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21 Best web design courses online. Build your online business.

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Websites have morphed into essential places that can showcase businesses, projects and ideas or sell products (physical or virtual). A myriad of online web design courses has popped up over the last years to enable you to understand the nuances of design and allow you to create websites for your use or other clients as a profession.

In this post, we will cover the best web design courses online from various providers that will teach you CSS, HTML, Javascript, responsive design or UX skills on a beginner or intermediate level. We also show you where it is best to further advance web development skills (PHP, Python, React) to complement your ability to work professionally.

Web Design Courses Online – Overview

When selecting a suitable eLearning platform to start such a course, ensure that you go through this short checklist so that you are guaranteed a fruitful learning experience.

  1. Clear, comprehensive instructions (textual/verbal)
  2. Comprehensive syllabus
  3. Practical exercises and access to tools – avoid courses that just go over theory
  4. Knowledgeable & experienced instructor

Based on the criteria above, if a class tries to market itself as the course that makes you an expert in 5 hours (or a ridiculously short time), you may give that a complete miss. It is bound to be as useful as someone trying to read and memorize a phone book in that much time. While the total amount of content may be stated as 5 hours for specific topics, the overall time spent including practicing and getting experience will certainly exceed it.

Best Web Design Courses Online 2024 – Top Providers

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from $14.99/classfrom $11.99/coursefrom $29/monthfrom $349/month
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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: This post lists popular providers of some of the best web design courses online suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. Use the table of contents for navigation.

1. Domestika Online Web Design Courses

Image Domestika Online Web Design Courses

Domestika (visit website) offers a broad variety of online web design courses to learn to code, design and build stunning websites. You’ll find anything from creative coding for immersive art, to cross-platform app development and UX design, using Figma, Adobe and much more. Their web design classes target beginners and intermediates alike.

Creation of a Professional Website using WordPress (view) is one of the best web design courses for beginners on Domestika. The class focuses on website development and will guide you from administration to content creation and plug-ins. No programming needed!

If you are looking to launch an online shop, check out Creation of an Online Shop using Shopify for beginners (view course). You will learn the skills needed to get your shop on the e-commerce map, from managing your product line and creating content pages to setting up pricing and tax calculation.

For all things animation, turn to Creative Coding: Making Visuals using Javascript (view) and learn to create engaging visuals using code. Suitable for beginners, this online web design course is ideal if you are looking to design an animated sketch that moves on the canvas using the fundamentals of programming.

Platform: Domestika | Level: Beginners to Advanced | Subjects: Web dev, Apps
Info: Visit website to browse category Web Design.

2. Udemy Online Web Design Courses

Image Udemy Online Web Design Courses

Udemy (view website*) is a popular eLearning platform with online web design classes ranging from WordPress web design to web development and web programming.

Anyone with access to a webcam and microphone can design these courses, hence, the quality of courses available on Udemy varies to a large degree. However, this also opens up an avenue for talented developers and coders who have years of experience to impart valuable knowledge to students.

Although the course content and format fluctuate with each course, the structure of the web development courses is: course videos (split into sections of HTML, CSS, JavaScript), with intermittent quizzes for you to evaluate your performance. At the end of these courses, Udemy awards the student with a certificate that verifies the course taken and the technologies covered (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Moreover, these certificates are viewed as proof of working knowledge by employers nowadays.

Udemy is a great platform to kick-start or brush up on web design and development. Even though Udemy provides numerous online web design courses to choose from, the top-rated courses by veterans such as Rob Percival and Colt Steele do stand out from the crowd with quality material and comprehensive instructions for people of both beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Courses: Web Design for Beginners | CSS – Complete Guide | Browse All Courses
Price: Starting from $11.99 (view website)*. Frequent sales and promotions.
Further reading: Review of the best Udemy courses.

3. Pluralsight Web Design Courses

Image Pluralsight logo - Web Design Courses

Utah-based Pluralsight is known for its tech-based education, and together with Code School, it offers some of the best web design courses online that are available for beginners. It is popular among students who prefer an interactive learning process that encourages learners to immediately ingrain what they learn.

Pluralsight web design classes range from picking up the basics and dive into responsive web design, A/B testing or using Illliszratort to create websites to signing up for complete learning paths to become a full-stack web developer, create visual designs or building applications for with Blazor. Students can practice or evaluate their skills through projects, challenges, or tests.

Some of the best web design courses available on Pluralsight for intermediates are Responsive Web Design with Ben Callahan and Mobile First Responsive Web Design with Jon Flanders. Beginners can start with Paul Cheney’s entry-level web design course. If you want to start a career in web design, you will have no shortage of advanced courses on the platform, making it suitable for professionals from all paths.

Courses: Browse All | Visual Design for UX | Developing Websites for Accessibility
Price: Get Free 10-day trial. Subscriptions from $29/month and $299/year.
Info: Best Pluralsight courses to learn tech skills.

4. Udacity Web Design Courses

Image Best Web Design Courses Online - Udacity

Working on a completely different approach than its competition, Udacity (visit) is based on the idea that instructions and courses should be created by future/prospective employers. The idea behind this is that employers know the exact knowledge they look for in an employee, hence, their online web design courses are tailored for people who are seeking jobs and considering making web development their profession.

Classes on Udacity are part of their nanodegree programs, which have a prominent standing within the hiring community. Moreover, the web development courses on Udacity are co-created by industry giants, namely – AT&T, Google, GitHub, and HackReactor. However, these classes, especially the nanodegrees are not aimed at beginners. Udacity instructors expect their students to possess a working knowledge of computer science and web development before starting the course.

Consequently, Udacity is the platform of choice for advancing your career or gaining advanced knowledge about web development after you have already gained considerable knowledge in the subject. The only intermediate web development courses available on Udacity are the Front-End Developer Nanodegree and the Full-Stack Web Developer Nanodegree.

View: Become a UX Designer | Front-End Developer | Browse All Programs
Price: Nanodegrees start from $399/month. Discounts available.
Reading: Best Udacity nanodegrees.

5. Skillshare Online Web Design Classes

Image Skillshare Web Design Courses Online

Skillshare is a popular eLearning platform for creative professionals offering thousands of classes to learn and improve skills in photography, art, graphic design, illustration, music, and, yes, web development too.

You can choose from a comprehensive catalog of online web design courses suitable for beginners and intermediates. You can expand your skills in web design with Photoshop, UX design, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Java. Web Design Essentials (view) is one of the best web design courses for beginners here. Other great starting points are Hand-Code your First Website (view) or Responsive Web design Essentials (view).

We like the fact that students can easily learn the fundamentals of web design. Since it is subscription bases, you may continue learning and try various niche topics such as streamlining your work and web-flow, Adobe XD Webdesign, WordPress, usability and user experience, as well as typography and design-related subjects.

Price: From $15/month. Try any class with 1-month free Premium.
Courses: Browse category on Skillshare.
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6. Linkedin Online Web Design Courses

Image Linkedin Learning web design courses

LinkedIn Learning, (view website)* offers thousands of business and IT courses. It deviates from the path taken by other learning platforms by allowing you to pace and structure your courses as you need. Web development, for example, is split into tiny segments; you are allowed to mix and match the exact technologies or skills you wish to develop and pursue.

Average web development course sizes are around 2-3 hours since they deal with very specific niches. Ranging from basic web design courses like introductory HTML to advanced development courses such as setting up a working PHP environment, you are bound to encounter any specific knowledge you may be searching for, one way or another.

However, this system does have its drawbacks – beginners will not know what courses are important and useful and this is where pre-structured courses have an advantage. Hence, the platform also offers learning paths that combine the best web design courses online to become a professional developer and designer.

Courses: Become a Web Designer | Become a UX Designer
Price: from $17.99/month. Free trial available to test them all. View website.
Reading: Best LinkedIn courses.

Tip: We cover the best HTML & CSS courses and JavaScript courses and Graphic Design Courses or Photoshop courses or Illustrator courses separately.

7. Coursera Web Design Courses

image of coursera-webdesign

Coursera offers the closest online experience to a real college education, partly because the majority of the courses on this platform are designed by colleges themselves. It features an impressive number of courses in every field, with instructors with an astounding amount of teaching experience and certification in their respective fields.

The course structure is reminiscent of college education, web development is divided into sections that need to be purchased separately, like semesters in college. At the end of each section, a comprehensive quiz and project will evaluate the knowledge you have gathered. Moreover, you also have to complete a Capstone project (a ground-up website or web app), which will display your ability to put theory into practical use.

Two of the best web design courses available on Coursera are conducted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of London. These courses are aimed at beginners who want to gain considerable theoretical knowledge in addition to practical knowledge. However, if you prefer more hands-on knowledge, other platforms might be a better fit for you.

Courses: Browse All | Web Design for Everybody | UI/UX Design Specialization
Price: $29-99/course or $44/month. Certification is available.
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8. edX Web Design Courses

Image edX logo - Web Design Courses

edX is a recognized provider of University-based education, a bit similar to Coursera. Founded by MIT and Harvard University and filled with educational content from universities around the world, edX also offers online web design courses of all kinds suitable for beginners and intermediates alike.

As most of their content comes for free if you do not need certification you can get quickly get started to learn the basics of HTML and CSS but also user experience as well as Python, Javascript, SQL or React. Those wanting to get a more sophisticated education in web design have various options for professional certification. Those web design classes last between 6 to 12 months and can cost between $100 and $2,000.

While edX is great to try many courses for free, you also have the option to get professional support from industry experts. Those certification programs (not free) allow students to submit projects, get feedback, and interact with other peers as good as online education can offer that. We recommend looking into Computer Science for Web Programming, Harvard or Front-End Web Developer, W3C for ambitious learners.

Courses: Computer Science | Front-End Developer
Price: Many courses are available for free. Premium certification is available from $76 per course. MicroMasters will be available for more comprehensive paths.
Reading: Best edX courses to get university-like education online

9. Code School

image of codeschool-web-design

Another popular option among people looking for the best web design courses online. Code School offers a well-implemented solution for e-learning with a combination of video tutorials and ‘challenges,’ that require students to fulfill certain actions before being allowed to proceed further down the course.

One of the main advantages of using Code School to begin your foray into web development is the division of HTML/CSS and JavaScript into separate and comprehensive courses. Hence, ensuring that you can learn exactly what you need for your business/job without wasting time on unnecessary information.

Code School is a brilliant option for both beginners and intermediates since their online web design courses start at the very basic level, which can be skipped by students who are at an intermediate skill level already.

Price: Code School offered one of the cheapest web design courses and programs available. It has been acquired by Pluralsight. Existing accounts remain intact.

10. Treehouse Web Design Courses

image of treehouse-web-design-courses

Team Treehouse offers online web design courses in a novel and well-curated format, arranging course content in a way that will allow you to gain knowledge without having to worry whether you are missing out on any important parts of web development.

Their specialized courses are named ‘Techdegrees,’ and are structured in a way that enables students to understand the basics behind core web languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP. However, since classes such as the Front-End Web Developer Techdegree and the Full-Stack JavaScript Developer Techdegree are comprehensive and go over the absolute basics of web design in addition to advanced topics, these classes are estimated to take around 6-8 months to complete.

Moreover, this style of online web design courses is a great way for beginners to garner enough knowledge to build websites from the ground up. It is a costlier option than other online learning platforms; however, if you are searching for a one-stop solution to teach you everything you need about web design, it will be worth the investment.

Price: Each course is priced at $199/month.

11. Code Avengers

Image Code Avengers - Best web design courses

Learning and gaining knowledge while staring at a computer screen might get tedious after the first few hours, keeping this in mind, Code Avengers have devised a completely interactive method of teaching people how to code.

Each technology is separated into ‘paths’ and these paths comprise multiple courses, exercises, quizzes and video tutorials. Instead of simply watching a video of someone performing an action or writing code, students are given instructions and asked to write simple code from the get-go. The basic tasks are as simple as getting your name printed on the webpage. However, the difficulty of these exercises increases as you progress through your chosen track, in this case, the web design track.

The HTML/CSS web design course starts off with basic HTML exercises and progresses into advanced CSS animations and styling. Hence, Code Avengers is one of the best platforms for those who want to gain intermediate-level knowledge, but have already tried and failed to complete traditional video lectures. Another popular course that is recommended after completing the HTML/CSS track is the Web Dev course.

Price: Unlimited access to all courses with membership, costing $29/month.

12. Tuts+ by Envato

image of tutsplus-web-design-courses

Tuts+ is similar to the course structure offered by LinkedIn, with small courses, albeit with both paid and free options, unlike LinkedIn. However, this style of courseware is not suitable for absolute beginners and is aimed at intermediate-level developers who are clear with what they need to learn.

Featuring a variety of top-rated web development courses from topics as simple as installing a WordPress theme or understanding basic web design to intermediate classes such as crafting responsive portfolio pages with fluid animations using a combination of HTML5 and CSS3, Tuts+ makes sure that they cover almost all aspects of web design in short online courses.

If you are a beginner and still wish to pursue web design using Tuts+, I recommend picking up a couple of courses on the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Furthermore, after you have mastered the basics, try searching for the best web design courses that aim to teach you what you need to learn for your business.

Price: Varies by each course (both free and paid available).

Other Online Web Design Classes

13. Skillshare (eLearning platform with some of the best web design courses)
14. SitePoint (courses to learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, mobile app development)
15. Codecademy (free web design/development courses)
16. W3 Schools (free HTML/CSS framework and resource)
17. CSS Tricks (resources to effectively use CSS)
18. Stack Overflow (online community for developers)
19. Khan Academy (expert classes and resources)
20. Simplilearn (web design classes and certification)
21. Springboard (professional web design classes and certification)
22. Code School, TreeHouse, Code Avengers

Best Web Design Courses Online 2024 – Review Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best web design courses online in 2024.

Web designing has become a handy tool for anyone planning to conduct business online, with a bare minimum level of knowledge an absolute necessity nowadays. Although there are multitudes of best web design courses available online, make sure you identify what you wish to study and what format will result in the most productivity from your side.

Recommendation – Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, I would recommend Code School to those looking for a basic understanding of web technologies, Pluralsight for intermediates and the Udacity Nanodegree program for those wishing to take intermediate and advanced knowledge to the advanced level.

edX, Coursera and Udemy also offer a wide range of best web design courses online that deliver a very good understanding of the principles and techniques. They combine well with free training platforms such as Codecademy or resources such as CSS Tricks.

Best Web Design Courses Online 2023


  • Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS
  • CSS – The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)


  • Visual Design for UX
  • Developing Websites for Accessibility
  • Building Web Applications with Blazor


  • Become a UX Designer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Frontend Developer


  • Responsive Web Design Essentials
  • Hand-Code Your First Website

Linkedin Learning

  • Become a Web Designer
  • Become a User Experience Designer
  • Introduction to Web Design and Development


  • Web Design for Everybody
  • UI / UX Design Specialization
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers


  • HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals
  • CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript
  • Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Web Programming

What are the best web design courses online 2024 in your experience? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to some providers of online web design courses and classes. courselounge may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. It does not add any extra costs. All reviews, opinions, descriptions and comparisons expressed here are our own. 


  1. I definitely have bare minimal knowledge on this kind of stuff but really want to learn. My question is, and I didn’t see if listed here but I could have missed it, are these go at your own pace type of classes? I don’t want to sign up and have to ask for extensions if my life gets in the way of my web design classes.

  2. Right now I can’t afford to spend as much as I would like so I think I’ll go with Code School, $7 a month for full access, this is a no-brainer. I’ve brushed up my skills with the W3School free resources but I’m considering starting working as a freelancer in web design. Online I wouldn’t stand a chance but I was thinking of offering my freelancing services to smaller companies in my town. Either way, web designing is something I’ve wanted to master a long time ago…

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