Best NFT Courses Online 2024

18 Best NFT courses online – Learn to mint, buy & trade NFTs.

Image Best NFT Courses Online - Learn to Mint, Buy & Trade NFTs

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have been a booming concept lately, driving great attention and investment. The concept of an NFT is simple but unlocks massive opportunities.

When you think of an NFT, think of a unique asset, such as a piece of art, antique, an avatar, a collectible edition of something, or ownership verification, but which only exists in the digital world and is certified as authentic and one-of-a-kind.

The growing interest in NFTs has increased the demand for online courses that educate novice but curious individuals on minting and trading NFTs on the blockchain. Below we give you a tour of the best NFT courses online suitable for beginners and intimidates alike.

NFT Courses Online – Overview

The concept of an NFT or a non-fungible token is closely tied to the emergence of blockchain and DeFi. NFTs are essentially digital certificates of authenticity, also known as digital tokens. These work just like any traditional token that can be created bought, sold, or traded but unlike the physical world, NFTs are traded on the blockchain.

NFTs have real-world use cases in the medical industry, real estate, academia, the supply chain, the gaming industry, and any place where authenticity, rarity, and manufacturing records matter. Creators who mint these NFTs can drive valuable profits by trading them since it’s the rarity of these NFTs that dictate their price.

At the same time, the exploding interest in NFTs has also alerted fly-by-night people and ventures into action. This means that along with the opportunities, there are growing risks and security issues tied to the use of NFTs which will surface later in this article.

Fortunately, there are many NFT courses online that notify novice learners about these issues and the various ways to safely navigate in the NFT domain.

Best NFT Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Blockchain CouncilUdemy101 BlockchainsMoralis Academy
Logo Image of Blockchain Council NFT CoursesImage of Udemy NFT CoursesImage of 101 Blockchains NFT CourseLogo Image of Moralis ACADEMY NFT Courses
NFT ExpertNFT FundamentalsNFT ProfessionalNFT Business
$179from $11.99$399from $22/month
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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are an emerging technology. The markets are volatile. The following list of the best NFT courses online is not meant to encourage you to become an investor but suggests educational resources to gather essential knowledge.

1. Certified NFT Expert – Blockchain Council

Image of Certified NFT Expert - Blockchain Council

The Certified NFT Expert (visit website) is an in-depth NFT course online exploring almost all of the existing NFT aspects within the Ethereum ecosystem. Offered by Blockchain Council, it is an NFT course for beginners and is suitable for those who want to increase their digital finance literacy with little to no prior knowledge.

Upon completing this exam-based program, students should be able to fully comprehend the Ethereum-based platforms for NFTs and obtain a head start in the blockchain industry. Students start with an intro to virtual reality that will be followed by key concepts such as Ethereum tokens, NFT technology stacks, operations on NFT, and the history of NFT.

By the end, you will have a complete understanding of the NFT assets, the workings behind smart contracts, and decentralized applications. Along the way, users will also encounter NFT use cases and learn to differentiate between fungible and non-fungible tokens. This is among the best NFT courses online if you want certification.

Provider: Blockchain Council | For: Beginners
Duration: 2 days | Certificate: Online Exam | Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★
Info: View course. $149. Self-paced class. Browse all classes.

2. NFT Skill Path (5 NFT Courses) – 101 Blockchains

Image NFT Skill Path (5 NFT Courses) - 101 Blockchains

The NFT Skill Path on 101 Blockchains (visit website) contains 5 in-depth online NFT courses and resources that cover the fundamentals of Ethereum technology, Polygon, DeFi and NFTs. The popular program is best suited for beginners and intermediates.

These NFT courses, webinars and resources are created by experts and cover topics such as setting up a node, deploying an NFT, or creating an NFT marketplace. Students will also learn the basics of NFTs, blockchain, Polygon, DeFi, Ethereum and NFT creation.

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize traditional models of digital asset ownership. As new NFT ecosystems progress, there may also be a growing need for specialized professionals such as artists, smart contract developers, and community managers.

Thus, if you are interested in this space, you can acquire theoretical and technical skills through this diverse study path and ideally start developing a project or NFT collection of your own. It is among the best NFT courses online for beginners looking to dive into the NFT space for investment, art, or business purposes.

Provider: 101 Blockchains | For: Beginners | Certificate: Yes
Price: $25/month. Access to all courses. For membership plans look here.
Info: View course page. Browse category with all online NFT courses.

3. NFT Fundamentals: Buy, Create, Sell NFTs – Udemy

Image of Fundamentals: Buy, Create, Sell NFTs – Udemy

Udemy’s NFT Course – Fundamentals (visit website) trains individuals in the basics of minting, buying, and selling NFTs. It is suitable for beginners and anyone hoping to explore the NFT industry with the hopes of increasing their financial literacy, expanding their business, and earning profit in a fun way.

Upon enrolling in the class, you will begin learning about the foundational concepts of NFT. Learners will better understand what NFTs are and how they work. Next, you will learn about the popular platforms for NFT trading, such as OpenSea. Along the way, students will begin learning how to buy, create and sell their own NFTs.

Rated as one of the best NFT courses online for beginners, students will be acquainted with primary terms and concepts and confidently buy and trade NFTs in a professional way. It’s a good starting point for investors with little experience.

Instructor: George Levy, Udemy | Level: Beginners, Intermediates
Lectures: 30 | Video: 2.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category NFTs on Udemy.

4. Certified NFT Developer – Blockchain Council

Image of Certified NFT Developer - Blockchain Council

The Certified NFT Developer course (visit website) by Blockchain Council is aimed at those who wish to extend their skill set by gaining an in-depth insight into the NFT domain. You will learn how to use this knowledge to build your own NFT platforms for businesses.

The class teaches students about the prerequisites for an NFT creator, various types of NFTs, trading of NFTs on Ethereum, and ways to build exciting and functional projects. 

After completing the eight modules, participants will practice their new skills in a series of four projects to gain an in-depth and practical understanding of the NFT marketplace on Polygon withRactJS, build the NFT book store, and create an NFT game.

By the end, students should have an extensive comprehension of Ethereum-based platforms for the selling, buying, and trading of NFTs and a head start for practical applications. This is one of the best NFT courses online to actively get involved in building NFT services and creating NFT based products.

Provider: Blockchain Council | For: Entrepreneurs, Professionals
Time: 9 hours | Certificate: Online Exam | Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★
Info: View course. $229. Self-paced class. Browse all classes

5. Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) – 101 Blockchains

Image of Certified NFT Professional, 101 Blockchains

The Certified NFT Professional (visit website) on 101 Blockchains is a beginner-level course for individuals who wish to acquaint themselves with NFTs from scratch.

In this popular NFT course, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the Ethereum blockchain. It covers the scope and objectives of the NFTs; the best practices for buying, trading, and selling NFTs; and identifying the lucrative opportunities in this field.

You will also learn how and why the blockchain and NFTs have taken over the digital landscape and revolutionized the ownership of digital assets. The NFT course discusses important use cases, challenges, risks, and benefits associated with trading these tokens.

Other important concepts are the key components in Blockchain, the difference between crypto, NFTs and tokens, the Metaverse, authenticity, and transferability of NFTs, copyright and fraud-related challenges, smart contracts, or the creation of NFTs. This class is among the best NFT courses online if you wish to take a career-focused approach to NFTs.

Provider: 101 Blockchains | For: Advanced beginners | Certificate: Yes
Time: 4 weeks. 3-4 hours/week | Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. $499 or $25/month. Browse all NFT courses and the full catalog.

6. Build an NFT Marketplace – Moralis Academy

Image of Build an NFT Marketplace, Moralis Academy

Build an NFT Marketplace (visit website) by Moralis Academy is an intermediate-level program to help learners create and deploy their decentralized apps (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Before enrolling in this popular online NFT course, learners must have some practical experience with programming and the crypto ecosystem.

Moralis Academy has created this course to aid learners in understanding end-to-end dApp development, which is the backbone of web3. During this pragmatic journey, you will have the opportunity to test and build your own dApps and smart contracts.

The class begins with a deep dive into building the front end. Students will then move to the intricacies of smart contracts, web3.js, breeding kitties, and the NFT marketplace. By the end, you will have a sufficient understanding of Web3.js, MetaMask, Ganache, and Truffle. This is one of the best NFT courses online for programmers and tech enthusiasts.

Provider: Moralis Academy | For: Intermediates | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Instructor: Felip Martinsson | Skills: NFT, dApps, Web3
Info: View course. From $22/month. See pricing info on Moralis Academy.

7. NFT Fundamentals Course – 101 Blockchains

Image of NFT Fundamental Course - 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains (visit website) offers a solid NFT course for beginners and curious individuals looking to expand into the market by grasping concepts underpinning both crypto and the NFT industry. It is a 3-hour class that allows individuals to understand both the NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain.

Students will begin with a module highlighting the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens. One of the key areas of focus here would be learning about the potential of tokenization. You will also learn about the scope and objectives of NFTs, along with the best practices involved in the trading, purchasing, and selling of NFTs.

This is one of the best NFT courses online to get a comprehensive grasp of the historical evolution of NFTs and how it ties to their relevance today. You will understand the impact of the NFTs on the digital ecosystem and identify core terms in the industry such as marketplace applications, collectibles, trading cards, games, utility, virtual world, etc.

Provider: 101 Blockchains | For: Beginners | Certificate: Yes | 4.7 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. From $25/month. Browse all NFT courses and the full catalog.

Reading tip: We recommend browsing our reviews of the best crypto courses or DeFi courses, or blockchain courses, Coursera courses, Skillshare classes or Udacity nanodegrees or Fintech courses to further expand your knowledge.

8. NFT Art Masterclass – Skillshare

Image of NFT Artist Masterclass – Skillshare

The NFT Art Masterclass on Skillshare (visit website) is a compact program designed for beginners who wish to understand the driving concepts behind NFTs: what they are, how they obtain value, and how you can use them to maximize profit. The class aims to help learners understand and implement this technology in their own art.

Some of the key skills you will pick up in this best NFT course include bitcoin, digital art, digital marketing, design business, and inquiry-based learning. To better understand the ecosystem, learn about the history of NFTs, reasons to create your own NFTs, ways to successfully leverage this trend, or to confidently navigate the NFT marketplaces.

By the end, students will handle NFT vocabulary with confidence, understand how NFTs are changing the way art is viewed and created, and use this trend to their advantage. This is one of the best NFT courses online for creatives and artists.

Instructor: Benji Wilson | Level: Beginner | Lectures: 12 | Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. From $15/month. Get 30% Off Premium. Access to all courses.

9. Master NFTs in 7 Days Course

Image of Master NFTs in 7 Days - NAS Academy

Master NFTs in 7 Days by NAS Academy is a comprehensive masterclass to learn the ropes of understanding, creating, minting, and trading NFT confidently. Led by Ben Yu, this NFT course for beginners has no prerequisites and is designed to impart the best NFT investment strategies with minimal risks.

As you enroll in the course, you will learn key elements such as safe investment and the strategies needed to avoid losing money to scams, failed projects, and hacks. There are six modules that will begin with explaining the concept of NFT before moving on to the strategies to buy the right NFT.

This is among the best NFT courses online and will build on prior concepts in a step-wise albeit succinct manner taking students from square one to the status of sufficient mastery. The class has an active community to ask questions and follow the latest trends.

Provider: NAS Academy | For: Beginners | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Instructor: Ben Yu | Duration: 7 days | Skills: NFT Strategies
Info: $149. Installments possible. Browse all courses on NAS Academy.

10. The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything about NFTs – Udemy

Image of Learn Everything about NFTs - Udemy

The Complete NFT Course (visit website) is a comprehensive class offered by Udemy that dives into beginner and intermediate-level concepts of the NFT universe. You will be able to expand your skillset in digital finance through the introduction to NFT use cases, NFT Smart contracts, NFT minting, IPFS storage, investing and selling NFTs, and security.

Coming out of the course, you will understand the technology driving the NFTs and the blockchain. In addition, students will be able to strategize on how to avoid scams, invest safely in NFTs, recognize the steps involved in minting, and understand Ethereum, crypto wallets, blockchain wallets, and MetaMask.

The class will also explore the history of NFTs and other related concepts such as smart contracts, marketplaces, and mint generative art NFTs. This could be one of the best NFT courses online if you look for a more comprehensive approach to NFTs.

Instructor: Henrique Centieiro, Udemy | Level: Beginners, Intermediates
Lectures: 48 | Video: 4.75 hours | User Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category NFTs on Udemy.

11. NFT & GameFi Course – RocketFuel

Image of RocketFuel Meta - NFT & GameFi Course

RocketFuel NFT is an educational NFT course program and a popular community for budding crypto enthusiasts who wish to learn how to safely invest in the NFT space. It is particularly suitable for those in search of a community of like-minded folks who can teach them the essentials of investing in NFT and the GameFi sections.

Rocketfuel proudly iterates its vision of helping the NFT community understand the best practices of investing in this digital space and leveraging it to secure financial freedom. Upon enrolling, participants will be assisted with essential resources compartmentalized for the GameFi Arcade and the NFT Academy.

The purpose of these tools is to aid the understanding of emerging NFT users when it comes to the background, price, and risks associated with top blockchain games as well as trading strategies in the world of NFTs.

The toolbox also includes how-to videos and analytical tools to maximize your trading experience. Enrolling in this NFT course will also get students exclusive whitelist access to the top NFT projects in the general crypto landscape. This includes notable upcoming projects as well. Mount on that the opportunity to buy NFTs even before public releases.

Instructor: Jeff Wang. RocketFuel | Level: All | Price: Premium from $59/month.
Content: Vidoe tutorials, NFT analysis, Premium support, Videos, Community

12. Turn Your Art into an NFT – Skillshare 

Image of Turn Your Art into an NFT – Skillshare

Turn Your Art into an NFT (visit website) is a beginner-level course aimed at learners, especially artists, who wish to transfer their artistic skills to the NFT world. This is a hands-on course to learn the practical tools to mint and register your own NFT.

Your journey will begin with a dive into the basics of NFTs. After exploring questions such as what is an NFT and why artists need one, you will start creating your own token. Next comes getting your wallet, followed by depositing your crypto and minting the artwork.

The final module will be based on the various blockchains you can mint the NFTs on. A hands-on project asks students to mint and share their first-ever NFTs. This is among the best NFT courses online to learn how to earn a steady income with your own artwork.

Instructor: Benji Wilson | Level: Beginner | Lectures: 12 | Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. From $15/month. Get 30% Off Premium. Access to all classes.

13. NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs – ZTM Academy

Image of NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs - ZTM Academy

ZTM Academy offers a beginner NFT course to students seeking a practical approach to understanding NFTs, how these work, and how to mint and sell them on OpenSea.

Upon enrolling, you will begin acquiring answers to some of the most fundamental questions: What is an NFT? What do we mean by fungible and non-fungible? How do blockchain and Ethereum power the NFTs? Why has Ethereum become so popular? How to use Blockchain wallets?

Students will also encounter related concepts such as smart contracts, digital art, various NFT standards, including ERC-721, and using blockchain wallets such as MetaMask. Coming out of the class, you will have a functional understanding of how to launch and sell your own NFT on OpenSea using a step-by-step learner’s guide.

Provider: ZTM Academy | For: Beginners | Certificate: Yes
Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆ | Price: from $39/month or $279/year.

14. NFT Digital Artist Economy – Maven

Image of NFT Digital Artist Economy – Maven

NFT Digital Artist Economy is another hands-on NFT course that teaches art enthusiasts how to launch their own NFT art show to collect a commission for life and become a digital art pioneer who can easily discover collectors.

This NFT course is aimed at not only artists at the early stage of their digital transformation journey but also office workers and media agency teams who have a zest for creation, who hope to become full-time artists or launch a new media agency product offering.

Participants will learn how art is secured and transferred in the new decentralized world, examine their own art back catalog, and leverage the possibilities brought about by digital art. It is one of the best NFT courses online for entrepreneurs and will push them to create their first-ever digital art show and set the price in both Ether and the local currency.

Provider: NFT Digital Artist Economy, Maven | For: Professionals | Certificate: Yes
Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆ | Price: from $590

15. NFT Course: From AI to NFTs – Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Image of From AI to NFTs - Institute of Art

From AI to NFTs is a comprehensive beginner-level NFT online course that inspects the changing trends following the digitization of art in the light of its traditional histories. The focus will be on gauging how the rules of engagement within art have been redefined and radicalized with this shift from AI to non-fungible tokens to the metaverse.

During the five online NFT courses, students will identify the most important technologies relevant to the world of art and their impact on the stakeholders. In addition, you will realize how the key players in this digital world leverage the technology to their advantage and explore the process of creating, buying, and selling NFTs.

There is also a short hands-on project awaiting students at the end where they can practically apply all of the skills learned during this popular NFT course for artists.

Provider: Sotheby’s Institute of Art | Level: Beginners | NFT courses: 5
Suitable for: Artists, entrepreneurs | Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆

16. Complete NFT Course Online – Hubpod School

Image Complete NFT Courses Online - Hubpod School

The Complete NFT Course will teach you a comprehensive skillset of NFTs. It is specially designed for digital artists, blockchain enthusiasts, individuals curious to create, sell and buy NFTs, NFT collectors, and novices in the blockchain industry. This interactive online NFT course allows to ask and engage in questions in Socratic-style discussions.

Over a period of 4-week, you will learn about the core concepts in the NFT domains such as use cases, smart contracts, NFT minting, IPFS storage, investing, selling NFTs, and security. The first week covers the history and blockchain technology behind NFTs.

Next, students will learn about NFT investment, security and minting via a step-by-step teaching process. The third week will take you to the problems of smart contracts, a foundational understanding of Ethereum and NFT standards. Finally, you will learn about the NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, mint generative art NFTs and blockchain wallets.

Provider: Hubpod School | For: Artists, Entrepreneurs| Review: 4.6 ★★★★☆

17. NFT & Crypto Wealth Building Masterclass – Stacksocial

Image NFT & Crypto Wealth Building Masterclass - Stacksocial

The NFT & Crypto Wealth Building Masterclass will teach you in great detail how to register, own and trade your art via cryptocurrencies. You will start with a short lesson on NFTs, minting, and crypto-wallets. Next comes a detailed class on how NFTs have revolutionized the world of digital art, how they work and derive value, and why you should create one.

By the time you get to the third lesson of this online NFT course, you will be ready to take on more advanced terminologies and technically analyze core concepts such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. Towards the end, you should also set up a diverse and profitable NFT portfolio and trade crypto with a systematic trading process.

Eventually, students will move on to the biggest wealth-generating platforms for NFTs and finish with a detailed module on trading cryptos profitably using candlestick patterns: charts used to determine price movements based on historical values. This is one of the best NFT courses online if you also want to learn about the general concepts of crypto.

Provider: StackSocial | For: Beginners | Courses: 6 | Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆

18. All in One NFT Masterclass for Artists and Entrepreneurs – Stacksocial

Image All in One NFT Masterclass for Artists and Entrepreneurs – Stacksocial

All in One Masterclass is a resourceful suite of eleven comprehensive NFT online courses packed with most of the information any up-and-coming NFT enthusiasts would need to craft their own tokens. The class aims at helping learners master all the tools needed to design a formidable non-fungible token.

After the introductory course on the revolutionary aspects of NFTs and digital art, the class will introduce students to a series of lessons that focus on animations with sound effects, essential tools of Adobe Photoshop CC, videos, and animations with VFX. Students will get hands-on training on creating logos and graphic designs using Adobe illustrator.

Next comes a 9-hour content on what makes blockchain and crypto one of the most in-demand roles in today’s tech field. There’s also a 25-minute lesson on registering and owning your art in an open marketplace. One of the best NFT courses online if you are interested in learning the graphic design tools needed to create non-fungible art tokens.

Provider: StackSocial | For: Beginners | Courses: 11 | Review: 4.5 ★★★★☆

NFT Online Courses – Overview NFT Risks

Image NFT Courses - What are the risks of NFTs?

Engaging in the world of NFT brings its own set of challenges and security issues1. You should certainly guard against these. Below are some of the most common types of risks involved that any of the above’s best NFT courses online should cover.

Smart Contracts Risks: This is one of the more prominent risks currently prevalent in the industry. If smart contract security is not adequate, hackers can exploit the flaws and steal an extortionate amount of crypto. An example is the attack on the Poly Network protocol where hackers stole $600 million. The tiniest flaw in a smart contract can lead to a security breach.

Price Uncertainty: In the world of NFTs, price is based on the rarity and uniqueness of the digital token. Now there is no set standard for measuring creativity and rarity. This makes the fluctuation of prices and evaluation another massive challenge for NFT enthusiasts.

Legal Challenge: Currently, the world has not devised a legal definition for an NFT. The incredible rise of the NFT and its wide applications calls for internationally recognized regulatory interventions to avoid issues of non-compliance.

Cyber Threats and Frauds: These types of threats include fake NFTs, fraudulent or fake airdrops, artist impersonation, scamming via replication of popular NFTs, and similar counterfeit practices.

Learning about NFT risks and security challenges should be the top priority of any individual keen on breaking into this market for safe investments. NFT courses should address those risks related to the course objectives.

How to Choose the Best NFT Courses Online?

Image Tips for Choosing The Best NFT Courses Online

Choosing the best NFT course online should first and foremost boil down to your prior literacy in the field of blockchains and cryptocurrency. It also helps to ask yourself whether your curiosity in the NFT domain derives from an artistic or financial impulse or both.

Individuals from an artistic background, especially digital, should opt for NFT courses that deal with the technical aspect of trading NFTs in a marketplace. Alternatively, those who are devoid of any artistic expertise might want to enroll themselves in online courses that offer comprehensive lessons on illustrating, animations, and creating NFTs from scratch.

You must also make the following considerations before opting for the best NFT course online. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do the NFT course objectives align with your aims for the future?
  • Do you have the time and the finances to commit to an online NFT course with more intensive costs and study hours?
  • Are there any prerequisites for the NFT course and do you meet them sufficiently?

Thoroughly considering all of the above should nicely position you to choose the NFT courses that best fit your needs.

Best NFT Courses Online 2024 – Summary

Image Review of NFT Online Courses - Best Classes

Wrapping up our review of the best NFT courses online. The NFT online courses featured above offer a comprehensive suite of lessons, instructions, and a pragmatic hands-on approach to breaking into the mainstream NFT industry.

Prioritizing one NFT course over another should be a matter of personal preference and individual circumstances. As mentioned earlier, instead of going for a one-size-fits-all formula, learners and novice enthusiasts must take personal resources, expertise, and future goals into consideration before deciding on a favorite online NFT course.

 Best NFT Courses Online for Beginners 2024

  1. RocketFuel Meta – NFT & GameFi Course
  2. Certified NFT Expert – Blockchain Council
  3. NFT Skill Path – 101 Blockchains
  4. NFT Fundamentals: Buy, Create, Sell NFTs – Udemy
  5. Certified NFT Developer – Blockchain Council
  6. NFT Fundamentals Course – 101 Blockchains
  7. Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) – 101 Blockchains
  8. Build an NFT Marketplace – Moralis Academy
  9. NFT Art Masterclass – Skillshare
  10. The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything about NFTs – Udemy
  11. Turn Your Art into an NFT – Skillshare
  12. NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs – ZTM Academy
  13. NFT Digital Artist Economy – Maven
  14. NFT Course: From AI to NFTs – Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  15. Complete NFT Course Online – Hubpod School
  16. NFT Wealth Building Masterclass – Stacksocial
  17. All in One NFT Masterclass for Artists & Entrepreneurs – Stacksocial

Other Best NFT Courses Online

  • Crypto and the NFT Frenzy – Outschool
  • Web 3.0 and NFT Investment Course – The Wealth Alchemist
  • Introduction to The World of Non-Fungible Tokens and NFT Course – Learn Day
  • NFT Course and Workshop: Grow Your Passive Income – BitClass
  • NFT Crash Course – The Last Pigment
  • Crypto Art and NFT Crash Course – Amazon

NFT Learning Resources

NFT Games – GameFI

The decentralized, distributed nature of the blockchain has made it possible to own a digital asset, unlike before. For example, you may now actually own the gaming items or NFT collectibles picked up while playing League of Legends.

This luxury was not available in the past due to the centralized control over the assets, which rested with the company that created those digital assets. In the past, if the game shut down, you lost the asset.

The decentralized nature of the blockchain, however, has made it possible to own NFTs since the record of their ownership is validated on multiple nodes before being added to the blockchain permanently.

Where can you trade NFTs?

NFTs are traded in digital marketplaces such as Rarible, OpenSea, Binance, Nifty Gateway, Async Art. There are many other places and this list is neither comprehensive nor meant to be financial advice for trading NFTs on those marketplaces. Always do your own research.

Something missing? This is a growing list of the best NFT courses online and is not meant to cover all resources available. Please submit or suggest NFT classes that should be covered here. Thanks for your feedback.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to some providers of NFT courses online. courselounge may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. It does not add any extra costs. All reviews, opinions, descriptions and comparisons expressed here are our own. 

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. courselounge does not recommend that any NFTs be bought, sold, or held by you, and nothing on this website should be taken as an offer to buy. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Sources: Understanding NFT risks – 1

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