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24 Best Spanish courses online. Become a fluent speaker.

Image Best Spanish Courses Online - Become a Fluent Speaker

It all started on Sesame Street, the day Maria and Luis taught Big Bird how to say “hola”. Beyond the 5th grade, I studied French but still absorbed Spanish all around me in New York. Sesame Street laid my Spanish language foundation with more opportunities to learn season after season. The rest came via Puerto Rican schoolmates and Telemundo.

As the second mother tongue in the world, Spanish is very much worth learning. In the beginning, it can be confusing as with any other new language. However, it’s not that difficult to learn. It’s just incredibly fast. In this post, I share a roundup of the best Spanish courses online so you can get past saying “hello” and also keep up with the pace.

Spanish Courses Online – Overview

¿Hablas español? – There are around 600 million Spanish speakers on the planet. That’s 8% of the human population, the lion’s share of those who speak it as their mother tongue. Instituto Cervantes found that “Spanish is the third-most-used language on the internet.”

Spanish is indeed a language you are likely to use in international business and education. In fact, you will now need not only speak but also read and write the language as the world has gone online. So, let’s learn Spanish. But, what are the best Spanish courses online?

The list below will help you find the best ones, whether for fun, travel, educational, personal, or professional purposes. After that, we also take a look at the type of diplomas, exams, and learning levels available to ease your decision-making process.

Best Spanish Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

LingodaStoryLearningRocket SpanishUdemy Spanish
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If you want to join the more than 22 million students who are studying Spanish as a foreign language, here are now some of the best Spanish courses online.

1. Rocket Languages Spanish Courses

Image Rocket Languages - Spanish Courses Online

Rocket Languages (visit website) offers an interactive Spanish online course to teach you Spanish grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and pronunciation from a beginner to an advanced level. The platform was co-founded by CEO Jason Oxenham, who teamed up with Mark Ling in 2004 to find a better language-learning system.

In addition to providing Spanish language, grammar, and speaking lessons, Rocket also educates you on Spanish culture to help you feel comfortable with people quickly. They teach using virtual flashcards, audio lessons, and reinforcement activities. You will also get a Spanish survival kit with essential vocabulary to thrive in any Spanish-speaking country.

Rocket Spanish is a premium service available in course levels 1-3 and offers lifetime access to its classes. Many learners swear by Rocket for helping them master the Spanish language but also others. They offer one of the best Spanish courses online for beginners.

User Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★ | Info: Visit website. Free trial + Black Friday discounts.
Pricing: Level 1 from $99 | Level 1/2 from $249.90 | Level 1/2/3 from $259.90

2. Spanish Uncovered – StoryLearning

Image Online Spanish Classes - Spanish Uncovered - StoryLearning

Spanish Uncovered (visit website) is an immersive language program by StoryLearning that offers online Spanish classes for beginners and intermediates. The Uncovered series is best suited for beginners with follow-ups to advance your Spanish further.

The Spanish classes use stories that are curated by the program’s creator Olly Richards and aim to immerse the reader in catching stories that match your current level of Spanish. That way, learners are getting more and more involved in the language and culture with each day of practice. The result is an intuitive learning process like children do.

The online Spanish courses are built around the stories, but they also include video lessons that are narrated by StoryLearning’s creator. In the videos, you’ll learn about vocabulary and grammar that are specifically from the chapter you just read.

There are also videos explaining cognates, which are words from different languages that originate from the same root word and thus have similar pronunciation, spelling, and meaning. StoryLearning offers some of the best Spanish classes online for beginners.

Provider: StoryLearning | Level: A1-B1 CEFR. Vocab, Grammar, Pronunciation.
Price: $297 Lifetime | Trial: Yes. 7-days full access. | Rating: 4.9 ★★★★★
Info: View course page. Browse all online Spanish classes from StoryLearning.

3. Lingoda Spanish Classes Online

Image Lingoda Online Spanish Classes

Lingoda’s online Spanish classes (Visit website) focus on speaking, grammar and reading. Students can learn to communicate in Spanish from an authentic and highly qualified native speaker, climbing up the ladder from “Absolute Beginner” (A1) to “Upper-Intermediate” (B2).

Whether you choose a Spanish class on a one-to-one basis or as part of an intimate group, Lingoda’s approach to learning carves out ample time for speaking practice to help you achieve organic and native-like expression.

Facilitated by Zoom, each Spanish lesson is delivered against the linguistic and cultural backdrop of a Spanish-speaking country, making your understanding of Spanish universal. Whether you find yourself in Spain, Costa Rica or Peru, you’ll blend in all the same!

After each Spanish class, you’ll access a variety of materials to help you consolidate your learning. At the end of each level (A1-B2), you can earn a foreign language certificate of an international standard. Lingoda has some of the best Spanish classes online if you want to customize your learning plan intensity and tailor the curriculum to your exact needs.

Topics: Speaking, Grammar, Reading | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Pricing: $59/month (1 class/week) | $139/mo (2-3 classes/w) | $239/mo (1 class/day)
Info: Visit website. | Discount: LANGUAGEWIN – up to 15-25% off.

4. Elayaa Spanish Courses

Image Best Spanish Courses Online - Elayaa

Elayaa (visit website) offers interactive Spanish courses and is a great match between self-paced learning and live tutoring, and working together to learn Spanish faster. The mission is to create a total immersion experience for their Spanish language students.

The self-paced Spanish courses are entirely held in Spanish and offer subtitles in Spanish, English, and Italian. This way, students can “hear” the whole lesson in Spanish and quickly pick up unknown vocabulary or grammar. Elayaa tutors also speak 100% Spanish in their live classes but help with translation into English if students need it.

Elayaa’s core program is the self-paced Express Total Spanish course (view) and guides you from a Beginner to an Advanced level in Spanish. It includes 100+ animated video lessons, smart quizzes, tests, grammar sheets, graded readings, audio sessions, and live support. Students also enjoy lifetime access and all future upgrades.

The Premium package (view) combines Express Total with 10 BlaBlaWebinars. In those live conversation sessions, you can practice speaking with a native speaker and also meet fellow learners. Premium Plus (view) additionally adds 20 one-to-one Spanish lessons to target specific topics and needs.

In a nutshell, Elayaa is well-structured, fun, and immersive, and with its affordable pricing, certainly one of the best Spanish courses online. Each Elayaa student also helps support the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) with its Share the Meal APP campaign.

Review: 4.9 ★★★★★ | Subtitles: Spanish, English, Italian
Price: View all courses. Express $29. Premium $89. Premium Plus $180.

5. Online Spanish Courses – Udemy

Image Best Spanish Courses Online - Udemy

Let’s take a look at Udemy’s best Spanish courses (visit website) first as there is a great selection available at an affordable price. Peter Hanley, for example, offers its Level 2, 3, and 4 courses using El Método to help you work towards fluency. Many of the other online Spanish courses promise quick progress, particularly for English speakers.

Niche Spanish courses include “Medical Spanish” and a course in English and Spanish for engineers. A course by Alan La Rue gives you the chance to “Learn Spanish with a Story.” The class uses storylines to help people learn the language and culture of Spain.

The Spanish course is great for beginners, as well as people who studied Spanish way back in school and need a refresher in the basics. Some learners had trouble keeping up with the pace of the slides throughout the lesson, but most reviews were positive. One learner said she was able to complete a job application in Spanish after taking this course.

Overall, while not always perfect and practical, you can certainly find some of the best Spanish courses for beginners at an affordable price here. Test and try.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Spanish courses: 300+. Various topics & subjects.
Info: Visit website. From $11.99/course. Sale – up to 95% off.

6. Spanish Classes and Tutors – iTalki

Image Online Spanish Classes and Tutors – iTalki

iTalki’s online Spanish classes (visit website) give you access to a database of seasoned Spanish tutors that you can filter through based on their country of origin, native language, and availability. This feature is especially handy if your motivation for learning Spanish is to facilitate an upcoming move to a Spanish-speaking country that’s not Spain.

If you’re moving to Mexico for example, you can search specifically for online Spanish classes with a Mexican Spanish tutor. They will not only help you master the appropriate dialect but also enlighten you on Mexican culture.

You can further refine your search for a Spanish class tutor based on your goals, be that to learn vocabulary, grammar, speaking, conducting business in Spanish or acing your DELE exam. Whatever your Spanish proficiency level, iTalki can find the right tutor for you.

A key benefit of iTalki is the option to study Spanish in a language other than English. If you’re learning another foreign language that you are more proficient in, such as French, set your online Spanish classes in French to improve your skills in both simultaneously.

Topics: Instructor-led + customized learning. | Review: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: Visit website. Hourly rates start from $10/hour. Average between $15-25/hour.

7. Varsity Tutors – Spanish

Image Varsity Tutors Online Spanish Classes

With Varsity Tutors (visit website), you can access a variety of online Spanish classes no matter your age or motivation for learning the language. Led by an experienced teacher, you’ll be joined by peers of a similar proficiency level, be that beginner or intermediate, on Varsity Tutors’ Live Learning Platform for an in-depth, interactive Spanish lesson.

Both levels cover Spanish sentence structure, gendered pronouns, grammar rules, verb conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more. You get to practice as a group in every lesson. If you find yourself having trouble grasping one or more of the topics covered in class, you can request one-on-one support from your educator to eliminate those gaps.

A key benefit of Varsity Tutors is that their online Spanish courses touch on the rich culture and history of the Spanish-speaking realm, giving you an opportunity to connect to Spanish on a deeper level. Another exciting feature of their Spanish classes is that you get exposure to a number of films, literature and other media that is relevant to your interests.

Topics: Speaking, Comprehension, Grammar rules, Vocabulary, Pronunciation
1:1 from $45. Class packages. Self-paced packages.
Info: Visit website for Spanish. Review: 4.8 ★★★★★

8. Rosetta Stone Spanish Courses

Image Rosetta Stone - Spanish Courses Online

Rosetta Stone (visit website) is one of the most known providers to learn Spanish. This education system was founded in 1992 by Allen Stolzfus with the vision of using computer technology to simulate the way children learn their mother tongue.

So who’s Rosetta, then? The namesake Rosetta Stone is an artifact that linguists used to unlock the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Similarly, their patented speech software, TruAccent, unlocks accent and pronunciation for learners.

Like other platforms, they offer both Castillian and Latin American Spanish options in premium, subscription-based Spanish courses. Some reviewers say forgoing grammatical explanations early in the process can belie the assertion that you can safely say “hablo Español” from the first lesson.

That said, while you may not complete the first lessons being able to have a conversation, their immersion-based system is helpful over time. Rosetta Stone offers some of the best Spanish courses online for fans of an immersive learning experience.

Review: 4.8 ★★★★★ | Spanish: Castillian, Latin America
Info: Visit website. From $7.99/month. Get 30% off.
Deals: $179 Lifetime. 40% off. All languages. View deal.

9. Pimsleur by Simon and Schuster 

Image Pimsleur - Spanish Courses Online

Founded by Dr. Paul Pimsleur Ph.D., Pimsleur is one of the longest-running language programs and offers some of the best Spanish courses online. Others mimic the Pimsleur Method with programs such as, so caveat emptor.

The Pimsleur Method teaches by recall in intervals, anticipation, participatory learning, and core vocabulary education. “Learn the hardest thing first and the rest will then seem easy,” Dr. Pimsleur was known to say. You can learn Latin American (5 premium levels) or Castillian Spanish (2 premium levels), and Alexa can even help.

You can test their online Spanish courses 7-days free without obligations and also look into other languages on offer. The monthly premium plans can be canceled at any time.

Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★ | Price: $14.95/month | Free trial: Get 7-days free here.

10. Lingopie Spanish

Image Lingopie Online Spanish Classes - TV, Movies

Lingopie Spanish uses the real contexts of Spanish TV shows and movies to teach viewers the Spanish language. What makes Lingopie unique is that users are able to access clickable Spanish subtitles. They reveal their English translation with a click to help you improve comprehension, pronunciation, and grammar, and develop your vocabulary.

With a subscription to Lingopie, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of different options to watch. The platform features plenty of titles from both Latin America and Spain, so you have the option to focus your attention and perfect your knowledge of the Spanish spoken in a specific country or region.

Alternatively, you could become more well-rounded and watch shows with a variety of origins. Either way, you’ll be directly exposed to Spanish culture while you learn. It so one of the best Spanish classes online if you prefer an immersive approach to languages.

Review: ★★★★★ | Topics: Movies, TV, Context, Pronunciation, Grammar, Culture
Price: 9 languages for 1 price. From $5.99/month billed annually.

11. Spanish for Beginners – Udemy

Image Spanish Course For Beginners - Udemy

Created by Peter Hanley (view website), Spanish for Beginners starts at Level 1 with no previous knowledge required. The process is based on constant repetition and building new vocabulary into previously taught sentences and phrases as you go. “El Método” allows you to “painlessly absorb structures and vocabulary at A1 level”.

Some students think that this Spanish course moves too quickly. Others enjoy the rapid pace and the fact that no note-taking or traditional study is required. This is one of the more popular online Spanish courses for beginners though. And it will arm you with the basics to function in context if that’s what you need for an upcoming meeting or trip.

Instructor: Peter Hanley, Udemy | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: View website. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category.

Reading tip: Here is a guide on how to learn Spanish fast, learn a language fast. Browse our lists of language courses online or language learning apps to learn multiple languages.

12. Live Lingua – Online Spanish Lessons

Image Live Lingua - Spanish Courses Online

This immersion-based Spanish course links learners with university-educated tutors who aspire to get you thinking in Spanish. Live Lingua offers exam prep for DELE and ECELE. Live Lingua was cofounded and family-owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Laura Blakney.

It quickly shifted into the online world, and not a moment too soon. Thankfully, they still employ Frida Blakney as their “Morale Officer” (she’s the black Labrador pictured with a tie in the Meet Our Staff section). Their program is a premium offering charged by the hour.

When you enroll and pay, Live Lingua shares some of your fees with Save the Children in their sponsorship program. Learners say they appreciate the abundance of free resources and the fact that these online Spanish courses are personalized.

If you like an academic approach, professional feedback, tutoring, exam prep, and tailored personalized learning sessions, Live Lingua will certainly offer some of the best Spanish courses online. You can take a free lesson to try the service without obligation.

Review: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Price: $18/hour | Free trial lesson: Yes
Info: $18/hour. Take a free Spanish online lesson to try.

13. Baselang

Image Baselang - Spanish Courses Online

After just four weeks, Baselang says you will be able to confidently engage in a 30-minute conversation in Spanish. Connor Grooms, Baselang’s founder, calls his proprietary system “Grammarless”, eschewing the standard learning process for a more immersion-based experience. Native speakers from all over Latin America teach via video chat.

This is a premium service with two options: the Grammarless immersion style and another, more traditional learning mode. In this latter method, they say their approach is still unique in that they teach the most important and most useful words and phrases first.

Baselang’s DELE prep program is apparently no longer available. Learner reviews say while the grammarless option is unique and effective, it requires a big-time commitment and if you already have some Spanish under your belt, Baselang is not for you. But their online Spanish courses are great for beginners.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Price: $149/month.

Tip: Not the right language? Browse our lists of best Italian courses or French courses or English courses or German courses or Portuguese classes or Mandarin classes or Japanese classes or Arab courses or Russian classes online.

14. Speechling

Image Speechling - Spanish Courses Online

An option for language learners who have already had some training, Speechling is a non-profit, web-based resource designed to help you perfect diction. They combine technology and person-to-person coaching in a simple 3 step process.

Speechling relies upon the principles of spaced repetition and uses adaptive learning algorithms to help learners with such nuances as intonation, rhythm, pronunciation, and choice of words.

Although they offer many language learning tools for free, there is a premium level that provides more. Speechling could be one of the best Spanish courses online if your focus is purely on speaking and pronunciation.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Pricing: $19.99/month | Free plan: Yes

15. Spanish with Vicente – Courses, Videos

Imaged Academia de Español - Spanish Courses Online

Spanish with Vicente consists of some of the most individual and best Spanish courses online coming along with interactive activities and exercises. This is a premium immersion experience with a monthly subscription fee. There is also a podcast, that along with PDF transcripts helps learners to improve their audio comprehension.

Vicente founded his school Academia de Español Online in March 2017 to bring his passion for teaching language to the world via the web. Learners say this is a great system for intermediate speakers who want a fast-paced, immersion experience. There are in-depth online Spanish courses that will teach everything from grammar to vocab to culture.

Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★ | Price: €12/month | Subscription: Cancel anytime.

16. Glossika Spanish Courses

Image Glossika - Spanish Courses Online

Considering the way babies and small children repeat what they hear, Glossika founder Mike Campbell favors pattern repetition over grammar study as the best route to fluency.

Glossika apparently has the magical capability to predict when learners are due to forgetting some of what they learned. Glossika’s learning system works by having learners repeat strategic, syntactical patterns based on their proficiency level.

Then, you get a day to “sleep on it” and come back the following day to recall for Memory Consolidation. This helps shift what you’re learning from your short-term memory into your long-term memory. Glossika offers Castilian and Mexican Spanish among the 60 languages that members can access with their paid subscription.

Learners applaud high-quality dialogue and progress-tracking software. It is one of the best Spanish courses online we came across and is worth a try.

Rating: 4.8 ★★★★☆ | Price: $30/month | $24.99/month annually | Trial: Yes

17. Mango Languages – Spanish Courses

Image Mango - Spanish Courses Online

Mango uses an adaptive learning algorithm to tailor your learning to your pace and style. They aim to prepare you “to start the conversation with confidence.” Contextual scenarios teach you Spanish that you would use in reality. Also, the system records your voice to compare it to native speakers and helps you fine-tune it.

Mango even includes notes on culture and grammar to create a complete context in each lesson. In the first Latin American Spanish lesson (Castilian available), they explain that when entering a room, it is customary to greet each person with a handshake. Two females or a male and a female who know each other well might also kiss on the cheek.

This culture note accompanied the lesson on how to say HolaBuenos DiasBuenas Tardes and Buenas Noches. Mango was co-founded by Jason Teshuba, Ryan Whalen and Mike Goulas, who say theirs is a company of “risk-takers and ambitious innovators.”

Many happy reviewers enjoy the chunk-based learning method, finding it easy to follow and effective. Overall, Manog seems to offer one of the best Spanish courses online to specifically improve pronunciation and speech patterns.

Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆ | Price: $7.99/month. One Language | Free test lesson: Yes

18. Coffee Break Spanish Lessons

Image CoffeeBreak - Spanish Courses Online

Brought to you by Radio Lingua, Coffee Break Spanish allows you access to a large library of free podcast audio. Each lesson is about the length of a 15-20 minute coffee break. On the premium level, they offer an online Spanish course attached to each podcast series.

Radio Lingua is based in Glasgow, Scotland, where a team of teachers is led by Co-Director Catriona (it’s first names only, apparently). They eschew the categorization of Spanish into separate dialects, rightly how dynamic the language is in its international use.

Mark teaches Spanish at Coffee Break. His approach is a core of Castilian, supplemented by alternative terms used elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world. Coffee Break Spanish has earned good ratings on the podcast charts. Reviews of the free podcast material are generally favorable, with mixed feedback on their premium online Spanish courses.

Rating: 4.5 ★★★★☆ | Price: $104 Online Lessons. | Free podcasts: Yes

19. Learn Spanish – Specialization, Coursera

Image Learn Spanish Course, Coursera

Offered by UC Davis, Coursera’s specialization process offers you the opportunity to gain individual certificates for each of the four online Spanish courses. Once you complete the four and capstone project, you can also earn a specialization certificate.

You will build a working vocabulary for “Meeting People”, “Cultural Experience”, “Sports, Travel, Home” and “Careers and Social Events” from Dr. Robert Blake. Dr. Blake is the Director of the University of California Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching.

Positive reviews suggest that Coursera’s online Spanish courses are optimal for “self-learners” and applaud the rapid pace. You can take this Spanish class for free with no certificate at the end. No University of California certificate. If that’s ok with you.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Pricing: Free with Premium Certificates

20. Online Spanish Courses – edX

Image edX - Spanish Courses Online

The offering of online Spanish courses on edX is populated by Spanish universities in general. Boston University joins the mix with an AP course in Spanish and Language and Culture. Once you’ve hit your stride, you can jump into “The Spain of Don Quixote”, a fascinating Spanish language exploration of Spain’s golden age with full English subtitles.

For an even bigger challenge, Valoración de Futbolistas con el Método AHP is all in Spanish with no English subtitles. Universitat Politècnica de València offers a professional certificate in Basic Spanish. Three Spanish online courses promise to prepare you to use the language in a range of roles in multinational companies.

Review: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Price: Free Spanish classes with Premium certificates.

21. Lengalia Spanish Courses

Image Lengalia - Spanish Courses Online

Founded in 1990, Lengalia offers 24 Spanish courses online starting from Level A0 for true beginners. They offer some of the best Spanish courses online for all the levels of the CEFR, so be assured that you are being taught from well-informed curricula.

A free placement test determines what your Spanish CEFR level is coming in the door. Then, you can earn a certificate that reflects what Spanish CEFR level you have achieved. There are a vocabulary trainer and a verb conjugator with onscreen practice activities.

All of this was the brainchild of José Delgado, who founded this Spanish learning program under the name Vita Lingua in Hamburg 30 years ago. The school he envisioned specializes in the Spanish language and culture. It is a premium, subscription-based program that also includes podcasts and live tutors.

Reviews suggest this class offers you a good amount of value and resources for what they charge. It’s up to you to decide whether this is one of the best Spanish courses online.

Review: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Price: $29.99/1 month. $4.99/month annually. | Trial: Yes

22. Lingodeer Spanish

Image Lingodeer - Spanish Courses Online

This app, originally focused on the languages of East Asia (filling a gap where Duolingo is said to be deficient), is now expanded to offer Spanish and numerous other languages. It combines audio with simple pictures and activities in a quiz style, festooned with badges and the option to “share” your achievements.

Unlike Duolingo, Lingodeer is a premium program for Spanish courses. It offers free introductory online Spanish lessons and a “Travel Phrasebook”. You will need to pay to unlock the whole Spanish lesson catalog and use it across devices, but also access other languages, lesson tips, and office learning.

Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆ | Price: $11.99/month. $99 Lifetime. | Free trial: Yes

23. Spanish VIP

Image Spanish VIP - Spanish Courses Online

This is also a tutor-based immersion system with online Spanish classes available from 8am to 6pm EST. Spanish VIP is a premium service that allows you to take as many classes as you wish, with a 2conversational or your money back” guarantee.

They are currently offering one month of free Spanish lessons for you if you are “Stuck in Quarantine”. The headline reads “Corona sucks… but your Spanish doesn’t have to!”

Mary Quevedo is the Head of Education. In their Venezuela and Colombia-based offices, their social impact goal is to create jobs for 1000 people in places where many live below the poverty line. Learners usually say their online Spanish courses and lessons were or are highly effective, either alone or as a complement to a university course.

Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆ | Price: from $49/month | Free trial: Yes

24. SpanishPod101

Image SpanishPod101 - Spanish Courses Online

SpanishPod101 immediately gives you three reasons why you can learn and speak Spanish with their program. Their short audio and video lessons, their study tools for rapid learning, and guidance from your own personal teacher are their selling points.

They don’t specify a dialect, but they cover both Latin American and Castilian, with subdialect instruction sprinkled about. Study tools include word lists and virtual flashcards. You can get their program at various premium levels, including lifetime memberships that give you access to multiple languages.

Learners applaud the introduction of Learning Paths to the SpanishPod101 system which improved the structure of their programs. Some say the grammar section is poor since this system is not a go-to for grammar.

Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆ | Premium Plans: from $2.99/month | Free plan: Yes

How to Choose the Best Spanish Courses Online

Image Tips For Choosing The Best Spanish Classes Online

To facilitate the research intense process of choosing the best Spanish classes online, let’s briefly look at the official certification levels.

DELE – The Instituto Cervantes, the hispanophonic answer to Alliance Française (if that helps), offers learners an opportunity to get a Spanish Diploma. DELE hosts annual exams and certifies both adults and “young learners”. In-person exams are offered at centers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Due to COVID, they may now be available online too.  

Some of the best Spanish courses we mention here offer DELE exam preparation. Diploma levels range from Breakthrough A1 (basic ability to communicate) to Mastery C2 for your linguistic ninjas. The DELE Spanish Diploma is an official, internationally recognized accreditation that certifies a person’s degree of fluency in Spanish. 

ECELE – The Mexican government has a similar program entitled Examen de Certificación de Español como Lengua Extranjera (ECELE). It also offers exams at multiple levels and internationally recognized certification.  

CEFR – The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages provides a proficiency scale broken down into two levels each for Basic (A1, A2), Independent (B1, B2), and Proficient (C1, C2) speakers. The scale helps guide curricula, desired outcomes in teaching and learning, and the design of teaching materials. CEFR does not provide any testing or certifications but materials and assessment guidelines for use by educators.  

These two questions may help you further to choose the best Spanish courses online. 

How do I enjoy learning? There is indeed more to consider, but the teaching method is a point of differentiation between many of the programs. Do you prefer 1:1 tutoring where you see someone face to face? Do you take lots of notes? Are you motivated by badges, bells, and whistles? 

Why do I need to learn Spanish? Your why is critical. Am I trying to get a particular job or promotion? Do I just want another language under my belt? In connection with this question, think about whether you want certification.

If you want a DELE or ECELE Diploma, then you should seek out a program that specializes in exam prep for the level you are at. Some online Spanish courses are offered by well-regarded universities, whose names will adorn your certificate. Thinking about these questions can be very helpful in making your choice.  

Tip – Although all the worthwhile Spanish learning programs are premium, by and large, they offer free trials. As you narrow down the field, a tryout can help you settle on “the one”. You may also get some affordable online Spanish courses during annual or seasonal sales campaigns.

Best Spanish Courses Online 2024 – Review Verdict

Image Review of Best Spanish Classes Online

Wrapping up our tour of the best Spanish courses online 2024. Spanish is indeed an important language to have at least basic proficiency in. The more proficient you are, in Spanish, the more doors may open for you in many areas of your life.

For anyone ready to learn or improve their Spanish, there is a wide range of online course programs available. All of them allow you to learn right at home via your computer or device. What you will not find widely are totally free options.

If you’re serious about learning Spanish, then you need to factor your education into your budget as an investment in yourself. Microcredentials are on the rise at the moment, so consider Spanish courses that offer certifications for professional use. Even if your goal is to move beyond your Sesame Street Spanish, you have many great learning options.

Best Spanish Courses Online 2024

  1. Rocket Languages Spanish Courses
  2. Spanish Uncovered – StoryLearning
  3. Lingoda Spanish Online Classes
  4. Elayaa Spanish Courses
  5. Udemy Online Spanish Courses
  6. Lingopie Spanish
  7. iTalki Spanish Classes and Tutors
  8. Varsity Tutors – Spanish
  9. Rosetta Stone Spanish
  10. Pimsleur by Simon and Schuster
  11. Live Lingua Online Spanish Lessons
  12. Baselang
  13. Speechling
  14. Spanish with Vicente
  15. Glossika Spanish Courses
  16. Mango Languages Spanish Courses
  17. Coffee Break Spanish
  18. Learn Spanish – Specialization, Coursera
  19. edX Online Spanish Courses
  20. Lengalia Spanish Courses
  21. Lingodeer Spanish
  22. Spanish VIP
  23. SpanishPod101

Five Things to Know About Spanish

5 Things that might bend your Anglophonic brain.

The car red. In Spanish, an adjective comes after the verb in a sentence. So to speak of a red car in Spanish, one must say el coche rojo, or the car red. 

He or she? Like the other languages of love, all the nouns are either masculine or feminine. You will have to learn which ones are which as you go along.  

Two mandatory contractions. In English, we can say “he will” or “he’ll” as we please. In fact, we have a long list of such options for fun language flexibility. Not in Spanish! There are only two, and they are not optional.

One is “al” (from a possible, but incorrect, “a el”), as in voy al cine (I’m going to the movies). The other is “del” (from a similarly spastic sounding “de el”), as in vengo del banco (I’m coming from the bank). This rule has a few exceptions. If you were coming from El Salvador, for example, then saying vengo de El Salvador is acceptable.  

Dropping Pronouns. In Spanish, the pronoun connected to a verb is frequently omitted in a sentence. The fact that the conjugation of verbs is very pronoun-specific renders the pronoun redundant in a sense.

For example, in Spanish, the pronoun “we” is “nosotros”. The conjugation of the verb to make or to do (hacer) for nosotros is hacemos. Spanish speakers can eschew nosotros and simply say “hacemos” to say that we are doing or making something.  

The Subjunctive. This is a set of verb tenses used to express abstract concepts, emotions, the unknown, desires and doubts. It’s a mood. This is just a heads-up for those of you who are serious about learning this language. Fasten your seatbelt for your upcoming subjunctive lesson!

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