Best Khan Academy Courses 2024

10 Best Khan Academy courses to develop new skills.

Image Best Khan Academy Courses To Learn New Skills

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit MOOC platform formed in 2008. A brainchild of Salman Khan, a renowned academic and educator, it has grown over the past decade to become a leading e-learning website trusted by many.

This post contains a compilation of some of the best Khan Academy courses that our readership can benefit from. You will find courses on science, economics, test preparation, and personal grooming in the list below.

Khan Academy Courses – An Overview

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“Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” Khan Academy’s motto says it all – free, world-class, anyone, anywhere! 

While this platform had a very humble beginning, its portfolio has expanded to include a wide array of courses for a range of age groups. College students, high-schoolers, kindergarteners, and even field experts use it to enhance their knowledge pool. 

Khan Academy courses in the following categories are offered at multiple learning levels:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Computing 
  • Economics 
  • Arts & Humanities 
  • Reading & Language Arts
  • Life Skills
  • Test Prep

Teaching – Khan Academy has distinguished itself from other online learning platforms with its distinct pedagogical approach. The whole learning experience is very personalized, with the instructors directly engaging in the activity via video, audio, and a digital blackboard. 

Features – Over time, the website introduced new features that let users track their progress via visual means. To keep the process fun and motivational, there are numerous rewards and badges that learners earn as they progress in their courses. Such developments are still added to the interface time and again as their teaching style keeps getting improved. 

Pricing – Khan Academy is also free of cost. The number of Khan Academy courses you take is limitless and you get full access to all resources for an unlimited time. Their business model is financed entirely by donations from generous people and corporations who finance its content development, new projects, and general operations.

Course list – We would like to mention here that the list below does not represent their entire portfolio, it is a non-exhaustive list of the best Khan Academy courses we think might suit you. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with what we have for you.

Reading tipBest language courses to learn another or multiple languages.

Best Khan Academy Courses – Top 4

Computer ProgrammingMacroeconomicsPersonal Finance
Khan Academy - Course Image - ProgrammingKhan Academy - Course Image - MacroeconomicsKhan Academy - Course Image - Personal Finance
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1. Computer Programming

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Computer Programming

Computer Programming is one of the most popular and best Khan Academy courses and a decent starting point if you are planning to venture into the web development business. 

The course is divided into 8 sections, the first 3 of which contain introductory lectures to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. The next 4 sections dive deeper into the applications of these languages such as game development, natural simulations, and interactive webpages. Throughout this course, there are challenges and projects to put your knowledge to the test.

The final section, ‘Meet the Professional’, is a unique feature. It carries interviews with various professionals working in the industry, inquiring about their lives and work. It is an inspiring read for young developers in the making. See sections here.

While these lectures will not make you a full-fledged programmer, this course is enough to give you a clear idea of what computer programming is. You can build upon this knowledge and get a job in any programming-related field from web development to machine learning.

2. Macroeconomics

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Macroeconomics

Having basic know-how of economics is a good life skill to have. Khan Academy does a good job of teaching Macroeconomics to students, educators, and people curious about the economy in general. It’s certainly one of the best Khan Academy courses to develop a profound understanding of how economies work and the challenges they commonly face.

The curriculum is divided into 8 parts. The learners are guided at first about basic economic principles and then walked through important topics such as national income, price determination, stabilization policies, etc. The Keynesian approach, along with the Hicks-Hanson macroeconomic model, is discussed as well.

The last chapter is quite interesting and contributes to this course’s uniqueness. Contemporary economic issues are looked at and analyzed from an economic standpoint, including the infamous 2008 Financial Crisis. View website.

You will be given practice quizzes after each topic is covered to reinforce what you have learned. If carried forward, this course can be a stepping stone for a career in economics.

3. Microeconomics

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Microeconomics

Microeconomics is different from macroeconomics. It deals with individual or corporate behaviors in economic markets, while the latter is centered on large-scale economies as a whole. This is one of the best Khan Academy courses if you need a starting point for a career in trade, business analysis, or building your own business.

This 9-part Microeconomics course on Khan Academy begins with basic explanations of core concepts. As the course progresses, topics like supply and demand, equilibrium, international trade, consumer theory, and competition are taught. The role of the government in maximizing economic well-being is highlighted.

A course challenge awaits at the end to test everything you have learned. It is similar to a formal exam with questions and time constraints. Moreover, the usual practice quizzes are also incorporated throughout these best Khan Academy courses.

Taking this course will enlighten you on the economic rules and regulations that govern our lives. With a better understanding of microeconomics, you can live better. Career-wise, this course can lead to interests that can end up in jobs like business management, economic research, economic advisor, etc. View page.

4. Personal Finance

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Personal Finance

Financial problems are an unavoidable part of our lives. How you plan for such hardships beforehand determines the extent of damage you incur. Khan Academy’s Personal Finance course will teach you all about managing your money and minimizing your financial risks.

This course offers life-saving advice on savings and budgeting, providing tips and tricks to track your expenses and spend a cost-effective month. The math side of interests and debts is discussed so you can do the digits easily. You will be learning about investment options, post-retirement planning, and taxes…. Finally!

Three of the most costly expenditures of one’s life – house, vehicle, and college – are also covered by the instructor. You will be shown the big picture, containing all the financial schemes and tracks, so you can decide which one suits you best. The final chapter touches upon data security strategies, which most individuals often ignore. View chapters.

In our opinion, this is one of the best Khan Academy courses in personal finance and is suitable for those wishing to improve financial literacy, get financial awareness or develop sustainable future planning strategies. Soon-to-be adults should take a look at it as well.

Tip: You may be interested in our round-up reviews of the best finance courses or fintech courses, cryptocurrency courses, or blockchain courses.

5. Careers

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Careers

In today’s rapidly diversifying world, knowing where your professional interests lie is a true blessing; unfortunately, not everyone is that blessed. If the multitude of career paths lying in front of you perplex you, a small investment in career counseling can do wonders.

Khan Academy has a ‘Careers’ course in its portfolio that can help you pinpoint your career path. This is a uniquely curated course which is essentially a collection of interviews with professionals representing a range of vocations.

The interviewees talk about issues like their education, the milestones they achieved to become what they are, where they are headed, and what their workday is like. Apart from these, they also discuss their financials so you know what you are getting into money-wise.

Some of the interesting careers covered in this Khan Academy course are health, tech, education, hospitality, criminal justice, and research. There is also a short section containing general advice on being a savvy professional. You will be learning how to negotiate, create networks, make decisions, and how to run a business. View page.

6. Prep SAT

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - SAT Prep

Khan Academy’s SAT Prep course is an extensive coaching resource that can make a difference in your SAT performance. Unlike a simple course, it is designed as software that does an all-around job of managing your preparation.

This program offers you a study schedule that is built specifically for you, using your exam date and past attempt scores. The practice section has 10 full practice tests and numerous section tests that you can use to master each portion of the exam. In our opinion, this modular design is quite effective if you are targeting a certain section of the exam.

Khan Academy also added a complete range of video lectures offering useful advice on key areas such as time management and college applications. The UI also lets you monitor your performance. There are hierarchal skill levels for each main knowledge area you achieve as you perform better in them. It is a good way of keeping track of your progress.

This course is undeniably very well-organized and unique, and it can be a game-changer for you!

7. Prep LSAT

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - LSAT Prep

The LSAT exam contributes a lot to set yourself apart from the pack in your law school application. A bit different from the SAT but it requires the same level of effort and holds a similar importance in your overall application.

The LSAT Prep program at Khan Academy (view) is modeled on the SAT Prep course mentioned above. Once enrolled, you take a diagnostic exam to evaluate your current standing. Then Khan Academy prepares a personalized schedule for you, which takes into mind factors like your exam date and target score.

The class encompasses lessons on all individual topics, worked examples, and general study guides with helpful tips and tricks. There are multiple reading resources as well that will get your brain in gear for the test.

There are multiple practice tests that you can take at your convenience. You can later review them and monitor your performance trends to get a clearer image of how well you are doing. We conclude that this class can lead to competitive scores if utilized to its fullest.

8. Physics

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Physics

Khan Academy’s Physics course provides a comprehensive round-up of high-school-level physics. If you are looking to revise forgotten topics or learn about basic physics in general, this is a great learning path.

It has 18 chapters dedicated to explaining core concepts like thermodynamics, motion, forces, cosmology, quantum physics, etc. Practice quizzes and challenges are used for assessments. The ‘Discoveries & Projects’ section contains numerous experiments to prove physics principles and engage students in the learning process.

A special section for AP Physics 1 students is also part of the package. If you are planning on taking the exam, this course offers practice questions for each topic. Another unique element of this Khan Academy course is the inclusion of several mini-apps in the curriculum. These interactive apps are used to demonstrate physical interactions in a virtual environment whose variables you can control.

Overall, this path is helpful for students looking to further enhance their knowledge. If you find an interest in any of these topics, you can become a scientist later on, who knows!

9. Chemistry

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Chemistry

The Chemistry course is quite similar to the Physics section mentioned above. The class is structured on high school chemistry curricula and is ideal for revision purposes.

The instructor starts with basic particles like atoms/molecules/ions; then moves on to the periodic table, chemical groups, and reactions, and finally discusses concepts like nuclear chemistry as well as organic chemistry. The AP Chemistry exam prep section has useful response questions for students looking to ace the exam. Like the physics course, quizzes, practice questions, and readings are included as tests of knowledge.

People interested in pursuing chemistry as a career will find the ‘Meet the Chemistry Professional’ portion particularly motivating. Read about famous scientists and be inspired. This course can help you out in your AP Chemistry exam, and university courses with Chemistry as a pre-requisite, and can play a part in helping you secure a Chemistry-related job.

10. Biology

Image of Best Khan Academy Courses - Biology

The Khan Academy Biology course is our last suggestion from their science category. This series offers a lot of content on high-school biology and is much more detailed as compared to the Physics and Chemistry courses.

The structure, however, is similar to the aforementioned courses. It has quizzes and challenges in-between topics, a ‘Meet the Biology Professional’ section, and Biology AP prep material. The main areas of knowledge the teacher discusses include Carbon properties, energy & enzymes, cells, photosynthesis, genes, etc.

Apart from these, there are intriguing lectures on biotechnology, developmental biology, evolution and natural selection, and physiology. It is an all-inclusive learning package!

Khan Academy’s Biology section also incorporates crash courses on Biology and Ecology, so if you are short of time or a new learner, you can take these instead of the regular lecture series. The knowledge this class delivers is enough to spark an interest in biology and can lead to exciting study or work opportunities in the future. Read more here.

Best Khan Academy Courses – Pros & Cons

Image Best Khan Academy Courses - Mobile Screenshot

Khan Academy is popular among users for several reasons. First of all, it is completely free, which is a major benefit for students looking for cheap options. In addition to this, the teaching style and progress tracking we mentioned at the start are definite pros of this platform.

The overall interface is easy to use as well. There are separate sections for each affair and you can conveniently navigate to different Khan Academy courses and features. You can access the platform through all web browsers or study on your iOS and Android devices.

While Khan Academy is available in multiple languages, which is great for international students, we would like to point out that most of the curricula are US-focused and thus a bit mismatched with what other countries teach.

Khan Academy also has an impressive variety of courses to choose from. One thing that has been noted, however, is that this diversity is not seen among subjects. By this, we mean that if you have a slightly unusual interest, you might not find a relevant course.

Alternatives: There are many other providers of online courses available. edX and Coursera do offer free university education but paid certification while Udacity courses, Skillshare or LinkedIn Learning courses offer mainly premium content.

Khan Academy Courses 2024 – Summary

Wrapping up our tour of the Khan Academy courses online. Learning is a lifelong process and everyone should try and keep it that way. Khan Academy has dedicated itself to providing people with this opportunity.

We wrote this round-up of the best Khan Academy courses to spread awareness about this platform and point college-goers and adults to the right learning path. We hope we did it right and you are now genuinely intrigued and wanting to explore their website.

Best Khan Academy Courses 2024

  1. Computer Programming
  2. Macroeconomics
  3. Microeconomics
  4. Personal Finance
  5. Careers
  6. Prep SAT
  7. Prep LSAT
  8. Physics
  9. Chemistry
  10. Biology

Best of luck! What are the best Khan Academy courses in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. What are the prospects for additional Engineering paths in the future? Particularly Aerospace, Astronautical et al.

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