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22 Best data science courses online to become a data scientist

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In the information-driven world of today, a career in data science is both in-demand and super-lucrative. Organizations have come to rely on the predictive and exploratory skills of data scientists for growth. This is one reason why data scientists have lately come to command great professional perks with salaries averaging around $120,000 per year.

Whether you are a statistician bound on the journey to becoming a data scientist, or an entry-level analyst looking to make the switch, the following list of the best data science courses online of 2024 can nudge you closer to that dream.

Data Science Courses Online – Overview

Until the last decade, one of the main challenges for enterprises was the storage of “big data”. Once that problem was resolved, the spotlight switched to data processing. In this case, data scientists held the key that would unlock a new age of advanced artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to curb companies’ needs for solicited advice.

What is data science about? The field primarily concerns itself with retrieving valuable insights from extremely large data sets through a blend of powerful analytical tools, machine learning, and algorithmic functions.

Data Science vs Analytics – It is important to understand the difference here. Data Analytics involves treatment of a more statistical nature. There, the focus remains on the identification of trends, visualization through graphs, and developing charts that help businesses develop more strategically. See the best data analytics courses here.

Data science involves an in-depth analysis of historical data to make accurate predictions. Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, and machine learning, data scientists can generate prognostic models and help businesses make more informed decisions.

Best Data Science Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

UdacityCourseraMIT, GetSmarterBerkeley, Emeritus
Table image Data Science UdacityImage Data Science CourseraImage Data Science MIT GetSmarterImage of Emeritus MBACourses
Become A Data ScientistData Science SpecialistData Science Real EstateData Science
NanodegreeSpecializationUniversity CourseExedEd Program
from $349/month$49/month$1,900$2,622
View CourseView CourseView CourseView Course

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Diving into the field requires majoring in at least one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) subjects. Several learning tracks can bridge the prerequisites with your career goal. So, here’s a list of some of the best data science courses online.

1. Become a Data Scientist – Udacity

Image Data Science Courses Online - Become A Data Scientist, Udacity

Udacity’s data science nanodegree (visit website) boasts an assortment of lessons curated by industry experts. With the focus on integral concepts of running designing experiments, data pipelines, and building recommendation systems, you will come out of this course with the potential for a successful career in the industry and related fields.

Become a Data Scientist is a 4-month program spanning five major modules. Starting from building effective visualizations, you’ll gradually move towards some core concepts from software engineering, building models, and creating experiments.

Keep in mind that, compared to data analysis, data science involves hefty coding. Before enrolling in the program. Therefore, you must be familiar with basic concepts in machine learning, statistics, and Python programming.

A price of $1499 gives you 4-month access to the course, or you may switch to a $339 per/month price if more time is needed. Combined with excellent support, this is one of the best data science courses online offering comprehensive learning and expert know-how.

Instructors: Josh Bernard, Juno Lee, Luis Serrano | Certificate: Yes
Data Science Courses: 4 | Prerequisites: Python & SQL, Statistics
Info: View course. From $349/month. Get up to 75% off.

2. Data Science Bootcamp – Springboard

Image Data Science Courses - Data Science Bootcamp, Springboard

The Data Science Bootcamp (visit website) on Springboard will help you become a data scientist and offers a job guarantee. Rated at 4.75 out of five stars, Springboard makes the formidable claim of fee deferral until the student has landed a job as a data scientist.

Tuition deferment and a job guarantee work together as great incentives for risk-free enrolment. This is one of the most comprehensive and best data science courses online for career movers. It takes about six months to complete and includes 1:1 mentorship.

Springboard sees Python as the “lingua franca of data science.” You will learn how to wrangle and visualize data with Matplotlib and Seaborn, and write clear and succinct codes using Python, statistical inference, and advanced machine learning.

You can either pay $9,900 and save 29% or opt for the tuition deferment plan and start paying $510 per month once you land a job as a data scientist. Pre-requisites include 6 months of coding experience with a general-purpose programming language, such as Python, as well as skills in basic statistics and probability.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Price: from $1,890/month.
Info: View course page. Browse all courses and career tracks.

3. Programming for Data Science with Python – Udacity

Image Data Science Courses Online - Programming for Data Science with Python, Udacity

Udacity’s popular nanodegree (visit website) equips students with the fundamental data programming tools for career longevity in the field of data science. Some of the coding skills you will acquire in this program include SQL, Python, command line, and git.

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this three-month course that spans a total of three modules. Learners will first begin with an introduction to SQL fundamentals such as JOINs, Aggregations, and Subqueries and use these to answer complicated business problems.

In the next module, you will find yourself abreast of Python programming fundamentals including data structures, loops, variables, etc. This is also where students will learn to work with libraries such as NumPy and Pandas.

Finally, the class will teach learners version control and the correct way to share work with colleagues in the data science industry. This could be one of the best data science courses online for those looking for a solid starting point for a career in this field.

Instructors: Josh Bernhard | Prerequisites: None | Duration: 3 months
Skills: Python, SQL, Numpy, Pandas | Capstone Project: Yes | Certificate: Yes
Price: View course. From $399/month. Get a personalized discount.

4. Data Science Specialization – Coursera

Image Best Data Science Courses - Data Science Specialist, Coursera

Coursera offers a popular data science specialization (visit website) for beginners which is authorized by Johns Hopkins University. It allows learners a customizable pace gauge with topics organized across 10 specialized online data science courses.

The specialization focuses specifically on the R programming language to analyze and visualize data in its introductory modules. Having mastered the foundations, the program will launch into drilling exercises on Github-based data management projects, navigating the complete DS pipeline. You will also learn the ropes of regression analysis, inference, and least squares.

Depending on your prior experience, you may enroll for a particular course within the specialization or the entire ten-course series. Successful completion of the program with Coursera Plus will land you a recognized certificate. Included within the specialization are peer-graded assignments, practice quizzes, and a final Capstone project.

Data Science Courses: 4 | Duration: 11 months | Instructor: Jeff Leek
Price: Free trial. Coursera Plus $49/month. Certificate: Johns Hopkins University
Info: View course on Coursera. Browse: Search all data science courses.

5. Data Science & Analytics for Strategic Decisions Programme, SMU Singapore

Image Data Science & Analytics for Strategic Decisions Programme, SMU Singapore

Data Science & Analytics for Strategic Decisions (visit website) by the Singapore Management University focuses on effective decision-making using data science and helps shift your business to evidence-based goals. Tech and non-tech professionals alike can benefit, as they’ll gather analytical expertise to handle greater responsibility at work.

Over 90 e-lectures cover 10 modules, whose aim is to empower you to solve business problems using data insights and tools like XLSTAT, Excel, and Tableau, all of which you’ll practice using during live sessions. By leaning on 10+ industry examples from the likes of Google and 6 case studies, you’ll become an expert at evaluating data strategies.

Among other topics, you’ll learn to apply predictive analytics to counter organizational threats, use experimental design to make data-informed recommendations and leverage machine learning algorithms to achieve optimal analytical accuracy. Rest assured that no coding is required, however, you may find it beneficial to have some basic Excel skills.

With 30 assignments to keep you busy, this online data science course culminates in a capstone project that allows you to apply its learnings to an industry or a real-life situation. Enrolled students are awarded a verified e-certificate from the Singapore Management University to showcase to potential employers their skill in driving smarter decisions.

Provider: SMU Singapore, Emeritus | Time: 25 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: IT + Data Professionals | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $4,480
Info: Visit course website. Get free brochure. Browse full course catalog on Emeritus.

6. Data Science with Python – University of Cape Town

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Science with Python - University of Cape Town

Data Science with Python (visit website) by the University of Cape Town is an online course that helps learners formulate informed decision-making to support businesses.

This class is designed for IT professionals who are looking to expand their toolkits with practical skills that can help them produce demonstrable results. Individuals from other related industries can also benefit from this course by learning about increasing efficiency and locating better opportunities in their niches.

Within 8 weeks, learners will cover some key topics including Python libraries and the ways your data analytical skills in Python can be applied to everyday business situations. By the end, you will be able to perform more informed decision-making, expand your skillset with tools that can build better problem-solving models, and fit data into a Python model.

Provider: University of Cape Town | Duration: 8 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Intermediate | Price: $647. Discount 15%: GS-AF-LEARN15
Info: View course. Get free prospectus. Browse all data science online courses.

7. Data Science – Bridging Principles and Practice, Berkeley ExecEd, Emeritus

Image Data Science - Bridging Principles and Practice, Berkeley ExecEd

With data science being what sets today’s leading organizations apart from the rest, Berkeley offers the right online Data Science course (visit website) for executives. Anyone who sits at the decision-making table of their organization, such as mid-career managers and C-suite professionals, is the target audience of this online data science program.

This foundational 8-module course promises to introduce you to top-notch analytical tools, such as Python, to teach you to communicate and interpret data and create a data-driven culture at your organization. Learn everything from sampling, type I and type II errors, and control limits, to advanced regression models, forecasting, and machine learning.

This program is geared toward cross-industry learning, meaning that you’ll be able to extrapolate your newfound knowledge and skills to fintech, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and retail all the same. In addition to alumni benefits, this course is great because it keeps your learning relevant by using real-life examples from eBay and Uber.

Being quantitatively inclined would certainly give you an upper hand in this online data science course, albeit no former coding knowledge is needed. You’ll have to complete some hands-on assignments before you can earn your certificate from UC Berkeley Executive Education, which counts toward the Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE).

Provider: Berkeley ExecEd, Emeritus | Time: 10 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: CEOs, CTOs, Professionals | Pace: Instructor-lead | Price: $2,622
Info: Visit course website. Get free brochure. Browse full course catalog on Emeritus.

8. Data Science Course Program – 365 Data Science

Image Data Scientist Course - 365 Data Science

365 Data Science (visit website) offers learners an assortment of curated and professional data science courses with the goal to start a career as a data scientist.

The career track covers the fundamentals, statistics, probability, and working with basic management tools such as Excel. All modules will prepare you for programming in data science. You will be introduced to SQL, SQL-Tableau, and Jupyter, along with individual course units dedicated to programming in R and Python.

There is also a program centered on machine learning, deep learning, and advanced specialization. Each module will directly rely on the knowledge acquired by learners in the previous modules. Coming out of the track, you will have acquired some hands-on experience with web scraping, business analytics, and product management using AI.

365 Data Science offers some of the best data science courses online with recognized certifications and at a decent cost for professional education and student support.

Data Science Courses: 10 | Certificate: Yes : Career: Data Scientist
Info: View course page. From $29/month annually. View pricing and discounts.

9. Data Science Professional Certificate, HarvardX – edX

Image Best Data Science Courses - Data Science Harvard Certificate, edx

Data Science by Harvard University (visit website) is a professional certificate program on edX. It is aimed at aspiring professionals to help them kick-start their careers in this industry. Spanning over 9 dedicated data science courses, program completion averages around 1.5 years with 2-3 hours of dedicated learning per week.

Introductory courses include basics in R programming, visualization with ggplot2 and tidyverse, and some crucial statistical concepts such as probability, inference, and modeling. At this point, the following courses will gradually dive into the more integral tools for data scientists, including Unix/Linux, git and GitHub, and RStudio.

With your programming repertoire sufficiently built up, you’ll finally encounter ways to implement machine learning algorithms.

Although similar to Coursera’s specialization, this professional certificate trains learners for some additional heavy-lifting with real-world cases and machine-learning implementation. There are no specific prerequisites and the full online data science course costs $990.

Data Science Courses: 9 | University: Harvard, edX
Level: Introductory to Advanced | Time: 12-15 months | Price: approx. $990
Info: View course page. Browse: Search the best Data Science courses on edX.

10. Data Science for Business Leaders – Udacity

Image Data Science Courses - Data Science for Business Leaders, Udacity

Udacity’s second nanodegree (visit website) encourages business leaders, managers, and high-stake executives to develop the skills needed for the successful integration of data science into their businesses. The path of incorporating data science is fraught with challenges related to technology, human capital, and management.

Starting with an introduction to data science and identifying ways of articulating your organization’s objectives, the program will move to core executive concepts. Later modules include studying the human capital component of this field and machine learning infrastructure before finishing off with a capstone project!

This class would roughly require around 4-8 weeks for completion with five hours of dedicated learning per week. Program prerequisites involve sustainable exposure to complex business roles and settings, basic knowledge of Math, probability, and statistics, and prior experience with technical and IT projects.

One of the best data science courses online to improve your technical business skills.

Instructors: Ed Wiley | Prerequisites: Statistics, Probability, and Business Experience
Data Science Courses: 4 | Capstone Project: Yes | Certificate: Yes
Price: View course. From $349/month. Get up to 75% off.

11. Data Science in Real Estate – MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Image Data Science Courses - Data Science in Real Estate, MIT School of Architecture, GetSmarter

This MIT SA+P program (visit website) is an intermediate-level course aimed at real estate professionals looking to enhance customer experience and create a truly digitized real estate–based portfolio. Individuals with some experience in data science will have a tremendous competitive edge by easily transferring their skills to the real estate market. 

Although there are no formal prerequisites, enrollees are still advised to possess a basic understanding of programming in R. By the end, learners will be able to work with transformative tools that will inform their real estate investment decisions with valuable insights from data science.

In addition, students will gain the ability to perform statistical analysis and modeling using R and Jupyter notebooks, and fundamental knowledge of machine learning concepts. This is among the best data science courses online if you seek a better understanding of the factors that impact real estate using data-driven decision-making models.

Provider: MIT School of Architecture | Duration: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Intermediate | Price: $1,900 | Discount 15%: GS-AF-LEARN15
Info: View course. Get free prospectus. Browse all data science online courses.

12. Data Scientist with Python – DataCamp

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Scientist Python, Datacamp

DataCamp offers this right-from-scratch career track (visit website) for aspiring data scientists. While the program does not require prior coding experience, you must prepare yourself for a vigorous learning path spanning over 23 data science courses online. Data science, unlike Data Analysis, requires more intricate coding and statistical expertise.

To become a data scientist with Python, you must prepare for some hands-on experience with popular Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib. You’ll master some integral concepts in data processing, such as data visualization, manipulation, cleaning, and importation through Python. Later stages will involve training decision trees and using natural language processing (NLP) for implementing machine-learning algorithms.

DataCamp’s standard plan for individual learners is priced at an economical $12 billed annually, however, you can avail yourself of one month’s free trial before paying upfront.

Data Science Courses: 23 | Time: 88 hours | Real-World Projects: 6
Certificate: Yes | Price: Standard $25/month. Premium $33/month.
Info: Visit website. Get a discount on all plans. Free trial.

13. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – edX

Image Data Science Courses - Data Science IBM Certificate, edx

IBM Data Science (visit website) is a professional certificate in data science. Instead of R programming, IBM’s program focuses on understanding and implementing Python using Jupyter. The program is a series of 9 related online data science courses and modules. While learners are not required a specific skillset, later modules will build upon concepts learned in previous classes.

Introductory courses will teach several ways to implement DS and machine learning skills, publish reports, frame SQL queries, and explore relational data. With sufficient knowledge in the backdrop, you will jump to implementing key tools in Python for data visualization.

Your last stop would involve a DS and ML capstone project to go hands-on with real-world data. Averaging a study span of 13 months, the track offers self-paced learning and a certificate towards the end. This is among the best data science courses if you want to plan your career around specific industry leaders, know-how, and methodologies.

Data Science Courses: 9 | University: IBM, edX
Path: Professional Certificate | Time: 13 months | Price: approx. $799
Info: View course page. Browse: Search the best Data Science courses on edX.

14. The Data Science Course – Complete Bootcamp – Udemy

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Science Bootcamp Training, Udemy

Udemy’s Data Science Bootcamp (visit website) involves complete training in Math, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, and Machine & Deep Learning. As part of Udemy’s business collection, the program is aimed at executives and high-stake managers for improved organizational performance.

Udemy’s Bootcamp has been described by the site as the complete “toolbox” one needs to become a successful data scientist. Some of the core concepts in this course include linear and logistic regression in Python, machine learning algorithms, deep learning frameworks, statistical analysis using standard Python libraries, and coding in Python.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion. Course enrolment starts at $11.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Udemy offers a wide range of other best data science courses online covering different skills and topics.

Instructor: 365 Careers  | Level: Beginners | Lectures: 476
Video: 28.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6/5 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. From $11.99. Sale – 95% off. Browse all data science courses.

15. Data Scientist with R – DataCamp

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Scientist R, Datacamp

Instead of Python, this DataCamp career track (visit website) relies on R programming for instilling career-building data processing skills amongst aspiring data scientists. Spanning over 22 data science courses online, the track offers 88 hours of hands-on learning.

Data Scientist with R involves introductory courses on R’s inbuilt versatility when it comes to manipulating, visualizing cleaning, and importing data. With these integral skills down in your system, the career track will proceed towards interactive, hands-on exercises to help you take on popular R packages such as ggplot2 and tidyverse packages, such as dplyr.

In the final stage of your track, you’ll learn to write your own functions and perform cluster analysis. This will require you to learn the ropes of major statistical and machine learning techniques. Once again. A month’s free trial can help you make a more informed decision about whether or not to enroll for the career track billed annually at $19 per month.

Data Science Courses: 22 | Time: 88 hours | Certificate: Yes
Price: Standard $25/month. Premium $33/month.
Info: Visit website. Get a discount on all plans. Free trial.

Tip: To explore learning opportunities, browse our lists of the best Udacity courses, DataCamp Courses, or Pluralsight courses, or Coursera courses or LinkedIn courses.

16. Data Science Foundations – Brilliant

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Science Foundations, Brilliant

Data Science Foundations (visit website) is a learning path comprising of six courses that begin with probability fundamentals and scale up to include discussions on other technical concepts such as data-based predictions, experimentation, and neural networks.

In the first class, you will learn how to analyze probabilistic scenarios and optimize your chances to master foundational concepts such as fairness, expected value, and using symmetry to solve probabilistic problems. From here, learners will move to a more quantitative worldview with Applied Probability.

The third course, Statistics Fundamentals, will help you learn the building blocks in Statistics so you can analyze graphs, and determine the statistical significance of your decisions. Eventually, learners will be introduced to neural networks and also learn how to dissect the internal machinery of artificial neural nets through hands-on experiments.

This is among the best data science courses online for intuitive learners. Students can gain the prerequisites required for this course on the platform itself. Membership includes access to all courses available on this great and intuitive learning platform.

Platform: Brilliant | Prerequisites: Mathematical skills, basics algorithms, probability
Data Science Courses: 5 | Projects: Yes | Review: 4.8 ★★★★☆
Info: from $12.99/month. View Course. | Get free Premium trial + 20% discount.

17. Data Science Literacy – Pluralsight

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Science Literacy, Pluralsight

Pluralsight’s skill path (visit website) is framed around the foundational knowledge that dictates the use of data science in Microsoft Azure. Upon enrolling, you will learn how to cope with bad or incomplete data, understand data manipulation and remodeling, and use basic statistics to progress your data.

Like most Pluralsight paths, the track expands over a beginner-intermediate-expert learning curve. You can opt for the appropriate level or choose to enroll for the entire series. An IQ measurement test can help to assess the right level and decide which of the data science courses online you may skip and which are essential.

At the beginner level, you will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of shaping and communicating data. Next comes the application of descriptive statistics and designing experiments. Finally, at the advanced level, you will learn how to apply business models and identify and curb factors that negatively impact them.

Pre-requisites for the skill path include rudimentary skills in math, computer, and data management such as spreadsheets. Learners can opt for the free trial before embarking on a $19-per-month study plan with Pluralsight.

Data Science Courses: 8 | Instructors: Janani Ravi, Axel Sirota
Price: View course. $29/month. Includes certificate. Try with the 7-day trial.

18. Data Science Masters Program – Edureka!

Image Data Science Courses Online - Data Science, Masters, Edureka

Edureka offers this extensive data science master’s program spanning over 12 modules and 250+ hours of interactive learning. These modules are aimed at inculcating proficiency amongst learners in dealing with data tools and techniques used by regular data scientists.

Core topics that will be covered in the program include Statistics, Python, Apache Spark & Scala, Tableau, and Tensorflow. Edureka claims its curriculum to be an assortment of research on 5000+ job descriptions worldwide.

Introductory modules will familiarize you with Python scripting and R statistics. Next comes the data science certification training with Python. Later modules include Apache Spark, Scala, and Tableau certifications along with deep learning training.

One perk of Edurekas’s Master’s program is the availability of a number of related but free elective courses that you can opt for alongside the learning path. It’s among the best data science courses online for those aiming for certification and interactive lessons.

Data Science Courses: 12 | Time: 5-6 weeks | Interactive Hours: 250 hours
Certificate: Yes | Capstone: Yes | Program Fee: $1,499.

19. Data Science Course – Bloom Institute of Technology

Image Data Science Course Online - Bloom Institute of Technology

Bloom Institute of Technology offers an intensive 6-month data science course online for aspiring data analysts, data scientists, business intelligence professionals, and data engineers. Some key skills that you will learn in this course include Python, SQL and Databases, data visualization, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, linear algebra, and statistical analysis.

Data Science is projected to grow by another 30% in the coming decade. Professionals with the desired skillset in DS can gain employment at any early-stage startup as well as Fortune 500 companies. The curriculum of this course is designed to match the potential skillset with the needs of today’s enterprises.

The path consists of five online data science courses plus an orientation week and the final week involving lab work. You will begin your learning journey with statistics fundamentals before moving on to predictive modeling and primary concepts in data engineering. From here, you will dive into machine learning and integral concepts in computer science.

It is an extremely tech-focused program demanding prior familiarity with programming and certainly one of the most sophisticated and best data science courses online.

Platform: Bloom Institute | Prerequisities: Maths algorithms, programming
Method: Live instruction, projects, sprints | Support: Yes | Review: 4.8 ★★★★☆

Reading: Browse our reviews of the best Python courses, business analytics courses, machine learning courses, or AI courses, or deep learning courses to learn specific skills and open up new career opportunities.

20. Become a Data Scientist – LinkedIn Learning

Image Data Science Courses - Become A Data Scientist, Linkedin

LinkedIn sponsors a learning path in data science comprising of nine courses that will cost you some 17 hours of dedicated learning. The path is designed to walk you through the fundamental stages of DS down to data mining and machine learning.

In the first three courses, learners will apprise themselves of the scope and application of data science along with the fundamentals. From here, you’ll begin diving into statistics, data governance, and data mining. Keep in mind that unlike other data science courses online, LinkedIn’s learning path focuses on expert visualization as its main outcome.

A badge of completion awaits you at the end of the path. You may subscribe to one month’s free trial before opting for the monthly plan set at $26.99.

Data Science Courses: 9 | Duration: 2-4 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Introductory | Info: View course. From $26.99/month. Free 1-month trial.

21. Data Scientist – Codecademy

Image Data Science Courses - Data Scientist, codecademy

Codecademy’s career path, Data Scientist, is aimed at aspiring data professionals and those looking to work with data in their job. Staring this career path would require a subscription to the Codecademy Pro plan, costing you $15/month billed annually. There is the option of a free trial before you pay upfront.

As a career track, Data Scientist will take you from grasping big data through high-end statistical analysis, all the way to creating models that can automate data using AI and machine learning. You will learn to perform data manipulation through SQL and by the time you get to the third module, you’ll be ready to take over fundamentals in Python.

At the end of the course, learners will hopefully develop a sufficient grasp of data visualization and resolve problems via machine learning. Spanning over 21 modules, the path roughly takes around 35 weeks to completion given a consistent study span per week. You can also earn a certificate of completion at the end of the track.

Modules: 21 | Duration: 35 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Beginners, Intermediates | Price: from $17.99/month.

22. Data Science: Data-Driven Decision Making – FutureLearn

Image Data Science Courses - Data Driven Decision Making, Futurelearn

Brought to you by Monash University, this micro-credential will take you on the journey of creating data-based stories, with data wrangling, modeling, and visualizations in R appearing en route. Costing $1474 the track spans over a total of 12 weeks.

In this program, you’ll be undertaking practical exercises based on the application of statistical models to simulate complex functions and solve broadly ranged problems.

Expect also to dive deep into tidying, harvesting, and wrangling data through R programming. From here you will take over complex visualization, and the ethical and legal issues involved in data management. FutureLearn claims to enable learners with the tools needed to both switch careers and/or enhance organizational performance.

Data Science Courses Online: 3 | Duration: 12 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Post-Graduate | Price: $1474

Choosing the Best Data Science Courses Online

Image Best Data Scientist Courses Online - Career Guide

If you’ve been on a persistent search for anything data science-related, Google and Facebook algorithms are shrewd enough to put you abreast of a slew of curated online dat science courses, career tracks, and seminars.

The sheer availability of choice can be overwhelming and it doesn’t help when you factor in the impact that your choice for a program might have on your career amid limited resources. There are, however, a few do’s that can help you make a more informed decision when searching for the best data science courses online.

Conduct an authentic review of your current skillset. We’ve already established how, compared to data analytics, data science is more comprehensive, elaborative, and predictive. Knowing where you stand in terms of prior knowledge should decide whether you should opt for a single course module or a complete career track.

Take your finances into account. Although the rise of curated online courses has made affordable quality education more inclusive, you must still plan your budget accordingly. If you prefer 1:1 tutoring or mentoring this might be more expensive but a better long-term investment as many data science courses online offer limited support only.

Factor in the time and energy you’re willing to invest. Aspiring data professionals will typically have more time to invest in training than business members or employees.

Finally, cast your inhibitions aside. There are a handful of platforms that let you assess what they offer before you’re asked to pay up.

Best Data Science Courses Online 2024 – Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best data science courses online in 2024. Once you have learned to align your financial goals with your current situation and faculty for a scholarship, you will be spontaneously directed to the course/training that fits your needs the best.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all formula, choose your favorite online data science courses depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate-level professional, or ready for advanced training.

 Best Data Science Courses Online 2024

  1. Become a Data Scientist – Udacity
  2. Data Science Bootcamp – Springboard
  3. Programming for Data Science with Python – Udacity
  4. Data Science Specialization – Coursera
  5. University of Cape Town’s Data Science with Python
  6. Data Science Course Program – 365 Data Science
  7. HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate – edX
  8. Data Science for Business Leaders – Udacity
  9. SMU Singapore – Data Science & Analytics for Strategic Decisions
  10. Data Science in Real Estate – MIT School
  11. DataCamp’s Data Scientist with Python
  12. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – edX
  13. The Data Science Course – Complete Bootcamp – Udemy
  14. Data Scientist with R – DataCamp
  15. Data Science Foundations – Brilliant
  16. Pluralsight’s Data Science Literacy
  17. Data Science Masters Program – Edureka!
  18. Data Science Course – Bloom Institute of Technology
  19. Become a Data Scientist – LinkedIn Learning
  20. Data Scientist – Codecademy
  21. Data Science: Data-Driven Decision Making – FutureLearn

What are the best data science courses online? Have you taken any of the online data science programs above? What is your learning experience? What are the career or business goals you seek to achieve with an online class? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: What is data science? – Wikipedia | What is statistics – 2

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to some providers of data science courses online. courselounge may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. It does not add any extra costs. All reviews, opinions, descriptions and comparisons expressed here are our own.

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