Best Online Tutoring Services 2024

24 Best online tutoring services and platforms to learn skills 1:1

Image Best Online Tutoring Services - Learn One-to-One

Online tutoring services and self-learning platforms have made it simple for anyone with internet access to study almost any topic that they are interested in.

This article provides a comprehensive list of the best online tutoring services and platforms that can benefit high school students, college students, adults, or professionals who are interested in improving their skill set. Topics range from learning new languages and test prep preparation to science, finance, tech, engineering, and career-related skills.

Online Tutoring Services – Overview

As technology has advanced over the years, so has access to legitimate online self-study services. With a simple search, anyone can access expert tutors, professionally made education materials, and learning tools from almost any industry or specialized subject.

Online tutoring platforms provide a variety of benefits, including increased flexibility, access to a wide range of tutors, and more personalized one-on-one instruction.

With the help of online tutoring services, students or adults can get the assistance they need to comprehend difficult concepts. They can learn how to become more organized in their studies and develop new skills needed to succeed in the classroom and society.

Online tutoring also helps to empower students, by providing the extracurricular assistance needed to reach their academic goals. The introduction of new technologically driven formats for learning into a person’s study regime makes it also more enjoyable.

We have compiled over 24 best online tutoring services for you to consider, along with a breakdown of what these platforms offer for anyone interested in self-learning.

Best Online Tutoring Services 2024 – Top Picks

iTalkiPreplyVarsity TutorsPrinceton Review
Table Image iTalki Tutors - Online TutoringTable Image Preply Tutors - Online TutoringTable Image Varsity Tutors - Online TutoringTable Image Princeton Review Tutors - Online Tutoring
LanguagesLanguagesTest prep, LanguagesTest Prep
from $10/hourfrom $15/hourfrom $45/hourfrom $129/hour
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: This review aims to give an overview of the best online tutoring services. We cannot claim comprehensiveness as there are many other tutoring platforms available online.

1. iTalki Online Tutors

Image iTalki Online Tutoring Services

iTalki’s (visit website) is a well-known and popular online tutoring service for language learning and covers around 150 different languages. The platform offers 1:1 lessons in your subject with real-life tutors, small group learning, as well as assessments catered to your level and ability. There is plenty of study material available too.

iTalki’s app provides a range of language learning resources such as videos, lessons, and practice activities, and real-time statistics and charts to measure your progress. The online tutors give personalized feedback and are on call to help you with any specific language questions you may have.

Like other best online tutoring services, you can personally choose your tutors based on detailed profiles that highlight their strengths. iTalki’s online tutors are rated with reviews to help you decide who would be right for you. You can study at your own pace, with both 30–40-minute sessions or longer 90-minute sessions available via app or website.

Topics: Languages, Language Culture | Info: Visit website.
Pricing: Hourly rates start from $10/hour. Average between $15-25/hour.

2. Preply Online Tutoring

Image Preply Online Tutoring Services

Preply (visit website) is an online tutoring service that offers 1:1 lessons primarily for language learning. Their mission is to provide accessible, quality learning experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds. Tutors from over 185 countries provide personalized lessons on Preply.

The online tutoring formats offered include live video sessions, customized courses, less formally structured self-study options, and virtual group classrooms. Preply prides itself on schedule flexibility. You can book a lesson in seconds using either the app or the website.

The vast number of online tutors available 24/7 guarantees that you will be able to study according to your own schedule. Preply also provides new users with a free trial lesson, to see if the study programs meet their needs and satisfy their learning goals.

They also offer kids classes, so if you are a parent who is learning a language, you can enroll your kids in lessons as well, and enjoy learning together as a family. Preply is among the best online tutoring services for learning languages and is reasonably priced.

Tutors: Various tutors and subjects. 1 on 1. Native speakers. Multiple languages.
: ★★★★☆ | Pricing: Low: $10. Medium: $15/hour. High: S40/hour.
Info: Visit website and find language tutors.

3. Varsity Tutors

Image Varsity Tutors Online Tutoring Services

Varsity Tutors (visit website) connects students with professional tutors in almost any subject. They have teachers from all industries, backgrounds, and experience levels. They provide specialized academic courses broken into 10 over-arching main categories.

The categories include grades K-5 subjects, AP (advanced placement courses), business, humanities, languages, learning differences, math, science, and tech & engineering. These general academic categories each offer 5-10 specific courses to choose from.

For example, Humanities offers both history and law classes, while Science offers separate biology or physics courses. The other notable services offered are test prep preparation for standardized tests, like the ACT and SAT, and an array of enrichment courses, like music, chess, computer coding, and art.

The enrichment courses are not age-restricted; adults, students, and kids can enroll. For adults who haven’t received a high school diploma, varsity tutors also a comprehensive GRE diploma study program. The website provides a toll-free number for a consultation, to make sure that you are enrolled in the correct courses that will be of most benefit to you.

Topics: Test prep, languages, business, science, art, humanities. Multiple languages.
Pricing: 1:1 from $45. Class packages. Self-paced packages.
Info: Visit website.

4. The Princeton Review

Image The Princeton Review Online Tutoring Services

The Princeton Review (visit website) is an industry-leading educational services company, offering students around the world the tools and resources they need to reach their academic and professional goals. It has an extremely large number of online tutoring services in all subjects from grades K-8, 9-12, graduate level, and also professional level.

Both one-on-one online courses and small group classes are provided, where students can tailor their learning experience to their individual needs.

The Princeton Review is also among the best online tutoring services for test prep courses. They offer tailored programs to help pass the SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT including a specific score guarantee. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, and the website has some attractive features for students of any age.

The “Explore Schools” function allows prospective learners to find institutions with their major around the world, compare the rankings of various programs, and help envision career paths based on what study path they choose. Overall, the Princeton Review is among the best online tutoring services and platforms for college exam preparation.

Topics: Test prep, academic learning, career prep.| Info: Visit website.
Pricing: Self-paced packages from $599. 1:1 professional tutoring from $149/hour.

5. Springboard – Online Tutoring & Bootcamps

Image Springboard Online Tutoring Services

Springboard (visit website) has a specific target in mind for prospective learners, getting hired for a future job opportunity or career in tech. They offer a “job guarantee” and state that by taking one of their technology-related programs (data, design, coding, cyber security, or tech sales) you will be hired by a major successful tech company.

To ensure customer confidence in their claims of hiring success, students pay after they get a job in their desired field; tuition for the courses is deferred until the student secures a post-graduation job. During the program, participants will have guidance from a student advisor, a personal mentor, the springboard community, and a career coach, who will help them build a resume and the application process.

Course curriculums are broken into 4-6 topic categories and are typically 300-400 plus hours long. Although flexible, they are aimed at career-minded students who have the commitment and dedication to complete their studies successfully.

Certificate: Yes. | Teaching: Hands-on experience. Career support, 1:1 Mentoring
Job Guarantee: Yes | Fees: from $1,890/month in installments.
Info: Visit website.

6. WizePrep Online Tutoring

Image WizePrep Online Tutoring Services

WizePrep’s online tutoring services are geared toward both high school and university students. However, instead of general courses covering subjects like math, science, or literature, like other online tutoring platforms, classes at Wizeprep are designed identical to the college courses you are taking at your school.

For example, if you were a university student at UCLA, WizePrep has a specific course titled “UCLA British Literature 124”, which is modeled after UCLA’s exact curriculum and syllabus model. Or perhaps you are a student at the University of Michigan, and you would be able to study for “ECON 110”, an introduction to microeconomics course. You would be able to study that particular course before actually enrolling in the university class.

These tailored online tutoring services are extremely popular with students who must maintain a certain grade point average for scholarship purposes or students who want to do their very best in their classes. Their MCAT and LSAT test prep courses are presented in a video format with 24/7 assistance for students, and they offer a free trial to assess your weaknesses and strengths before you begin the lessons.

The high school online study options are categorized according to country; they have United States and Canadian course curriculums for all subjects, which are both available in standard and advanced placement formats.

Topics: Accounting, Test prep, STEM, Statistics, Psychology
Info: Study Pass from $14.95/month. Test prep from $99/mo.

Tip: Here is a guide on how to learn a language fast. Browse our lists of language courses online or language learning apps or Spanish courses online.

7. Wyzant Online Tutoring

Image Wyzant Online Tutoring Services

Wyzant is strictly a one-to-one online tutoring service. It connects professionals in over 300 subjects and skills with people who want to study that specific subject. What differentiates them from other online tutoring services is that besides the standard live video format for lessons, they offer in-person lessons in many major city hubs in the United States (New York City, Washington D.C., Bay area, Phoenix, Miami, Atlanta, and Dallas).

Wyzant even made the news on several occasions during the height of the COVID pandemic, as parents searched for ways to supplement lessons for their children during school closings. It was one of several private online tutoring services that offered remote teaching via video chat to families in need.

Over the last two years, the company received a significant increase in traffic. And while working to accommodate as many students as possible, Wyzant built a positive reputation amongst other best online tutoring services and its competitors.

Topics: Languages, Business, Studying, Creative | Info: Visit website.
Pricing: Hourly rates start from $25/hour. Average $30-50/hour. Premium from $50.

8. TutaPoint Online Tutoring

Image TutaPoint Online Tutoring Services has been providing its online tutoring services in all scholarly subjects (specifically Math, Science, World Languages, and Social Studies) since 2007. To meet the different needs of the modern student, they offer private, live, one-on-one virtual online tutoring that fits learners’ schedules, with the convenience of studying from their own home.

In addition to their online tutoring services, TutaPoint provides educational resources such as books and videos. High school graduates can get college counseling services. Also, all forms of test prep classes for standardized exams are open for enrollment.

Members have access to TutaPoint’s worksheet PDF library, 24/7 assistance from United States based tutors, and all classes are set at a one-hour minimum for all students. Their tutoring platform is extremely user-friendly for both students, and it is not convoluted with confusing price plans or add-ons; it is a set one-hour price of $50.

Topics: Academic tutoring, Test Prep, Writing, College Counseling, Business
Pricing: $50/hour. One-hour minimum.

Popular platforms: Browse our lists of the best online learning platforms, or Coursera courses or Springboard courses or Udacity courses or GetSmarter courses or edX courses or Mindvalley classes and MasterClass classes.

9. Chegg Online Study

Image Chegg Online Tutoring Services

Based in California, Chegg Online Study was initially a company that would lend, purchase and market textbooks. In recent years, they have extended their services to giving assistance with homework and providing online tutoring services.

They include a wide range of topics like mathematics, history, money management, computer science and algebra. You can use the platform either as an online tutor or a student. Students and teachers can collaborate in virtual classrooms, as well as a virtual whiteboard that can be accessed by both parties.

While Chegg has a massive anthology of information for students who choose to subscribe, however, a notable highlight that I noticed was their mobile app. Without subscribing, and simply by creating an account, you have access to custom-made flashcard decks created by the Chegg community.

These flashcard sets are dedicated to passing a range of different proficiency exams and tests, and they have a memorization study session mode that keeps track of what you have learned. You can even make your own personalized study set and publish it under your profile to help other people study the material you created.

Topics: Examp prep, homework help, writing, science
Pricing: Self-paced from $14.95.

10. Skooli On-Demand Tutoring

Image Skooli Online Tutoring Services

Skooli is an easy-to-use online tutoring service and is available for both mobile and desktop learning. It’s equipped with a range of features, such as audio/visual tools to keep students engaged, a savable whiteboard that can be used for writing or drawing, a chat feature, and the ability to record the sessions for later review.

The platform aids students in comprehending complex subjects, with the target of helping them achieve better scores on tests. They offer unique features but also similar ones to other online tutoring services. For example, the replay function, which stores lessons in the website’s cloud, seems handy for review sessions.

Skooli is developed by the team at the company Teach Away, who have more than 10 years of expertise in recruiting top teachers and inventing modern eLearning programs. They have a student-focused program that satisfies the necessities of new students.

Topics: English, Science, Math, Business
Pricing: Pay as you go from $0.82/minute. Packages from $0.73/min.

11. Yup Online Teachers

Image Yup Online Tutoring Services

Yup provides continual and unrestricted math online tutoring that can be accessed anytime. The curricula are comparable to most math content delivered in a normal classroom. They pride themselves on using research-backed tutoring methods, that are recognized by Stanford University.

Their instructional strategy is rooted in the guidelines set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, which promotes a questioning methodology that helps to identify what students need to focus on in their study.

Additionally, to ensure that online tutors have a thorough understanding of mathematics and the ability to express themselves clearly in writing, they are very selective in choosing their online tutors. They have an applicant acceptance rate of 5%, and their tutors receive ongoing training. Comprehensive Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Geometry, Calculus, and Statistics are offered at all levels from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Topics: K12. Statistics, Math, Algebra, Geometry, Science, Calculus AB
Pricing: on request.

12. ClubZ Home & Online Tutoring

Image ClubZ Online Tutoring Services

ClubZ has a unique feature not offered by most other online tutoring services. They give students the option to have an in-person tutor come to their house and teach them subjects that they want to study. Of course, they also offer online classes. However the home-schooling option certainly sets ClubZ apart from others in the field of online tutoring.

While ClubZ offers comprehensive Math, Science, Music Lessons, Foreign Languages, Reading, Writing, Pre-K, and Summertime courses, they also have classes for learners with challenges in the classroom. To help students with attention deficit disorder, who may be struggling to reach their educational potential, they have trained and certified staff on call.

The in-person music lessons seem particularly popular (guitar and piano), and students who have written reviews say that they enjoy practicing in the comfort of their own homes. It is one of the best online tutoring services that come to your home too.

Topics: Languages, Reading, Science, Writing, Business, Music, College, Test Prep
Pricing: on request.

13. Smarthinking by Pearson

Image Smarthinking by Pearson Online Tutoring Services

Smarthinking by Pearson has round-the-clock access for students and connects them to professionally trained and licensed tutors in real time. One-on-one online tutoring, group tutoring, and other learning services, such as writing and study skills assessments, career readiness courses, and test preparation programs, are offered through a subscription.

The coursework and tutoring services from Pearson seem to have overwhelmingly positive reviews from students who have used their products. Former students have written affidavits praising tutors, stating that they are both beneficial and knowledgeable.

Based on action research information, lessons are crafted with clear educational goals in mind, and because all classes are stored in a data cloud, you can re-study and reflect on the lesson at your own convenience.

Smarthinking has 150 topics for pupils from middle school to college, and grad school to choose from. Additionally, around-the-clock support for students is provided whether that assistance is in real-time, or detailed feedback on documents sent offline.

Topics: College prep, Science, Finance, Business, Adult tutoring
Pricing: on request.

14. 1-to-1 Tutoring

Image Tutor Com Online Tutoring Services employs 3,000 expert online tutors available 24/7 for over 250 subjects, and they have more than two decades of experience helping students, educators, school directors, and families. Their mission statement expresses that they want to bring optimism, fairness, and success to schools and communities.

They do this by supplying learners of all ages and levels, with motivational and dependable academic and professional support. What’s unique about them are the benefits that they offer to American military families and affiliates. Military families and civilian military employees can use their online services and homework help at no cost.

The library card feature also stood out as noteworthy. When a student enrolls in the library card program they get access to Princeton review test preparation material, online classrooms, virtual whiteboard chat rooms, and additional tutoring assistance.

Topics: K12, Higher education, Employee education
Pricing: on request. Free access for military personnel and families.

15. Revolution Prep Expert Tutors

Image Revolution Prep Online Tutoring Services

The Revolution Prep system is founded on an education theory called “Development Mindset.” This clinically demonstrated system, created by the Stanford University education and psychology department, helps young people extend their aptitude in different subjects through self-planning.

Based on the premise of motivation, they help students to create target goals and carry out a concrete plan to reach those objectives. The focus of the courses is on four sections of student achievement: improving grades, driving higher scores, creating enthusiasm for the subject and learning, and diminishing pressure and uneasiness toward learning.

Unlike other best online tutoring services that have freelancer-type profiles and temporary hire educators, the Revolution Prep company has a full-time faculty of teachers licensed in all different subjects at its disposal. As these online tutors are receiving a salary, and have the benefit of job security at a company, I imagine they have a heightened sense of commitment toward encouraging students to learn.

Topics: Academic subjects, Test prep, K-College Tutoring, Finance, Computer science.
Pricing: 1-to-1 $1,398 for 12 hours. Small groups $199/5 hours. Test prep from $499.

16. Parallel Learning

Image Parallel Learning Online Tutoring Services

Parallel Learning offers students who have learning challenges, both learning assistance and therapeutic treatment options. This popular online tutoring service brings licensed educational psychologists, teachers, and parents together in counseling sessions to create alternative active learning plans for young learners.

The platform supplies all necessary resources, coaching and consultation sessions, and research-based motivation courses needed for students to thrive both in the classroom and the real world. The type of care they provide focuses on students’ natural talents and helps them to overcome their difficulties in areas where they may be lacking.

To start the process, parents must apply for a comprehensive psychological evaluation, where it will be decided what route is appropriate. This can include behavioral therapy basic counseling, language speech therapy, skill-based 1-to-1 tutoring, or sessions coaching for management and organizational skills.

Topics: Coaching, Assessments, Counseling, Skill-based Tutoring, Language Therapy
Pricing info: on request.

8 Additional Online Tutoring Services

Image Additional Online Tutoring Services and Platforms

17. Upchieve

Upchieve is an online tutoring service that provides students with access to free, personalized, one-on-one online tutoring. The company is a non-profit venture, and it offers a selection of specialized courses on various topics, such as mathematics, science, and language. It is a great resource for a student who may not have the financial means to pay for a private online tutor service or study program.

18. TutorMe

TutorMe offers a comprehensive suite of online tutoring services, including live and on-demand tutoring, homework help, test prep, and career counseling. Tutors are available round the clock and are equipped with the latest technologies to make learning easier and more effective. TutorMe focuses on a concept called “learning loss”, specifically on students impacted by school closings due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

19. TutorEye

TutorEye is a one-stop online tutoring platform that offers students personalized instruction and support. Tutor Eye’s experienced tutors can help students with a very wide range of topics, from basic math to advanced physics, language, or social studies. TutorEye also provides free e-books and other resources to help students learn.

20. TakeLessons

TakeLessons provides an extensive selection of online tutoring services, from personalized one-on-one sessions to group classes. The popular online tutoring platform offers courses on a wide range of topics, from music and art to language and coding. They give students access to experienced tutors and have subject-specific resources in PDF form.

21. eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld offers a comprehensive suite of online tutoring services, including live classes on-demand, and self-paced sessions. Students can choose from a variety of topics, such as math, science, language, and test prep, and can access many resources such as practice tests and detailed study guides.

22. Learn to Be

Learn to Be is a popular online tutoring platform that provides personalized instruction and support to students from lower socioeconomic demographics. The website offers a variety of courses, from math and science to language and test prep, and they are all free of charge. Students can choose their online tutors, and work with the same tutor for as long as it takes to achieve their desired result.

23. Special Ed Tutoring

Special Ed Tutoring is a specialized online tutoring service that offers students with special learning needs access to personalized instruction and support. An online tutor who specializes in special education works with pupils who have distinctive requirements when it comes to learning.

The tutoring service caters to students who possess special academic needs due to physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral issues or illness. Tutors will determine the most effective teaching techniques and give personalized instruction to every pupil in their care.

24. Remind Tutoring

Remind Tutoring is an online tutoring service that provides students with personalized instruction and support. They create tailored study guides and offer homework assistance and online coaching. As the tutoring platform is for children, parents are encouraged to help the tutor get to know their child on a personal level through an online questionnaire before the start of the online lessons.

How to Choose the Best Online Tutoring Services

Image Tips for Choosing the Best Online Tutoring Services

Choosing the best online tutoring services can be a challenging decision, especially with so many options available on the internet. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on what you need help with and what kind of online tutoring service best fits your individual needs.

Factors to consider are the price, the duration of learning, the level of intensity, the course content, the quality of the online tutors, and of course, the review testimonials from former students. Also, you will need to consider how the online tutoring service will complement your work or school schedule.

Additionally, make sure to read reviews and do your own research on the service. Finally, make sure to ask questions and find out as much as you can about an online tutoring platform before committing to any one service.

Taking the time to research the best online tutoring service, before you make your decision will help ensure that you get the most out of your online learning experience.

Best Online Tutoring Services 2024 – Verdict

Image Best Online Tutoring Platforms - Review Verdict

Wrapping up our review of the best online tutoring services and platforms in 2024.

Online tutoring services provide students and adults with a great opportunity to learn and grow. With the help of trained online tutors, students can gain the skills they need to become more organized and disciplined in their studies, as well as develop new skills that can help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Moreover, the convenience and flexibility of online tutoring services and platforms allow students to access expert tutors, professionally made education materials, and learning tools from almost any industry or specialized subject.

With online tutoring platforms, anyone can access the resources they need to gain an understanding of difficult concepts, achieve better scores on tests and in classes, and improve their lives through guided learning.

Best Online Tutoring Services 2024

  1. iTalki Online Tutors
  2. Preply Online Tutoring
  3. Varsity Tutors
  4. The Princeton Review
  5. Springboard – Online Tutoring
  6. WizePrep Online Tutoring
  7. Wyzant Online Tutoring
  8. TutaPoint Online Tutoring
  9. Chegg Online Study
  10. Skooli On-Demand Tutoring
  11. Yup Online Teachers
  12. ClubZ Home & Online Tutoring
  13. Smarthinking by Pearson
  14. 1-to-1 Tutoring
  15. Revolution Prep Expert Tutors
  16. Parallel Learning

Notable Online Tutoring Platforms and Services

  • Cambly – Languages, English
  • TutorOcean – Adult learning
  • GoPeer Online Tutoring – K12, Academic
  • Juni Learning – STEM Online Tutoring Platform
  • Strive Academics – Online tutoring platform to improve study skills
  • Zeqr Online Tutors – Tutors for technical skills
  • Clascity Tutors – Academic, Technical
  • Mathnasium – Math Online Tutoring
  • LessonFace – Music and Acting Tutoring
  • Q Kids – English
  • SpecialEdTutoring – Special Needs

What are the best online tutoring services for 2024, in your opinion? Which online tutoring platforms have you taken? What have you learned? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email for questions.

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