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14 Best LinkedIn Courses 2024. Business, IT & Management.

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LinkedIn Learning is a popular eLearning platform to help students improve their job prospects and professional skills. LinkedIn Courses cover just about every conceivable topic and offer individual classes as well as curated learning paths. We cover 14 best LinkedIn courses suitable to shape your business, developer, IT and leadership skills.

LinkedIn Learning Courses – Overview

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 15,000 courses, each and everyone presented by experts in their fields. More LinkedIn courses are added all the time and since the acquisition of Lynda Learning, those courses were also transferred to LinkedIn Learning.

Emphasis is placed upon connecting potential employers with newly qualified learners and the platform offers students comprehensive social interaction possibilities. A Certificate is issued after the successful completion of each class.

Subscriptions: $29.99/month or $19.99/month annually. Subscribers can enroll in as many courses as they wish. Extensive support is offered to all students.

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LinkedIn Courses 2024 – 4 Best Learning Paths

Project ManagerBusiness AnalystAgile ManagerBecome Leader
Project Manager - Course Imagecourse cover image of Business Analyst course cover image of Agile Managercourse cover image of Become Leader
18 Items, 35 Hours17 Items, 26 Hours9 Items, 13 Hours10 Items, 9 Hours
from $17.99/mofrom $17.99/mofrom $17.99/mofrom $17.99/mo
Free trial: YesFree trial: YesFree trial: YesFree trial: Yes
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LinkedIn Courses – Business Management Path

1. Become a Project Manager

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Become a Project Manager

Project management (view course) is a demanding field that requires practitioners to be multi-skilled in many different fields. Project managers need to be excellent leaders and communicators as well as meticulous planners and problem solvers.

Successfully completing a project within budget, on time and in scope requires a great deal of flexibility, the ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and the ability to deal with conflict. LinkedIn’s Become a Project Manager addresses all these issues.

Acknowledged experts in this field curated 18 LinkedIn courses (items) to comprehensively cover solutions to all those challenges. Sessions range between 30 minutes up to one hour. Each module or item provides a clearly defined goal and you will be able to practice your new skills by completing the exercises provided.

A Certificate of Completion is issued for completing all the instructional sessions.

Category: Business / Project Management | Level: Beginner
Skill: Keeping projects on time, in the budget, and in scope
Instructors: Bonnie Biafore, Bob McGannon and others
Items: 18 | Content: 35 hours | View course
Subscription: $29.99/month or $19.99/month annually
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2. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)

Gaining official certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) is essential for anyone who wants to carve a successful career in this field. Sandy Mitchell, an award-winning project manager, will make sure that you are fully prepared for the notoriously tough examination.

Step-by-step, all the major issues detailed in the Project Management Body Of knowledge guide are covered over a period of six hours. Even material not included in the guide but that may crop up in the exam is covered. Training sessions (15 of them) are short, making it easy to fit any of those LinkedIn courses into a busy schedule.

Extensive study guides, exercises and sample examinations will help you approach the official exam confidently. In the process, you will also fulfill the 35-hour education requirement necessary to sit for the exam. Even certified project managers can use this LinkedIn course to fulfill the requirements for maintaining their certification.

Category: Business / Project Management
Skill: Learn essential project management concepts.
Instructors: Sandra M Mitchell | Level: Beginner
Items: 1 | Content: 6 hours | View course
Subscription: $29.99/month or $19.99/month annually
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3. Become a Leader

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Become a Leader

Modern businesses have moved away from a hierarchal management system towards focused and goal-orientated teams. Teams have unique dynamics and exceptional leadership is necessary if the team is to perform efficiently and productively.

Become a Leader (view course) will allow you to confidently take up leadership positions and to create and execute your strategic vision. A team of experts presents the 10 items of learning content over a period of nine instructional hours. On average, sessions require one to one and a half hours at a time.

Many managers struggle to make the transition to rather being leaders, so the course kicks off with this issue. Each session builds upon the concepts covered in the previous one, culminating in a session on how to lead with a purpose.

This LinkedIn course is not solely aimed at existing managers. Anyone who wants to develop himself as a leader will benefit.

Category: Business / Leadership and Management
Skill: Building leadership role. Execute strategies
Instructors: Sara Canaday, Mike Figliuolo | Level: Beginner
Items: 10 | Content: 9 hours | View course
Plans: $29.99/month or $19.99/month annually
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4. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Project managers and team leaders need the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Some projects are complicated and many variables need to be taken into consideration. Problems and hitches are to be expected because it is simply impossible to plan for every possible eventuality.

‘Improve Your Problem Solving Skills’ consists of six LinkedIn courses covering almost four hours of instruction. The sessions last between half an hour to an hour. The course has an interesting approach to the topic, showing that problem-solving has many angles and that many variables need to be considered. Four experts cover diverse topics such as critical thinking, strategic planning, agile planning, and decision-making strategies.

Problem-solving is not solely the responsibility of the project manager or team leader; all team members should help find solutions. Therefore, anyone will benefit from this course.

Category: Business / Professional Development
Skills: Thinking skills, Decision-making strategies
Instructors: Mike Figliuolo, Dorie Clark | Level: Beginner
Items: 6 | Content: 4 hours| Content: 9 hours | View course
Plans: $29.99/month or $19.99/month annually

5. Become an Agile Manager

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Become an Agile Project Manager

Project management is not a static discipline. New techniques and approaches are developed all the time and project managers need to remain on the cutting edge. One such development is the steady move away from the traditional waterfall approach to agile project management.

Become an Agile Manager is a comprehensive path offering nine LinkedIn courses to cover basic and advanced topics and concepts. Sessions are rather long, ranging from an hour to more than three hours adding up to a total of 13 instructional hours.

You will understand the basics of agile project management, learn how to build and motivate agile teams and master the development of agile user stories and agile charts.

Different agile tools such as Excel, JIRA, Team Foundation Servers, Agile Central and Agile Health are covered, with some emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Category: Business / Project Management
Skills: Techniques to master agile life cycle, Agile project planning
Instructors: Doug Rose, Kelley O’Connell | Level: Beginner
Items: 9 | Content: 13 hours | View course.

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6. Become a Business Analyst

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Become a Business Analyst

Successful project managers are skilled business analysts or they work with specialist business analysts. Once the needs and requirements of the business are known, they can be analyzed to design projects that will satisfy those needs and requirements.

Become a Business Analyst is one of the most comprehensive and best LinkedIn courses in the Business Management Path. A large team of experts presents 17 items of content. Sessions are rather intense and last between one and three hours, a total of 26 hours of instruction. Proper learning scheduling is essential.

During the course, techniques used to define and analyze business needs are covered in detail. Some of the sessions focus on Microsoft Office programs, which are used in real-life examples and practical exercises. Techniques used in data science are also addressed and there is also a focus on communication, leadership and corroboration techniques.

Category: Business / Project Management
Skills: Develop business analyst and technical skills
Instructors: Angela Wick, Haydn Thomas | Level: Beginner
Items: 17 | Content: 26 hours | View course

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7. Become a Digital Marketer

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Become a Digital Marketer

Digital marketers play an important role in the development of business opportunities. Using nothing but an email program and a website as tools, as it used to be, is a thing of the past. Digital marketers now have extremely sophisticated tools and advanced techniques to ply their trade.

Become a Digital Marketer is not aimed at salespeople that happen to operate online. Instead, it is aimed at professionals who need the skills to create complex integrated marketing strategies, who need to develop a portfolio of online marketing tools and fully understand the fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In total, there are 18 hours of online instruction, divided into 7 different LinkedIn courses requiring one and a half to almost five hours of your time for each session. Those of you that are serious about a career in this field will not be daunted by the prospect, however.

Category: Business / Project Management
Skills: Fundamentals of content marketing. Develop marketing plans.
Instructors: Brad Batesole, David Booth | Level: Beginner
Items: 7 | Content: 18 hours | View course

8. Become an Online Instructor

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Become an Online Instructor

Online learning has become a huge business and successful online instructors earn very well indeed. Lifelong learning is now a reality for anyone who wants to stay on top of his game. Learning online is affordable and flexible and most online instructors are considered experts in their particular fields.

Become an Online Instructor consists of 11 items of learning content, sessions ranging from one to five hours each. In total, there are 32 hours of interactive instruction. In essence, the LinkedIn course focuses on two main areas.

Firstly, the discipline of instructional design. Learn how to determine the course content, how to structure the delivery and how to choose appropriate learning aids.

Secondly, the course also pays much attention to the various tools used to deliver online learning content. Programs such as Adobe presenter, Captive 9, Articulate studio and Lectora Inspire are all covered in detail.

Category: Training and Education | Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Skills: Create content. Understand learning management systems.
Instructors: David Rivers, Oliver Schinkten and others
Items: 11 | Content: 32 hours | View course

LinkedIn Courses – Succeeding in the Business World

9. Learning Data Visualization

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Learning Data Visualization

Making complex ideas and concepts seem easy is the hallmark of really great instructors and course designers. Determining the best possible visual model for delivering your course content is key to making the abstract tangible and the complex simple.

Learning Data Visualization consists of six items of learning content, with sessions lasting less than half an hour each. In total, there are just about four hours of instruction but it is packed with high-quality content. Apart from explaining the concept of data visualization, it also covers the analog process, storytelling, visual displays and interactivity.

Experienced online instructors recommend for those wishing to also become online instructors to actually start with this course before moving on to more specific and demanding LinkedIn courses such as Become an Online Instructor.

Category: Business / Data
Skills: Make the complex simple, the abstract tangible, and the invisible (data) visible.
Instructors: Bill Shander | Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Items: 1 | Content: 3.5 hours | View course

10. Python for Data Science Essential Training

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Python for Data Science Essential Training

All businesses gather enormous amounts of data but very few of them can use that data to their advantage. However, expert data analysts can collate data from many different sources and manipulate that data into models that can give any business a competitive edge.

Python for Data Science Essential Training, presented by Lillian Pierson, is made up of 10 items of learning content. Byte sized sessions of approximately half an hour each add up to a total of six and a half hours.

Topics such as data munging, data visualization, math and statistics and dimensionality reduction are covered. Outlier and cluster analysis, as well as basic algorithmic principles, are also discussed. Finally, the use of Network X to analyze networks is explored.

Beginners and data scientists at the intermediate level will benefit from this course. After completion, a transition to more advanced data science courses will be much easier.

Category: Business / Programming
Skills: Use Python for data prep, munging, visualization, and predictive analytics.
Instructors: Lillian Pierson, P.E. | Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Items: 1 | Content: 6.5 hours | Content: 3.5 hours | View course

LinkedIn Courses – Moving into Management

11. Strategic Thinking

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Strategic Thinking

Modern business is extremely competitive. Only those that remain on the cutting edge of their fields, which can anticipate the needs of consumers and have clear goals and objectives, can hope to thrive.

Managers and leaders must have the ability to think on a big and small scale, long term and short term. They need to learn from the past and to create a vision for the future.

Strategic Thinking is a short LinkedIn course aimed at beginners and is just more than half an hour long. In this time, an overview of what strategic thinking is, how to develop your own strategic thinking and how to implement a strategic plan is covered.

Strategic Thinking is presented by Dorie Clark and it is an excellent stepping stone for those who hope to become leaders or managers or who wish to move on to more advanced LinkedIn courses in business management.

Category: Training and Education
Skills: Learn to think on a big and small scale, long-term and short-term.
Instructors: Dorie Clark | Level: Beginner
Items: 1 | Content: 0.5 hours | View course

12. Critical Thinking

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Critical Thinking

Managers, leaders, analysts and designers all need the ability to think critically. Critical thinking will help you to avoid future problems caused by your present decisions and actions. Thinking independently, thoughtfully and reflectively is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

Critical Thinking, presented by Mike Figliuolo, is just one hour long, but he covers a lot of ground in this hour. An overview of what exactly critical thinking is, how to think a problem methodically, how to look at a problem from various angles and how to identify the root causes of problems are all covered.

Mike also provides a number of critical thinking tools that will help you to focus your thinking on the issue at hand. Critical Thinking is not just aimed at beginners. It is one of the best LinkedIn courses to quickly improve one’s ability to think more productively.

Category: Training and Education
Skills: Gain the ability to think reflectively and independently.
Instructors: Mike Figliuolo | Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Items: 1 | Content: 1.25 hours | Content: 0.5 hours | View course

13. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Having Difficult Conversations

Emotions are an integral part of every workplace and they can be either destructive or constructive. Learning how to boost your Emotion Quotient (EQ) will allow you to be a better team leader, improve your relationships with fellow team members and actually become a happier person.

Britt Andreatta presents this hour-long LinkedIn course that aims to help you perceive yourself better, exercise emotional self-control, manage your own triggers, and develop empathy. Leading with Emotional Intelligence kicks off with an overview of what emotional intelligence is. Getting to know yourself is the first step towards a better EQ.

Once you actually understand yourself, you can learn how to manage yourself and your emotions. Britt also teaches you to learn how to understand others and how to develop a high level of empathy in the workplace.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain control over his or her own emotions. It’s one of the best LinkedIn courses in this field.

Category: Leadership
Skills: Learn to harness emotions to cultivate productivity and positive relationships.
Instructors: Britt Andreatta | Level: Beginner
Items: 1 | Content: 1 hour | View course

14. Having Difficult Conversations

Course Image of LinkedIn Courses - Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Performance assessments, conflicting priorities and a host of other issues can lead to the necessity of having a difficult conversation. Conflict can have a devastating effect on a team’s ability to perform optimally. It is vital for leaders and managers to learn how to deal with conflict in a constructive manner.

The course is presented by Marlene Chism. She starts by explaining just how one should view conflict and understanding the factors that can make a conversation difficult.

Step-by-step, this LinkedIn course progresses from the do’s and don’ts of difficult conversations, how to prepare for such a conversation and how to initiate the conversation. Dealing with resistance and learning how to make tough decisions rounds off the session.

It is suitable for anyone that needs to schedule and conduct such conversations.

Category: Training and Education
Skills: Address performance issues. Improve collaboration. Handle competing priorities.
Instructors: Marlene Chism | Level: Beginner
Items: 1 | Content: 1 hour | View course

LinkedIn Courses – Pros and Cons

  • Huge number of courses. More than 15,000 LinkedIn courses, all led by experts, are available and more are added every day. You can watch as many lessons as you like.
  • Highly accessible. Most courses are available in English, Japanese, French, Spanish and German. Once you downloaded a free app, you can also view classes offline.
  • Personalized recommendations. Based upon your current skills, qualifications and your job you will be recommended courses from which you are most likely to benefit.
  • Many exercises. Most LinkedIn courses contain quizzes and you can also download exercise files to help you practice your new skills.

Things to consider: In comparison to Udemy courses, you will either need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan or pay for your LinkedIn courses individually. The latter option could easily drain your budget if you plan to complete one of the suggested learning paths. Hence, most people probably go with one of the subscriptions. You may cancel anytime.

Best LinkedIn Courses 2024 – Verdict

Image of Best LinkedIn Learning Courses

Summarizing our list of best LinkedIn courses. If you are not yet a subscriber, you may miss out on valuable and affordable training opportunities. Staying on top of your game is critical to success and LinkedIn Learning does not just offer you training but also connections to fellow learners and potential employers.

Subscribing to a plan to access LinkedIn courses is a straightforward process requiring only a few minutes of your time. That will be time well spent. LinkedIn Learning has become a major force in the employment and development arena and it would be very shortsighted to ignore this opportunity to learn online more effectively.

Free Trial: You can try LinkedIn Courses for 1-Month free. Get Trial Here.

Best LinkedIn Courses 2024

  1. Become a Project Manager
  2. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)
  3. Become a Leader
  4. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills
  5. Become an Agile Manager
  6. Become a Business Analyst
  7. Become a Digital Marketer
  8. Become an Online Instructor
  9. Learning Data Visualization
  10. Python for Data Science Essential Training
  11. Strategic Thinking
  12. Critical Thinking
  13. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  14. Having Difficult Conversations

What are the best LinkedIn courses or learning paths in your opinion? What is your experience with LinkedIn Learning in general? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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