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16 best personal finance courses online to become financially literate

Image Best Personal Finance Courses - Become Financially Literate.

Do you feel intimidated by financial lingo? Does making financial decisions stress you out? If so, you are certainly not alone. Worldwide, 67% of adults lack foundational knowledge of financial concepts. The good news is, that you can become financially literate and gain the skills and confidence to make informed financial decisions.

There are personal finance courses accessible online right now to prepare you with the knowledge of how money works. Keep reading for an overview of some options. In this post, we briefly explain some of the best personal finance courses online to help you decide the best next steps with your starting point and finance goals.

Personal Finance Courses Online – Overview

Financial literacy refers to the knowledge of basic financial concepts and the ability to make grounded and informed financial decisions.

Financial wellness2 refers to being in control and secure with your finances. The stability of having sufficient funds to meet your needs can then inform the freedom towards a happier, less stressed, and more productive life. 

Personal finance involves managing your money; personally, professionally, or both. Sound personal finance rests upon familiarity with several essential finance concepts and applications, such as debt, savings, investment, stocks, interests, and credit cards. 

Understanding these basic concepts can benefit your life, both now and for years to come. The following list of some of the best personal finance courses online offers an overview of what is available. Take a look and see what excites you.

Best Personal Finance Courses Online – Top Picks

Money EQ
Finance Courses
Finance Courses
Finance Courses
Image of Mindvalley Personal Finance Course - Money EQImage of Udemy Personal Finance CoursesLogo Image of Coursera Personal Finance CoursesImage of Skillshare Personal Finance Courses
Financial literacyFinance, InvestmentsFinance, MarketsFinance, Investments
Free trial classfrom $11.99/coursefrom 59/monthfrom $15/month
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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: This review covers a list of the best personal finance courses online but cannot cover all the finance classes available. It is a guide to help you find the best option.

1. Money EQ – Mindvalley

Image Personal Finance Courses - Money EQ, Ken Honda, Mindvalley

Money EQ by Ken Honda (visit website) is one of the most popular programs on the Mindvalley platform. It is designed for individuals seeking a life of wealth and prosperity and searching for financial freedom in ways that go beyond the ordinary solutions of fighting for a raise, living hand to mouth, or burning out from workloads.

Ken Honda is Japan’s most renowned finance management teacher. According to him the best way to handle money is by tapping into our inner money EQ, an inherent resource that most of us are gifted with but not taught to exploit.

People with high money EQ live both in abundance and peace and the opposite is true for individuals with low money EQ. This personal finance course will help you unlock the secrets to raising the money EQ and developing a sound relationship with finances.

Students can take this class in self-paced mode or class mode with other students. You will begin by exploring your existing relationship with money. Students then learn to heal the five types of money wounds turning them into a money magnet instead.

Finally, you will unlock the secrets of receiving, retaining, growing, and sharing your money, essentially living your prosperous lifestyle. This is one of the best personal finance courses online if you want to combine money literacy with personal growth.

Instructor: Ken Honda, Mindvalley | Training: Self-paced or Class Mode
Price: $99/month or $499 annually. Access to all online courses.
Info: View course page. Free: Get free class Heal Money Wounds.

2. The Complete Personal Finance Course – Udemy

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - Udemy - Complete Personal Finance Course

During the “Complete Personal Finance Course” (visit website.) you’ll have access to three courses focused on personal finances. The first is focused on how to save money, the second is how to protect money and the final course is how to make more money.

With a mix of practical tips, including more than 100 ways to save money, and basics such as investing in stocks, bonds, and more, you’ll get a well-rounded overview of how to handle your money. The 16 hours of coursework can be accessed by mobile phone or computer, so you can fit in the lessons according to your schedule.

This is one of the most popular personal finance courses online and available on Udemy. Ideal for those who wish to set ambitious goals and become financially literate.

Instructor: Chris Haroun. Udemy | Level: All levels
Lectures: 122 | Video: 16 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: Visit website. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse full category on Udemy.

3. How to Make Money – CreativeLive

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - CreativeLive - How To Make Money

CreativeLive offers the popular finance course “How to Make Money” (visit website) where Ramit Sethi, author of the bestselling book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” intends to do just that. If you wish to develop your financial literacy this class could be an excellent start.

Across 40 online courses, you will learn how to earn and negotiate a higher salary, manage your personal finances and generate a side hustle. Ramit has taught more than one million students, and you could be next.

The class has a 100% recommendation rate and participants claim it “changed [their] life” and that the class brings benefits “whether you don’t know a thing about money or even if you think you already know everything there is to know about the subject.” This is one of the best personal finance courses online for those seeking a strong individual approach.

Instructor: Ramit Sethi | Level: All levels | Content: 17 hours | Rating: ★★★★★
Price: View course. Sale 50% off – $74. View CreatorPass plans for all online classes.

4. The Fab Four of Personal Finance – Skillshare

Image Best Personal Finance Courses Online - Skillshare - Fab Four of Personal Finance

Skillshare offers “The Fab Four of Personal Finance” course (visit website) which aims to help you understand money and gain helpful skills that can be exercised. Understanding your finances and managing them in a smart way is the main takeaway of this class.

The interactive finance course includes brief video instruction and allows students to upload class projects for feedback and engagement. There is also a class discussion board, so you can ask questions and share with peers.

Student reviews are very positive. People write that the class increased their confidence toward achieving financial freedom and that several common financial themes were finally debunked. It is one of the best personal finance courses online for beginners.

Instructor: BrainyMoney and Son Han | Level: Beginners
Video Lectures: 10 | Class Projects: 2 | Review: 4.7 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. From $15/month. Browse full category.

5. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals – Coursera

Image Image Best Personal Finance Courses Online - Coursera - Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Coursera’s Finance for Non-Finance Professionals (visit website) will teach you the basics of making sound professional financial decisions. Offered by Rice University, this personal finance course will put your skills into action within 5 weeks. Topics include compounding returns, capital budgeting, and how to invest money, spend money and make tradeoffs.

The course boasts great reviews including praising the “conceptual elements of financial decision-making and capital budgeting” and that the program is suitable for those without a strong math foundation or those who have never taken a finance course before.

Coursera offers some of the best personal finance courses online that can also be beneficial in your job as well, particularly if you have to manage budgets or projects.

Provider: RICE. Coursera. Instructor: James Weston | Complete in 14 hours.
Pricing: Free. Certificate available for a fee. | User Review: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: Visit website. Get Coursera Plus – $39/month with certificate. View Website.

6. Finance Foundations – LinkedIn Learning

Image Personal Finance Courses - LinkedIn - Finance Foundations

If you have just under three hours, you can learn “Finance Foundations” available on LinkedIn Learning.

Led by Brigham Young University professors, this finance course breaks finance down to the basics. By the end, you’ll be able to make better money decisions and gain several important skills. These include the ability to read a balance sheet and know the difference between an investment fund, an investment bank and a traditional bank.

The course offers a glimpse at the financial reports from huge companies and the data involved in personal decisions that affect your life. If you’re looking for a snapshot of financial information, ranging from every day to business decisions, this might be one of the best personal finance courses online that is suitable for your purposes.

Instructors: Jim Stice, Kay Stice | Level: Beginner | Items: 55 Lectures
Info: From 26.99/month. Try all courses with free 1-month trial.

7. Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker & Finance – MasterClass 

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - Daniel Negreanu, MasterClass

Daniel Negreanu (visit website), the greatest live tournament poker winner, offers a MasterClass on poker strategy, advanced theory, and reviews on his winning games. Hang on: a poker class on a list of the best personal finance courses online?

Well, this class is not only designed for poker enthusiasts who wish to improve their mental game by reading their opponents and spotting tells. It can teach you a lot about money, investments, and risk management too. It is an interdisciplinary approach to personal finance offering valuable insights you can adapt to your trading and investment plans.

In the first place, students learn to combine their raw poker talent with the mathematical side of the game, and discipline. By the end, you will not only have learned the tricks of the poker trade, but also ways to increase your win rate and ROI, and financial upscale.

While Negreanu will take you through the core intricacies of poker, from a finance perspective, you will understand what is at stake when you invest your money and how to deal with such risks. This is what matters in the end. This could well be one of the best personal finance courses online for cross-topic learning and inspiration.

Instructor: Daniel Negreanu | For: All levels | Rating: ★★★★★
Price: from $15/month. Access to all 100+ courses.
Info: View course page. | Browse all classes and topics.

8. Financial Markets – Coursera

Image Best Personal Finance Courses Online - Coursera- Financial Markets

Another Coursera option is the course “Financial Markets” (visit website). This beginner course is offered by Yale University and has a 97% positive rating. The finance course will teach you how to understand today’s financial practices, methods and institutions while preparing for future prospects, such as managing risk.

The seven-week modules are self-paced and consist of readings, videos and quizzes. The goal is to explain financial markets so that financial leaders and learners can use industries to create a better society.

Financial markets have real-world implications and reviews claim the course opened their eyes to “how human behavior and its expression through policy and law can result in both financial progress and also a crisis.”

Provider: Yale. Coursera | Instructor: Robert Shiller | Complete in 32 hours.
Pricing: Free. Certificate available for a fee. | User Review: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: Visit website. Get Coursera Plus – $39/month with certificate. View Website.

Tip: Keep learning. Here is a tutorial to learn how to be smart with money. To develop your financial literacy, browse our curated lists of the best cryptocurrency courses or real estate courses, or fintech courses, or accounting courses.

9. Finance for Everyone – Smart Tools For Decision-Making – edX

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - edX - Finance for Everyone

Money is something everyone uses. And finance tools, although they may feel intimidating, are relevant to everyone’s personal and professional lives.

“Finance for Everyone – Smart Tools” (visit website) is a finance course on edX that helps you make smarter monetary decisions every day. Understand the foundations of the financial world and learn how it relates to frequent situations in different aspects of life, using real-world examples.

Decision-making around finance will become easier as the course teaches different frameworks and skills are taught. Although self-paced, this finance course demands five or six hours of your time per week across a six-week timeframe.

While the course is introductory, it’s important to note that a foundation knowledge of accounting, mathematical concepts, and algebra is beneficial. Overall, edX offers one of the best personal finance courses online on a more academic level.

Provider: University of Michigan. edX | Level: Introductory
Instructors: Gautam Kaul | Duration:: 6 weeks. 5-6 hours/week
Info: View course. Certificate from $49

10. Managing Your Personal Finances – LinkedIn Learning

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - LinkedIn - Personal Finance

Do you know the golden rules of earning money? If not, “Managing Your Personal Finances” can help you learn the secrets to improving your relationships with money, starting with your attitude.

Offered through LinkedIn Learning and instructed by Jane Barrat of MX Technologies, Inc., the course covers earning, spending, saving and investing.

While covering the themes of personal finance, you’ll learn how to deal with taxes, how to make sense of your credit score, how to plan future income or invest money, how to create a balance between budgeting and spending or maximize the potential for earning.

The time commitment is less than two hours, making it a great introduction or refresher that can be done in the afternoon. It’s one of the easiest and best personal finance courses online to get started and learn the basics.

Instructors: Jane Barratt | Level: Beginner | Items: 9 Lectures
Info: From 26.99/month. Try all courses with free 1-month trial.

Reading: Improving your personal finances can be part of your personal growth journey. For inspiration, here is our list of the best personal development courses.

11. Financial Literacy – Alison

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - Alison Financial Literacy

More than 98,000 students have enrolled in Alison’s free online “Financial Literacy” course.

The course includes the basics: how to open a bank account, savings and checking accounts and how to use a credit card. Building upon the basics, the course teaches how to better manage finances, including budgeting, how to save money, cope with debt, understand insurance and plan for retirement.

The ten hours of coursework include practical tips for amplifying your savings, avoiding debt, taking advantage of tax benefits and more successfully creating monthly and yearly budgets. One of the best personal finance courses online that are available for free.

Publisher: Alison | Certification: Yes | Level: Beginner
Duration: 6-10 hours | Price: Free | User Rating: 4.1 ★★★★☆

12. How to Save Money – Making Smart Financial Decisions – edX

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - edX How To Save Money

One common struggle with personal finances is the inability to grow savings. Luckily, there’s a course for that. Offered through edX, “How to Save Money” teaches the basics of personal finance. This includes choosing insurance, how to balance saving with spending, how prioritizing debt, and how to invest for future wants and needs.

Instructed by a Professor from the University of California, Berkeley, the course covers four weeks, with a three-hour commitment each week. During this time, you’ll receive tips for saving money, practicing setting financial goals, improving your credit score and, perhaps most importantly, learning how to spend money in a way that helps you lead a happier life.

Provider: University of California. Berkely. edX
Level: Introductory. | Instructors: Terrance Odean
Duration:: 4 weeks. 2-3 hours/week | Pricing: Free. Certificate $49

13. edX – Introduction to Investments

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - Introduction to Investments, IMBx, edX

If you have an introductory knowledge of corporate finance and you’re looking to take your personal or professional financial literacy to the next level, the edX course “Introduction to Investments” may be a great option. If your goal is to be employed in the financial sector, you’ll gain applicable skills.

Equity market structures will be explained, including global structures of financial markets, techniques for valuing equity securities and how to utilize financial analysis tools. With these learnings and others, you’ll be ready to build valuation models for common stocks during this online finance course.

This intermediate course spans five weeks at a three to five-hour weekly commitment. It is among the best personal finance courses online that come for free and help students gain knowledge of investment essentials and strategies.

Provider: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. edX
Level: Intermediate. | Instructors: S.G. Badrinath
Duration:: 5 weeks. 3-5 hours/week | Pricing: Free. Certificate $50

14. Personal Finance Courses – Khan Academy

Image Personal Finance Courses - Khan Academy - Personal Finance

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into personal finance, consider this Khan Academy pathway, which consists of several smaller courses.

Various personal finance courses cover savings and budgeting, interest and debt, investment and retirement, income and benefits, housing, car expenses, taxes, paying for college, and keeping your information safe.

You can go through the entire pathway or pick and choose individual courses that are most relevant. Do tax forms stress you out? Or unsure whether you should rent or purchase a home? These real-world financial issues are addressed.

Finance Courses: 9 | Level: All | Price: Free

15. MoneyFit – Free Personal Finance Courses Online 

Image Personal Finance Courses - MonyFit Finance

MoneyFit Academy offers the following four free personal finance courses online. One option is “Setting Financial Goals” which helps learners of all generations gain the skills and confidence to vision, create plans, and reduce stress around money. 

The “Credit Basics” course provides just that – the basics of credit, including how to distinguish a credit score from a credit report and how to build a great credit ranking.

“A Game of Financial Choice and Consequence” is one of the “My Life My Choices” courses. Through interactive learning, you’ll learn to create priorities with spending money and how this relates to your daily life. The course activity is a fun environment to engage with daily scenarios and learn through doing. 

Do you want to live like a millionaire? MoneyFit has a class for that. The interactive class will offer an inside glimpse into the lifestyles of millionaires and may change your opinion. This is one of the best personal finance courses online for beginners to take for free.

Finance Courses: 4 | Level: All | Price: Free | Certificate: Yes

16. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals – GoSkills

Image Personal Finance Courses Online - GoSkills - Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

For many professional roles, having a strong foundational knowledge of finance is a major benefit. GoSkill’s “Finance for Non-Finance Professionals” teaches how to make smarter decisions with money that benefit businesses to be more efficient, have better projects and improve financial performance.

You’ll learn how to interpret financial data reports, understand cost variance and cost behavior and learn how to decide when to depreciate or capitalize an asset.  

The course is self-paced with no caps on the number of times you can take quizzes and exams. This means you can personalize your learning experience to align with your schedule. There are no prerequisites to enroll. You’ll receive a certificate upon completion. 

Instructor: Ray Sheen. GoSkills | Certificate: Yes
Level:  Beginner | Video Lectures: 16 | Study Time: 8 hours
User Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆

Choosing the Best Personal Finance Courses Online

Intrigued by the variety of classes available? Choosing the right and best personal finance courses might seem a bit overwhelming. Consider the following as a guide:

Define success – What are your motivations for taking one or multiple personal finance courses online? What is your starting point? Please ask yourself these questions and consider how the answers may align with the finance courses available. And even if your questions don’t have a definite answer, that’s okay. Just getting started is the first step. 

Scope – In addition to the personal finance courses outlined above, there are many other online courses and even in-person classes available. Explore and consider your options. 

Consider logistics – How much time do you want to commit? What is your budget? Is earning a certificate an important aspect of the course selection? There are options for everyone, so define your own parameters and find a finance course that aligns. 

Don’t be intimidated – Finances can be intimidating. Enrolling in finance courses can shed light on neglected areas in your life. By taking the first step to learning more, you’ll instantly gain confidence and start building a strong foundation. Be open and proactive.

Best Personal Finance Courses Online 2024 – Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best personal finance courses online.

Personal finance is just that: personal. Everyone’s relationship with money is different, but the basic concepts are shared. Empowering yourself with an understanding of finance can influence many aspects of life: professional, educational, and even spiritual.

With so many personal finance courses online, there’s something for a variance in financial goals, needs, and foundations.

Ultimately, your personal financial health is definitely a sound investment.

 Best Personal Finance Courses Online 2024

  1. Money EQ – Mindvalley
  2. How to Make Money – CreativeLive
  3. The Complete Personal Finance Course – Udemy
  4. The Fab Four of Personal Finance – Skillshare
  5. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals – Coursera
  6. Finance Foundations – LinkedIn Learning
  7. Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker & Finance – MasterClass
  8. Financial Markets – Coursera
  9. Finance for Everyone – Smart Tools For Decision-Making – edX
  10. Managing Your Personal Finances – LinkedIn Learning
  11. Financial Literacy – Alison
  12. How to Save Money – Making Smart Financial Decisions – edX
  13. edX – Introduction to Investments
  14. Personal Finance Courses – Khan Academy
  15. MoneyFit – Free Personal Finance Courses Online
  16. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals – GoSkills

What are the best personal finance courses online? Any favorites? Have we forgotten a must-have course on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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