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Upskilling is the new black. It is that obligatory basic suit or dress in your wardrobe that means you’re always ready. FutureLearn offers online learners a wide range of choices for skill-building in technology, business, design, management, art, politics, or social science.

Like Coursera or edX, they provide access to the world of higher education that many would otherwise lack. In this review, we will give you a tour of some of the best FutureLearn courses online as well as expert tracks suitable to develop your career and job prospects.

FutureLearn Courses – Overview 

As MOOCs go, FutureLearn delivers much of what other similar platforms do. They give learners a heretofore rare opportunity to take courses offered by some of the world’s best colleges and universities. They have short courses, expert tracks, and online degrees. They offer this at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom education tuition. 

Topics – FutureLearn courses cover a broad range of topics. You can study teaching, history, healthcare & medicine and computer science & IT. There is a STEM section (minus the T, which is in its own section as we just mentioned).

Costs – Individual FutureLearn courses are free, as long as you aren’t concerned about taking tests or earning certifications. If you do want the certificates or enroll in one of their popular expert tracks, you can opt for a monthly subscription at $39. Annual, unlimited access can be had for $279. 

The “Popular” section is worth perusing and also offers a selection of “boredom-busting courses”. You’re likely to find something interesting. Here are a few interesting titles: 

  • Start Writing Fiction (The Open University)
  • Antiques Trafficking and Art Crime (University of Glasgow)
  • Making Babies in the 21st Century (University College London)
  • The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling (University of Wollongong)

ExpertTracks – Coming up is your tour of FutureLearn ExpertTracks. The ExpertTrack is FutureLearn’s answer to Coursera’s Specializations or Udacity’s nanodegrees. These are largely non-accredited, mini-degree type programs. Pack the right selection of enough of these together, and you could probably mimic a master’s. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Business StrategyProject ManagementData AnalyticsFintech Innovations
FutureLearn Table Image - Small - Business StrategyFutureLearn Table Image Small - Project ManagementFutureLearn Table Image Small - Data AnalyticsFutureLearn Table Image Small - Fintech
Expert TrackExpert TrackExpert TrackExpert Track
Get all: $39/m, $279/yGet all: $39/m, $279/yGet all: $39/m, $279/yGet all: $39/m, $279/y
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Below is a list of best FutureLearn courses and ExperTracks covering various topics and skills. FutureLearn has many more courses in its catalog. This is a curated selection only.

1. How To Supercharge Your Career

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - How to supercharge your career

Recently founded professional network Allbright is on a mission to advance women in their careers. This 12-week ExpertTrack designed for women by women offers learners coaching and mindset work. Learning outcomes include identifying your strengths, learning “how to think like a female founder” and turning challenges into opportunities.

You will also learn how to build a “meaningful professional network.” Your instructors are Susan McPherson and Lauren Maillian, both CEOs. Apparently, they tap into their own networks to invite other instructors for your lessons. Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship and Risk Awareness are some of the key skills taught.

Although most reviewers found these FutureLearn courses both practical and inspiring, one person found some of the “you can do anything you dream of” advice unrealistic. Another review said that the multiple instructors sometimes echoed each other’s lecture content, so some material was repetitive.

Classes: 3 | Duration: 12 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory Price: $39/month or $279/year. Access to all FutureLearn courses online.

2. International Marketing

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - International Marketing

Coventry University offers learners this opportunity to take advantage of globalization by making an informed push into the global marketplace. This intense 10-week journey will help you consider branding, communication and entry strategy for the current climate of the international marketplace.

By the end of this ExpertTrack, you should have a comprehensive understanding of global marketing and stronger analytical skills. You should also be aware of the numerous factors to consider in your global marketing strategy.

This course is fairly new, so if you take it, your review will be among the first! However, Coventry is an old and well-respected institution. You can expect high quality, and it may become one of the best FutureLearn courses in their business category.

Classes: 5 | Duration: 10 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Intermediate Price: $39/month or $279/year. Access to all FutureLearn courses online.

3. Business Strategies and Decision Making Skills

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Business Strategy & Decision Making

If you’ve ever taken a marketing course, you probably know what a SWOT analysis is. What about PESTLE? This path will teach you the external analysis framework, among other frameworks for “creating business models and successful business strategy.”

Essentially, you will get a solid introduction to the basics of business strategy “from value chain to macroeconomics.” Some key skills you should walk away with include Competitor Analysis, Tangible and Intangible Organizational Skills, and Decision Making.

This track is too offered by Coventry University, so one can expect high-quality content based on the school’s reputation. Furthermore, I have high hopes for any course that already started teaching me something new on the course’s intro page. It’s certainly of the best FutureLearn courses in the business department.

Classes: 5 | Time: 10 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Intermediate Price: $39/month or $279/annually. Access to all FutureLearn courses.

4. Innovations in Fintech

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Innovations in Fintech

Innovations in… what now? Fin = finance. Think cryptocurrencies, blockchain and payment technology. The University of Michigan created this ExpertTrack to help learners explore the wide array of modern financial technologies.

You will learn how to adapt these and use them in your career. Other learning outcomes include understanding how organizations raise capital through crowdfunding and use technology in smart investing. In the realm of payment technology, you will study tokenization, mobile money and digital wallets.

On the subject of blockchain, the course provides you insight into the concept of decentralization and consensus algorithms. Other key skills include Legacy Payments, Credit Scoring and Wealth Management. While this is among the best FutureLearn courses in finance, browse our finance courses if you want to develop personal financial literacy.

Reviews of the crypto and blockchain segment were overall positive. Some wanted more reference material, while others got lost in much of the jargon. It is recommended to have basic knowledge of terminology but it’s not a requirement. Of the Future of Payment Technology, learners felt they got their money’s worth and generally recommend the class.

Classes: 4 | Duration: 16 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory Price: $39/month or $279/year. Access to all online FutureLearn courses.

5. Project Management and its Role in Effective Business

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Project Management and Its Role in Business

The goal of this class is to offer learners an opportunity to get exposure to everything they’d need to know about project management. This includes the ability to implement effective project planning and to execute projects to boost business performance.

In these FutureLearn courses, you will develop an understanding of the stages, tools and techniques that are needed during all project stages. You get to walk through a typical day in the life of a project manager. In doing so, you can learn the key competencies of a versatile project manager. Skills you will gain include scrum and waterfall models, project initiation, phases and extended life cycles, and team leadership.

They recommended that you have two years of experience in PM when you enter this track. Even if you are still a PM student, you may have enough industry understanding to be able to keep up. Also, it helps if you have access to GANTT software. A handful of reviews were all positive. For alternatives, browse our lists of project management courses.

Classes: 5 | Duration: 10 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Intermediate Price: $39/month or $279/year. Access to all online FutureLearn courses.

6. UX Design Fundamentals

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - UX Design Fundamentals

This track will appeal to visual learners and the artistically inclined. It’s offered in collaboration with Canva, the graphic design app that makes amateurs look like design prodigies. If you eye a career as a digital designer, this series promises to prepare you.

Learning outcomes include incorporating visual design with interaction design and the 5 stages of the design thought process. These FutureLearn courses walk you through the entire “end-to-end experience” of using a digital product such as an app (UX = User Experience). With 4 hours/week, you can expect to complete this track in 12 weeks.

Some key skills you will gain include Building Prototypes, Creating Wireframes, Customer Profile Mapping and Research Skills. This ExpertTrack is endorsed by Coventry University.

Classes: 3 | Duration: 12 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory Price: $39/month or $279/year. Access to all FutureLearn courses online.

Alternatives: FutureLearn courses offer great value. Apart from Coursera or Udacity, here are two more alternatives Simplilearn courses and Edureka courses.

7. Data Analytics Using Python

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Data Analytics Using Python

More and more, computer science skills are becoming less of a specialty. Data analytics is still not quite a core requirement for most professions. Nevertheless, getting skilled and credentialed in this area can certainly up your stock in today’s job market.

With this ExpertTrack, you can further your career in data analytics using Python. Learning outcomes include stronger quantitative skills and knowledge of how to collect, manipulate and organize data using powerful technologies. A few key skills they teach are Data Wrangling, Descriptive Statistics and Fundamental Statistics.

The course uses Jupyter notebook to practice coding and creating. Although there is no required prerequisite, FutureLearn recommends that you come on board with some prior knowledge of programming. Alternatively, prior experience analyzing data using spreadsheets can help you get high value from these best FutureLearn courses.

There are no reviews, but both GitHub and Coventry University have put their name on it. However, if you look for alternatives, here is a round-up of the best data analytics courses, and in regard to the next listing, the best business analytics courses.

Classes: 3 | Duration: 12 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory Price: $39/month or $279/year. Access to all FutureLearn courses online.

8. Data Analytics for Business

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Data Analytics for Business

Here’s your chance to “build your data analytics skills and Excel knowledge to boost your career.” The main learning outcome of this ExpertTrack is using Excel and SQLite for problem-solving and decision-making in business.

Investing in building your business analytics skills is a wise move. This is especially true for those working in or actively seeking management positions. The demand for data analytics skills is great and growing rapidly. That means career opportunities abound across a wide array of industries and business types.

Some key skills you will learn include Data Visualization, Tableau Skills, and Data Interpretation. There is no prerequisite. Nevertheless, the course description says that any prior experience you have with data, statistics and spreadsheets would benefit you. This series is offered in collaboration with Tableau and is endorsed by Coventry University.

Courses: 3 | Time: 12 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | For: Beginners
Plans: Monthly or annual subscription. Get all FutureLearn courses online.

9. Advanced Cyber Security Training

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Advanced Cyber Security Training

Perhaps you are working in cybersecurity already or you are interested in implementing it in your company. Either way, the Advanced Cyber Security ExpertTrack was created by the EC-Council to give you the skills you need in this area. They are the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, the world’s largest cybersecurity technical certification organization.

Although touted as advanced training, you will not need any prior experience to come on board. Learning outcomes include identifying, mitigating and preventing major threats, recognizing vulnerabilities in passwords, and disaster recovery skills.

You will also get hands-on experience in this course. Key skills you can gain include Protecting Applications, Software Security Testing, and Increasing Software Security.

Classes: 3 | Duration: 9 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Beginners Price: Monthly or annual subscription. Access to the best FutureLearn courses online.

10. Software Development Fundamentals

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Software Development Fundamentals

This ExpertTrack gives learners a broad introduction to the world of software development. If you are interested in a career in this field, this FutureLearn course may be a great way to start your pivot. “If there’s one certainty about the future, it’s that it will be even more digital than it is now.” Few truer words have ever been spoken than these.

Learning outcomes of this FutureLearn-MuleSoft collab include understanding the use of the agile process over the waterfall process and defining programming languages. You will also get key skills including Project Management, Product Development, Programming and Cloud Computing. This series is endorsed by Coventry University.

Classes: 3 | Duration: 12 weeks | Type: ExpertTrack | Level: Beginners
Plans: Free plan. Subscription plan. Enjoy all online FutureLearn courses.

11. Introduction to Psychology

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Introduction to Psychology

This ExpertTrack gives you a “broad overview of psychology” while also guiding you to mastery of its basic principles. It is offered by Melbourne, Australia’s prestigious Monash University. Let’s get right into learning outcomes because there are quite a few.

The aforementioned broad overview covers everything from “developmental and biological psychology, through to sensation perception and the psychology of learning.” Along the way, you learn how it can be applied to counseling, teaching and marketing, among other professions. You also learn about the history of science – how it split from philosophy, what key figures made contributions and more.

While there is no prerequisite, they do say that “It will be particularly useful if you’ve achieved a Bachelor’s degree in a different discipline and would like to broaden your science and research skills.” A few learners found the course too difficult with way too much reading. To me, those kinds of critiques read as accolades.

Classes: 6 | Time: 12 weeks | Type: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory
Plans: Free plan. Subscription plan. Enjoy all online FutureLearn courses.

12. Problem Solving in the Digital Age

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Problem Solving in the Digital Age

University of Leeds gives you an opportunity to upskill in a critical and widely sought-after discipline. Who could argue that problem solving is a high-value skill in any profession? Add to those specific techniques, including design thinking and using data to make informed decisions and you have an invaluable toolkit.

The University of Leeds created this track to help learners be more effective problem solvers in the workplace. As you learn, your confidence should increase as you learn techniques and skills, such as planning and persuading your colleagues to get on board.

Other key skills you can gain include Making Decisions, Analyzing Problems, Data Analysis and Human Centered Design. The courses in the series got positive reviews overall. A few unhappy learners commented that the courses were too simple for them. One expected more coding education since the Institute of Coding hosts some modules.

Courses: 3 | Duration: 7 weeks | Type: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory
Plans: Free plan. Subscription plan. Enjoy all online FutureLearn courses.

13. Leading People and Teams

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Leading People and Teams

Even if you are not currently in a leadership position, you can position yourself for future promotion. One great way to do that is to invest in yourself by building leadership skills.

The University of Michigan offers you a great opportunity to do this with some great guest instructors. These include Jeff Brodsky, Global Head of HR for Morgan Stanley, and John Beilein, Head Coach of the University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Team. Outcomes include creating collaboration, motivating people and effective talent management.

As with some other ExpertTracks, you are challenged to apply what you’ve learned in a final capstone project. Other key skills you will pick up include Motivational Skills, Teamwork and Onboarding. We couldn’t find any reviews, but based on the promised lineup of instructors, it’s a low-risk scenario.

Classes: 5 | Duration: 18 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Introductory Pricing: Free plan. Subscription plan. Get all online FutureLearn courses.

14. Fashion Management: Create A Sustainable Brand

Image Best FutureLearn Courses - Fashion Management

This ExpertTrack is offered by Institut Français de la Mode promises to “Develop your professional fashion marketing and branding skills.” The focal point of interest for many will likely be the “sustainable brand” concept. However, upon further investigation, one finds that the subject of sustainable fashion doesn’t show up until the final course in the series.

Therefore, the title may be a bit misleading to some. Nevertheless, this course comes from a highly respected institution and promises to “build and develop up-to-date and practical knowledge of the fashion industry.” Learn about analyzing consumer behavior, fashion business models and marketing and digital skills.

You will indeed explore the issues surrounding sustainability in the industry and the future of fashion. This ExpertTrack doesn’t have any reviews yet, but IFM’s reputation precedes it.

Classes: 4 | Duration: 11 weeks | Type: ExpertTrack | For: Beginners
Pricing: $279/annual plan. $39/month. Get all the best FutureLearn courses online.

FutureLearn Courses Online – Pros and Cons

FutureLearn Pros

  • Competitive pricing. You can study with U Mich, University of Leeds, Cambridge or Purdue for less than the cost of a new smartphone. 
  • Engaging user interface. The colors and graphics are captivating. This could help users commit to and finish courses. 
  • Partnerships with esteemed institutions. This new world of online learning still benefits from such validation. 
  • The FutureLearn certificate design is unique and attractive. They will look rather nice on a real or virtual ego wall. 

FutureLearn Cons

  • Many online FutureLearn courses are brand new and have no reviews. You need to be willing to be among the first, and you can only rely on the sales page to help you decide whether to jump in. On the bright side, there is a 7 day free trial period, so you have a little time to decide after you start. 
  • The term “ExpertTrack” may overpromise and under-deliver. In long-established subjects like fashion and psychology, a 12-week online course cannot an expert make. 

Best FutureLearn Courses 2024 – Review Verdict

Image Best FutureLearn ExpertTracks Online - Review

Wrapping up our tour of the best FutureLearn courses online. Having talked about expert tracks, pros and cons, I suggest going forth if you have a pioneering spirit. FutureLearn is more than likely to meet your expectations and will probably exceed them more often than not. As with any course, online or otherwise, you will get out what you put in.

Nevertheless, strong strategic partnerships provide validation, FutureLearn’s website is attractive and easy to navigate and the price is right. The more options we have as learners in this sphere, the more power we have at our fingertips.

That said, FutureLearn ExpertTracks may be great for beginning to lay or build out a strong foundation in your chosen subject. Nevertheless, to expect to be an expert at the end of three months of learning is unrealistic. Just keep that in mind as you dive in.

Best FutureLearn Courses Online – 2024

  1. Believe, Build, Become: How To Supercharge Your Career
  2. International Marketing
  3. Business Strategies and Decision Making Skills
  4. Innovations in Fintech
  5. Project Management and its Role in Effective Business
  6. UX Design Fundamentals
  7. Data Analytics Using Python
  8. Data Analytics for Business
  9. Advanced Cyber Security Training
  10. Software Development Fundamentals
  11. Introduction to Psychology
  12. Problem Solving in the Digital Age
  13. Leading People and Teams
  14. Fashion Management: Create A Sustainable Brand

What are the best FutureLearn courses online? Which other expert tracks would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below. Note, this round-up of online FutureLearn courses and expert tracks and is not meant to be a comprehensive list of coverage. There are many more offers on the platform’s website. Browse here.

Credits: FutureLearn screenshots from online courses

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