Best MasterClass Courses & Classes 2024

19 best MasterClass courses and classes. Learn from the best.

Image Best MasterClass Courses + Classes. Learn from the Best.

The illustrious Tony Robbins is known for saying “Success Leaves Clues.” MasterClass took this idea to its pinnacle. The main selling point of the MasterClass course platform is the instructors. And each instructor is well-reputed to be a top performer in their field.

MasterClass frequently releases new courses to offer its members unique online learning experiences and perspectives. Below we suggest 19 of the best MasterClass courses and classes in 2024. Take this opportunity to learn from the best literally.

MasterClass Courses – What Is MasterClass?

MasterClass (visit website) is a popular online learning platform to help expand your skills and knowledge in various fields such as cooking, business, art, entertainment, writing, sports, science, tech, and health. Whatever topic you choose to study, you are assured an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Their credentials require no examination.

You can learn Negotiation from Chris Voss, Cooking from Gordon Ramsey, Leadership from Bill Clinton, Acting from Samuel L. Jackson, Voice Training from Mariah Carey, or Tennis from Serena Williams. Expect top-notch production quality across the board.

Pricing – The basic annual MasterClass membership of $10/month provides access to all 200+ MasterClass courses and classes. MasterClass’s pricing plans (compare here) also offer options to add extra users, simultaneous watching, and download functionality. There is a risk-free 30-day refund policy if MasterClass does not meet your expectations.

Lessons – In addition to the video lessons, each course provides a detailed workbook. Members also have access to Sessions, a convenient learning format to learn by doing in just 30 days. Watch MasterClass classes on the web or through mobile & TV apps.

Best MasterClass Courses 2024 – Top Classes

CookingArt of NegotiationEntrepreneurshipMasterClass Classes
Gordon Ramsay - MC Course ImageChris Voss - MC Course ImageSara Blakely - MC Course ImageLogo MasterClass Image
with Gordon Ramsaywith Chris Vosswith Sara Blakely180+ Classes
CookingBusinessEntrepreneurshipfrom $15/month
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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: This list curates some of the best MasterClass classes but cannot cover all the courses available. We start with a list of the latest classes to keep things up to date.

Latest MasterClass Classes

  • Noam Chomsky – Independent Thinking. View course.
  • Mastering the Markets – Smart Investments. View course.
  • Lewis Hamilton – Winning Mindest. View course.
  • Metallica Teaches Being a Band. View course.
  • Roy Choi – Intuitive Cooking. View course.
  • James Clear – Small Habits that Make a Big Impact on Your Life.
  • James Suckling – Wine Appreciation.

1. Gordon Ramsay MasterClass – Cooking

Image of Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking Masterclass

If you enjoyed his peppery wit on Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass (view course) may be your flavor. You get Ramsay all to yourself, minus the hot retorts. He teaches you how to prep, plate, and pair 13 recipes. From appetizers to the main course, these are “restaurant-inspired dishes designed for home cooking.

Some items from the menu are Crispy Duck with Red Endive, Pomme Puree, and for vegans, he threw in Cauliflower Steak, Olives, and Mushrooms. Dessert is a Raspberry Souffle. He even teaches kitchen layout and a lesson on choosing vegetables and herbs.

It’s safe to assume that you get full recipes and shopping lists in the course booklet. I suggest you watch the lesson of the recipe you want to do in its entirety at least once. Then, mise en place, play it again, and cook along!

Student comments comprised a conversation between aspiring cooks who shared their varying levels of success and questions about modifications that appear to have gone unanswered. Nevertheless, Ramsay has mastered the art of kitchen performance – cooking and talking at the same time. And, he does it with presence and finesse.

Instructor: Gordon Ramsay MasterClass | Level: All | Time: 3.5 hours
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 200+ Masterclass courses.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and browse all MasterClass classes.

2. Chris Voss MasterClass – The Art of Negotiation

Image of Chris Voss Teaches Negotiation Masterclass

If you were to base your assessment of Voss and his laudable track record as a negotiator, you might misjudge him. His gruff voice and his authoritative mannerisms seem to want to make you an offer you cannot refuse. Nay, Chris Voss has succeeded in so many high-stakes situations with terrorists, kidnappers, or bank robbers not by strong-arming but with his high EQ.

In Chris Voss’s MasterClass (view course), lifted from his ‘Tactical Empathy’ lesson, you learn about Voss’s perception of his counterparts in a negotiation. It is edification rather than intimidation. He promises to teach you this and other principles he has proven in practice. The lesson list includes a Case Study of the famous Chase Manhattan Bank Robbery, Creating the Illusion of Control and a Mock Salary Negotiation.

Reviews overall are positive. Learners affirm that they learned new skills that they can apply in many areas of their professional and personal lives. Perhaps this is one of my personal best MasterClass courses and indeed comes with an offer you cannot refuse.

Teacher: Chris Voss | Suitable for: All levels | Time: 3.5 hours
Subscription: from $10/month. Enjoy 200+ classes with a Masterclass membership.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and browse all MasterClass classes.

3. Richard Branson MasterClass – Disruptive Entrepreneurship

Image of Richard Branson Teaches Disruptive Entrepreneurship, MasterClass

Virgin founder and space tourism pioneer Richard Branson (view course) brings you his popular MasterClass on disruptive entrepreneurship. Using his own airline as an example, Branson teaches you to “start businesses out of frustration”, the first step of which is making a list of the things you don’t like about your current target market.

Branson’s 12-lesson MasterClass aims to help you conceptualize a product that puts a smile on people’s faces while using big thinking to solve small problems. From breaking into an unfamiliar industry to promoting risk-taking, Branson covers the most productive ways to defy convention in business.

Level-headed problem-solving and leveraging are perhaps the top skills with which you will walk away from this MasterClass class. When it comes to recruitment, you’ll also witness Branson’s innovative strategies for gauging character, such as ditching CVs and formal interview set-ups in favor of a more situational, test-type approach.

Last but not least, you will also discover the power of deep listening and note-taking in perfecting the customer experience, the latter of which Branson claims has been “the most important thing that I’ve done almost without exception.” True to Branson’s style, he’ll also teach you to instill fun and laughter in all parts of your business.

Instructor: Richard Branson | For: All Levels
Price: from $10/month or $120/year. Access to all 200+ MasterClass classes.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and browse all courses.

4. Robin Roberts MasterClass – Effective Communication

Image of Robin Roberts Teaches Effective Communication Masterclass

Your morning cup of coffee just became your MasterClass instructor (view course). Robin Roberts came to MasterClass to help you make more meaningful connections. Indeed, communication is an indispensable skill, and Robin Roberts is an undisputed master of it.

Her class description promises to teach you how to communicate more effectively with everyone. She even gives you a rare look behind the scenes of Good Morning America. Nice! In Robin Roberts’ MasterClass course, you will learn how to embrace vulnerability, build resilience, and live with optimism.

Modules include “Make Your Mess Your Message”, “Making an Authentic Connection”, “Public Speaking”, “Interviewing for a Job” and “Communicating Your Value at Work”. I bet your inside voice is already saying yes to these video lessons.

The only con is that the class is comparatively short. Clearly, learners wanted more of Robin Roberts. In her class sample, she made me smile when she said “success leaves clues” (cue Twilight Zone theme song). There is some value for aspiring broadcast journalists. For everyone else, there are sage life lessons.

Teacher: Robin Roberts | Suitable for: All levels | Time: 2.25 hours
Subscription: from $10/month. Enjoy 200+ best Masterclass courses.
Info: View course. See pricing plans and browse all MasterClass classes.

5. Jon Kabat-Zinn MasterClass – Mindfulness and Meditation

Image of Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfullness Masterclass

“I’m Jon Kabat-Zinn, and this is my non-MasterClass,” he proclaims at the end of the trailer for his course (watch trailer). While many who have studied under him would certainly dub him a “master,” he humbly ascribes his MasterClass curriculum to his students.

With more than 40 years under his belt as a student and teacher of mindfulness, he offers you this opportunity to glean from the best. Learn to cultivate your own mindfulness practice and lower stress levels. This Masterclass promises to “help you make the most of being alive.” Lessons include guided meditations, Hatha yoga, and healing the World.

One very pleased learner enjoyed the sound of his voice and his easy smile throughout the course. I must say, it’s kind of cool to follow along with this 76-year-old doctor sit in lotus and doing yoga stretches with ease on a floor mat. This is one of the best MasterClass classes for anyone interested in personal growth and development.

Teacher: Jon Kabat-Zinn | Level: All levels | Lectures: 19 | Time: 6.5 hours
Subscription: Annual subscription. One Masterclass membership for all classes.
Pricing: View course website on MasterClass.

6. Kris Jenner MasterClass – The Power of Personal Branding

Image Marketing + Branding Courses - Kris Jenner on the Power of Personal Branding, MasterClass

Marketing and Branding (view course) are definitely concepts that the matriarch of the self-made Kardashian-Jenner empire Kris Jenner can speak about. As the branding mastermind behind an impressive line-up of multi-million dollar companies, such as Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner gives you the rundown on building and maintaining a personal brand.

In this conversational yet insightful MasterClass on the power of personal branding, you’ll learn the value of staying true to yourself when building your brand. By sharing some of her early branding inspirations and how she learned the ropes of reality TV, Jenner invites you “to figure out who you are, what your story is, and what you want to be known for.”

Jenner stresses the importance of finding “your people”, consistently connecting with them, and using hashtags when engaging them on a new product launch. Given the role of social media in fortifying the Kardashian-Jenner omnipresence, Jenner shares her top practical tips for harnessing its power, covering details like “the sweet spot for posting.”

This 12-lesson Masterclass course equips you with tried-and-tested tools for creating visibility and monetization opportunities for your brand. Preceded by a pick-me-up lesson of encouraging words, the Q&A-style bonus video is a treat, as Jenner answers questions submitted by other MasterClass learners like you.

Instructor: Kris Jenner | For: All Levels
Price: from $10/month or $120/year. Access to all 200+ MasterClass classes.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and browse all MasterClass courses.

7. MasterClass Classes – Crypto and the Blockchain

Image Crypto and the Blockchain MasterClass

Crypto and the Blockchain MasterClass (view course) is led by a16z Crypto founder Chris Dixon, Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Coinbase President Emilie Choi, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman. In this class, you’ll get first-hand insight into the realm of blockchain and Web3, and learn how crypto is impacting the world.

This MasterClass prompts you to think about some key questions that are starting to dominate the world of Web3 and crypto, namely “Who makes the money?”, “Who controls the content?”, and “Who controls the networks?” After a crash course on the origins of crypto, you’ll watch the experts debate the pros and cons of decentralized currency.

Students will then learn what innovations are necessary to propel blockchains and cryptocurrency in the future. This is one of the best Masterclass classes for entrepreneurs as it covers best practices on how entrepreneurs can interact with crypto and how blockchain can help solve age-old issues.

Moreover, you’ll dive into decentralized autonomous organizations, NFTs and other tokens, stablecoins, crypto consumer protection, regulation, and the future of crypto. The final lesson promises to be a treat for visual learners, as it deconstructs the blockchain basics in an animated video that explains how it can create a more open financial model.

Instructors: Chris Dixon, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Emilie Choi & Paul Krugman
Price: from $10/month or $120/year. Access to all 200+ MasterClass classes.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and subscriptions.

8. Kelly Wearstler MasterClass – Interior Design

Image Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design Masterclass

Her wardrobe throughout this MasterClass is amazing (view course)! The class intro begins by describing her style as “eclectic and experiential”, which are accurate adjectives. Enjoy one of the best MasterClass classes in the design category.

This award-winning interior designer promises to teach you to “create spaces that tell a story.” She does this on Field Trips – one that focuses on Working with Space and another about Experimenting with Color. Video lessons also include “Enhancing Your Space” and “Creative Journey.”

Students say she delivers on her promises with confidence-instilling advice. Even in the class sample, she shares a nugget about simultaneous balance and asymmetry in a room. Aspiring interior designers should take this course. Indeed, this course could give you just what you need to uplift your own pandemic-weary home space.

Instructor: Kelly Wearstler | Level: Any | Lessons: 17 | Time: 2.25 hours
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 200+ Masterclass courses.
Website: View course. See pricing plans and browse all MasterClass classes.

9. Marc Jacobs MasterClass – Fashion Design

Image of Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design Masterclass

In his MasterClass (watch trailer), Jacobs speaks in an honest, personable manner as you watch him sketch a car coat. I still don’t know what a car coat is, exactly, but in the four minutes, I learned a few things about the clothing design process.

The description says you will learn to “develop your own ideas from the first sketch to the final piece.” From an audience perspective, I picture a design student, freelancer, or design enthusiast getting inspired and actually working on designs while taking the class. Lessons cover teamwork, Runway Shows and Construction Techniques via Case Studies.

For designers at any level, Jacobs serves up great practical advice in the form of a full demonstration. You really can’t beat that other than actually physically working alongside him or another iconic fashion designer as an apprentice. If you can make that happen, then don’t bother with this MasterClass course. Otherwise, it is a great pick.

Instructor: Marc Jacobs | Level: All levels | Video Lessons: 18 | Time: 4.5 hours
Price: Annual subscription. Access to all 200+ Masterclass courses.
Website: View course page. Browse all classes.

10. Alexis Ohanian MasterClass – Building Your Startup

Image of Alexis Ohanian Teaches Building Your Startup, MasterClass

Business is the focus of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s MasterClass (view course) on building a startup. From breaking into the market by designing your product’s most basic version (minimum viable product), to convincing investors of the demand for your product and market potential, this is a one-stop course for 21st-century entrepreneurs of all ages.

The Seven Seven Six founder teaches you to identify startup opportunities by drawing on your own frustrating product experiences. With problem-solving at its core, this class aims to shape you into “a founder that has thought deeply about a problem, can empathize with potential customers, and is able to engineer something that is noticeably better.”

More specifically, Ohanian’s 16-video MasterClass course highlights the importance of maintaining a strong network of great founders, NFTs, and paying attention to your competitors’ customers and their evolving needs. Ohanian also hones in on the “nitty gritty of execution,” which is “what ultimately makes or breaks a successful business.”

An avid investor himself, Ohanian covers practical tips on selling your ideas to investors and hiring people who are just as invested in executing your ideas, including why CVs may no longer be relevant. This is one of the best MasterClass classes to safe-test your ideas before launching and paints failure as a successful entrepreneur’s way of life.

Instructor: Alexis Ohanian | For: All Levels
Price: from $10/month or $120/year. Access to all 200+ MasterClass courses.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and MasterClass subscriptions.

11. Rosalind Brewer MasterClass – Business Innovation

Image of Brewer Teaches Business Innovation, MasterClass

Business excellence (view course) is the bread and butter of Fortune 500 CEO Rosalind Brewer, who promises to teach you “how to identify innovation and how to lead through innovation” in her MasterClass. This course offers a great opportunity to learn from one of the Financial Times’ 25 most influential women.

With an impressive resume that includes former Starbucks COO and current Walgreens CEO, Brewer passes on her executive-level strategies for thinking innovatively, executing with excellence, driving change with agile teams, building a growth mindset, and fostering diversity. One lesson also covers Brewer’s top skill for innovation: active listening.

You’ll engage your critical thinking skills by looking at case studies from Starbucks, such as when Brewer used analytics to spearhead Starbucks’ profile transition from hot to iced coffee. Brewer also shares her decision-making process when she’s at a crossroads, using her evolution of Walgreens from a retail store into a healthcare company.

Given the prevalence of digital innovation in today’s world, Brewer includes valuable and practical tips for leveraging apps and social media to drive your business. After some important lessons in innovating through crises and increasing employee buy-in, Brewer answers the questions of 3 Spellman College students in a Q&A-style setting.

Instructor: Rosalind Brewer, MasterClass | For: All Levels | Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★
Price: from $10/month or $120/year. Access to all 200+ online courses.
Info: View course. Compare pricing plans and MasterClass subscriptions.

MasterClass Alternatives: Best LinkedIn Courses for entrepreneurs. Skillshare classes and Mindvalley courses for personal development. CreativeLive classes for creativity. Tony Robbins courses for motivation and personal growth.

12. Daniel Pink MasterClass – Sales and Persuasion

Image of Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion Masterclass

It has been said that everyone sells for one reason or another. The usual example given is that we sell ourselves – to potential employers or prospective partners in business or romance. Daniel Pink wants you to embrace the salesperson in you. He has a very simple and replicable set of rules that neatly package most of what you need to know to do that.

This MasterClass course (visit website) gives learners “tactics for achieving better outcomes in any interaction” and teaches how to pitch. The video lessons include “Sales Trends”, “Clarity: Making Your Message Count”, “Buoyancy: Develop a Resilient Mindset” and “Persuade Yourself: How to Self-Motivate”.

If you’ve never heard of Daniel Pink, his resume includes four NYT Bestselling books and he worked as US Vice President Al Gore’s speechwriter during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Pink has premium-priced courses on Acumen Academy and Udemy as well.

Opinions are overwhelmingly positive for this MasterClass. If you are a professional in sales and marketing or interested in both, this is one of the best MasterClass courses available. The class promises to level your game up if you apply Pink’s principles. No matter what industry you are in, the information in this MasterClass course is invaluable.

Instructor: Daniel Pink MasterClass | For: All levels | Time: 2.5 hours
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 200+ Masterclass courses.
Info: View course. Browse all MasterClass classes.

13. Sara Blakely MasterClass – Self-Made Entrepreneurship

Image of Sara Blakely Teaches Entrepreneurship Masterclass

If you don’t recognize her name, think Spanx. She definitely knows her topic, and Sara Blakely’s MasterClass (view course) is here to show you how to “open doors and close deals” using a customer-centric style. She speaks specifically to people with a physical product idea. In a nutshell, you will learn her tactics for prototyping and branding.

In her class sample, in no more than 1 minute, she debunks the myth of the business plan prerequisite. Instead, she explains that her focus was “make it, sell it, build awareness.” Even if your business idea is not a physical product, that advice is encouraging indeed.

Class titles in the course include ‘Developing your Big Idea,’ ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset,’ ‘Build Awareness,’ and ‘Building a Culture.’ During the course, you get to sit in on sessions as she mentors three business owners at various stages of their journey. Blakely also gives Case Studies, including one on her own Spanx brand and her Survival Guide.

Reviews were generally favorable. Sara is a true business person with her direct, bottom-line-focused delivery. Even in her MasterClass, she clearly puts the customer at the center and gives you what you want. Overall, this is one of the best MasterClass courses for entrepreneurs interested in improving their branding and product portfolio.

Instructor: Sara Blakely | For: All levels | Time: 3.5 hours
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 200+ favorite Masterclasses.
Info: View course. | Reading tip: How to grow your online business.

14. Garry Kasparov MasterClass – Chess

Image of Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Masterclass

Some business and wealth strategists use the analogy of a chess game to characterize the kind of critical thinking one needs to succeed. Kasparov is officially a Chess Grandmaster, and in his MasterClass course (visit website), he begins with the fundamentals of the game and develops learners into advanced tactics.

Kasparov gives you case studies and offers “How to Analyze,” “Computers and Chess” and “Mental Toughness” among the 29 lessons in the course. Learners were generally pleased with the course, with one caveat. You need to have a basic understanding of the game going in, otherwise, you quickly become overwhelmed.

If you’re not sure why you should bother learning chess at all, the list of benefits is impressive. Once you decide, get started and then come back to Kasparov’s class. This is among the best MasterClass courses not only for beginners and Intermediates who are serious about improving their chess game but also strategic thinking abilities.

Teacher: Garry Kasparov MasterClass | For: Intermediates | Time: 7.5 hours
Subscription: Annual plan. Enjoy any of the 200+ favorite classes.
Pricing: View course website.

15. Matthew Walker MasterClass – The Science of Better Sleep

Image of Matthew Walker Teaches Science of Sleep Masterclass

What do Alzheimer’s disease and testicles have in common? According to Matthew Walker, they are both deeply affected by the amount and quality of sleep one gets. This British neuroscientist says sleep is like a Swiss Army Knife to your health.

In his MasterClass course (visit website), you will learn about sleep science and get the scoop on increasing the quality and quantity of your own sleep. The lessons include “How Sleep Works”, “Fire up the Brain”, “Overnight Therapy”, and “How to Sleep Better”.

Being a sleep specialist, Walker’s credentials speak volumes about what he can impart. Furthermore, as a professor of neuroscience and psychology at UC Berkeley, he is not only knowledgeable, but he is a seasoned teacher.

If you are in the medical field, this is among the best MasterClass courses and classes that could contribute to your continuous professional development. For the rest of us, this wake-up call to sleep better is timely and critical.

Teacher: Matthew Walker | Level: All levels | Lessons: 15 | Time: 3 hours
Subscription: Annual subscription. Enjoy 200+ best Masterclass courses.
Pricing: View course website.

16. Paul Krugman MasterClass – Economics and Society

Image of Paul Krugman Teaches Economics & Society Masterclass

American economist Paul Krugman may not be a household name, but his MasterClass course (view course) may change the way you see the world. Krugman offers students a rare opportunity. You get to mine lessons from some of the most historical events of the last 50 years with the skillful guidance of a Nobel prize-winning economic mind.

His class sample is deceptively simplistic. Perhaps its goal is to make him seem more approachable. The trailer, on the other hand, lets you know that you’re in for a major paradigm shift. Class modules include How ’08 Happened, Economic Solutions to Crises, Understanding Taxes and Understanding the Hyperglobalized World.

Learners were satisfied with the course in general, although one person said it lacked content. He said that having taken some econ courses before, he expected more graphs and charts with technical information. Nevertheless, even he found value in it.

For the gen pop, this course will equip you in decision-making and give you great fodder for cocktail party banter (if we ever have those again). For aspiring economists, this is one of the best MasterClass courses offering a chance to sit at the feet of a master. Heck, Krugman probably co-authored one of your textbooks.

Teacher: Paul Krugman | For: All levels | Time: 3.5 hours
Subscription: from $10/month. Enjoy 200+ Masterclass courses.
Info: View course. Browse all MasterClass classes.

17. Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass – Writing

Image of Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing Masterclass

What do ketchup, crime, and quarterbacks have in common? They were all subjects used by Gladwell to help his readers grasp complex subject matter. He is a master at combining the art of storytelling and reporting. His MasterClass course (view course) presents a great opportunity for aspiring non-fiction writers to take their writing to a higher level.

Still working as a staff writer for The New Yorker (25 years and counting), this journalist and author has a lot to offer. Thankfully, according to students, he truly delivers in his MasterClass. No class sample is available, but his course description promises to teach you how to captivate readers by distilling “big ideas into simple, powerful narratives.”

Class titles include “Holding Readers” with the subtitles ‘Tools for Engagement’ and ‘Controlling Information’. There is also “Developing the Story”, “Interviewing”, “Jargon” and “Working as a Writer”. In the class trailer, he promises all this… and semicolons.

As a writer, the chance to learn about semicolons from such an accomplished writer is tasty bait! Thus, this is one of the best MasterClass classes for aspiring writers, authors, journalists, and bloggers. And, there is much more to learn from Malcolm Gladwell.

Instructor: Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass | Level: All | Time: 4.5 hours
Price: from $10/month. Access to all 200+ Masterclass courses.
Info: View course. Browse all MasterClass classes.

18. Neil deGrasse Tyson MasterClass – Scientific Thinking

Image Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking Masterclass

On a cool mid-autumn evening in the late 1990s, my date and I strolled on the green side of Central Park West. An hour later, we reclined as we experienced an amazing space experience under the dome at the Hayden Planetarium designed by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Even then, this giant of scientific thinking created ways to help others perceive the universe with a more informed eye. In doing so, he made science more accessible to us all. He himself was inspired by a childhood trip to the Hayden, a class trip most of us NYC Public School System alumni have taken.

A giant in astrophysics, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s MasterClass (view course) will teach you how to “think like a skeptic” and “open your own mind through scientific literacy.” The most important learning outcome is that you will “deliver your ideas in ways that engage, excite, and inspire.” In general, learners said that this course contains a great deal of insight.

Nevertheless, some say the workbook doesn’t give you any practical learning activities and the information is more theoretical than practical. This is among the best MasterClass courses and classes for curious minds but not a must for people who have more than an intermediate background in science.

Teacher: Neil deGrasse Tyson MasterClass | For: All levels | Time: 2 hours
Subscription: Annual subscription. Enjoy 200+ Masterclass courses.
Info: View course. Browse all your favorite MasterClasses.

19. Alicia Keys MasterClass – Songwriting and Producing

Image of Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting Masterclass

It goes without saying that Alicia Keys is a Master of her craft (watch trailer). Her achievements as a singer-songwriter-musician-producer-actress are epic. On top of being a wife and mother of two, she walks with style and professionalism as a giant in her field.

For anyone, especially women, who are looking to move their career forward in music, this is one of the best Masterclass courses and classes you can sink your teeth into. You get to spend time inside Alicia Keys’ studio to “share her process for creating music built from authentic emotion.” Lesson titles include Vocal Arrangements, Alchemy in the Control Room, Sisterhood in the Music Industry.

Participants were positive all around. The class is recommended for aspiring vocalists, musicians, and songwriters. Her fans would enjoy this class as well.

Teacher: Alicia Keys | Suitable for: All levels | Lectures: 19 | Time: 3.5 hours
Subscription: Annual subscription. Enjoy 200+ online courses.
Pricing: View course page. Browse all your favorite classes.

MasterClass Courses & Classes – Pros and Cons

MasterClass Classes Pros

  • Learning from Pros – The best MasterClass courses and classes are all taught by top professionals with well-proven resumes in their field. 
  • All for one deal – With a reasonably priced one-year membership, you have little to lose and much to gain from this platform to learn new skills and find inspiration.
  • Wide range of topics covered – For some fields, such as writing and music, there are multiple MasterClass classes. If you want to learn from the best, taking all of them can mimic a well-rounded certificate program.
  • Rare opportunities – Many of these are inaugural online courses for the instructors. In addition, some teachers are rather advanced in age and this may be a rare chance to sit at their feet before they pass on. 
  • Rather entertaining – With excellent production, the MasterClass videos make for great TV. A set of lessons mimics the mini-series of old. I guess you could call it “edutainment”.
  • 2 in 1 bonus offer – MasterClass occasionally offers a two-for-one deal. They give you the opportunity to gift an annual membership to someone when you sign up for your own. I know a few people who would really love that! Conditions apply.

MasterClass Classes Cons

  • Inconsistent experiences – Not all experts are good teachers. Teaching is a gift and a craft. While most of these presenters have the credentials, not all are engaging enough to deliver the material well.
  • Mixed motives – Even some of the best MasterClass courses are simply “Celebrity Classes” aimed to further raise the profile of the instructor, while some are genuine efforts to pay it forward. It won’t always be easy to tell which is which.
  • No certificates – While this need not be a deal-breaker, you need to be aware of this detail as you decide whether to sign up or not.
  • Incomplete catalog – Some topics are very scantly covered or not covered at all. For example, there are no MasterClass courses on money and finance or education, and computer science (and the sciences in general) gets scant coverage.

Best MasterClass Classes + Courses – Summary

Image Instructors MasterClass Courses - Top Tutors

Wrapping up our tour of the best MasterClass courses and classes. The credibility of micro-credentials is on the rise, and they make post-secondary and specialized education more accessible than ever before. Then along came MasterClass. While they don’t offer certifications, they do offer valuable opportunities to study under the best.

The in-person equivalent is an exciting guest lecturer in your 101 class. The fact is you need a well-curated collection of courses to prepare for your occupation. Indeed, that is what university degrees offered students. Now, you can self-curate your education online, and I recommend you include some of the above-mentioned best MasterClass courses.

Sure, Frank Gehry’s may not be rich with technical information. Nevertheless, if he showed up in Architecture 101 30 years ago at Columbia, you would still remember something he said. It’s Frank Gehry. That is the essence of what MasterClass offers online learners.

Best MasterClass Classes + Courses 2024

  1. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
  2. Chris Voss Teaches The Art of Negotiation
  3. Richard Branson Teaches Disruptive Entrepreneurship
  4. Robin Roberts Teaches Effective Communication
  5. Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation
  6. Kris Jenner Teaches The Power of Personal Branding
  7. Crypto and the Blockchain
  8. Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design
  9. Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design
  10. Alexis Ohanian Teaches Building Your Startup
  11. Rosalind Brewer Teaches Business Innovation
  12. Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion
  13. Sara Blakely Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship
  14. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess
  15. Matthew Walker Teaches The Science of Better Sleep
  16. Michael Pollan Teaches Intentional Eating
  17. Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing
  18. Martha Stewart Think Like a Boss, Live Like a Legend
  19. Ava DuVernay Reframe Your Thinking
  20. Amy Poehler Prepare To Be Unprepared
  21. Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking
  22. Kevin Hart Using Humor to Make Your Mark
  23. Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting and Producing
  24. Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

How much does MasterClass cost?

MasterClass classes start from $10/month billed annually. This will set you back $120/year. If you wish to access MasterClass offline and also want to learn on more than one device at the same time, you can choose the MasterClass Plus subscription plan for $20/month billed annually. Visit website to see the MasterClass pricing table.

What are the best MasterClass courses and classes in 2024? Do you have any favorite classes or instructors? What is your online learning experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Instructors: Malcolm Gladwell –1 | Daniel Pink – 2 | Chris Voss – 3 | Sara Blakely – 4 | Paul Krugman – 5 | Bob Woodward – 6 | Ron Finley | Tan France | Steve Jobs | Rich Silverstein | Steve Martin | James Cameron | David Axelrod | Barack Obama | Jessie Krebs Wilderness Survival | Frank Gehry | Natalie Portman | Aaron Franklin

By Topic: Best Photography MasterClass – Petra Collins. Best Fashion and Style Master class – Tan France. Best Mexican Cooking MasterClass – Gabriela Cámara. Wine Appreciation with James Suckling. Adventure Photography with Jimmy Chin.

Credits: Screenshots MasterClass Classes

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to some providers of online MasterClass classes and courses. courselounge may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. It does not add any extra costs. All reviews, opinions, descriptions and comparisons expressed here are our own. 

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