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Become a SuperLearner was one of the first courses I took online years ago, and I still love going back to this class for reviews, updates, and inspiration. If you need a class that shows you how to learn effectively and process large amounts of information, keep reading our Become a SuperLearner review covering learning outcomes, pros and cons.

Become a SuperLearner 2 – Course Overview

In a nutshell, Become a SuperLearner 2 helps students to learn new material, information, and skills much faster and with greater accuracy. It aims to improve your reading speed while generating an in-depth understanding of the material read. Practically, you can read books in a much more effective way.

One of the most rewarding goals, however, is that Become a SuperLeaner will teach you how to memorize facts easily and retrieve them quickly. Become a SuperLearner is among the most popular Udemy courses and is suitable for anyone who wants to absorb and retain large chunks of data.

Learning goals and outcomes

  1. Increase reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. Students will, on average, triple their reading speed with an 80% comprehension level.
  2. Learn and practice a number of memory and visualization techniques to process, recall and retrieve knowledge and facts efficiently.
  3. Learn how to use your brain and cognitive functioning to receive, process, store and review big chunks of information in the long run.

Teaching material – The course provides material in the form of videos, documents, assignments, games, quizzes, interactive worksheets, or online resources to create an in-depth learning experience. Students can also ask questions via the forum, and I recommend making use of that opportunity as often as you can.

Students: 200K+ | Review rating: 4.5 ★★★★☆
Language: English | Auto Subtitles: 11 Languages
Pricing: from $11.99. View course. Save up to 95%.

Become a SuperLearner 2 – Top Skills to Learn

Image Become a SuperLearner 2 - Course Overview

1. Memory Skills

Processing huge amounts of information but lacking the ability to retain and retrieve it when necessary is not the most effective way to gain new knowledge. Thus, developing your memory skills is the first topic to be covered in the Become A SuperLearner course.

Chunking – You will learn an effective mnemonic method known as chunking technique which is grouping strings or sets of data or numbers into chunks making it easier to memorize and recall. Practice chunking intensively during the course.

Dual Coding – Another focus is on two important aspects of the SuperLearning methodology, namely ‘Dual Coding’ and ‘Brute Force Learning’. Dual coding uses visual and verbal associations while brute force learning is pretty much as the name suggests. Same here, there are lots of exercises to master these skills.

Visual memory – One of my favorite course sections is learning how visual memory can be applied to the text. There is a demonstration of how it works but expect some hard work here to become confident.

Markers – You will also learn how to use and improve markers as well as how to make use of creative and logical markers. You will be of course tested on this to confirm you have understood the information.

2. Accelerated Reading

Become a SuperLearner 2 is also a speed reading course, and this is probably a subject you might be highly interested in. You will explore strategies to overcome learning barriers or bad reading habits as well as to increase the reading pace and understanding.

SQ3R System – A quick pre-quiz on pre-reading at the beginning will clear up any misconceptions before being introduced to the SQ3R system. You will also learn strategies to maintain focus and generate interest in a topic which is followed by practical demonstrations and another quiz at the end.

Comprehension – Watch the instructor on how to realistically gauge your comprehension. Complete a diagnostic worksheet and a pre-quiz afterward.

Bad Habits – Become A SuperLearner aims to overcome some of the biggest obstacles that slow readers down which are subvocalization and retention. Study essential reading strategies using saccades to move your eyes faster, wider and more effectively. Demonstrations will show how it works in real time.

3. Additional skills

  • Make study time more productive and enjoyable
  • Easily break down learning challenges
  • Instantly memorize ideas, facts, or numbers
  • Lifelong memory retention
  • Learn new languages with ease
  • Remember names and faces every time
  • Apply tips and strategies to any subject
  • Improve reading pace up to 900 words per minute (average is 300)
  • Improve attention, focus, and motivation

Become a SuperLearner – Pros and Cons

Overall, Become A SuperLearner is a well-organized tutorial offering a combination of unique techniques as well as proven concepts to develop learning, fast reading, brain performance and visualization skills. Below we list some of the benefits and downsides.

SuperLearner Pros

  • High-quality and professional lectures that are easy to follow.
  • Effective techniques and learning methods.
  • Easy to comprehend sections, video tutorials, and quizzes.
  • Starting skills are bench-marked to measure improvement.
  • Simple to download and follow, play, or replay lectures on any device.
  • Games and a large list of resources to further improve skills.
  • Lifetime access to all resources and materials including updates.
  • Subtitles: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish. [All auto-generated.]

SuperLearner Cons

  • High original pricing cost of $145. But that’s marketing. Get it from ($11.99).
  • The course language is English only but skills can be applied in any other language
  • Not a con, but you will need to be proactive to get the most out of the class.
  • Some speed reading techniques can be learned through a free tutorial.
  • Auto-generated subtitles might not catch everything in a different language.

General – Neither pro or con, just good to know. You learn on your favorite device be it your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. Udemy will recognize where you left off so you continue on a different device. Students will get a certification upon completion, however, don’t expect professional recognition here. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

SuperLearner Alternatives: Iris Reading | Spreeder VIP

Become a Superlearner 2 – Review Verdict

image of udemy superleaner course

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Become a SuperLearner 2

Wrapping up our Become A SuperLearner review.

Compared to similar courses available, Udemy’s Become a SuperLearner 2 seems to cover a lot more, introduce cutting-edge techniques and provide practical skills that can be applied in real life. The people behind the course are also deeply involved in the topic and have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist learners.

Feedback from those who have completed this course has been overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of students, by now more than 200,000, noticed a significant jump in their reading speed, memory, retention, and retrieval.

The few that gave negative feedback were rather minor issues and a few mentioned that some of the information would be already available on the internet anyway. If you already have a solid knowledge of the topics mentioned above, you might need rather skip those sections and focus purely on memory and retention skills instead.

Below is a quick round-up of the curriculum and the instructors. I think the teacher is the most important part of a class as she or he can encourage you to learn more and implement what you have learned. And, as mentioned above, ambitious encouragement is exactly what you need to complete this project.

Curriculum – 10 sections. 63 lectures. 6h duration.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Introduction to the concept of memory.
  3. Explore the power of visual memory.
  4. What are mental markers?
  5. How to create & maintain long-term memories?
  6. Steps to pre-read and prepare the material.
  7. Read with your eyes. Stop Subvocalization.
  8. How to speed things up? Techniques.
  9. How to adopt good learning habits?
  10. Implement what you learn. Use your new abilities.

Become a Superlearner – Coupon

Based on that, I’d recommend Become A SuperLearner to anyone who studies or needs to digest large chunks of facts and data regularly. If you need a coupon to get the course cheaper, click the following link to view the course and save more than 90%.

Become a Superlearner – About the Teachers

Jonathan Levi is a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor and one of Udemy’s most popular instructors. He’s the CEO of SuperHuman Enterprises, a company focusing on a wide range of learning products. He also leads The SuperLearner Academy which creates and distributes online classes in speed learning and productivity. These are a much-touted addition to the Become A SuperLearner course.

Dr. Lev Gold completed his Ph.D. in machine learning at the age of 27. He has used his knowledge of ML on human learning to maximize learning results and work with large sets of data and information. Apart from being highly involved in this class’s technical aspects, he collaborates with individuals, start-ups, and companies in various industries.

Prof. Anna Goldentouch had to improve her learning skills at a young age to deal with her dyslexia. She took many courses to learn more about the subject and earned degrees in sociology and education. Anna has been teaching about reading and memory performance, and didactic techniques for many years. She works with government services and businesses from all industries.

Have you taken the Become a SuperLearner 2 course? Please leave a comment below.

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