Best Springboard Bootcamp Courses 2024

The best Springboard bootcamp courses online with a job guarantee.

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Online learning offers a powerful and effective way to improve your career prospects. Unfortunately, too often, you will be left on your own when organizing your learning schedule or getting constructive feedback and support.

A few course providers replicate the interpersonal experiences that give your college memories their texture. Enter Springboard. Below, we will give you a tour of the best Springboard bootcamp courses online for those looking for customized, accompanied, supported, and personal learning experiences for ambitious careers in the tech industry.

Springboard Bootcamp Courses – Overview 

Springboard boasts “custom-designed learning experiences for the 21st century in-demand career skills”. A mentor and a student advisor make up your support team. They will help you troubleshoot and maximize your learning journey.

One of the biggest complaints about online courses is the lack of support. As I write this, I think back to my own college days. While I didn’t have an assigned mentor, mentorship materialized organically. This was a valuable component of my experience indeed. If Springboard gets this right, it could influence the online learning space significantly.

How Springboard Bootcamp works

  1. Take a quiz to find the best program. Enroll in a course.
  2. Get matched with a mentor based on the answers to your profile questions. 
  3. Start your course.
  4. Work through various materials and styles of assessment. 
  5. Get feedback on your projects. Discuss topics on a weekly one-on-one call. 
  6. Do mock interviews and receive interview preparation training from your mentor. 
  7. Complete your final course project – again, with your mentor’s guidance. 
  8. Graduate! Yes, you get a certificate! 

Experience – Springboard bootcamp courses cover topics such as UI/UX design, data science, machine learning, software engineering, and cybersecurity. At the end of these tracks lies the promise of the start of an actual career or a job guarantee. Springboard backs this up with interview preparation and portfolio creation built into every track.

In the tech realm, a job guarantee is not a hard promise to keep, as there is still way more supply than demand as far as great jobs go. Nevertheless, they leverage strategic partnerships and invest in preparing students. Then they facilitate the connections. If all of this fails, there is a money-back guarantee. You pay nothing if you don’t get a job. 

Pricing – Springboard bootcamp offers premium online education with 1-1-tutoring and certification that comes with a job guarantee. Students should calculate tuition fees above $7,000 when enrolling in a university-style like career track. Springboard has various payment options. Upfront payments can save you as much as 17%.

You may also choose to pay monthly over 6 months, finance with low monthly payments, or defer your tuition payments until after you start a job. The latter are the two most expensive options over time, but you may find the payments easier to handle for your budget. Springboard also offers scholarships. 

Career Tracks – A Springboard bootcamp includes the mentor and advisor, as well as mock interviews, portfolio building, and opportunities to interact with potential employers. Almost all of them have prerequisites requirements. Nevertheless, there is a prep course available on the platform to get you in the game in most cases.

Best Springboard Bootcamp Courses 2024 – Top Picks

Data ScienceData EngineeringUX Design
Table Image Springboard Data Science BootcampTable Image Springboard Data Engineering BootcampTable Image Springboard UX Design Bootcamp
Job GuaranteeJob GuaranteeJob Guarantee
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Below is a list of the best Springboard bootcamp courses and career tracks teaching a range of in-demand technical skills. This is a curated selection only.

1. Data Science Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - Data Science Bootcamp

In this Springboard bootcamp, you will learn while you build 14 real-world projects and develop your data science portfolio. Your portfolio then becomes part of your package as you seek and secure a job after graduation. Springboard uses its strategic partnerships to create and present this 500+ hour curriculum.

Along the way, you will learn the Python Data Science Stack, Statistical Inference and Machine Learning. As part of your project work, you practice identifying business problems, acquiring, wrangling, and exploring relevant data and using machine learning to make predictions.

While all professional and academic backgrounds are welcome, the Springboard Data Science bootcamp is really for learners with prior experience in statistics and programming. You should have at least 6 months of active coding experience with a general-purpose programming language, such as Python, R, Java or C++ and a good handle on statistics.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Price: $8,500. $1,690/month.

2. Data Analytics Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - Data Analytics Bootcamp

This Springboard bootcamp is offered in partnership with Microsoft. For people interested in a career as a data analyst or product analyst, this course prepares professionals with an in-demand skill set. You will learn how to analyze business problems, connect data using SQL and communicate your analysis.

The capstone projects are sourced from Harvard Business School and Khan Academy. There are a few prerequisites; including 2 years of work experience and strong critical thinking and problem-solving superpowers.

Provided you pass the interview with the admissions staff, you enter a 6-month program that may require 15-20 hours a week to complete. Graduates have been hired by LinkedIn, Microsoft, Verizon and Zoom, among other widely recognized companies. This s one of the best Springboard bootcamp courses if you want to start a career as a data analyst.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Tuition: $8,400. $1,400/month.

3. Data Engineering Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - Data Engineering Bootcamp

The data scientists are to data engineers are what the physicians are to the surgeons. Springboard’s bootcamp career tracks for this profession teach Big Data Engineering, Data Engineering in the Cloud and many more skills.

You will learn Hadoop and Apache Spark and possibly work for Amazon, eBay, NASA JPL, or Yahoo. These companies employ Spark to quickly extract meaning from massive data sets across fault-tolerant Hadoop clusters. As you work on the capstone projects, you will collect and reengineer data using cloud technologies, optimize your code to improve query performance and then create a pipeline to automate all the steps.

You are expected to demonstrate a strong analyst or software engineering background and proficiency in SQL and Python. If you don’t have these, you can still take the Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp and jump into this track in a year or two after you start working.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Price: $8,500. $1,690/month.

Springboard Alternatives: Springboard bootcamp courses offer great value. Apart from Coursera specializations or Udacity nanodegrees, here are two more alternatives Simplilearn courses and Edureka courses.

4. UI/UX Design Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - UI, UX Design Bootcamp

Here is one of the most complex and best Springboard bootcamp courses, aiming to equip students with both UI and UX to build a versatile skill set. Springboard quotes CNBC has reported that UI/UX was among the top 5 fastest-growing jobs last year.

They don’t require a design background, you simply need to have an eye for good visual design and the ability to empathize with the end-user of whatever you’re working on. While on this course, you do an externship with an industry client. The program is 9 months and your project work along the way makes for a thorough portfolio.

You build skills such as design thinking, ideating, and sketching. You’ll also get UI, heuristics and interaction design, Style guides, elements, and prototyping under your belt. During your project work, you can sharpen your UI/UX skills working for a real client.

Springboard matches you up with a client to complete a 40-hour industry design project. The projects are sourced from organizations including angelhack, Microsoft Ventures and Berkeley SKYDECK. There are no prerequisites other than strong visual, creativity, and communication skills. You will have to demonstrate this in an evaluation test.

Duration: 9 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Price: $10,000. $1,299/month.

5. UX Design Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - UX Design Bootcamp

If you already have the UI skills, you could opt for the 6 months, 350+ hour Springboard UX Design Bootcamp. You will learn Design Thinking, User research, Sketching, wireframing and UI, Prototyping and presenting and Design Sprint.

While building your portfolio, project work will train you to identify a customer problem to solve and perform usability testing and identify improvements. This course is also a way to get matched with a company to complete a 40-hour industry design project that solves a business problem. You will collaborate directly with your client for four weeks.

In addition to an aptitude for problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills, you need to have at least a year of documented professional experience or a degree in a specified relevant discipline. Grads have been hired by Google, Lyft, and Qne Cloudlock, among other employers.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Price: $6,900. $1,299/month.

6. Software Engineering Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - Software Engineering Bootcamp

The modules in this track cover front-end and back-end web development, databases, data structures and algorithms. Springboard collaborated with Colt Steele, one of Udemy’s top-rated software engineering instructors to assemble this best Springboard bootcamp.

Skills you will learn include Node and Express Javascript environments and the React Redux Javascript library. You also work with Python, Flask and SQL in your backend training. The project work gives you opportunities to create interactive client-side web apps, server-side JavaScript applications and build powerful single-page web apps.

There are a number of prerequisite requirements, including an ability to write basic JavaScript components, programmatic problem-solving skills and HTML & CSS fundamentals. They recommend studying around 20 hours/week to finish it in 9 months.

Duration: 9 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Tuition: Visit website for more info.

7. Cyber Security Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - Cyber Security Bootcamp

To deliver the most value they could in this bootcamp, Springboard brought in CompTIA, he Computing Technology Industry Association, to create this program. This Security+ certification bootcamp prepares you to take CompTIA’s certification exams.

The Security+ Certification covers core technical skills in risk assessment and management, forensics, enterprise networks and hybrid/cloud operations. Your workload includes over 30 labs and assignments, plus your capstone project to present your skills to potential employers.

You will work and learn directly with a personal mentor, an expert cybersecurity professional currently working in the industry. You will learn how to formalize an Incident Response Procedures and practice using Forensics and Forensic Analysis in your project work. There are no prerequisites for this 6-months long best Springboard bootcamp.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Price: $8,900. $1,490/month.

8. Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp

Image Springboard Courses - Machine Learning Bootcamp

More than half of this curriculum is focused on production engineering skills. While studying on this Springboard bootcamp, you get to actually design a machine learning/deep learning system, build a prototype and deploy a running application that can be accessed via API or web service.

Skills you will pick up include linear and logistical regression, anomaly detection, cleaning and transforming data. While working on your projects, you will collect, wrangle, and explore project-relevant data, scale your aforementioned prototype and design deployment solutions.

If you have strong software engineering skills and industry experience, and you want to become a Machine Learning Engineer, this program is designed for you. Prerequisites include one or more years of professional experience working in software engineering and development or data science using a general-purpose OOP language.

If you have a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in an area that involves extensive programming experience, you can also qualify for this best Springboard bootcamp.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Tuition: $10,000. $1,880/month.

Reviews: Machine Learning Courses | Data Science courses | Data Analytics courses

Free Springboard Courses Online

Image Free Springboard Courses - Python

Intro to Python for Data Science

Springboard has a tendency to create opportunities for students to work through real-world case studies, and this free Springboard course is no different. Using a real data set from Yelp, the course will help you gain foundational data science skills.

You should have some experience programming in Python, as this course is designed to teach you how to use libraries such as pandas for data science work. You will install a fully-featured distribution of Python and learn key aspects of Jupyter notebooks. This course will probably equip you with enough to get your foot in the door somewhere.

Tip: Here is a review of the best Python courses online.

Intro to User Experience Design

The aim of this Springboard course is to arm you with the basics of UX design through hands-on projects. In this emerging role, professionals combine creative design work with problem-solving while focusing on the end-user experience.

This job is indeed at the forefront of technology and in high demand. You will learn how to conduct research to understand your users, ideation, sketching and wireframe creation. There are more than 50 hours of learning content and the hands-on project work could really drive things home for you. 

Intro to Business Analytics

This free Springboard course will give you foundational business analytics skills, including Statistics, Data wrangling, Modeling, Data visualizations and Business presentations. You will work through a real-life Airbnb business case. Springboard says, “this course will take you through a typical day in the life of a business analyst”.

The content was curated by the senior energy policy analyst at the California Public Utilities Commission. The course is split into three units: one short one explaining what Business Analytics is, a second that leads you into the case study and the third unit builds you through the case. This will more than likely whet your appetite for one of the Springboard courses you need to pay for.

Tip: Here is a review of the best business analytics courses online.

Intro to Search Marketing

In this Springboard course, you will learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Gain insight into creating buyer personas, conducting keyword research Identifying link-building opportunities and writing compelling ad copy.

The content for this free course was curated by the co-founder of subscription building service Outseta and a mentor for students in Springboard’s Digital Marketing bootcamp. Although this, like the other free courses, is completely self-guided, the description says you will actually get a chance to review your work and projects with the course creator. 

Springboard Bootcamp Courses – Pros and Cons

Image Springboard Courses - Pros and Cons

There are few Springboard bootcamp reviews outside of Springboard, but what I did find was generally positive across the board. A few learners complained chiefly about the cost, as in some cases, they figured out that they could have accessed much of what they were getting elsewhere for less or free.

Be aware that these are synchronous learning models. In other words, you enroll and are bound by a set schedule of live, online class sessions and all that comes along with that. For self-paced (aka asynchronous) options, peruse the free Springboard courses further down.

Springboard Bootcamp Pros

  1. Two words: Job Guaranteed. 
  2. Strong strategic partnerships give learners access to industry-heavy hitters. 
  3. Strong support framework for students. 
  4. Multiple, flexible payment options. 
  5. Springboard offers scholarships that could help defray the cost. 

Springboard Bootcamp Cons

  1. Springboard bootcamp courses and premium programs are costly. That said, the free Springboard courses are robust and well-curated. 

Best Springboard Courses Online 2024 – Verdict

Image Springboard Courses - Review Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best Springboard bootcamp courses online. Shop around before you commit. You need to be sure you want to go all the way if you get on a bootcamp. They will be preparing you to interview for and snag a job the entire time you’re on the course. Make sure you are certain as Springboard requires commitment in time, goals, and efforts.

Besides, this is not the only premium tech learning platform, so you should compare programs before committing time and money. Even with a money-back-job-placement-guarantee, there’s a risk. If you spend months of your life and large amounts of time weekly in those months only to find out you’re not that into it, you can’t get that time back.

Additionally, if you’re not concerned about having the human touch, you may be able to get similar quality education on a less expensive MOOC platform. It appears that many of the projects come from Harvard tutorials and Datacamp and are available for free online.

While I’m all for mentorship, true mentorship is not a premium product, it is a human connection. Mentorship is valuable if you can make an organic connection. On the other hand, Springboard bootcamp courses offer mentorship, whereas other platforms don’t.

Best Springboard Bootcamp Courses Online – 2024

  1. Springboard Data Science Bootcamp
  2. Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp
  3. Springboard Data Engineering Bootcamp
  4. Springboard UI/UX Design Bootcamp
  5. Springboard UX Design Bootcamp
  6. Springboard Software Engineering Bootcamp
  7. Springboard Cyber Security Bootcamp
  8. Springboard Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp

What are the best Springboard bootcamp courses online? Which other Springboard bootcamps would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below. Note, that this round-up of online Springboard courses is not meant to be a comprehensive list of coverage. There are further learning options and solutions on the platform’s website.

Credits: Screenshots from Springboard online courses.

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