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What is the best speed reading course and software?

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Knowing how to read fast can positively influence any person’s life, knowledge, and career opportunities. However, while reading seems a basic skill to most people, only a few will actually make the effort to learn more advanced techniques.

An online speed reading course is a time-effective solution and offers chances to learn more efficiently. Below is a list of the best speed reading courses 2024, each designed to increase reading speed and develop comprehension, recalling, and boost memory skills.

Best Speed Reading Course 2024 – Top Picks

Iris ReadingSpreederRev it Up ReadingSuperLearner 2.5
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1. Iris Speed Reading Course

A three column list of Iris Reading's top speed reading courses, beginners to advanced.

Iris Reading (view course website) is a highly recognized and accomplished company that focuses on speed reading and memorization courses. With mentions in the Wall Street Journal and, learners can be assured of the quality of their online courses or in-person classes. Students have lifelong access to all online video tutorials.

Online – An Iris online speed reading course is video-based and students can access classes at their convenience and own pace. Three online modules are available: ‘Speed Reading Foundation Course’, ‘Speed Reading Mastery’ and the ‘Advanced Comprehension and Memory Course’. The Foundation module is best for beginners while the other ones build upon the skills learned in the basic class. You may get each tutorial separately, but Iris also offers all their online courses as a bundle at a reduced rate.

Live Class – In-person speed reading classes (view city options) are also available and held in all major United States cities, such as New York, Boston, Washington or Los Angeles. International lessons are available in several cities, including Toronto, London, Moscow, Singapore, and Mumbai. There are many other cities available.

Bootcamp – A series of virtual live webinar sessions designed as an alternative to an in-person speed reading course. It runs for 5-weeks and contains Q&A sessions and speed tests. Lessons will be recorded to easily access them afterward. View schedule here.

Availability – Online courses work on all browsers and operating systems. Iris offers additional apps and tools to further increase your reading speed and memory skills. Iris would be the best speed reading course if you like a real classroom or video learning.

Pricing: From $50 to $100. Live speed reading classes from $199.
Info: View course website.

2. Spreeder Speed Reading Course

listing the benefits of speed reading and showing the UI of the online course software Spreeder by eReflect.

Spreeder (view website) is an advanced eReader and online speed reading course to help you read three times faster and also better comprehend what you read. Thanks to a merge with 7-Speed-Reading, it now combines a powerful RSVP reader with expert video courses, powerful exercises, games, drills, progress tracking, and a vocabulary builder.

Speed reading course – Developed by eReflect, a recognized leader of educational software, the tool offers multiple online speed reading courses featuring the top reading experts in America. Furthermore, there are scientifically designed activities to tackle bad reading habits, reduce eye fixations, and improve your reading comprehension.

eReader – Spreeder’s built-in RSVP eReader lets you process any digital reading material, documents, and eBooks at high speed. Such a tool is ideal to expand your knowledge, prepare for exams, or process information quickly. You can store your own material in the cloud and access it from anywhere and on any device. 46 file formats are supported.

Vocab builder – Being able to read fast correlates to how many words one knows and understands. To strengthen this area, the speed reading software also includes a unique vocabulary tool containing 636 expert-curated word lists. Users can also create their own lists and add words to the dictionary which provides information about a word’s context.

Accessibility – Spreeder is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome devices providing access from any device with continuous synchronization. The dashboard provides an overview of your progress. You can set smart goals, work on weaknesses, and track your overall reading performance. A dark theme is available too.

Verdict – This is the best speed reading course if you want an all-in-one solution featuring a speed eReader, expert tutorials and exercises, vocabulary builder, tracking, and individual learning settings. Spreeder also offers a valuable VIP bonus: premium brain, productivity, and time management training. No risk policy, you can test Spreeder for free.

Accessibility: All systems. All devices. Continuous synchronization.
Spreeder VIP: From $7. Free for 7 days. 5 users. All systems.
Info: Visit website.

3. Super Reading Course – Mindvalley

A man and woman surrounded by books in the online course super reading by MindValley

Mindvalley’s Super Reading (visit website) is a popular speed reading course for beginners with the widely regarded brain and learning coach Jim Kwik. Students will read 2x faster than average readers and learn to retain and memorize more information.

Overview – Kwik has been a coach to top performers and entrepreneurs for decades. His speed reading class combines neurostimulation techniques with memory retention and accelerated reading methods. Using them will trigger both the left and right brain hemispheres to process more information faster.

Goals – As a result, you will be able to learn more in less time. The class offers a step-by-step guide to help you double your reading speed in 3 weeks. You will encounter ways to limit your inner voice (subvocalization) and methods to increase your learning productivity.

This class could be one of the best speed reading courses online if you wish to develop excellent memory skills, absorb information faster, learn languages, and reliably recall facts for presentations or speeches. It is a great alternative to Become a Superlearner 2.

Time: 3 Weeks | Price: $99/month or $499 annually. Access to all online courses.
Info: View course page. Discount on Mindvalley Membership? View website for details.

4. Rev It Up Reading Course

showing the logo of the Speed Reading Course - Rev It Up Reading

Rev It Up Reading (view course website) is a popular course designed and developed by Abby Marks Beale who is a recognized expert in the field of reading improvement. Abby created this online tutor to help people worldwide improve their reading performance.

What it does – This time-effective speed reading course will develop essential and advanced reading skills through a module-based program that takes only 5 hours. There is a long list of success stories from acknowledged companies to back up this system.

Best for – Rev It Up Reading is best for professionals, students and those who enjoy reading as a leisure activity but want to speed it up. What makes this speed reading class really interesting is its highly personalized approach since students have direct contact with Abby. Hence, ask any questions and you will get an answer back within 24 hours.

Features – Rev It Up Reading is passionate about the importance of reading on an educational level. The online course focuses on the specific needs of each learner, helping them to be more conscious when reading but also understand the material better and extract important information faster. Students can also track their progress with the 17 timed exercises available and with a self-evaluation of habits assessment.

Pricing – Day-pass system with 7/90/365 days available (view course website).
$49 for 7-days. $199 for 90-days. Includes unlimited personal email support.
Coupon: Use REV2024CL and save 50% on 90-days and 365-days passes.

5. Become a SuperLearner 2 – Udemy

symbolizing superman with the concept of speed reading in udemy's popular speed reading class - Become A SuperLearner

Become a SuperLearner 2 (view course website) is available on Udemy, an eLearning platform with thousands of online courses. SuperLearner is by far the best-selling speed reading course on Udemy. Designed for college students and professionals in all industries, this class will teach you some great life-hacking, reading, and memory skills.

Features – Become a SuperLearner is hosted by instructors who hold top records for speed reading and memory. The curriculum is divided into ten sections with lessons consisting of worksheets and videos. Learners can set their personal goals and use quizzes to test and improve their new skills. You can complete this class within 8 weeks.

Accessibility – Students get lifetime access to the class. Via Udmey’s app, you can download all lessons, videos and material for offline use. Free previews are available for certain lectures of the first lesson. This is the best speed reading course online if you want an affordable class for beginners and also possess the discipline to schedule exercises.

Info: View course. From $11.99. Get up to 95% off. Browse category on Udemy.

6. Become a Reading Machine – Read 300 Books

A man holding a book to learn speed reading in a class titled Become A Reading Machine by Udemy

Become a Reading Machine is a popular Udemy speed reading course that teaches you how to read up to 300 books a year. The course is based on a 7-step framework developed and tested by instructor Brandon Hakim.

Goals – Become a Reading Machine is focused on non-fiction books and is suitable for those who see learning as a lifelong goal and a way of creating new (career) opportunities. If you think of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Elon Musk, you may get an idea of why having a systematic approach to reading can be so powerful.

Topics – A focus is on learning to read the right things and spending no more than 1-2 days for each book to extract the main information. Brandon will introduce you to speed reading techniques, speed note-taking, memorization methods, and time management. He will also help develop a mindset on how to approach any book you might want to read in the future. An Excel template sheet allows you to effectively organize your reading.

Requirements – Hakim recommends spending at least 10 minutes a day reading to reach the basic course goals. He will encourage you to test new learning methods and change some of the (ineffective) poor reading habits you may have learned during school days. This best speed reading course is very practical and students can immediately apply what they learn to read up to 300 books a year.

Info: View course. From $11.99. Get up to 95% off. Browse category on Udemy.

7. Speed Reading Courses – Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning

video cover image showing a man sitting in a furnished lounge talking introducing the class Speed Reading Mastery by Skillshare

Online learning platforms have become very popular recently. They offer a wide range of topics to learn in one place. Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning offer speed reading courses that are worth looking into if you have a subscription or plan to get one.

Skillshare – The best speed reading course here is currently the Speed Reading Mastery class (visit website). In 28 lessons, Jordan Harry walks you through the ins and outs of how to effectively approach studying, reading, and research. The F.A.S.T strategy allows you to assess, read, store, and transfer (review) information efficiently.

Turning to Linkedin, the most notable speed reading class is the one by Paul Nowak. Compact in size, he presents subjects in digestible chunks covering professional and career-related use cases. Of course, improving reading speed and reading comprehension skills are two major topics. Suitable for those who have a subscription or plan to do so.

Level: All | Video Lesson: 10-30 | User Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆
Subscriptions: Skillshare $15/month. Linkedin $26.99/month. Free trial.

8. eyeQ Reading by InfiniteMinds

A laptop screen showing student tasks and tools of the eyeQ Speed Reading Course

eyeQ Reading is a product of InfiniteMinds, a human performance company. Founded by Mr. Jeffrey C. Flamm, an expert in business studies, the InfiniteMinds team designed this software course to help learners improve their memory and reading skills. At the core stands their famous eye reading training program that will teach you effective eye movements to see more at a glance and process that information faster.

About – eyeQ is based on the scientific research of Dr. Kawamura, an expert in the field of brain function and memory. They use a proven methodology to exercise the brain, stimulating it and increasing the learning potential of the user. eyeQ uses these techniques in all its courses. The online speed reading course is available in three versions: Personal and family use, for a school set-up and business use.

Features – Visible results are in reach with only 7 minutes of testing per day. All versions offer a free demonstration version upon request and additional test preparation is available. eyeQ is online-based and requires access to the internet and registration with purchase. For peace of mind, eyeQ offers a 90-day refund guarantee.

Tip: Browse our lists of the best productivity courses, public speaking courses, or photography courses or personal growth courses or meditation courses.

9. AceReader by StepWare

a setup of various screen and mobile devices showing the backend of the AceReader speed reading software program

AceReader was created by StepWare, a company that started up 20 years ago as a research and development company. Since their early days, they provided educational software to schools and individual learners. From their experience and success, they created the award-winning AceReader as a desktop application, with AceReader Personal Cloud Edition currently being the default software.

Features – AceReader Personal is an online speed reading course and resource. It is created with a school set up in mind, allowing scholars, students, teachers, businesses and families to connect as a network. Results are achieved with exercises, reading comprehension tests and timed tests and games for eye testing. Training for 15 minutes per day two to three times per week should ensure results.

Accessibility – AceReader works with all operating systems and comes with a 30-day refund guarantee. A free test is available as a trial before you purchase the software. The price for the desktop version is $69.90. This is one of the best speed reading course solutions for those looking for great inter-device compatibility.

10. The Reader’s Edge

a logo, course name and a list of benefits and features of The Reader's Edge Speed Reading Class

The Reader’s Edge is a product of The Literacy Company, a company that is top-rated in developing speed reading software courses. The company was founded in 1996 by Richard Sutz and is dedicated to further research and improving its program. They also offer workshops on reading improvement and accuracy.

Goal – The vision and mission of The Reader’s Edge are to assist as many learners as possible to improve their reading skills. Lessons and practical exercises are easy and simple to use and designed for learners of all skill levels and ages. Lessons are detail planned with step-by-step instructions. Reading exercises for about 15 minutes per day will help learners achieve realistic results and master a valuable skill.

Pricing – The Reader’s Edge is available as a software application and has a free demonstration version online. Upgrades and support are included in the fees. Results are guaranteed with a 30-day refund policy.

11. Kwik Reading Course

a person holding and reading a book with the KWIK Speed Reading by KWIK Learning Logo displayed bottom right

This is another great option to learn from a mentor directly. Jim Kwik is behind Kwik Learning and is an expert in the field of reading and memory improvement. Kwik Reading follows the concept that there are no bad readers. The issues of slow reading rather result from bad reading habits.

Overview – This online speed reading course consists of 21 daily online lessons that will be sent to your inbox each day. Of course, you can access them at your own pace and as many times as you want. The 3-week program will teach you basic techniques, an instant brain workout and provides scheduled training to practice all reading strategies.

Goals – Kwik will train your speed, improve focus and develop your comprehension and memory retention skills. According to the CEO, students will read 25-50% faster than before. There are also tutorials to reduce eye fixations, subvocalization, and regression.

Pricing – Learning from a personal coach is always best and absolutely applies to the Jim Kwik course. It offers good value and knowledge, however, with $497 it is also one of the priciest speed reading classes on this list.

12. Legentas Online Speed Reading Course

a laptop screen showing the logo of the Legentas Speed Reading course. Surrounded by circle shaped symbols containing educational icons.

Legentas was designed by a team of top professionals. Working together with academic industry experts in accelerated reading and UX designers, they created this award-winning online speed reading course. Their combined skills resulted in a program to help students learn to speed read and one that is easy to use and gives proven results.

Features – Legentas focuses on reading speed by training your eyes to expand their visual span and to see more words at any time. Lessons are presented as exercises and theory lectures to increase brain comprehension and learning potential. Exercises are fun and motivational and learners receive feedback immediately after every exercise.

Accessibility – Legentas is available as an online course and students can access it from various workstations. It is suitable for use at schools, companies and for lecturers. A free trial version is available that offers three training lessons, a reading speed test, the basics of fast reading and tools for efficient reading.

13. RocketReader

a logo of the RocketReader Speed Reading Course on a light blue background.

If you aim to read faster, to read at ‘skyrocketing’ speed, RocketReader is ironically the wrong speed reading course. While 10,000 wpm might be technically possible, this course will focus on achieving realistic goals suitable for the average reader or higher scores on tests like the SAT or LSAT.

RocketReader is a structured, supervised training program. The main goal is to improve reading speed and retention while reaching up to 800 words per minute. According to the instructors, 15-30 minutes of learning each day would be essential to achieve these goals.

Methods – This online course will teach you 4 common speed reading techniques. Apart from reading chunks of words, speed training and written page reading, flash training (tachistoscope) is the one that is rather original to RocketReader.

Features – The software comes preset with over 450 practical exercises. Students may use their own material including PDFs, text files or digital content. There is also a module to run memory tests covering Mathematics, Science, SATs, or English. Comprehension tests will evaluate how much students have understood from the most recent reading.

Pricing – RocketReader may sound impressive, but having a price tag of $139/3month it is a rather expensive speed reading course. Since the top-listed courses will offer the same features and better interfaces, it is worth comparing license options here.

Speed Reading Course 2024 – What Is The Best Class?

Skimming through the list above, it is clear that there is a wide selection of online speed reading courses and software available. For now, we only cover the best and award-winning speed reading classes but would like to extend this list over time.

Differences – Many courses have videos and exercises in common which is a great way to combine visual learning with practical activities. Prices may start from as little as $15 for a class or $12/month for subscription-based models. However, the major differences are the style of learning and the presentation of information. It is worth thinking that through and deciding whether you like an online course, a video course, or a pure software tutor.

Recommendations – While Iris Reading (view website) speed reading classes are either video-based or available as a live class in various cities, Spreeder (view website) offers video tutorials combined with software tracking features and practical exercises.

Rev it Up Reading (view course) was originally a course and now also offers software features making it a great hybrid solution. However, it definitely keeps its individual approach and great teacher-student experience. All three are great picks if you prefer this type of learning, whereas the Iris speed reading course is also ideal for those who prefer a university-style based learning experience.

Goal setting – Keep in mind that some software only focuses on either reading speed or more on accuracy, while other courses combine the two goals. eLearners are therefore recommended to determine what their main objective is and perceived outcome and make a decision based on that.

Other criteria – Agreed, the more fun the activity is, the more the learner will stay motivated. Not everyone enjoys drills and blinking eye exercises and may opt for a more simplified and affordable option. Connectivity may play a role in the decision, especially when working with larger groups of learners. Ultimately, pricing is a factor when purchasing larger amounts of licenses. You may contact us for assistance here.

 Best Speed Reading Course 2024

  1. Iris Reading
  2. Spreeder
  3. Rev it Up Reading
  4. Super Reading
  5. Become a SuperLearner 2
  6. Become a Reading Machine
  7. eyeQ Reading
  8. AceReader
  9. The Reader’s Edge
  10. Legentas
  11. RocketReader
  12. Kwik Reading

Other Online Speed Reading Courses Worth Considering

ReadSpeeder – This is the best speed reading course to get for free if you want to learn the basics. The goal is to improve reading speed by focusing on faster comprehension. This involves learning to speed read in phrases and developing visual reading skills. Students can practice with a library of 500 books or upload their material to ReadSpeeder.

Become a Reading Machine – Similar to the Reading Machine course mentioned above, this speed reading course is all about processing information in the quickest way possible. It is the same class just named differently to highlight the main goal of reading as much as you can within a year. Learn how to decide what to read faster and what to skip and then how to use books including note-taking, reviewing, and skipping content not needed. It is also suitable for already advanced readers.

Merrill Ream Speed Reading Course – Touted by Collin College as one of the best speed reading classes to learn speed reading, improve memory and brain performance, and eliminate bad habits. During 6 weeks, you will learn the concepts and principles of fast reading. It tackles poor reading habits and teaches skimming and scanning as an effective way to preview books quickly. Subjects include vocabulary and comprehension training, as well as how to track your own progress and ways to practice regularly.

10X SuperHuman Learning – Coming with the byline of Super Reading & Memory Booster, this Udemy speed reading course focuses on at least doubling your reading speed and improving your memory skills. It also aims to push your pace above the 800 words per minute mark and increases learning outcomes by a factor of 10. It touches on other common topics such as subvocalization, regression, peripheral vision span and advanced note-taking skills.

Evelyn Wood – Being referred to as the founder of the fast reading movement, Evelyn Wood’s Seven-Day Speed Reading Course and Learning Program still offers excellent value to those who want to get to know all courses. Since the 1950s, it has been used by thousands of people worldwide to improve their focus, concentration, reading and learning skills. Retaining more of the information you hear and read is the motto of this course.

Speed Reading Mastery Course – Again, this is a reading improvement course that jumps on the 10x factor bandwagon, thus speed read material 10x faster than before or increase your words per minute 10x. In the end, it is a basic speed reading class covering all major concepts but certainly misses out on more in-depth subjects and training. Good for a quick intro to the topic at an affordable price.

Speed Reading Bootcamp – Read Faster + Understand More is the main learning goal of this class. It’s a compact speed reading class to help you at least double your reading speed and will take only 2 hours of your time if you go through without breaks. Sometimes this is all you need if an overview of speed reading techniques combined with assignments, practical tips and exercises is all that you want.

Have you tried an online speed reading course, class, or software to become a speed reader? Do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comments below.

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