Best Negotiation Courses Online 2024

18 Best negotiation courses online to learn to negotiate confidently.

Image Best Negotiation Courses Online - Learn to Negotiate Confidently

Throughout human evolution, the concept of negotiation has been and is of fundamental importance. Negotiation is an acquirable skill that can be perfected with training and practice. But the broad application of your negotiation skills travels far beyond the banal routines of your professional lives, although the latter remains an important part of it.

The truth is that most of our everyday conversations are some form of negotiation and knowing how to communicate your messages positively and confidently will not just bolster your professional career but also lead to successful relationships in your private life.

In this article, we cover some of the best negotiation courses online for both professionals and value-driven individuals from diverse backgrounds. The list suggests specializations and negotiation training programs that teach individuals how to negotiate confidently, communicate messages effectively, and formulate win-win deals for all parties.

Negotiation Courses Online – Overview

Negotiation as a skill is much more than just sales and bargaining. It refers to the process of reaching an agreement that drives the most value for all parties involved. This requires negotiators to treat the second party (whether a business relation or family) with empathy, communicate their message effectively, align perspectives and resolve any issues.

Effective negotiation strategies can also serve as a mechanism for assuaging differences and resolving disputes in both public and private settings. As you will notice shortly, negotiation is a skill that can be applied in diverse settings that range from procuring the best deals from your suppliers, customers, and clients to high stake events of communicating with terrorist groups, kidnappers, or public instigators.

The following online negotiation courses deal with many of these use cases and aspects of negotiation, including an understanding of the parties involved, the importance of communicating effectively, building tactical empathy, opening offers, gauging the body language, reading signs, finding alternatives, and closing deals successfully.

Best Negotiation Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Image of GetSmarter Negotiation Courses CoursesImage of MasterClass Negotiation CoursesImage of Coursera Negotiation Courses CoursesImage edX Negotiation Courses
Negotiation ProgrammeThe Art of NegotiationNegotiation & MediationBusiness Negotiation
LSEwith Chris VossESSECIndiana University
$2,660$10/month$59/monthfrom $649
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Note: This review provides an overview of the best negotiation courses online. We cannot claim comprehensiveness as there are many other negotiation classes available.

1. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation – MasterClass

Image Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation – MasterClass

Taught by former FBI lead hostage negotiator Chris Voss (visit website), this online negotiation course is aimed at beginner-level learners who want to hone the art of negotiation and implement these newfound skills in their day-to-day lives.

Drawing upon his own experiences of negotiating with robbers, kidnappers, and the like and changing their perspectives, Voss uses his negotiation MasterClass to teach learners the field-tested strategies that they can use to do the same. Voss’s program not only benefits business negotiators, but anyone who wishes to polish their communication skills for a better salary, receive a service, or improve a relationship.

Your journey will begin with a dive into the fundamental elements of strong communication: tactical empathy, mirroring, and delivery. Once you learn how to set a trusting foundation between yourself and your listener, it will be time to inspect some case studies and scrutinize body language.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to “bend reality”, create an “illusion of control” and know when to say “No”. This is one of the best negotiation courses online for beginners and can be an eye-opener for those who wish to understand the basics of building rapport, making themselves likable, and aligning perspectives with their listeners.

Instructor: Chriss Voss, MasterClass | For: All Levels | Rating: 4.9 ★★★★★
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 180+ online courses.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and browse all classes on MasterClass.

2. Negotiation Programme – London School of Economics LSE, GetSmarter

Image Negotiation Programme - London School of Economics LSE, GetSmarter

Negotiation Programme (visit website) by The London School of Economics is a comprehensive 6-week training to teach interested candidates how to master negotiation using a set of communication techniques.

LSE has aimed this online negotiation course at any professional who wishes to contribute to their organization’s growth by becoming more influential, impactful, and persuasive. The program invites novice negotiators and experienced professionals to sharpen their communication styles and persuasion techniques.

Upon enrolling in this course, you will encounter some real-world scenarios that are modeled to help you test your own current and newfound set of negotiating skills. You will learn about the various approaches to negotiation, the numerous communication channels, and the impact of culture and power on conducting successful negotiations.

Along the way, students will encounter several modules focusing on principles in negotiation, creativity, emotions, and subconscious bias. At the end of the online negotiation course, participants will be asked to create their own development plan and identify their personal negotiation styles, along with providing a record of improvement.

Provider: London School of Economics, GetSmarter | Time: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Professionals, Managers | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $2,660 or £2,200
Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all online courses in this category.

3. Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution – ESSEC Business School

Image Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution - ESSEC Business School

Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution (visit website) by the ESSEC Business School is a beginner-level negotiation training program for professionals and individuals who wish to become successful negotiators and conflict managers. It is a specialization that focuses on communication, negotiation, planning, and cross-cultural interactions.

Primarily intended for managers from business and public administration, the class teaches practical negotiating tools designed to help learners avoid traps, prompt value-creating partnerships, bargain efficiently, and structure a proper negotiation sequence.

Students then learn about the importance of being culturally aware and the role cultural sensitivity plays in today’s negotiations. You also learn how cultural differences impact negotiations and how to minimize any negative impacts that result from these differences.

In the third module, learners will pick up on the different types of mediation strategies, the nature of difficulties, and the challenges mediators face and choose the most adequate strategies while observing the role of a mediator.

Your learning journey will reach its final stop with a capstone project that will allow you to implement all that you have learned in the preceding courses and sharpen your skills. This is one of the best negotiation courses for beginners on Coursera.

Provider: ESSEC Business School, Coursera | Type: Specialization
Pricing: Free trial. $59/month Coursera Plus. | Review: 4.7 ★★★★★
Info: View course. Browse: Search all negotiation courses on Coursera.

4. Negotiation Strategies – Yale School of Management, GetSmarter

Image Negotiation Strategies - Yale School of Management, GetSmarter

Negotiation Strategies (visit website) is a 6-week negotiation training course designed to help learners master the art of collaborative negotiation and maximize value for all those who are involved in matters of negotiation.

Building empathy and understanding that an optimum value plan that benefits all parties is arguably the most successful path to a healthy negotiating process. In this program, professionals, executives, and directors will learn how to generate such an impact. People in related roles, such as product management, sales and marketing, lawyers, and stakeholders can also draw on the skills taught here to improve client relationships.

Negotiation Strategies teaches about strategic communication, conflict resolution, and management skills needed to close successful deals. Starting the fundamentals of healthy negotiations, you will move on to “question-asking” practices for improved communication, understanding the situation, and creating value by turning opponents into partners.

Finally, learners will develop their personalized negotiating strategies using the techniques and communication styles taught in this negotiation training class. It is one of the best negotiation courses online for managers and professionals alike.

Provider: Yale University, GetSmarter | Time: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Professionals, Managers | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $2,800 or £2,325
Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all online courses in this category.

5. Negotiation and Influence Class – MIT Sloan, Emeritus

Image Negotiation and Influence - MIT Sloan, Emeritus

Negotiation and Influence (view course) is aimed at helping learners master future-ready skills involving effective communication and influencing positively. MIT Sloan faculty member Prof. Jared Curhan, Director of MIT’s ‘Negotiation for Executives Program is the instructor of this two-month negotiation course.

Once enrolled in this negotiation course online, you will begin learning how negotiation should be seen as a problem-solving tool that you can use to create value from your deals. The online training also teaches learners how to use favorable negotiations to forge valuable agreements with customers, colleagues, investors, and suppliers.

Throughout 8 modules, you will cover everything from the fundamentals of successful negotiations to implementing soundproof negotiating strategies and building an infallible framework for effective communication and success.

Along the way, you will dive into core negotiation strategies to achieve different types of outcomes, distributive bargaining, influencing and claiming value, value creation, and solving the negotiator’s dilemma. You will also learn how to analyze your own personal traits and refine the latter for better results.

Provider: MIT Sloan, Emeritus | Time: 2 months | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Beginners + Advanced Beginners | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $1,400
Info: Visit course website. Get free brochure. Browse full course catalog on Emeritus.

6. Business Negotiations Professional Certificate – Indiana University, edX

Image Business Negotiations Professional Certificate - Indiana University, edX

Business Negotiations (visit website) is a professional certificate from Indiana University and teaches students the ropes of successful negotiation. These include trust and rapport building, a comprehensive understanding of the transaction, and problem-solving abilities.

One of the main topics of focus is negotiating a complex transaction in a live, team-based, online setting in a way that is optimally beneficial. At the same time, you will learn how to handle unexpected developments while conducting business negotiations.

These can include running into cultural barriers, meeting conflicting objectives, and demolishing impasses. Once past these milestones, you will move on to the role of political considerations in business negotiations.

Module 2 deals with applied business negotiations. Here learners will get a chance to implement their newly learned negotiation skills in different kinds of settings. You will have the opportunity to participate in a live, virtual environment, interact with small teams in a business-simulated environment, and test your negotiating abilities.

Provider: Indiana University, edX | Type: Professional Certificate
Duration: 4 months. 4-6 hours/week | Pricing: $649
Info: View course page. Browse: Search all negotiation training courses on edX.

7. Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiation Skills – Udemy

Image Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiation Skills - Udemy

Udemy (visit website) offers aspiring professionals a quick but comprehensive training on mastering negotiations. Enrolling in this online negotiation course will help professionals and individuals from varying backgrounds negotiate effectively and use their newfound skills to improve their financial situation.

Students also learn to bargain over everything, from negotiating with large corporates to flea market haggling. Your learning career will begin with mastering the smart tactics needed to bargain efficiently. There will also be a particular focus on combating common practices to ensure that your profit is not diminished without you noticing.

The next milestone deals with developing the mental and emotional strength needed to push until you have generated the outcome of your choice. By the end, you will have developed the necessary skillset to hold on to your prices and bargain in ways that benefit all parties. Overall, it is one of the best negotiation courses online for beginners on Udemy.

Platform: Udemy | Level: Beginners | Video: 13 hours | Teacher: Chris Croft
Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category on Udemy.

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8. The Art of Sales – Specialization, Northwestern, Coursera

Image The Art of Sales - Specialization, Northwestern, Coursera

Offered by Northwestern, The Art of Sales (visit website) is a 4-course negotiation training specialization aimed especially at product managers and sales specialists who wish to optimize their negotiating ability to get the best deals. You can enroll in this path if you want to become effective in pursuing your sales goals. By the end, you will have a repertoire of necessary sales tools that can turn you into a high sales performer.

Starting with a foundational course on customer segmentation and prospecting, learners will quickly develop a more refined mindset of a high-converting sales performer and acquire the ability to discuss key concepts, including the skills and techniques needed to stand out in the industry and create realistic goals.

Next comes an integral aspect of negotiation concerned with creating rapport with sales prospects. This module will teach you how to tell powerful stories and imbue your products with meaning. In the third module, you’ll learn how to pitch with confidence, followed by a final course where you’ll have the chance to build a toolkit for your sales process.

Provider: Northwestern, Coursera | Type: Specialization
Pricing: Free trial. $59/month Coursera Plus. | Review: 4.7 ★★★★★
Info: View course. Browse: Search all negotiation courses on Coursera.

9. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – Cape Town University

Image Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Cape Town University

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (visit website) offered by Cape Town University is a 6-week online negotiation course aimed at individuals who wish to play the role of mediators, find persuasive resolutions, and resolve disputes in their everyday life.

With this course, the University of Cape Town specifically focuses on helping individuals inculcate core soft skills that concern employee management and dispute resolution. The online negotiation training program can also help managers and other professionals who are looking to advance their careers by procuring a certificate in management.

Enrolling in this path will help you acquaint yourself with the common causes that instigate conflicts and some tried and tested dispute resolution mechanisms. David Woolfrey, an accredited mediator and arbitrator will guide learners using his experience of over 20 years in the field of negotiation.

Your initial modules will deal with diagnosing conflict, raking negotiation strategies, and understanding the perspective of the negotiating parties. In the final modules, you will learn about maximizing your business impact by compounding ethics in negotiation with foolproof mechanisms of dispute resolution.

Provider: Cape Town University, GetSmarter | Time: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Professionals, Managers | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $538 or £445
Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all online courses in this category.

10. Successful Negotiation: Strategies and Skills – University of Michigan, edX

Image Successful Negotiation: Strategies and Skills - University of Michigan, edX

Successful Negotiation (visit website) by the University of Michigan is a 7-week, self-paced negotiation course for individuals of all backgrounds seeking insights into building successful negotiating strategies and applying them in their everyday lives.

The negotiation skills you will pick up in this program can apply to private and professional settings. From negotiating with friends and family to managing employees or purchasing a car, the negotiating skills taught in this class can go a long way in changing your everyday dynamics with friends and business relations.

Upon joining, participants will learn to master the four steps to a successful negotiation designed by the University of Michigan. These include preparing an infallible negotiation strategy, using key tactics to ensure success, creating a contract and ending the journey with performance evaluation.

The online lessons are divided over seven weeks and delivered as interactive videos. The first week covers the fundamentals, following which you will begin with the first phase of the four-step negotiating plan that will extend over the next three weeks. Students will be able to practice their newly acquired skills, followed by a final examination.

Provider: University of Michigan, edX | Type: Self-paced online course
Duration: 7 weeks. 2-4 hours/week | Pricing: Free audit. Certificate optional.
Info: View course page. Browse: Search all negotiation training programs on edX.

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11. Online Negotiation Training Courses – The Black Swan Group

Image Online Negotiation Training Courses - The Black Swan Group

The Black Swan Group offers several online negotiation courses to help negotiators reach their full potential by unlocking practical communication skills and strategies.

Negotiation training courses offered by The Black Swan Group range from beginner to advanced levels. Moreover, their negotiation classes are divided into online and live in-person training sessions. You must perform thorough research to ensure that the chosen course meets your desired goals and expectations before enrolling in one.

There is also some flexibility regarding the subject matter since these courses deal with a range of topics, although most of them use Real Estate for a real-life case study.

You can use these online negotiation courses to learn about making deals without splitting the difference, leading effectively with communication, mastering advanced tools for tactical empathy, and using the latter to negotiate successfully. Overall, the Black Swan Group offers some of the best negotiation courses online for beginners and professionals.

Platform: The Black Swan Group | Style: In-Person and Online Negotiation Training
Level: Beginners to Advanced | Price: Various packages. From $59 online.

12. Negotiation Mastery – Harvard Business School

Image Negotiation Mastery - Harvard Business School

Negotiation Mastery is an easy-to-follow 4-module negotiation course for beginner-level learners and aspiring negotiators. This class is also aimed at early-to mid-career professionals and value-driven individuals who understand the importance of good communication and negotiation for increased productivity and profitability.

Some of the key concepts covered include understanding the negotiation dynamics, preparing for uncertainty, resolving disputes, crafting agile strategies, adapting to changing circumstances, maximizing value-based deals, reflecting on personal behavior, and refining your negotiating approach for more effective results in the future.

Each of these skills is an integral component of successful negotiation and the online negotiation course is your chance to master these in a series of four modules.

The first will cover the importance of funding the zone of agreement (or the common ground) followed by a module on creating value. Next comes a dive into bargaining tactics and using emotions to build empathy. Once past these milestones, learners will get the chance to implement the newly acquired toolset in the final module.

Platform: Harvard Business School | Style: Online Negotiation Training. 8 weeks.
For: Early to mid-career professionals | Price: From $1,170

13. Negotiation Skills Class – Cornell University

Image Negotiation Skills - Cornell University

Negotiation Skills is among the best online negotiation courses that teach value-driven individuals how to use negotiation as a practical and everyday skill that one can apply in any given context to dictate positive outcomes.

Developed by Cornell University’s Professor Samuel Bacharach, Ph.D., this negotiation online course will teach you how to treat your important conversations as negotiations and how you can perfect this skill.

Upon enrolling, students will get the chance to explore strategies they can use to prepare for negotiations effectively and identify when to make critical decisions and the opening move while negotiating. Participants will also understand how many issues they can tackle within the span of a single negotiation.

Along the way, they will learn about categorizing and prioritizing issues and defining your interactions at tactical and emotional levels. Towards the end of this negotiation online course, learners will experience increased confidence in leading conversations successfully and formulating valuable deals with positive outcomes.

Platform: Cornell University| Style: Online Negotiation Training Program
Level: Beginners | Price: Download brochure. Price on request.

14. Scotwork Negotiation Online Courses

Image Scotwork Negotiation Online Courses

The Scotwork Negotiation Catalogue offers a comprehensive suite of online negotiation courses for individuals looking for high-impact and results-driven teaching programs. Most of the online negotiation classes on Scotwork’s platform are aimed at individuals from all learning levels. Both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals are welcome to join these courses and take their communication game up a notch.

Learners will find an immersive learning experience created by negotiation experts who teach everything from team negotiation to advanced negotiation skills that yield a great return on investments.

Scotwork also offers a negotiation online course for organizations that want in-house coaches who can train employees to become effective dealmakers. Individuals who wish to coach independently can also enroll in this course and get certified.

In addition, the platform is also offering foundational and customized courses that take a deep dive into the specific essentials of negotiation most suited to your industry. It is among the best negotiation courses online for both professionals and individuals.

Platform: Scotwork | Style: In-person + online negotiation classes
Level: Beginners to Advanced | Price: Various packages. Download free brochure.

15. Negotiation Training Online – Shapiro Negotiations

Image Negotiation Training - Shapiro Negotiations

Shapiro Negotiations offers an online negotiation training program that will teach you how to aim your interaction for procuring solutions. They have designed a systematic process of negotiation that maximizes value-based deals and helps individuals maintain relationships that go beyond business needs.

The course is based on the founders Ronald M. Shapiro and James Dale’s best-selling book, “The Power of Being Nice”. You’ll encounter Shapiro’s self-ascertained “three phases of negotiation”. These include a checklist to help learners prepare for deals before they get to the table, the probing and listening phase, and the proposition phase.

In the second phase, the focus will remain on the importance of listening and using the speaker’s content to pitch the right questions. In the proposition phase, students learn to entertain key questions before proposing a deal. These can include questions about the perfect time to pitch and the kind of value that can be fairly generated out of a deal.

Once past these phases, learners will arrive at the more advanced modules dealing with overcoming objections, using the right tactics, and using simulated settings to help learners implement their skills and be coached in real time.

Platform: Shapiro Negotiations | Style: Online negotiation training program
Level: Beginners to Advanced | Price: Various packages. From $999

16. Negotiation Training Online & In-Person – The GAP Partnership

Image Negotiation Training Online & In-Person - The GAP Partnership

The Gap Partnership provides negotiation training programs to clients from diverse professional backgrounds. They offer in-person and virtual negotiation courses.

These negotiation online courses are best for commercial negotiators hoping to upgrade their skills and yield better performance for themselves and their organizations, individuals who are simply keen on picking up soft skills that can last them a lifetime, and learners who believe in the power of human psychology when it comes to becoming influential.

Their in-person negotiation training is a flagship residential course that offers a cumulative experience involving immersive role-plays, input sessions, and psychological insight.

The online negotiation classes also give learners a ‘live’ experience where they master advanced negotiation techniques over 2 to 6 weeks. You can opt for the Complete Skilled Negotiator Course, the Essential Negotiator Course, or the Strategic Negotiator program. There is also a foundational course for novice learners.

Except for the foundational negotiation course, each of the suggested programs listed above involves advanced techniques and strategy-making for effective communication. Once past the theoretical phase, you will also get the chance to apply your skills in real-life simulacrums and negotiation workshops.

Platform: The GAP Partnership | Style: In-person + online negotiation training
Level: Beginners to Advanced | Price: Various packages. Price on request.

17. Negotiation Skills – LinkedIn Learning

Image Negotiation Courses - Negotiation Skills - LinkedIn Learning

Master negotiator Chris Croft (visit website.) will walk you through this short but succinct online negotiation course on negotiating in your public and private lives. Whether it’s dealing with suppliers or running a chat with friends, this two-hour negotiation class will shed light on each phase of the negotiating process compounding it with insight.

Students also have the chance to acquaint themselves with a catalog of implementable tactics designed to ensure a win-win situation for all.

The course begins with an introduction to the art of negotiation that quickly segues to modules on deciding when to negotiate and preparing for it. Next, you will dive into the importance of opening your offers the right way followed by modules on tactics and trading. The latter is concerned with using small steps in trading to procure better deals.

This foundational training program is among the best online negotiation courses to develop an in-depth understanding of how negotiating works and how to pull off a deal confidently.

Platform: LinkedIn Learning | Path: Online negotiation courses for beginners.
Plans: View course. from $26.99/month annually. Get a 1-Month free trial.

18. Negotiation Training Online – Negotiation Experts

Image Negotiation Classes - Negotiation Training Online - Negotiation Experts

Negotiation Experts is both an online and an on-campus learning platform that offers various negotiation courses online for individuals from diverse backgrounds. The experts have aimed these classes for both professionals with early-to mid-career experiences and individuals who simply find the process of negotiation draining.

By the time you come out of this course, you will have developed renewed confidence in your own negotiation skills and the ability to take any negotiating challenge head-on. The platform offers beginner and advanced negotiation courses with negotiation simulation games and intensive training. The simulation games can be customized to hone your specific craft and polish the weak chinks in your armor for better delivery in the future.

While most of their online negotiation courses approach the topic from a generic angle implementable in a variety of contexts, they are also offering a course that specifically addresses the question of ‘sales’ and how you can amplify your skills as a sales specialist.

Potential candidates for these online negotiation courses can look through the clients’ reviews posted on their platform along with performing their own content analysis to decide on the most suitable course for themselves.

Platform: Negotiation Experts | Style: On-campus + online negotiation training
Level: Beginners to Advanced | Price: Various packages. From $1,999.

How to Choose the Best Negotiation Training Online

Image Tips for Choosing the Best Negotiation Training Online

Negotiation is a flexible skill and while many have a natural flare for it, there are definitely some tried and tested tricks that you may want to have up your sleeve. The best way to perfect these tricks is to learn negotiating from the experts.

However, the vast number of in-person and online negotiation courses can make the process of choosing the best course slightly daunting. You might want to begin by setting your goals straight. Ask yourself precisely what you require of a negotiation course. You may be looking for career advancement, relationship fixes, generating productivity for your team, or simply a confidence boost when communicating in your everyday life.

There are plenty of online negotiation courses that treat negotiation in the context of a specialized use case or approach the subject from a more generic and broadly applicable perspective. Therefore, learners should conduct their own research and choose a negotiation training program that aligns with their specific needs and business goals.

Generally speaking, your chosen course should meet the following prerequisites:

  • The negotiation course must cover topics most pertinent to your professional and/or private setting/situation.

Check whether the course aims at a specific use case, such as sales, or approaches the matter more democratically.

  • It must also remain compatible with your financial situation.  

Several courses featured on the list may come off as relatively expensive for students or early-level professionals. The negotiation course fee will remain an essential part of your decision-making process.

  • The negotiation training course must present the same learning outcomes as the goals you set out to achieve.

An unprecedented mismatch between the learning outcomes and your specific learning needs can halt progress and pose an impasse later.

You can shield yourself from any avoidable inconvenience by performing rigorous research and asking yourself the right set of questions at the time of choosing a negotiation course. 

Best Negotiation Courses Online 2024 – Verdict 

Image Best Negotiation Online Courses - Verdict

Wrapping up our list of the best negotiation courses online in 2024. Negotiation has been and always will be a highly sought-after skill that yields excellent results for individuals who have mastered this art to the tee.

Furthermore, businesses treat negotiation as a supplementary skill among employees, managers, and administrative staff when hiring. In a world of shifting cultural boundaries and significantly greater economic interdependence, it is important to craft the ability to communicate efficiently and in a way that is least resistant to cultural differences. 

The online negotiation training programs featured on our list are a comprehensive assortment of the best training modules that will guide you through each phase of the negotiating process. You must, however, conduct your own research simultaneously to ensure that any selected online negotiation courses are the best fit for your learning goals.

Best Negotiation Courses Online 2024

  1. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation – MasterClass
  2. Negotiation Programme – London School of Economics, GetSmarter
  3. Negotiation, Mediation + Conflict Resolution – ESSEC Business School
  4. Business Negotiations Professional Certificate – Indiana University, edX
  5. Negotiation and Influence Class – MIT Sloan, Emeritus
  6. Negotiation Strategies – Yale School of Management, GetSmarter
  7. Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiation Skills – Udemy
  8. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – Cape Town University
  9. Successful Negotiation Strategies – University of Michigan, edX
  10. Online Negotiation Training Courses – The Black Swan Group
  11. Negotiation Mastery – Harvard Business School
  12. The Art of Sales – Specialization, Northwestern, Coursera
  13. Negotiation Skills Class – Cornell University
  14. Scotwork Negotiation Online Courses
  15. Negotiation Training Online – Shapiro Negotiations
  16. In-Person & Online Negotiation Courses – The GAP Partnership
  17. Negotiation Skills – LinkedIn Learning
  18. Negotiation Training Online – Negotiation Experts

Other Negotiation Courses Online

  • 10 Most Powerful Negotiation Tips – YouTube – View
  • Conducting Effective Negotiations – Stanford Graduate School of Business – View
  • Executive Negotiation Training Courses – Columbia Business School
  • Negotiation Master Class – Harvard University –
  • Effective Negotiating Seminar + Workshop – Karrass
  • Negotiation Training Course – MIT Sloan Executive Education
  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills – MichiganX, edX
  • Berkeley Executive Education – Negotiation + Influence Training Course
  • Negotiation Skills and Effective Communication, TecdeMonterreyX, edX
  • The Art Of Negotiating – The Negotiation Institute
  • Introduction to Business Negotiations – IUx, edX
  • Negotiation Applied: Practical at Work Negotiating – Udemy
  • Sales Skills & Negotiation Skills – Udemy
  • Negotiation Skills: Become A Master Of Negotiation – Udemy

Negotiation Learning Resources + Negotiation Books

  • Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer – Harvard Business Review – View
  • Negotiate Job Offers – MIT Edu – View
  • Better, Not Perfect: A Realist’s Guide – Max Bazerman
  • Getting to Yes with Yourself—and Other Worthy Opponents – William Ury
  • Negotiating at Work: Turn Small Wins into Big Gains – Deborah M. Kolb
  • Bargaining with the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight – Robert Mnookin
  • Bargaining for Advantage – G. Richard Shell
  • Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, and Bruce Patton
  • Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss and Tahl Raz
  • Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands – Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway
  • Getting More – How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life – Stuart Diamond

What are the best negotiation courses online for 2024, in your opinion? Which negotiation training programs have you taken? What have you learned? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email for questions.

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