaking training
For: Professionals, Individuals | Exercises: Speech Practice | Price: $797.

17. Speakers Clubs: Toastmasters International, Meetups, NSA

Image of Best Public Speaking Courses - Toastmasters

If being in a club is your thing, then Toastmasters presents the perfect opportunity to network and hone your leadership and public speaking skills in a supportive setting.

Toastmasters – They hold regular in-person and online meetings at chapters in more than 130 countries where you can form new friendships and practice in a small group environment designed to put you at ease.

Headquartered in Colorado, USA, they have been helping people become more confident public speakers since 1924 for a small membership fee of less than US$110.00 a year payable in your currency at your local chapter.

Meetups – You will notice that some online public speaking course instructors boast some form of Toastmasters connection. Membership benefits they boast include:

  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your workplace
  • Practice speech writing and presenting in a group setting
  • Boost leadership, presentation and public speaking skills

Their website also offers a wide range of e-learning resources in areas like conflict resolution, project management and online meeting management. Online public speaking courses are offered in 8 different languages.

Participating in meetups can provide a wonderful way to gain real-life, practical public speaking training and experience. Those meetups provide a great stage to apply some of the techniques you have learned from the online public speaking classes you took.

The National Speakers Association (NSA) is another organization that is worthwhile. Members are in auspicious company with the likes of Les Brown and the late Zig Ziglar. This organization could also open up opportunities for paid speaking engagements.

Info: Visit website.

18. Successful Speaking Strategies Program – Speaker Nation

Image 21. Successful Speaking Strategies Program - Speaker Nation

Do your ideas justice by learning to communicate effectively and become a dynamic speaker through the Successful Speaking Strategies Program. By learning to use storytelling as a marketing tool and ice-breaking techniques to prime your audience for the penultimate pitch, you’ll learn to claim your space as a confident communicator.

This video-based public speaking course is supplemented by practical activity books to help you put those pesky butterflies to bed and use unconscious communication strategically. As you unearth your voice, you’ll develop the ability to speak organically and fluently, making notes and slides a thing of the past through the magic of speech maps.

Platform: Speaker Nation | Style: Self-paced online public speaking class
For: All levels. Professionals and individuals. | Price: $97.

Choosing the Best Online Public Speaking Class

Image of How to choose a public speaking course

Glossophobia or fear of public speaking is a common phobia, affecting 75% of the world’s population. But let’s not worry. It is normal and ok. Our round-up review of the best public speaking classes online curates some of the best classes to help overcome this fear. As you look through course descriptions, here are some other questions to ask yourself:

  • How much or little public speaking experience do I have?
  • Do I need a certificate or just presentation and public speaking skills?
  • Am I an entrepreneur or on a career path as an employee?
  • What industry am I in? Will I need to prepare for job interviews?
  • Do I want to change career paths?
  • Do I have an upcoming event to prepare for?

Additionally, briefly look at the main types of speeches being covered such as persuasive speeches, informative speeches, demonstrative and entertaining speeches.

Students also prefer to have access to downloadable course materials, graded assignments, discussion forums or media aids sharing practical tips to overcome stage fear or speech anxiety. You may also want to record speeches for reviewing purposes.

The great news is that cost does not have to be a deterrent. Even the fee-based are inexpensive (many less than $50). Some platforms come with a subscription and offer multiple public speaking courses online but also other skills to learn. Might be worth it.

Additional best public speaking classes worth mentioning

  • Chris Anderson, Public Speaking Class with the Head of TED
  • Matt McGarrity, Intro to Public Speaking, University of Washington’s, Coursera
  • Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Public Speaking Class
  • Dale Carnegie, The Art of Public Speaking Masterclass
  • Brian Tracy, Expert, Business, Leadership, Management + Media Training

Learn new skills: Skillshare | LinkedIn | Udemy | Coursera | Mindvalley | Domestika


Image of Best Public Speaking Courses -Review Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best public speaking classes online. Public speaking is an important skill for every student and professional to have under their belt. Possible speaking opportunities can include an impromptu opportunity that relies upon your verbal skills, an interview, a boardroom presentation to persuade investors to take a chance on you, or a speech that makes history.

I recommend investing in building public speaking skills as part of your preparation to make a positive impact in your sphere of influence.

There’s no telling when, but people with decades of life experience and success in their fields would probably all agree that the small upfront investment in educating yourself in this craft will yield you big dividends. One day, you too may need to speak for the trees.

 Best Public Speaking Courses Online 2024

  1. Speak and Inspire – Lisa Nichols, Mindvalley
  2. Speaking in Public – GetSmarter
  3. Dynamic Public Speaking – Coursera, University of Washington
  4. LeVar Burton Teaches the Power of Storytelling, MasterClass
  5. Essential Public Speaking – VirtualSpeech Practice
  6. The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course – Udemy
  7. Robin Roberts Teaches Effective Communication, MasterClass
  8. Public Speaking: Find Your Unique Voice – Domestika
  9. Public Speaking – Give a 5-Minute Talk Without Dying – Skillshare
  10. Professional Certificate in Communication – edX, RIT
  11. Public Speaking Foundations – LinkedIn Learning
  12. Storytelling and Influencing: Communicate with Impact – Coursera
  13. Communicating With Confidence – LinkedIn Learning
  14. Jodi Glickman on Pitching Yourself – LinkedIn Learning
  15. The Art of Persuasive Public Speaking – edX, Harvard University
  16. TED Complete Public Speaking Masterclass
  17. Public Speaking Mastery – Dale Carnegie
  18. Become A Presenter Public Speaking Class – FutureLearn
  19. One Talk Workshop – Speaker Nation
  20. Speakers Clubs: Toastmasters International, Meetups, NSA
  21. Successful Speaking Strategies Program – Speaker Nation

What are the best In-Person Public Speaking Classes?

In our round-up review, we covered the best public speaking courses online in 2024 and media training resources to become an engaging presenter and create compelling presentations. If your goal is to be confident in a job interview or speak up in meetings, a virtual class or book is a great start.

If you plan to speak in front of a large audience regularly, booking a public speaking coach in your city or a recognized in-person class could be a more effective option. Cities like New York NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, Toronto, London, Sydney or Singapore have many great coaches ready to help you reach your goals.

Have you completed any of the classes above? What are the best public speaking classes online in 2024 to become a better, funnier and more professional public speaker?

What are the best online classes to improve presentation skills? And, when it comes to soft skills, what is your most enduring job skill ot have?
We would like to hear from you.

Sources: Manage Speaking Anxiety – University of Iowa | What is Glossophobia – Wikipedia

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to some providers of public speaking courses online. courselounge may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. It does not add any extra costs. All reviews, opinions, descriptions and comparisons expressed here are our own.