20 Best Python Courses Online 2024

Best Python courses online for finance, analytics, web development

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Python is among the top five most popular programming languages in the world. Learning Python in 2024 is a good strategy to land jobs in data science-driven industries. It also can lead to more productivity as compared to the other programming languages.

Python has a wide range of applications ranging from financial analytics, web development, AI, ML, game development, and much more. This article will review a curated selection of 20 of the best Python courses online from reputable online platforms like Coursera, Udacity, Pluralsight, DataCamp, and more.

Python Courses Online – Overview

Python is a powerful programming language with vast library support. Although Python is a general-purpose language and used by various developers. Python’s popularity stems from the fact that it’s the data scientist’s programming language of choice! On top of all that, Python has the simplest syntax, very close to the plain English language.

With advancements in AI and data science, the demand for data scientists and Python developers has been increasing for the past few years and will continue to do so in the future. You can start your career as a software engineer, data scientist, or data analyst.

Python is not only popular due to its possibilities, being a Pythonista is lucrative financially too. The salary for Python developers starts from $70K and goes up to $120K. Many large companies like Google are using Python, so there are great career prospects available. 

Best Python Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Table Image of Python Bootcamp, UdemyTable Image of Intermediate Python - UdemyTable Image of Python DS, DataCampTable Image of Core Python, Pluralsight
Python BootcampIntermediate PythonPython Data ScientistCore Python
from $11.99$399/month $25/month. Trial.$29/month. Trial.
View CourseView CourseView CourseView Course

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

The list of the best Python courses online below aims to give you a practical overview to help you explore top-rated resources. It is not meant to be comprehensive as there are hundreds of online classes and books available. If you have questions, please let us know.

1. Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero – Udemy

Image English Courses Online - English Grammar Launch, Udemy

The Complete Python Bootcamp course (visit website) covers everything from basics to advanced concepts and concludes with a milestone project to apply your programming skills. It’s not very expensive and Udemy frequently offers discounts for their classes.

The whole course includes 22 hours of on-demand videos, 14 articles, and 19 coding exercises. Starting from an introduction to Python, it discusses Python setup, data types, object-oriented programming concepts, modules, functions, creating GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system. You will also create games like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack!

Udemy offers a mobile app where you can download course materials (including videos) and learn on the go! After purchasing the course, you get lifetime access to the course materials and a certificate of completion by Udemy.

Instructor: Jose Portilla | Level: Beginners, Intermediates
Lectures: 155 | Video: 22.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View course page. From $11.99. Browse all Python courses on Udemy.

2. Learn Intermediate Python – Udacity

Image Python Courses Online - Learn Intermediate Python, Udacity

Learn Intermediate Python (visit website) is not just a course but a nanodegree from the popular and recognized Udacity online learning platform. It covers advanced Python topics and large codebases with libraries. The first part discusses Python concepts, and the second one explores the use of open-source libraries to make your code better. 

To enroll in this nanodegree, you should have an understanding of Python concepts and some experience working with Python. Payment plans start at $399 per month and $558 for two months. Installments are also available and with various payment options.

If you are going at the rate of 10 hours per week, it takes about only two months to complete this online Python course. Udacity also offers technical mentor support and a student community to collaborate with like-minded people.

Udacity also provides career services like resume support, Github review, and LinkedIn profile optimization with this nanodegree. A certificate upon completion will help improve your job prospects significantly, as Udacity is an industry-recognized provider. This is one of the best Python courses online for those looking for a career in data science.

Instructors: Gabriel Ruttner, Sam Redmond | Duration: 2 months.
Level: Intermediate | Prerequisites: Basic Python | Review: 4.8/5 ★★★★★
Info: View course. From $349. Get up to 75% off.

3. Introduction to Python – Datacamp

Image Python Courses Online - Introduction To Python - DataCamp

With advancements in data science, Python is also gaining popularity. The Introduction to Python course at DataCamp (visit website) delivers a solid foundation and will introduce you to basic concepts in Python, lists, functions, methods, packages, and Numpy. There are many exercises to practice your coding skills. A community slack forum is available.

To begin, students learn the basics of Python (variables, data types, operations). The second chapter is all about Python lists, which elaborates on how to store, access, and manipulate data. In the third module, functions and packages in Python are discussed.

Numpy, a Python package for data science, is explored in the last chapter. Students learn how to create 1D and 2D arrays and continue with data exploration. For a Python beginner, this is among the best Python courses online and you don’t need any previous coding experience. You may continue on a Financial Analytics or Data Analytics track after.

Instructor: Hugo Bowne-Anderson | Duration: 4 hours | Videos: 11 | Exercises: 57
Pricing: Standard Plan for $25/month. Premium: $35/month.
Info: View Course. Get discount. Browse the full catalog of Python Courses online.

4. 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp 2024 – Udemy

Image Python Courses Online - 100 Days of Code - Python Pro Bootcamp, Udemy

Give Dr. Angela Yu (view class) one hour a day for a little over three months to turn you into a Python master. When you’re done, you will be able to use this versatile language for a wide array of data science and machine learning projects. She covers multiple frameworks, including Seaborn, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit Learn, Beautiful Soup, and Plotly.

Every day, Dr. Yu guides you through a new project. You will learn web scraping, backend and front-end web development, and a host of other skills. Your daily projects form a portfolio. You can use this to showcase your skills to potential employers or clients.

The course starts with learning Python from scratch. Nevertheless, experienced programmers working in other languages and want to master Python or make a switch can benefit. Overall, this is certainly one of the best Python courses online for beginners.

Instructor: Dr. Angela Yu | Level: Beginners, Intermediates
Lectures: 676 | Video: 60 hours | User Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★
Price: View course. From $11.99. Browse all Python courses on Udemy.

5. AI Programming With Python – Udacity 

Image Python Courses Online - AI Programming with Python, Udacity

AI Programming with Python (visit website) covers mathematics, programming, and key concepts of artificial intelligence. It can be a great choice for Python beginners as the first section covers its basic concepts, although Udacity topics can get advanced quickly.

The second part of the nanodegree explores various Python tools like Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, Anaconda, pandas, and Matplotlib. Linear algebra and calculus essentials are covered in the next two chapters. The nanodegree concludes with a section on neural networks. Students also create real-life projects to test the coding skills they learned. 

To get started, you should have an understanding of algebra and a programming language. Like all other programs, this one also offers student services (community and mentor support) and career services (resume, LinkedIn, and GitHub review).

Instructors: Ortal Arel, Luis Serrano, Jennifer Staab | Time: 3 months
Level: Intermediate | Prerequisites: Basic Python | Review: 4.8/5 ★★★★★
Info: View Course. From $349. Get up to 75% off.

6. Python for Data Science and AI – Coursera

Image Python Courses Online - Python for Ai & Development, Coursera

If you’re looking for industry-recognized certification and a solid learning experience, Coursera is a great platform for you. Python for Data Science and AI (visit website.) comes in collaboration with IBM. It’s a self-paced course and takes about 5 weeks to complete.

The course begins with Python basics and covers data structures, programming fundamentals, and data analysis with Pandas and Numpy. It concludes with analyzing US economic data and building a dashboard in week 5.

After completing the course, students receive certification from IBM. If you can’t afford to purchase the course, then go for auditing or financial aid. Although, financial aid may take 14 days to process, and auditors don’t receive recognized certification afterward. If you want to jump into AI and Data Science, this is among the best Python courses online.

From: IBM | Instructors: Joseph Santarcangelo
For: Beginners | Time: 19 hours | Verdict: ★★★★☆ | 4.6/5
Info: View course. Try 7 days free. From $59/month with certification.

7. Data Visualisation with Python – Datacamp

Image Python Courses - Data Visualization With Python - DataCamp

Data visualization gives your data the power to speak and makes it accessible to practically everyone. Data Visualisation with Python (visit website) is a comprehensive skill track to learn how to best show and display obvious and hidden connections within your data. The five Python courses online cover tools like Matplotlib, Bokeh, and Seaborn.

Before starting, students should have some knowledge of Python and its libraries. You can test your current Python level in a skill assessment or enroll in the Intro course above. If you want to focus on a specific visualization topic, you can enroll in each class individually.

The first course covers Matplotlib, a Python library to create, customize, and share data visualizations. In the second course, the Seaborn library is discussed along with how to improve data visualization in Python.

Interactive data visualization with Bokeh is the next topic. The skill track concludes with a chapter on creating geospatial data in Python using the geopandas package and folium maps. DataCamp offers in-depth tutorials to deepen your programming knowledge. You can also practice your newly learned skills in hands-on exercises.

Instructors: Ariel Rokem, Erin Case, Nicholas Strayer, Team Anaconda
Duration: 20 hours | Python Courses: 5 | Skills: Matplotlib, Bokeh, and Seaborn
Pricing: View course. From $25/month. Access to all online courses.

8. Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals – Udemy

Image Python Courses Online - Python for Finance, Udemy

Among all the generic Python courses, Python for Finance (visit website) is a bit different. Here you’ll learn Python programming and conduct real-world financial analysis in Python.

Having some coding experience can be beneficial when enrolling in this Python course. It starts with a basic introduction to Python coding and discusses various Python packages and libraries like Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib you can then apply to financial projects.

Along with Python and coding, the class also covers finance fundamentals. Each concept is first explained in theory and then in practice with Python. Students learn to carry out in-depth investment analysis, build financial portfolios, and acquire solid financial acumen. 

For analysts beginning their journey in the finance sector, this is among the best Python courses online to test specific ideas and career prospects without risking high course fees.

Instructor: 365 Careers | Level: Beginners, Intermediates
Lectures: 111 | Video: 8.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View course. From $11.99. Browse all Python courses on Udemy.

9. Become A Data Analyst with Python – Udacity

Image Python Courses Online - Become a Python Data Analyst, Udacity

The Become a Data Analyst nanodegree (visit website) by Udacity comes in collaboration with Kaggle, the world’s largest data science community. It comprises curriculum content and supports five projects. To start, having some experience with SQL programming, Python, and its libraries like Pandas and Numpy can be beneficial. 

Udacity offers two payment plans, monthly and 4-month along with a free 7-day trial. Students usually take about four months (10 hours per week) to complete this track. After four months, you can continue with monthly payments should you need more practice.

Being enrolled in a nanodegree, you will get community and mentor support and career services (resume, LinkedIn, and GitHub review). This is one of the best Python courses online that will prepare you for an actual career as a data analyst or analytics consultant by teaching industry-recognized skills that are up to date and in demand.

Instructors: Josh Bernard, Sebastian Thrun | Duration: 4 months.
Level: Intermediate | Prerequisites: Python & SQL | Rating: 4.6/5 ★★★★★
Info: View Course page. Get up to 75% off.

10. Learn Python 3 – codeacademy

Image Python Online Courses - Learn Python 3, codecademy

The Python 3 course by Codeacademy is a great beginner online class to learn the foundation of Python programming. The course is perfect for both programming and Python newbies. Codeacademy also awards certificates to students who complete the 30 hours of course content. Hands-on interactive exercises are a vital part of the class.

The topics covered in this Python course include basic syntax, control flow, functions, lists, loops, strings, modules, dictionaries, files, classes, or function arguments. Students apply the skills they’ve learned and create portfolio projects like creating a Magic 8-ball or manipulating the content and appearance of lists.

While Codecademy offers some of its classes for free, students will need a Pro account to access the Python 3 course. The Pro pricing plan is available for individuals and businesses. You can start with a free trial to check if it’s suitable for your needs!

Certificate: Yes | Level: Beginner | Lectures: 4
Completion Time: 30 hours | Course Rating: 4.8/5 ★★★★★

Reading tips: To explore more career and skills tracks in technology, browse our lists of best DataCamp courses, Udacity nanodegrees, and Pluralsight classes.

11. Python For Everybody Specialisation – Coursera

Image Python Online Courses - Python For Everybody, Coursera

For aspiring data scientists, Python for Everyone (visit website) is a great way to learn various concepts and get a hands-on certification. After completion, students can add their Coursera certificate on LinkedIn or their job resumes. It’s recognized.

The specialization includes five individual Python courses. You can pay for the individual courses or the specialization fee upfront. Each class has an assignment that you should submit by the due date. Although, if you can’t, it’s possible to reset the deadlines. 

Before paying anything, you can enroll in the specialization and start with a free 7-day trial. Auditing is another way to access all Python courses and learning materials for free. However, auditors don’t receive certifications, which is not suitable when looking for jobs.

For students who cannot afford to buy the course can apply for financial aid. They can apply and can even pay the cost in small investments. Coursera may take 14 days to approve financial aid applications. Still, this is one of the best Python courses online to take if you want university-style education in this subject.

From: University of Michigan | Instructors: Charles Russell Severance
For: Beginners | Duration: 8 months | Verdict: ★★★★★ | 4.8/5
Price: View course. Try 7 days free. From $44/month.

12. Data Scientist Masters with Python – Edureka

Image Python Courses - Python - Edureka

Edureka (view class) takes a unique approach to learning Python. Instead of on-demand videos, they offer 42 hours of instructor-led content that’s online and live. However, you will get lifetime access to all materials and class recordings. The certification training covers three main topics, Python, data, and machine learning. 

Class sessions take place on weekends and weekdays and include regular assignments. You can set your preferred schedule. Note that weekend classes are longer (14 sessions of 3 hours each) and weekday classes are shorter (21 sessions of 2 hours each).

The first online courses introduce students to Python in general followed by teaching more advanced Python concepts like functions, OOP, and file operations. Python libraries and packages Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib are also covered here.

What makes this one of the best Python courses online is the detailed discussion of machine learning concepts including supervised or unsupervised learning and time series analysis. With instructors, you can ask questions, this is suitable for students who want interactivity, communication, and collaboration as part of their learning experience.

Python Courses: 10 | Interactive Learning: 250+ Hours | Capstone: Yes
Electives: Yes | Fees: $1,499 | Info: View course.

13. Applied Data Science With Python – Coursera

Image Python Courses - Python Specialization, Coursera

This specialization by the University of Michigan explores data science with Python through five courses. Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, data visualization, and machine learning are among the many skills covered. 

Students can take the Python courses online and in any sequence or even skip those they already covered. If you’re taking this specialization as a beginner, then don’t miss the first course. It introduces Python basics to absolute beginners. In the second course, data visualization with Matplot is discussed.

Machine learning with Scikit-learn and data mining are discussed in the third and fourth modules. The Specialization concludes with a class on Applied Social Network Analysis in Python. Every section in this Python course is followed by written content and programming assignments to keep you practicing.

From: University of Michigan | Instructors: Christopher Brooks
For: Beginners | Duration: 8 months | Verdict: ★★★★★ | 4.5/5

14. Data Scientist With Python – Datacamp

Image Python Courses - DS with Python, DataCamp Track

If you want to explore Python in-depth, then DataCamp’s career tracks are a great choice. Data Scientist with Python (visit website) comprises 28 courses, each exploring a new area of data science. It starts with the basics of Python and ends with complex cluster analysis. 

Before starting the track, some basic understanding of programming can be helpful but you don’t need to be a Python expert to begin. Everything that a data scientist needs to know is included in the career track. That includes Python, Pandas, data analysis, Matplotlib, Seaborn, statistics, Scikit-learn, machine learning, and cluster analysis.

The courses are divided between video lectures and practical projects like Analyzing TV Data and The Android App Market on Google Play. If you have a subscription you will get access to the whole DataCamp catalog, other career tracks, assessments and certificates.

This track offers some of the best Python courses online to become a Data Scientist. Note that you can also enroll in a career track to become a Data Analyst. One subscription covers it all. Thus, you can first play around a bit to find the path that will suit you most.

Instructors: Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Davids Venturi, Maggie Matsui
Duration: 88 hours | Python Courses: 23 | Pricing: from $25/month/annually.
Info: View Course. Get discount. Browse full catalog of Python Courses online.

15. Core Python – Pluralsight

Image Python Courses - Core Python, Pluralsight Track

Pluralsight paths combine various online courses for a more comprehensive learning experience. Core Python (visit website) includes 20 different Python courses teaching advanced concepts and coding techniques. Pluralsight explores Python in extra detail. 

The first course is an overview of Python and introduces the programming language and its use cases in general. The following module explores core Python functionalities like iterators, robust resource and error handling, generators, unit testing, and more. It concludes with a Python course of best practices for code quality. 

Most Python courses online cover important concepts and structure but some classes are dedicated to a more practical aspect. An example of Python projects is a course on building a personal budget app with Python Collection and iterables.

Instructors:  Jason Olson, Austin Bingham, and others
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced | Python courses online: 20
Plans: View course. From $29/month. Get Free 7-day Trial.

16. Introduction to Data Analysis with Python Course – GoSkills

Image Python Courses - Introduction To Python - GoSkills

Introduction to data analysis with Python explores various ways to visualize different data types with tools like Numpy and Pandas. The course starts with the installation of Python on your computer. Afterward, students learn how to import and install Numpy and use Numpy arrays, operations, and universal functions. 

Pandas is the other library explored here. It covers how to install Pandas, use Pandas series and dataFrames, and create data visualizations. The course concludes with an introduction to machine learning and ScikitLearn.

GoSkills offers three pricing plans and provides access to unlimited online courses. To begin, students get 7-day access to ten lessons from every course. Afterward, you can get the monthly subscription for $29 and the yearly subscription for $199.

Instructor: John Elder | Certificate: Yes | Level: Beginner | Modules: 4
Completion Time: 20.5 hours | Course Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆

17. Build Chatbots With Python – Codeacademy

Image Python Courses - Build Chatbots, codecademy

The Build Chatbots with Python skill track is great for those who want to further expand their horizons in data science. It’s different from Python courses where you learn this programming language and do projects. It’s focused on building chatbots with Python.

The course covers Python, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, AI, and more. However, as the name indicates, the class focuses on creating chatbots. It consists of six chapters, an introduction to Python and chatbots, Python data structures and loops, rule-based chatbots, retrieval-based chatbots, deep learning, and generative chatbots, and concludes with a capstone project. 

Students create three projects (chatbots) to practice their skills. Note, this class is part of the Pro subscription plan. You can test Codeacademy Pro for seven days free. Afterward, it will cost $17.99/month annually giving access to projects, certificates and all courses.

Instructor: John Elder | Certificate: Included | Level: Complete Beginner
Lectures: 4 | Study Time: 20.5 hours | Course Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★

18. Python Online Course – Google

Image Python Logo - Google Python Class

If you frequently use Google to search for programming hacks (like everyone else), then Google’s Python courses are excellent for you! It’s a free class for people who have some programming experience and want to learn Python. You can learn Python using many content formats including written content, video lectures, and coding exercises. 

To begin, the class explains how to install Python on your computer. Installation is followed by an introduction to Python programming, Python strings, and a practice exercise. In the whole Python course, you’ll learn about strings, lists and sorting, dictionaries and files, regular expressions, utilities, and utilities urllib.

To start the class, you should have a basic understanding of coding concepts (in any language). There is no need to be an expert but basic knowledge of concepts like conditional statements and data types is enough. All the videos are organized in a Day-1 and Day-2 format and thus make this an intensive two-day class at Google.

Provider: Google | Level: Complete Beginner | Sections: 7
Study Time: self-paced | Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★

19. Introduction To Python Programming – Certificate – edX

Image Python Courses - Intro to Python Programming, edX

If you want to learn Python programming from scratch, then this certification might be the one to go for. As the title suggests, this Python course path is ideal for beginners in both Python and programming. It covers general principles of computer science that apply in any popular programming language and then makes the transition towards Python.

The certification program includes four Python courses online plus a section on job outlook. What makes this track unique is that Georgia Tech has used this program’s syllabus and course materials for over a year. Learners usually take 5 months to complete the course dedicating 10 hours per week. However, you can set your own learning pace.  

Unlike Udacity, Edx takes a one-time payment instead of monthly payments. It’s ideal for learners who prefer a flexible schedule and can pay a lump sum amount.

Category: Business & Management | University: Georgia Tech
Level: Introductory | Students: >490,000 | Length: 6 Weeks | Efforts: 3-5 hours/week

20. Overview of Python Certification – Python Institute

Image Python Courses - Certification Python Institute

Python certification by Python Institute provides three levels of Python certification, Entry-level (PCEP), Associate (PCAP), and Professional (PCPP1 and PCPP2). 

You don’t need the entry-level certification to get an Associate or professional certification. The professional certificate holders are considered experts in Python. After completing all four certifications, you become a Certified Expert in Python Programming (CEPP).

At each certification level, you will be tested for more and more complex concepts. The PCEP (entry-level) exam covers fundamental concepts like data types, functions, syntax, etc. Although Associate and PRofessional certification exams cover more advanced topics like SQL databases.

As opposed to most other Python courses covered in the review, this certification is just an exam and not a Python certification training. They do provide some free study resources, but that’s abundant on the internet. They offer a model where you can learn from anywhere and sign up for the exam whenever you’re ready.

Instructor: John Elder | Certificate: Included | Level: Beginner | Lectures: 4
Study Time: 20.5 hours | Course Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★

How to Choose The Best Python Courses Online

Above we have suggested a list of learning paths that combine some of the best Python courses online to teach you a specific skill be it for professional use or to start a lucrative career track in an industry of interest. However, which class is the best for you?

Choosing the best Python courses online certainly starts with understanding your learning or career goal. Each one of the suggested Python classes offers something unique. 

Are you already familiar with Python basics or an absolute beginner? For beginners, learning paths that combine various Python courses are ideal. They start with the basics and move on to advanced concepts. If you’ve worked with Python before, why not enroll in a course covering complex concepts and even machine learning.

If you’re looking for free Python courses online or one where you can pay in installments, then check out Google Python Class, Coursera, or Udacity. Google Python Class is completely free, Udacity offers payments in lump-sum or installments, and Coursera goes one step further by offering financial aid and free auditing.

If you’re already well-versed in Python, and just want to get a certification, then the certifications at Python Institute may offer some of the best Python courses online for you! 

Best Python Courses Online 2024 – Verdict 

Wrapping up our tour of the best Python courses online. No matter which course you choose, remember that Google is a programmer’s best friend and you should never stop practicing. You are also important to stay up-to-date with the latest tech news, so make sure to subscribe to various tech websites.

In the end, what’s important is to never stop learning.

Best Python Courses Online 2024

Individual Python Courses Online
  1. Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero – Udemy
  2. Learn Intermediate Python Course – Udacity
  3. Introduction to Python Course – Datacamp
  4. 100 Days of Code: Complete Python Pro Bootcamp – Udemy
  5. AI Programming With Python – Udacity
  6. Python for Data Science and AI – Coursera
  7. Data Visualisation with Python – Datacamp
  8. Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals – Udemy
  9. Learn Python 3 – codeacademy
  10. Become A Data Analyst with Python – Udacity
  11. Python For Everybody Specialisation – Coursera
  12. Data Scientist Masters with Python – Edureka
  13. Applied Data Science With Python – Coursera
  14. Data Scientist With Python – Datacamp
  15. Core Python – Pluralsight
  16. Data Analysis with Python Course – GoSkills
  17. Build Chatbots With Python – Codeacademy
  18. Python Online Course – Google
  19. Python Programming – Certificate – edX
  20. Overview of Python Certification – Python Institute

Popular teachers that offer expert instruction, beginner courses or advanced courses include names such as Eric Grimson, Charles Severance, Angela Yu, John Guttag, or Guido van Rossum.

If you want to go with university online Python courses you may want to consider Harvard University, the University of Michigan, or the University of Pennsylvania.

What are the best Python courses online 2024? What is your experience with an object-oriented programming language? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: What is Bokeh – 1 | What is Seaborn – 2 | What is Matplotlib – 3 | GeoPandas – 4 | Pandas – 5 | Numpy – 6 | Jupyter – 7 | Anaconda – 8 | Kaggle – 9

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to some providers of Python courses online. courselounge may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. It does not add any extra costs. All reviews, opinions, descriptions and comparisons expressed here are our own.