Best Simplilearn Courses and Certifications

The best Simplilearn courses and Master’s programs for a carer in tech.

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Certifications

Simplilearn is an online Bootcamp based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India. It offers an ambitious course catalog and program for professionals who want to build and develop their digital economy and technology skills. You can choose from 400+ Simplilearn courses, certifications, and 40 accredited Master’s programs to advance your expertise systematically.

Many of the Simplilearn courses revolve around the latest technologies such as data science, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud computing, scrum and project management, and business leadership. In this article, I’ll give you a tour of 16 of the best Simplilearn courses and Master’s programs that will best reflect the platform’s learning opportunities.

Simplilearn Courses – Overview

For professionals looking to advance or change their careers, land a new job, or even get a raise, Simplilearn can be an excellent platform to learn industry-specific technology skills. Like Udacity, Pluralsight, or DataCamp, all of the Simplilearn courses are taught by expert instructors, and students learn what is actually in demand.

Students can choose a self-paced learning structure or engage in an online bootcamp and learn with other students, share knowledge and take part in exercises and challenges. Simplilearn can be accessed via desktop and through mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Who is it for? – Simplilearn commonly attracts professionals who are doing well in their respective fields and want to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. It offers individual classes, certifications, postgraduate, and Master’s programs and partners with leading universities and organizations such as IBM for selected Simplilearn courses.

Topics – Some of the most popular and best Simplilearn courses will build or expand your expertise in data science, business analysis, AI engineering, and blockchain technology or project management.

Live classes – One of the best features of Simplilearn is the mixed learning approach. They don’t just provide video lectures but also conduct live classes. Students can enjoy an interactive session with their peers and take part in discussions.

Pricing – Simplilearn courses and programs are not cheap, but they offer some free classes called skill-ups. Course prices range from $600 to $3000, Master’s Program classes start from $749 and go up to $1,499. Post-graduate programs range from $1,600 to $5,000. There are price differences between bootcamp and self-paced learning.

Alternatives – There is a decent number of Simplilearn alternatives available that offer industry-related online education in the field of technology. You can browse our lists of best Udacity courses, GetSmarter courses, or DataCamp courses or Springboard bootcamps.

Best Simplilearn Courses 2024 – Top Picks

Data ScientistData AnalystBusiness AnalystAI Engineer
course-image - data scientistcourse-image - data analystcourse-image - business analystcourse-image - ai engineer
View CourseView CourseView CourseView Course

I have structured the list below into 8 best Simplilearn courses suitable for learning a specific skill or topic, and 8 Simplilearn Master’s programs to follow a career track. You can click Show to view the table of contents and to navigate by interest.

Simplilearn Courses and Certifications

1. Data Science with R Programming

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - Data Science With R Certification

Data Science with R programming is an excellent Simplilearn course for all software developers, aspiring data scientists, and other IT professionals. The class is suitable for beginners and starts by covering the very basics.

Simplilearn offers three training options, self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, and corporate training for this course. The online training course enables students to learn data science with R and use their skills to analyze data and make informed business decisions.

The topics covered in this popular Simplilearn course include data exploration, data visualization, predictive analytics, and descriptive analytics techniques. The learning approach is versatile with 10 real-life industry projects and 64 hours of applied learning.

Start by downloading the syllabus to see what you’re going to learn. Among the content, you can access some sections for free to learn more about this class. After completing, you can commence a career in data science by learning further skills needed in your industry. This is one of the best Simplilearn courses for beginners in data science.

Skills: Business analytics, R programming, data structures, data visualization
Applied learning: 64 hours | Projects: 10 | Average salary: $62K/year

2. PMP Certification Training Course

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - PMP Certification Training

The PMP certification course covers the latest best practices highlighted in the PMBOK guide1 (6th edition) and the PMP examination content outline. Project management experts Jeff Allen and Tim Jerom teach this Simplilearn PMP certification course.

There are two training options available for this course, online Bootcamp, and corporate training. The skills covered in the course include WBS (work breakdown structure), resource allocation, Gantt chart, leadership, project scheduling models, project cost estimation, cost management, and engineering economics.

You must hold a secondary degree (high school diploma, an Associate’s degree, or equivalent) or a 4-year degree with certain hours of project management education and experience if you wish to enroll in this Simplilearn course. 

PMP certification can help you land lucrative roles in various fields like IT, finance, and healthcare. It also increases project performance and helps the professionals get a pay raise. This is one of the best Simplilearn courses to practice for PMP certification.

Skills: Work breakdown structure, resource allocation, Gantt charts, PM modeling
Hours: 35 contact hours/PDUs | Tests: 4 simulation test papers | Salary: $123K/year

3. Machine Learning Certification Course

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - Machine Learning Certification

This Simplilearn certification course explores machine learning concepts and teaches skills required to become a machine learning engineer. Students learn to work with real-time data and develop algorithms using supervised and unsupervised learning. Additionally, it covers concepts such as regression, classification, and time series modeling.

You can set your pace either through self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, or corporate training. However, before starting, you need to have some understanding of mathematics and statistics (college level). Also, get yourself acquainted with Python programming and Python for data science before considering this Simplilearn certification. 

Machine learning is an emerging market and is expected to be worth more than $1o Billion later this decade. This is among the best Simplilearn courses to get on this track. After completing this certification and industry projects, you can confidently build a career as a data scientist or a machine learning engineer.

Skills: Supervised and unsupervised learning, Kernel SVMKMeans clustering, etc.
Exercises: 25+ | Mentoring sessions: Yes | Average salary: $113K/year

4. CEH v11 – Certified Ethical Hacking Course

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - Ethical Hacking CEH v11

The 40-hour long Simplilearn course on ethical hacking covers 20 current security domains and 340 attack technologies. You also get 6-month free access to CEHv11 iLabs and study material from the EC council.

The 40 modules in the course cover topics like trojan backdoors, advanced hacking concepts, network packet analysis, etc. You don’t need any special skills or educational background to enroll in this course (Bootcamp or corporate training).

This certificate verifies that you have the skills essential to work in the information security domain. A CEH-certified ethical hacker usually earns 44% percent salaries as compared to non-certified professionals. 

With the certificate, you can build your career as an ethical hacker, network security engineer, data security analyst, information security officer, and more. One of the most popular and best Simplilearn courses to get on the cybersecurity career track.

Skills: Trojans backdoors and countermeasures, IDS firewalls, honeypots, etc.
Applied learning: 40 hours | Average salary: $118K/year
Access: 6-months CEHv11 iLabs | Material: EC-Council (e-kit)

5. AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training

AWS certification is essential for all aspiring AW solution architects. In this Simplilearn certification training course, students will learn to design, plan, and scale AWS implementations employing nearly 70 cloud computing services. 

The training course has two sections along with a free Linux training course. The skills covered in the course include AWS solutions planning, AWS architecture best practices, AWS cost estimation, etc.

There are also 16 live demos of AWS services with 3 simulation exams (60 questions each). Being an AWS select technology partner also provides access to various training tools, resources, and opportunities. 

The training options for the course are self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, and corporate training. It’s ideal for programmers, solutions architects, cloud software engineers and developers, and DevOps professionals. 

You don’t need prior experience to begin this Simplilearn course, but some experience with AWS or another cloud service is recommended. AWS is a fast-emerging market, and an AWS-certified solutions architect can get a job with top companies or a salary boost.

Skills: AWS solution planning, AWS architecture, Designing resilient AWS implementations
Demos: 16 live demos of AWS services | Projects: 3 | Average salary: $122K/year

6. CBAP®-Certified Business Analysis Professional

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - CBAP Certification Training Course

The need for business analysts is increasing steadily, and CBAP-certified business analysts can work more efficiently and earn better. Simplilearn is an IIBA2 endorsed education provider. After completing this Simplilearn course, you can apply for the CBAP exam online and earn certification from IIBA.

The topics covered in this CBAP training course include BABOK v3, strategy analysis, Business intelligence, and such. You can check the minimum requirement to start this course on the IIBA website. The training options available for the course are self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, and corporate training. 

CBAP certification is great for those who plan on working on business analysis. Professionals can stay up-to-date with relevant changes in the IT industry and get career advancements and a salary bump. It is one of the best Simplilearn courses to tap into a career in business analytics.

Skills: Business analysis planning, monitoring, elicitation, collaboration, strategies
Applied learning: 56 hours | Case Studies: 11 | Average salary: $68K/year
Credits: 35 IIBA PDs/CDUs and 25 PMI PDU | Exams: Three simulation IIBA®

7. Blockchain Developer – Certification Training Course

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - Blockchain Certification Training

Blockchain has gained popularity in recent years, and the demand for professionals is increasing. This course explores the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and covers blockchain fundamentals, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, smart contracts, etc. However, there’s only the corporate option available for this Simplilearn course. 

To enroll in the blockchain course, you must have some programming experience and prior knowledge of Linux, JavaScript, and Node.js. It’s ideal for IT professionals such as developers, project managers, business analysts, etc. 

Blockchain is revolutionizing various industries, specifically healthcare and finance, and the demand for blockchain professionals is increasing by the day. After completing this certification, you can start working as a blockchain developer or blockchain engineer. If you are more interested in learning about blockchain, you may want to browse our list of the best blockchain courses for beginners.

Skills: Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum deployment tools, Hyperledger Composer
Blended learning: 48 hours | Projects: 11 | Average salary: $77K/year

8. Certified Scrum Master® (Csm) Certification Training Course

Image Best Simplilearn Courses - ScrumMaster Certification CSM

CSM certification is a two-day training program that can open a multitude of career opportunities in diverse industries. This Simplilearn certification course is ideal for professionals with a career in management. CSM-certified professionals can pursue a career as an accomplished scrum master with verifiable knowledge. 

Topics covered in the course are scrum and agile methodologies, the importance of agile, scrum lifestyle, scrum terminologies, daily scrum and review, and distributed scrum. There are also 15 complimentary Simplilearn courses offered with this certification, including the CAMP certification course, agile certified practitioner course, CCBA, and more.

Skills: Scrum and Agile methodologies, life cycles, roles
Duration: 2 days | Fees: CSM® exam fee included | Credits: 20 PDUs and 16 SEUs
Bonus: Two-year membership in Scrum Alliance | Average salary: $128K/year

Simplilearn Master’s Programs and SkillTracks

9. Data Scientist

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - Data Scientist

The field of data science is massive, and the learning process never stops. To accelerate your career in data science, this Master’s program is ideal. In collaboration with IBM, this path offers various Simplilearn courses to cover the in-demand technologies in the field.

The Data Scientist Master’s program comprises six Simplilearn courses, interactive learning options, Capstone, and 15+ real-life projects. The six classes are data science with R programming, data science with Python, machine learning, Tableau training, big data Hadoop and Spark developer, and data science Capstone. You can enroll in this Simplilearn Mastertrack for $1299.

The electives for the Master’s program certificate include SQL training, industry master class – data science, R programming for data science, and Python for data science. 

After completing the data scientist Master’s program, you will receive individual certificates from IBM for each Simplilearn course and an industry-recognized certificate from Simplilearn. You also get access to the IBM Cloud Lite account3.

Simplilearn Courses: 6 | Average salary: $86k – $157K | Capstones: 15+

10. Data Analyst

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - Data Analyst

The Simplilearn Data Analyst Master’s program comes in collaboration with IBM and explores various analytics tools and techniques. The analytics tools covered in this track include Excel, Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Power BI, Tableau, Python, and R.

Data analysis is an emerging field and analysts get an average annual salary of up to $145k.There are 120+ hours of live interactive classes and 15+ capstone projects.

The seven Simplilearn courses cover an introduction to data analytics, business analytics with Excel, Tableau training, power BI, programming basics and data analytics with Python, data science with programming, and data analytics capstone. The selection of electives includes a programming refresher, an industry master class -data analytics, SQL training, and R programming for data science.

After completion, you receive a Simplilearn Master’s certificate and an IBM certification for R Programming for Data Science and Data Analytics with Python.

Simplilearn Courses: 7 | Average salary: $78K – $144K | Capstones: 15+

11. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - AI Engineer

Becoming an AI engineer is one of the best Simplilearn career tracks for any developer. An AI engineer has an annual salary of $92k to $140k. 

This Simplilearn Master’s program includes exclusive hackathons and live interactive sessions with industry experts. It offers seven Simplilearn courses (covering various areas of AI) and two electives. The capstone and 15+ other real-life projects provide an opportunity to implement the skills you learned.

These Simplilearn courses develop the relevant skills in artificial intelligence, data science with Python, machine learning, deep learning with Keras and TensorFlow, advanced deep learning and computer vision, natural language processing, and AI capstone project. The electives are Industry master class – Artificial Intelligence and Python for Data Science. 

Since the Master’s program collaborates with IBM, students who enroll also get access to the IBM Cloud Lite account. After completion, students receive their Simplilearn Master’s certificate and get two certifications from IBM for the following courses, Python for Data Science and Deep Learning with Keras and Tensorflow.

Simplilearn Courses: 7 | Average salary: $92k – $140K | Capstones: 15+

12. Digital Project Manager

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - Digital Project Manager

The Digital Project Manager Master’s program equips project management professionals with a three-layer skill set framework. It covers project management skills, modern tools and techniques, and skills essential for holistic digital awareness.

Over 25 skills and tools are covered in the program in the seven Simplilearn courses and two electives. You also receive a Master’s certification and experience certificate for working on 18+ projects.

The Simplilearn courses offered in this Master’s program are PMP, agile scrum master, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, DevOps certification training, digital transformation course for readers, digital skills in data and AI, and digital marketing for leaders. The electives are business analytics with Excel and Microsoft Project 2013. 

The courses are not pre-recorded. It’s a live interactive session where you can learn, ask questions, and participate in discussions. Each course’s recordings are also provided to students afterward, making it easy to review class content later. 

The average income of a project manager in the US is $67k to $118k annually. The demand for project managers never ceases, and with the experience and certifications, you can advance your career as a project manager. You can browse our list of the best project management courses to get an even broader choice or learning opportunities.

Simplilearn Courses: 7 | Average salary: $67K – $118K | Tools: 25+

13. Cyber Security Expert

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - Cyber Security Expert

Technology is no longer optional for businesses. If you don’t have an online presence, you’re not doing it right. With the advancements in technology, cyber threats are also increasing, and so is the demand for cybersecurity experts. The average salary of a cybersecurity expert is $80k to $120k.

The Simplilearn Cybersecurity Expert Master’s program consists of 160+ hours of applied learning. You can access the content right after enrolling in the program for $1299.

This track consists of six Simplilearn courses, including cybersecurity for beginners, CompTIA security+ (SY0-501), CEH (v11) – certified ethical hacker, CISM, CISSP training, and certified cloud security professional. There’s one elective, CompTIA Network+.

The Simplilearn courses in the program are a combination of live virtual classrooms and self-paced learning. The mixed model makes it easy for professionals to manage their schedules and study on their own time.

Simplilearn Courses: 6 | Average salary: $80K – $120K | Applied learning: 160hrs

14. AWS Cloud Architect

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - AWS Cloud Architect

With most big and small businesses moving towards cloud solutions, cloud technology experts are highly sought-after. This program is ideal for programmers, cloud developers, solutions architects, cloud software engineers, and DevOps professionals.

The AWS cloud architect Master’s program covers 140+ hours of applied learning and 46 hours of self-paced learning. It makes you an expert in AWS (Amazon Web Services). The blended learning model is convenient and flexible for professionals.

The program teaches your AWS architecture, design principles, deployment and provisions, and much more. The five Simplilearn courses in this track include AWS technical essentials, AWS solutions architect, AWS developer associate, AWS database migration, and AWS SysOps associate cover the topics in detail.

16 AWS tools are covered in the program, including Amazon EC@m AWS Lambda, virtual machines Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EFS, and Amazon S3. The course prepared you for the AWS solutions architect certification exams. After completing all five Simplilearn courses, you will also receive a Master’s certificate from the platform.

Simplilearn Classes: 5 | Self-paced learning: 46hrs | Applied learning: 140hrs

15. Business Analyst

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - Business Analyst

The business analysis world is always changing. There are new technologies and merging tools to plan, monitor, analyze, and visualize data. The Simplilearn Business Analyst Master’s program is designed to help professionals gain experience in the latest business analytics tools and techniques.

You can enroll in the program for $1299, which gives you access to 60+ hours of applied learning and lifetime access to the learning materials. 30+ in-demand skills and tools are covered in the program, including Jira, Excel, and Power BI.

The program provides various Simplilearn courses and electives that focus on business analysis, CBAP, Agile scrum master, business analytics with Excel, SQL training, Tableau training, and business analyst capstone. The electives are CCBA, agile scrum foundation, digital transformation course for leaders, python for data science, and R programming for data science. It concludes with a Capstone project and 14+ real-life projects.

Upon completion, students receive a Master’s certificate from Simplilearn. A bonus is the JobAssist program. To participate, you need to graduate and have a business analyst Master’s program certification.

Simplilearn Courses: 7 | Average salary: $85K – $115K | Capstones: 14

16. Lean Six Sigma Expert

Image Best Simplilearn Courses and Masters - Lean Six Sigma Expert

The Lean Six Sigma Expert Master’s program focuses on two management methodologies, lean and six sigma. With the program, you can accelerate your career in management. The average salary of a lean six sigma expert is $99k to $110k in the US. 

You can enroll in the course for $799, which gives you access to 30+ live classes (along with recordings of the sessions to revisit later). In the Simplilearn course, you work on four industry-specific projects to acquire hands-on experience. Students can also prepare and practice their certification exams with the 10 simulations and nine case studies.

This Master’s program is comparatively shorter than the rest, with only four courses and two electives. The Simplilearn courses include lean management, lean six sigma green belt, Minitab, and lean six sigma black belt. Lean six sigma in healthcare and lean six sigma application in IT are the two electives.

Simulation exams: 9 | Average salary: $ 99k – $ 110k | Projects: 4

Simplilearn Courses – Pros and Cons

Simplilearn is certainly one of the more expensive providers but also among the most ambitious and best online learning platforms available. It’s an excellent place to work on advancing your career. The classes consist of live sessions pre-recorded videos, and you can also use the Simplilearn app on your phone. 

The instructors are experts in their respective fields, and you receive an industry-recognized certification after completion. Not only the instructors but the customer support is also known to be quite responsive.

As said, Simplilearn is not cheap with courses starting at $600. However, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee within seven days of purchasing a course. If the student is unsatisfied with a course and asks for a refund, they do so with no question.

Best Simplilearn Courses 2024 – Verdict

Image Simplilearn Courses and Master's Programs

Here it is, our round-up of the best Simplilearn courses, certifications and Master’s programs. Simplilearn is a recognized platform for developing professional skills. Their instructors are industry experts, and the blended learning approach means it’s not merely recorded videos but rather interactive sessions. 

For professionals who want to advance their careers by studying from home, Simplilearn is a recommended option. However, Simplilearn courses are not designed to be easy and also require commitment. Some excellent classes to consider are CSM (certified scrum master), blockchain development, and data science.

 Best Simplilearn Courses 2024

Simplilearn Courses
  1. Data Science with R Programming
  2. PMP® Certification Training Course
  3. Machine Learning Certification Course
  4. CEH v11 – Certified Ethical Hacking Course
  5. AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course
  6. CBAP®-Certified Business Analysis Professional
  7. Blockchain Developer – Certification Training Course
  8. Certified Scrum Master® (Csm) Certification Training Course
Simplilearn Master’s Programs
  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  4. Digital Project Manager
  5. Cyber Security Expert
  6. AWS Cloud Architect
  7. Business Analyst
  8. Lean Six Sigma Expert

What are the best Simplilearn courses 2024? Have you enrolled in any certification or Master’s programs? What are your experiences? Feel free to share your constructive feedback in the comments below.

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