Best Defi Courses Online 2024

18 Best DeFi courses online for beginners. Become a DeFi investor. 

Image Best DeFi Courses Online - Become A DeFi Expert

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a rapidly-scaling part of the crypto finance system. It allows individuals to conduct automated peer-to-peer transactions eliminating the need for an intermediary. Given DeFi’s potential to address most of the flaws in traditional banking, more individuals are switching to maximize profit and derive passive income from crypto.

However, many are still unsure of the workings of DeFi. Luckily, there are several online courses that impart beginner to advanced levels of information. Below is a list of the best DeFi courses online for beginners looking to break into the decentralized market.

DeFi Courses Online – Overview 

Since Bitcoin emerged in 2009, other blockchains and their respective crypto assets have surfaced. Popular amongst these has been the Ethereum blockchain that uses its asset Ether to host automated contracts with pre-defined protocols.

These are known as smart contracts and have proved consequential in paving the way for the growth of the DeFi ecosystem. Other popular blockchains now include Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ripple, Solana, Terra, Avalanche, Curve Finance, and many more.

Simply put, DeFi refers to the running of financial applications on the blockchain. It differs from CeFi (Centralized Finance) in that the latter relies on the private records of centralized intermediaries for transactions while DeFi stores its records on-chain. Stablecoin, a fundamental asset, allows these transactions to take place at several points without converting to and from fiat money (US Dollar, Euro), improving efficiency.

However, individuals need to learn about the risks of DeFi. For example, smart contracts rely on a liquidity pool which is essentially a pool of tokens that facilitates trading by improving ‘liquidity’. The latter refers to the ease with which these tokens can be swapped for another or converted to fiat money.

While there are rewards (yield farming, liquidity mining) for liquidity providers by providing their tokens to pools, there are also the risks of impermanent loss, smart contract bugs, and scams. These will resurface in greater detail later in our review of DeFi courses online.

Best DeFi Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Coursera DeFiUdemy DeFiMoralis AcademyRocketFuel
Logo Image of Coursera Cryptocurrency CoursesImage of Udemy Cryptocurrency CoursesImage of Moralis Academy DeFi CourseLogo Image of RocketFuel Crypto DeFi Course
DeFi SpecializationDeFi InvestmentDeFi BeginnersMaster DeFi
$59/monthfrom $11.99$22/month$47/month
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Note: Decentralized finance is an emerging technology. Markets are volatile. The following list of the best DeFi courses online is not meant to encourage you to become an investor. It aims to suggest educational resources to gain basic knowledge in this field.

1. DeFi Skill Path ( 5 DeFi Courses) – 101 Blockchains

Image 1. DeFi Skill Path ( 5 DeFi Courses) 101 Blockchains

The DeFi Skill Path by 101 Blockchains (visit website) is a comprehensive program for DeFi beginners. It contains 20 hours of content, and seven online DeFi courses with over 200 lessons to teach you the ropes of decentralized finance and the goal to become a literate actor in the space. The educational materials and lectures are all conducted by experts.

You will start your journey with the essentials of blockchain technology before moving on to more advanced topics like security fundamentals, tokenization, NFTs, and central bank digital currency concepts. On the intermediate level, students learn about DeFi use cases and architect solutions and will get an understanding of Defi protocols and their benefits.

The last module is about the security threats in DeFi projects and teaches best practices to mitigate risks. With an equal blend of both theory and practice, this is among the best DeFi courses online for beginners who want to take their first but firm steps in DeFi.

Provider: 101 Blockchains | For: Beginners | Certificate: Yes
Price: $25/month. Access to all courses. For membership plans look here.
Info: View course page. Browse category with all online DeFi courses.

2. Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Finance – Coursera

Image Decentralized Finance Course Specialization – Duke University, Coursera

Coursera’s Decentralized Finance course specialization (visit website) aims to help individuals understand the fast-evolving DeFi infrastructure. It will also equip them with the tools and means to vet potentially successful opportunities amid possible failures.

By the end of this intermediate-level specialization, you will understand both the DeFi space and the leading applications involved in a successful career route. Learners will acquaint themselves with the history and origins of DeFi, the key components involved in its infrastructure, and the problems this architecture is designed to resolve.

After a lesson on the origins of DeFi, learners will move on to DeFi primitives that deal with supply, ownership, loans, and swaps. Next follows DeFi Deep Dive covering the leading protocols including Aave, Uniswap, MakerDAO, Compound, and dYdX.

DeFi Risks and Opportunities, the last module in this DeFi course, will cover the core risks involved in this industry. This includes smart contract risk, governance risk, scaling as well as regulations. This is one of the best DeFi courses online for ambitious investors and combines well with the Rocketfuel DeFi course mentioned above.

Provider: Duke University, Coursera
Pricing: Free trial. $59/month Coursera Plus. | Review: 4.9 ★★★★★
Info: View course. Browse: Search all DeFi courses on Coursera.

3. Certified DeFi Expert – Blockchain Council

Image DeFi Course Online - Certified DeFi Expert, Blockchain Council

This is a five-module DeFi course for beginners (visit website) that takes learners from the fundamentals of DeFi and gradually builds on the existing knowledge about the processes and tools involved. By the end, you will have the skills needed to trade and prosper in the newly emerging landscape of decentralized finance or DeFi.

Following the introductory module, learners will cover the basics, including blockchain, Ethereum, smart contracts, decentralized apps, and DAO or decentralized autonomous organizations. Introduction to DeFi Technology then teaches about the key metrics in DeFi. 

The fourth module, DeFi: Use Cases, covers integral concepts such as stablecoins, lending and borrowing, trading on Dexes and liquidity, synthetic assets (derivatives), prediction markets, staking, asset management, wallets, and other related topics. 

You will finish the program with a deep dive into the risks involved in DeFi and the measures you can take to deal with these for more informed decision-making. This is one of the best DeFi courses online for finance professionals and ambitious investors.

Provider: Blockchain Council | For: Beginners | Certificate: Yes
Time: 5 hours | Exam: Online | Skills: Get trading skills in DeFi space
Info: View course. $149. Self-paced class. Browse all classes.

4. DeFi Course – How to Invest in the Best – Udemy

Image DeFi Course - How to Invest in the Best - Udemy

This is Udemy’s popular DeFi investing course (visit website). It will help learners gain practical experience in DeFi investing ad analysis. Before taking this class, students should gain a basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies, understand their risks and also possess the financial means to invest in DeFi.

By the end, you will have developed an understanding of identifying long-term DeFi investments, the associated risks, and ways to identify digital currencies that meet the “risk profile”. Eventually, the DeFi course will discuss the advantages and pitfalls of yield farming. It will explain how to set up a wallet to participate in liquidity mining and help learners invest in DeFi using Uniswap and decentralized exchanges.

Finally, enrolling in the program will help you familiarize yourselves with the tools needed to identify where exactly the institutional money travels in DeFi. This is among the best DeFi courses online for those looking for a compact class with an affordable one-time budget.

Instructor: Suppoman, Udemy | Level: Advanced beginners, Intermediates
Lectures: 13 | Video: 1.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category DeFi on Udemy.

5. Introduction to DeFi – Decentralized Finance Course – 101 Blockchains

Image Introduction to DeFi - Decentralized Finance Course - 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains (visit website) offers this best DeFi course to individuals who wish to confidently explain the internal workings of the DeFi landscape to their clients and colleagues. It also targets those who need to understand the scope and purpose of DeFi and learners who wish to propel their expertise to advanced levels.

The program is beginner-friendly and will teach you the building blocks of the DeFi architecture, its internal workings, and the risks involved. In the first module, What is DeFi, you will cover the basic taxonomy to help understand the infrastructure.

Participants will then dive deeper into the issues resolved by decentralized finance and the applications that make up its ecosystem. The fourth module, DeFi Use Cases, will grant you an understanding of trading in DeFi without necessarily becoming a trader.

Finally, DeFi Risks will cover the potential risks involved in the industry so you may have a mature understanding of the space even before practically diving into it. This could be one of the best DeFi courses online for professionals looking to step into DeFi markets.

Provider: 101 Blockchains | For: Professionals | Certificate: Yes
Info: View course page. Up to 50% off. View pricing. Browse all DeFi courses.

6. DeFi Course Beginners – Moralis Academy

Image DeFi Course Beginners 101 - Moralis Academy

DeFi expert Josh Cross takes students on a comprehensive journey to learn the key concepts from scratch and explore the digital landscape in depth. The Master DeFi Course Beginners (visit website) divides its core topics into five large modules: What is DeFi, DeFi Risks, Token Utility & Distribution, MetaMask, and DEX Deep Dive.

In the first module, you will cover the essentials in DeFi, including its DeFinition, benefits, drawbacks; its comparison to CeFi and Fintech; its history; and the DeFi financial stack. From here, you will advance to risks in DeFi and personal security.

The MetaMask modules consist of two tutorials followed by three separate sections related to the DEX Deep Dive, Uniswap tutorial, and a deeper exploration of the money market. This is one of the best DeFi courses for beginners, and a subscription provides full access to all the online classes Moralis Academy has on its catalog.

Provider: Moralis Academy | For: Beginners | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Instructor: Josh Cross | Skills: DeFi, Fintech, Web3
Info: View course. From $22/month. See pricing info on Moralis Academy.

7. DeFi Course Advanced – Moralis Academy

Image DeFi Course Advanced - Moralis Academy

The Advanced DeFi course (visit website) follows the beginner class described above. In this advanced-level course, you will cover all of the essentials from DeFi hedge funds to arbitrage and flash loans. Along the way, individuals will also learn about leveraging flash loans and taking advantage of the opportunities in DeFi.

After the introduction, learners will encounter the subsequent lessons that cover the state of DeFi, blockchain-based financial markets, real-world assets of blockchain, hedge funds, etc. You will begin with the DeFi ecosystem to learn about the decentralized finance stack and ways to get real-world assets on the blockchain.

From here, learners will learn about the concept of hedge funds, where the class will disclose related topics of interest rate swaps, yield hacking, and arbitrage flash loans. If you consider going with Moralis Academy, both classes are among the best DeFi courses to become literate with decentralized finance investments.

Provider: Moralis Academy | Level: Intermediate | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Instructor: Amadeo Brands | Skills: DeFi markets, Web3
Info: View course. From $22/month. See pricing info on Moralis Academy.

8. RocketFuel Crypto – DeFi Course 

Image of RocketFuel Crypto DeFi

RocketFuel Crypto is a program by Jeff Wand and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) that will teach individuals the art of DeFi investing and trading. Coming out of this DeFi course, you will have an understanding of the transformative potential of Web3 finance applications. This also includes research strategies and risk management.

RocketFuel educates learners via a “read-invest-multiply” model. In the first step, the program will help learners read the market. Next comes the understanding of when to invest. Finally, the DeFi course will cover the strategies to mitigate investment risks.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates, the class covers all essential concepts of blockchain, crypto, and the DeFi system. The DeFi investing series aims to help learners read the market and how trading differs from investing. There are weekly videos and a monthly newsletter that will cover the latest trends, developments, and ideas in DeFi.

You will finish off with interviews from industry experts as well as step-by-step tutorials that will walk you through popular applications and protocols. Due to its ongoing teaching covering the latest trends through videos, newsletters, and a thriving Telegram group, this is certainly one of the best DeFi courses online.

Tutor: Jeff Wang. RocketFuel | Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★ | Level: All
Content: Vidoe tutorials, Analysis, Premium support, Video subtitles
Price: from $47/month.

Reading tip: Web3 is evolving fast. Consider our lists of cryptocurrency courses or NFT courses online, or Coursera courses, or Udacity nanodegrees or Fintech courses for diving deeper into popular Web3 topics and technologies.

9. Tokenization Fundamentals – 101 Blockchains

Image of Tokenization Fundamentals - 101 Blockchains

Tokenization Fundamentals (visit website) is primarily designed to cover the asset-backed digital securities and the various ways they are transforming finance.

It is an intermediate-level program for professionals who wish to secure a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of tokenization, its practical implications, the regulatory precedents of existing tokenization projects, and the underlying capital market.

There are eight modules followed by some additional resources and a final exam. You will begin with an introduction to blockchain before moving on to smart contracts, their applications in the industry, and tokenization.

The next series of modules will cover related concepts of alternative finance, models of tokenization, and types of tokens. In the final two modules of this online DeFi course, students encounter the taxation and regulatory considerations within tokenization before finishing off with the different types of assets.

Provider: 101 Blockchains | For: Professionals | Certificate: Yes
Info: View course page. Up to 50% off. View pricing. Browse all DeFi online courses.

10. FinTech 360: From AI to Digital Assets – CFTE 

Image of Fintech 360 DeFi, CFTE

CFTE’s FinTech 360 (visit website) is for learners curious to get a comprehensive intro to the dynamic interaction of Fintech, AI, and decentralized finance. Upon enrolling in this 6-week DeFi online course, you will pick up key skills in both Fintech and DeFi and improve your career opportunities in finance.

Your introductory journey will begin with a series of modules on the rise of this transformative phenomenon along with an understanding of the Fintech innovation and its key players in the industry. In the subsequent weeks, you will pick up key skills in open banking, “payments”, and RegTech.

Finally, the DeFi course will introduce learners to DeFi with an overview of this emerging trend. Following the overview, you will learn about the building blocks of the blockchain infrastructure, crypto, NFTs, and the ripple case studies.

Provider: CFTE – Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Level: Beginners | Duration: 6 weeks | Topics: Fintech, Web3, DeFi
Info: View course. £480. Installments available.

11. DeFi Courses Online – DeFi Academy

Image of – DeFi Academy

DeFi Academy offers professional online courses that help individuals learn how to both design as well as create decentralized finance platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. These self-paced DeFi courses cover topics such as stablecoins, decentralized lending, and prediction markets and introduce you to tokens, smart contracts, and derivatives. 

Students may enroll in these DeFi classes in various orders that build upon existing knowledge. Each one will take you from the fundamentals to the more advanced concepts in the respective areas. You can begin with design considerations while creating stablecoins and move on to creating a decentralized lending platform.

Upon enrolling in Prediction Markets, you will not only learn how these work but even design your own prediction markets platform. Next, you can learn about derivatives, why and how these financial instruments work, and how to create a derivative platform. DeFi Academy offers some of the best DeFi courses online for various skill levels and goals.

Provider: DeFi Academy | For: Beginners | Classes: 8 DeFi Online Courses
Price: Free classes. Premium classes from $119.

12. Decentralized Finance – The Future of Banking – FutureLearn

Image Decentralized Finance Course - Blockchain, Ethereum & the Future of Banking – FutureLearn

Authorized by RMIT University, Decentralized Finance is curated for individuals who wish to explore the future of DeFi and better understand the growing disruption brought about by blockchain-powered digital currencies.

It is a DeFi course for beginners designed for anyone interested in exploring the emerging role of decentralized finance and the various ways it contrasts with traditional finance. Some of the core concepts covered include DeFi applications, exchanges, and derivatives, decentralized platforms, protocols, and digital wallets.

By the end of this 4-week DeFi course, you will understand the latest developments in DeFi, the various applications of DeFi, and the emerging role of Fintech. Learners will be able to describe the key terms and elements of DeFi, recognize the associated risks, comprehend the integral DeFi interactions, and safely explore the world of DeFi.

Duration: 4 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Introductory | Price: $39/month. Free trial.

13. Free DeFi Courses – DeFi Steps

Image Free DeFi Courses Online - DeFi Steps

DeFi Steps is an online platform to help learners acquire a step-by-step understanding of DeFi and profit from this financial revolution. They are offering up to five free DeFi courses at the moment, with more coming up in the future.

The first DeFi course on the platform is Terra Fundamental. You can kick start your DeFi journey by enrolling in this 6-week introductory program that covers the DeFi ecosystem, the Terra blockchain, and other related concepts such as Terra Luna, Terra Staking, etc.

DeFi for Beginners is another comprehensive class for beginners. Key concepts covered here include understanding the decentralized finance landscape, On-Ramps and Wallets, DeFi tools, Stablecoins, liquidity pools, liquidity mining or yield farming, and impermanent loss. By the end, you will have brought your skillset in DeFi to a confident level.

Mirror Finance and Anchor Protocol are two other intermediate-level DeFi courses on the platform. The former deals with the trading of synthetic real-world assets on the Terra blockchain. Upon enrolling in the latter, you will familiarize yourselves with the workings of Anchor: a saving and borrowing protocol offering high yields.

Provider: DeFi Steps | Level: Beginners, Intermediates
Info: Free DeFi classes. View website.

14. Zero to DeFi – Little Might

Image Zero to DeFi - Crash Course - Little Might

Zero to DeFi is a beginner-level crash course designed for learners curious about DeFi but who have no idea where to begin. By the end of this DeFi course, you will have most of the essentials covered that can lead one to derive a passive income from crypto. 

This course provides three sections taking learners from the basics to the essentials and finally the advanced concepts via short lessons. The first section titled Foundation sheds light on introductory concepts in DeFi including Stablecoins, breaking down a DEX, liquidity pooling, wallets and security, and intro to impermanent loss. 

In the second section Essentials, you will learn how to set up your wallet and send out funds. Individuals will also acquaint themselves with swap tokens on decentralized apps, understand the Ethereum gas, and learn about using the DeFi protocols. 

The Advanced module deals with the ecosystem outside Ethereum, creating liquidity pools, sidechains, self-paying loans, yield farming, impermanent loss, crypto, taxes, leveraging opportunities in a smart way, etc. By the end, you should be able to assess the risks, awards, and opportunities in DeFi.

Provider: Little Might | Level: Beginners | Price: $997

15. DeFi MasterClass – Maven

Image DeFi MasterClass - Maven, Anand Iyer

The DeFi MasterClass (visit website) is suitable for investors, analysts, and fund managers stemming from a background in traditional finance. It will also benefit beginners hoping to advance their understanding of decentralized finance. If you aim to make passive income from DeFi and digital currencies, this could be an excellent class for you too.

Upon enrolling in this DeFi course, you will learn about the key concepts related to DeFi and the blockchain. Learners will begin with the basics of Ethereum and its significance, develop their understanding of decentralization, understanding trading, staking, yield farming, as well as depositing, borrowing, and lending DeFi assets on the blockchain.

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourselves with other blockchains such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, etc. Coming out of the class, you will have developed a solid understanding of not only the DeFi space but also the risks involved as well as the ability to distill the ideas dictating the future of Ethereum, NFTs, and API3.

Provider: Maven | For: Investors, Professionals | Certificate: Yes
Instructors: Anand Iyer, Kedric Van de Carr | Duration: 4 weeks
Info: DeFi course from $1,200.

16. Intro to Decentralized Finance DeFi – Free MOOC, UNIC

Image Introduction to Decentralized Finance DeFi - Free MOOC, UNIC

This open DeFi online course is designed to help learners understand the various ways blockchain-based DeFi is disrupting the financial landscape and services. UNIC also issues academic certificates as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

This program allows students to take a deep dive into the DeFi basics and essentials: automated market makers, liquidity mining, yield farming, stablecoins, or digital currencies. Before enrolling, however, students must have a beginner-level understanding of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Students will also learn how to demystify the layer-1 protocols that enable DeFi including Solana, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. An important part would be to identify how decentralized exchanges and their respective essentials differ from traditional finance.

By the end, you should be able to explain how decentralized finance is making waves in the industry by innovating governance, credit, and interest-bearing instruments.

Provider: UNIC MOOC | For: Beginners | Price: Free

17. Decentralized Finance Courses – Shrimpy Academy

Image Decentralized Finance Courses - Shrimpy Academy

Shrimpy Academy offers a series of DeFi lessons as part of the academy’s beginner’s guide to decentralized finance. The various lectures deal with DeFi essentials, DeFi glossary, or the role of blockchain in DeFi. They also cover automated market maker, liquidity mining, yield farming, flash loans, wrapped tokens, and governance tokens.

Each of the aforementioned topics is dealt with in a series of separate lessons. Upon completing the lessons, you will have learned both the essentials in decentralized finance as well as its role in the transformative landscape of today.

You will be able to pinpoint exactly the reasons that render DeFi into something more than a fad and accustom yourself to the most pertinent terminologies in the industry. Shrimpy Academy also gives students the option to connect their first exchange account with their platform and deploy an efficient investment strategy.

Provider: Shrimpy Academy | Level: Beginners | Topics: Mining, pools. farming

18. DeFi Pro – Decentralized Finance Course – tech3

Image Defi Online Course - Defi Pro, tech3

DeFi Pro is both a community and a platform for their online DeFi course. This class aims to help learners master the art of decentralized finance and materialize a passive income from Web3 applications. It is designed for investors and individuals curious to break into the DeFi industry with the hopes of driving a passive income from it.

Upon enrolling in the course, learners will acquaint themselves with several key concepts in decentralized finance. You will learn why lending is the “gateway drug to DeFi”, how to mine liquidity and how to yield farm for income.

Students will also encounter the best apps in DeFi, the optimum strategies used to increase the rate, the risks involved and the various ways to best mitigate these, e.g. securing your wallets or avoiding scams. By the end, you should have a decent knowledge of how to stay a step ahead of your peers with next-level strategies in DeFi.

Provider: tech3 | For: Beginners | Price: $97

DeFi Online Courses – Overview of DeFi Risks 

Image What the Risks in DeFi Decentralized Finance

The increasing accessibility and financial transparency of DeFi have made it a popular alternative to traditional finance and FinTech. However, its emergence has come with its own set of challenges. Here are some common risks that you must keep an eye out for.

Technical Risks: These are related to issues of hardware and software. Hardware risks include sensitivity arising from problems of humidity, dust, and degradation; power issues; and incompatibility which involves a delay in the transaction speeds.

Also, since smart contracts are automated, bugs or hacker interventions in the form of DDoS can permanently dissipate the value of the coins.

Financial Risks: The most common type of financial risk is impermanent loss. This refers to a decline in the token’s value deposited by a provider to a pool over time. The greater the change in the value, the bigger the loss.

Scams and Hackers: Several entry points in the DeFi ecosystem are vulnerable to phishing attacks that lure unsuspecting victims into sharing sensitive information. Other kinds of attacks include spear phishing, baiting, pretexting, SIM-swapping, and tailgating.

Spear phishing can threaten entire enterprises after finding a breach. Baiting refers to web page infection by motivating victims to act in a particular way. Pretexting and SIM-swapping are similar in that hackers pretend to either be a DeFi representative or a DeFi user to squeeze out sensitive information.

Tailgating is another risk in DeFi, where personages in superior positions are targeted to disclose real-world locations. The dominant risks in DeFi give enough imperative to veteran and novice users for increasing their financial literacy to the maximum by paying heed to recommendations and best practices. DeFi courses should cover risks in great detail.

How to Choose the Best DeFi Courses Online? 

Image Criteria for Choosing the Best DeFi Courses Online

While DeFi may still be an esoteric concept for the mainstream masses, those who understand this industry know that decentralized finance may be the second greatest revolution since the internet. Individuals who recognize the potential of DeFi and wish to capitalize on this growing trend will have to first decide on the DeFi training.

The DeFi courses listed above are by no means exhaustive but form a comprehensive suite of your best options. Before opting for any DeFi course, it’s worth setting out your objectives and goals for your future. Your reasons for expanding into the DeFi industry should dictate the best fit for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

What’s my skill level? An entry-level job in the DeFi domain would require a strong foundation in computer science and IT. Make sure you meet the prerequisites before opting for the best DeFi course.

What are your plans for the future in DeFi? Your choice of the best DeFi course may vary depending on your career goals. Are you a developer wishing to transition to DeFi? Do you hope to kick start a passive income from cryptocurrencies? Or, are you simply curious to learn what the rage is about?

Are your personal resources compatible with the course demands? Before opting for a DeFi course, make sure that the class demands do not infringe on your time, finances, willpower, etc. Some classes are one-time purchases, while others are subscription-based.

Best DeFi Courses Online – Summary 

Image Review Best DeFi Online Courses - Verdict

Wrapping up our review of the best DeFi courses online. The listicle above features popular DeFi online courses, specializations, and programs tailored to individuals with varying financial literacy needs.

Many potential nominees on the list can vie for the “best DeFi course” position. One thing these classes have in common is that they offer a comprehensive suite of core topics. They cover the basics and intermediate-level essentials in DeFi and dive deep into the risk-and-reward aspect of this financial technology.

 Best DeFi Courses Online for Beginners 2024

  1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Finance – Coursera
  2. DeFi Skill Path – 101 Blockchains
  3. Certified DeFi Expert – Blockchain Council
  4. RocketFuel – DeFi Course
  5. DeFi Course – How to Invest in the Best – Udemy
  6. Introduction to DeFi – Decentralized Finance Course – 101 Blockchains
  7. DeFi Course Beginners – Moralis Academy
  8. DeFi Course Advanced – Moralis Academy
  9. Tokenization Fundamentals – 101 Blockchains
  10. FinTech 360: From AI to Digital Assets – CFTE
  11. DeFi Courses Online – DeFi Academy
  12. Decentralized Finance – The Future of Banking – FutureLearn
  13. Free DeFi Courses – DeFi Steps
  14. Zero to DeFi – Little Might
  15. DeFi MasterClass – Maven
  16. Introduction to Decentralized Finance DeFi – Free MOOC, UNIC
  17. Decentralized Finance Courses – Shrimpy Academy
  18. DeFi Pro – Decentralized Finance Course – tech3

Other Best DeFi Courses Online

  • DeFi Coach
  • Decentralized Finance Course and Training by Blue Swan Academy
  • Web 3.0 and DeFi Investment Course – The Wealth Alchemist

Free DeFi Courses Online

DeFi Learning Resources

Something missing? This is a growing list of the best DeFi courses online and is not meant to cover all resources available. Please submit or suggest alternative online DeFi classes that should be covered here. Thanks for your feedback.

Sources: Common DeFi risks – 1 | What is a stablecoin? – 2

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