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Spreeder Review VIP – Increase reading speed. Become more productive.

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Spreeder is an all-in-one solution to learn to read fast and speed read digital content using RSVP technology. The program is suitable for anyone interested in improving their reading pace and efficiency.

Overall, it offers powerful features aimed at enhancing your reading speed and vocabulary as well as eliminating bad reading habits or processing large amounts of information. Read our 7 Speed Reading & Spreeder review here.

Branding update: 7 Speed Reading and Spreeder have been merged. We will mention both names in this review to maintain brand recognition. However, Spreeder is now the main software combining the features of both programs.

Spreeder – Learning Goals and Highlights

  • View website to see all features and specifications.
  • Triple your reading speed and improve comprehension.
  • Eliminate bad reading habits such as regression and sub-vocalization.
  • Enjoy expert video courses from recognized teachers.
  • Step-by-step training based on scientific reading strategies.
  • Use eBooks, web content or documents to practice.
  • Set smart reading goals and track your progress effectively.
  • Commit to only a few minutes a day to sharpen your reading skills.
  • Use the speed eReader to increase your knowledge base.
  • Build new vocabulary with curated word lists or create your own.
  • Access premium VIP software to improve productivity and time management.
  • Enjoy Spreeder with 4 other users.
  • Access on Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
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Company: eReflect Software
Features: eReader, courses, games, vocab
Price: From $7. Free for 7 days. View website.
For: Web, Desktop, Browser, iOS, Android
Spreeder Review Rating: ★★★★★ | 4.9

Let’s now look a bit closer at the most important features of Spreeder that will assist you in improving both your reading speed and comprehension.

Spreeder VIP – 10 Features

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1. Seven Reading Strategies

Inherited from 7 Speed Reading, Spreeder offers seven different strategies to eliminate reading habits that are detrimental to the reading process while improving the ease of the entire process. These strategies include:

1. Subvocalization Elimination – Avoid saying the words in your mind while reading.
2. Regression Elimination – This means not going over the text read previously.
3. Information Processing – Enhances your rate of assimilation.
4. Memory – Boosts your ability to recall everything you have read before.
5. Comprehension – Improves comprehension at an increased speed of reading.
6. Fixation Expansion – Assists you in assimilating several words in a text at once.
7. Full Brain Utilization – Use the full capacity of the brain when reading.

2. Set Customized Goals

Settings – With Spreeder, you get to choose your desired reading and comprehension goals such as the word per minute target for reading speed and the level of comprehension in percentile. This allows you to train and attain your desired target within you’re a specified time frame.

Compare results – Within the tutor, you can compare your goals with your stats or update your goals at any time during the training. At the end of every reading exercise, a comprehension test is taken to review your performance. You can compare your scores with another user within Spreeder.

3. Learn From Experts – Video Classes

Image 7 Speed Reading - Spreeder Review  - Screenshot Video Tutorials

One special feature of Spreeder (view website) is the use of video tutorials to assist you in training with precision. These visual tutorials are provided by renowned experts such as Kathleen L. Hawkins, Abby Marks Beale, and international trainer Sean M Kelly.

Other experts include Tina Konstant and Kris Madden, who happen to have written a very popular book titled Learn to Speed Read. Marie Jager is another expert specializing in the area of ergonomics, especially as it concerns reading and the eyes. Visual explanations by these experts make the tool quite appealing.

4. Spreeder Training Activities

Image 7 Speed Reading - Spreeder Review  - Screenshot Training Exercises

Twenty-four (24) scientifically designed training activities and games cover all the necessary segments to assist you in training to read more than twice your baseline reading speed and still comprehend much more than in the past.

The whole training activities require little effort when compared to the benefits of the training activities. To achieve your desired goal, simply follow the easy-to-use instructions given during the activities. There are two main training modules:

Step by Step Module – Provides beginners with adequate information to assist them to become better readers. In fact, this is a good place to get started using Spreeder.

Advanced Levels – Provides more informed users with the opportunity to improve on specific areas of their choice. Activities within the app have about ten levels and students will also need to complete a test at the end of each level to assess their reading speed and level of comprehension.

Vocab Trainer – There is a separate training module to build your communication skills and learn new words, which in turn will allow you to read more efficiently. There are 636 curated expert lists. You can generate your own lists for studying or exam preparation.

4. Exercises in Spreeder (7 Speed Reading)

Spreeder provides a series of training modules explaining different exercises that can strengthen the eye muscles. Within these you will find:

  • Fixation Training
  • Maximization
  • Optic-Nerve
  • Eye-Muscle Fitness
  • Maximization
  • Tests
  • Games
  • Information Progressing

6. Data and Statistics, Progress Tracking

Image 7 Speed Reading - Spreeder Review  - Screenshot Progress Tracking

Speed reading is incomplete without statistics, and Spreeder seems to be aware of that fact as it helps you track your progress. It also ensures succeeding activities are in line with your needs. Visit their website for more details.

According to tests from the software, the customized activities improve the efficiency and speed of the user by more than 100% while reducing the input of the user by a little more than 200%.

When used for the first time, Spreeder measures your average reading speed through a test, after which your progress is recorded based on the result of the test. There are two other ways by which the app helps you track your progress:

Reading Performance Monitor – This section shows your overall progress.

Adaptive Usage Monitor – Here your abilities in certain segments are displayed allowing you to identify areas you might be lacking in so you can read more effectively.

7. RSVP, eBooks & Document Reader

Image 7 Speed Reading - Spreeder Review  - Screenshot eBooks

RSVP reader – Spreeder is known to be one of the best RSVP readers to speed read digital content such as websites, blog posts, and documents. It supports 46 different file formats. You can upload your own content or use any text from websites.

eBooks – Use any of the 20,477 e-books included for practicing and exercising. The e-books cater to every reading level from third grade to advanced readers. However, don’t expect the world’s top books here, it’s mainly meant for training. You can also add your own eBooks to your account and cloud library.

Documents, Files, Wiki – The eBooks are tailored for specific ages so you can choose the eBook that matches your reading level. Readers can also access online wiki articles through their accounts. Users can also import their desired document files into Spreeder to create their own lessons.

Topics – Business, psychology, science and law are some of the top categories within the collection. However, use any wiki article of your choice to practice and increase your knowledge while exercising at the same time. As said, you can fast read any of your documents with the Spreeder eReader function.

8. Five (5) User Accounts

Spreeder allows up to 5 users on several computers to access the app with password protection to provide you with the privacy you require. It also allows you to learn with other users by sharing reading materials with them.

Also, you can download the program to several computers, and since it automatically saves your progress, you can log out on one and continue on another by storing all your activities in the cloud. However, the cloud option requires internet access.

9. Time Management

Spreeder allows you to devote more time to family and other tasks that might require your attention since you spend less time reading. The software requires a 7-minute investment only which is ideal for those who value their time. Furthermore, with Spreeder VIP you will also get access to premium software to increase your productivity and develop your time-management skills.

10. Functionality

Spreeder allows the user to adjust the font and size of the text, ensuring you don’t strain your eyes – a common problem reading off a computer screen. Spreeder also comes with an ergonomics section that aims to assist you in getting organized for the reading process.

Aside from the font and size of the text, Spreeder allows you to adjust the reading rate and the number of lines within every exercise and level. Note that for different exercises, an increase in level doesn’t change the exercise rather the speed and complexity of the exercise increase.

One great addition, thanks to the merge of 7 Speed Reading and Spreeder, is a dark theme mode. Many users seem to be able to better concentrate within dark mode. With the upgrade, there is now also better support for mobile devices using iOS and Android.

eReflect products: Read our review on other eReflect software – Typesy.

Spreeder Review – Pros & Cons

Image 7 Speed Reading - Spreeder Review  - Screenshot Word Lists

Spreeder Pros

  • The interface of Spreeder is simple and easy to use.
  • The expert video tutorials are one of the app’s biggest benefits and offer high-quality advice from some of the most recognized teachers.
  • With the progress tracking monitor of Spreeder, you can observe if you are making progress and what areas you need to improve on.
  • Compared to other speed reading courses, Spreeder allows synchronizing activities between different devices and browser apps.
  • The great group learning allows several users to share the same reading text.
  • If you prefer using your own material in training, upload your text for practice.
  • Create up to five users and install it on as many devices as you want. A family or group of five can all have their individual accounts and train separately.
  • Benefit from all system and feature updates.

Spreeder – Good to Know

  • The backend may take a little longer to load.
  • A license is subscription-based. You will need to renew to keep using it.
  • Some of the e-books in Spreeder are rather dull which can be boring to read.
  • The cloud option is internet-dependent.
  • You may not need all the features. However, you can cancel anytime.

Spreeder Cancellation Policy

eReflect provides a flexible cancellation policy if it isn’t what it says it is. You can test Spreeder for 7 days for free. Setting you back only $11 a month, this is a risk-free investment and commitment that you can cancel anytime. These points to the confidence they repose in the course. However, terms and conditions apply as usual.

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Spreeder Review VIP 2024 – Verdict

Wrapping up our Spreeder review.

Spreeder (view website) is a decent reading improvement tutor and sophisticated RSVP Reader that can be highly effective. The customizable features are quite appealing since it allow you to organize your training effectively.

Furthermore, having it pay attention to the importance of the eye while reading is commendable. Spreeder is definitely a good buy when accepting both the benefits and cons it comes with.

Spreeder Long-term Benefits

Continuous usage of the course enhances your ability to read faster and comprehend more with time. This is bound to be beneficial to students since it improves their overall class performance while assisting them to pass their exams excellently.

Also, professionals looking to give their careers a boost might find the program helpful. They can acquire more knowledge which is a highly treasured resource. Spreeder also enables the user to read more without feeling strained of having a lot to read.

Spreeder for Schools – EDU

Spreeder has an EDU version which means schools can also use it. This allows the students to work without interference while they share the same material.

The class also comes across as properly thought-out since it allows the teacher to observe what exactly the students are doing and their individual progress. Spreeder for schools is compatible with the curriculums in all English-speaking countries.

If you like this Spreeder review please share it on your favorite social network. What do you think about the merge of 7 Speed Reading and Spreeder? Review in the comments below.

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