Best Photoshop Courses Online 2024

12 Best Photoshop Courses Online and Resources: Beginner To Pro.

Best Photoshop Courses Online - Beginners To Pro

Adobe Photoshop is an industry-standard raster graphics and image editor. Most web and graphic designers or photographers need advanced skills in Photoshop to become successful in their careers. The required skillset usually expands to Illustrator and InDesign as well but Photoshop is a must-have skill to get started.

This article will introduce you to some of the best Photoshop courses online. It is aimed at those interested in learning how to efficiently and effectively use Photoshop or those looking to expand on their current knowledge and sharpen their skills.

Photoshop Courses Online – Overview

Whether you are a budding photographer, graphic designer, or artist, Adobe Photoshop provides an exceptional toolset for image editing. The program itself has become so popular that it has embedded itself within our culture and language. Popular enough that the term “photoshopping” has become a synonym for image editing in general.

Photoshop made image editing an accessible practice by effectively appropriating costly analog tools that require specialized skills into a singular digital workspace.

A part of the allure of Adobe Photoshop is its ease of use; however, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding and utilizing the full potential of its various tools. Furthermore, Photoshop requires learners to develop digital and visual literacy skills to improve both their comprehension and visual composition abilities.

Photoshop courses – Raster images are most commonly used in scanned artwork, web design, and digital photography. To edit or manipulate images for these purposes, Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice. Below is a list of the best Photoshop courses online to help learners find what they believe is best for their learning goals.

Best Photoshop Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Photoshop Courses
Photoshop Courses
Photoshop Courses
Photoshop Courses
Image of Domestika Photoshop CoursesImage of Udemy Photoshop CoursesLogo Image of Skillshare Photoshop CoursesImage of CreativeLive Photoshop Courses
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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: The aim of this post is to provide an overview of a variety of Photoshop courses online not to review them. It is an objective guide to help you find the right course.

1. Advanced Adobe Photoshop Course – Domestika

Image Advanced Photoshop Course - Domestika

Domestika offers an Advanced Adobe Photoshop course (visit website) with Carles Marsal. If you don’t know the platform, Domestika is a popular community to learn creative skills, e.g. graphic design, illustration, crafting, 3D animations, etc. Carles also offers a beginner course: Introduction to Photoshop (view class) if you want to start from scratch.

The advanced course consists of five Photoshop courses and each module covers one crucial skill. Firstly, you will learn about advanced selection methods and how to draw vector shapes. You will then dive deep into photography and illustration, and discover various blending modes to create sparkles or emotional content.

In the third module, you will learn how to manage font and text and understand their impact, scope, and range of applications in each project. The next course introduces smart objects. Learn to edit and customize them without compromising the quality.

By the end, students will also know to apply smart filters and their non-destructive possibilities. You will understand how they differ from normal filters. This is among the best Photoshop courses online to lift your image editing skills to a professional and artistic level.

Instructor: Carles Marsal | Level: Advanced | Lessons: 35 | Time: 5 hours
Info: View course. From $14.90. Up to 75% off. Browse all classes in Photography.
Coupon: Get an Extra 10% Off with EDUPROJECTS-10 on all Xmas Deals.

2. Ultimate Photoshop Training: Beginner to Pro – Udemy

Image of Ultimate Photoshop Training - Udemy

Udemy is one of the most respected and known online course providers out there. This course (visit website) is aimed at providing beginner learners with a comprehensive overview of Adobe Photoshop CC and its various tools.

Learners will be introduced to image editing and manipulation learning how to improve and repair photos, remove people or objects from photos, and master the use of layers to create and edit images. Furthermore, learners will learn how to use Photoshop to design icons, and illustrations and use text effects.

The course is scaffolded to increase in difficulty as learners progress and include multiple hours of support from the instructor. Blending video lectures with hands-on work learners learn through doing. The class maintains high ratings from reviewers based on its structure and approachability for beginners. One of the best Photoshop courses on Udemy.

Instructor: Christian Doru Barin. Udemy | Level: All levels | Lectures: 175
Video: 14 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View Course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse all Photoshop courses.

3. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course – Skillshare

Image Best Photoshop Courses Online - Adobe Photoshop Beginners - Skillshare

Skillshare is another respected learning community based on online video learning. This course (visit website) is a beginner-level Photoshop course that aims to teach some of the foundational skills for Photoshop image editing.

This Photoshop course first focuses on masking techniques that will help you to combine layers by hiding or revealing certain aspects of different layers in a composition. It will move on to teach learners a variety of typographic skills, including making type interactive.

You will learn to manipulate and distort images in fun and interesting ways. You will also learn how to create your graphics from scratch. This course will help learners understand how to utilize a variety of Photoshop tools suitable for various purposes through lectures and hands-on work.

Reviews have applauded the course as an engaging, fun, and practical class for beginners. Thus, it’s one of the best Photoshop courses online to get you started.

With: Daniel Scott, Skillshare | Level: Essential | Review: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: Visit website. From $15/month. Get 30% off annual Premium plan.

4. Adobe Photoshop for Illustration

Image Photoshop Courses Online - Photoshop for Illustration - Domestika

Photoshop for Illustration (visit website) is another great class from Domestika. Imagine that you don’t have to specialize in Illustrator to create stunning illustrations. Mexican-based Illustrator Gemma Román will teach you how to create illustrations in Photoshop.

This class consists of six specific Photoshop courses to teach you sketching, drawing, outlining, painting and coloring and also shares tips on how to add effects and details to your work. The first module covers the essentials to start creating simple illustrations.

Later on, you will practice with tools to sketch and apply preset brushes but also create your own brush. Coloring tools along with other features like eyedropper, saturation, brightness, and temperature are the subject of the next module

Students then move on to color-filling tools, gradients, strokes, textures, and buckets. The final touch-up part explains the focus, blur, and finger tools as well as tips for printing and optimization. This is one of the best Photoshop courses online to learn illustrating.

Instructor: Gemma Román | Level: Beginner | Lessons: 46 | Time: 8 hours
Info: View course. From $14.90. Up to 75% off. Browse all classes in Photography.
Coupon: Get an Extra 10% Off with EDUPROJECTS-10 on all Xmas Deals.

5. Photoshop 2022 MasterClass – Udemy

Image Best Photoshop Courses Online - Photoshop Masterclass, Udemy

Another best-rated Photoshop course (visit website) that focuses on creating an enjoyable way to master Photoshop basics and teach experienced users new efficient workflows. This being the case, the course is suitable for both beginner and intermediate learners.

The course provides learners with hands-on learning and video lectures and instructions to learn and improve upon a variety of skills. Students will learn to create photo montages, retouch photographs, edit images, enhance images and photographs, export to different image formats for screen or print, design with typography, and create digital art.

In 19 sections or units, students will learn a broad set of skills and techniques for creating and manipulating images. Many of the reviews have praised this course for its ability to cover such a broad range of Photoshop skills and techniques and make a large and complex program simple to use and understand.

Instructor: Martin Perhiniak. Udemy | Level: Beginner | Lectures: 111
Video: 14 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View Course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse all Photoshop courses.

6. Adobe Photoshop CC – Complete Guide – CreativeLive

Image Best Photoshop Courses Online - Adobe Photoshop Complete Guide - Creativelive

CreativeLive is a popular learning platform with a focus on creative and artistic content. This Adobe Photoshop course (visit website) covers a wide range of Photoshop skills and techniques in 21 lessons and through an impressive array of class materials including practice images, color palettes, frames, and textures.

The Photoshop course is suitable for beginner to advanced users. Students will learn how to use layers and masks, understand Blend Modes, learn to navigate the various tools and panels, learn about smart objects, use filters, and learn about color adjustments.

An impressive 99% of students who have enrolled recommend this Photoshop course, many citing their engagement with the instructor, the impressive resources, and the overall design of this class as reasons they recommend others to enroll.

Instructor: Ben Willmore | Level: Beginners | Lessons: 21
Video: 25 hours | Rating: 99% ★★★★★ | Price: 39/month or $149/year.
Info: View course page. Browse all online Photoshop courses on CreativeLive.

7. Adobe Photoshop CC Advanced Training Course – Skillshare

Image Best Photoshop Courses Online - Adobe Photoshop Advanced - Skillshare

This Skillshare Photoshop course (visit website) is aimed at those who already know the fundamentals. Through a good balance of video lectures and interactive projects, learners will expand their Photoshop skill base to improve their masking and editing skills.

Students will also improve their proficiency and efficiency in the areas of retouching and visual design. Expanding on their current understanding of the capabilities of Photoshop, you will learn how to use PS for cinematic purposes for animation and video creation.

They will improve their typographic skills, learn to create artboards, and simplify updating images for advertising and social media. Finally, students will learn how to master 3D art and design in Photoshop.

While the course focuses on skills application, the main takeaway is improved workflows through creating practical projects using professional techniques and shortcuts. It makes it one of the best Photoshop courses online to fine-tune your post-production skills.

Instructor: Daniel Scott, Skillshare | Level: Essential | Review: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: Visit website. From $15/month. Get 30% off annual Premium plan.

Reading: For developing your design and photography skills, here is a tutorial with 12 photography techniques, a list of the best photography courses as well as practical graphic design courses or graphic design software to get you started.

8. Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp – CreativeLive

Image Best Photoshop Courses - Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp - Creativelive

This popular class (visit website) covers a wide array of techniques, skills, and tools in Photoshop. The instructor designed the course after his own experiences in a military Bootcamp. The idea is to start simple and build regimented habits within your workflow as you learn how to use the various tools in Photoshop.

The course is aimed at beginners but might benefit intermediate learners as well in improving their workflow. Students will be introduced to the Bridge companion interface, Adobe Camera Raw, setup interface, and cropping and layers.

Next, they will learn how to utilize the various tools associated with selections, layers, masks, clean-up, shapes, and text. Finally, students will learn the basics of smart objects, transformation, and video editing as well as techniques to customize their workflow.

The scope of this course is vast and intensive and this has been noted as both a pro and a con by reviewers. Still, it is one of the highly recommended and best Photoshop courses online here with glowing reviews based on its comprehensive and intensive nature.

Instructor: Blake Rudis | Level: Beginners, Intermediates | Lessons: 118
Content: 22 hours | Rating: 91% ★★★★★ | Price: 39/month or $149/year.
Info: View course page. Browse all Photoshop courses on CreativeLive.

9. KelbyOne Photoshop Courses Online

Image Best Photoshop Courses - Kelby One

KelbyOne is an online membership-based learning community with a focus on creatives in photography and graphic design. It has a strong focus on teaching image editing through a wide range of affordable Photoshop courses online.

The KelbyOne community is thought to be helpful and knowledgeable and the wide variety of classes for all skill levels is an impressive feature of the community. Many of the best Photoshop courses are hyper-focused on a specific skill or technique.

Because of this, subscribing as a community member will allow learners to curate their learning paths as they see fit. Below are quick overviews of just six of the hundreds of courses one might find through KelbyOne to give you an idea of what you can find:

Mastering Selections in Photoshop – Through utilizing project-based learning, learners will be able to grasp the fundamentals of the selection tools, shortcuts, and techniques.

Blend like a Pro in Photoshop – In 10 short lessons, learners will inherit professional-level blending skills coming to understand the use of textures, colors, lighting effects, layers, and a variety of techniques used to seamlessly blend images and elements into a balanced and unified composition.

Advanced Photoshop Compositing – Compositing is the art of combining different images. This course teaches photographers how to create a composite image through a single engaging project.

Advanced Photoshop: Color Grading – This is a crash Photoshop course about the psychology and science behind color grading and color theory. It teaches learners to apply their understanding of color to manipulate and create harmonious images.

Electrifying Eyes – Retouching Eyes in Photoshop – A simple 9-lesson course on how to retouch eyes in photographs without going overboard and keeping them realistic.

Remove Distracting Stuff in Photoshop – A simple online Photoshop course on how to remove elements from a photograph that you may not want such as powerlines, tourists, or light spots.

Levels: Beginners to Advanced. | Number of Photoshop Courses online: 50+
Categories: Tools, Techniques, Compositing, Colors, Grading, Layers
Price: from $9.99 monthly or $96 annually | User Rating: ★★★★★

10. Photoshop for Creative Professionals – Pluralsight

Image Best Photoshop Courses - Adobe Photoshop for Professionals - Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an online education company specializing in video training for software developers, designers, and creative professionals. Their Photoshop for Creative Professionals program (visit website) is a learning path aimed at developing Photoshop skills for designers, photographers, marketers, hobbyists, and illustrators.

While the path is open to anyone, they hope that learners have some basic knowledge of Photoshop before they begin. The learning path is broken into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections with a focus on building comfort and confidence in tool use while scaffolding techniques based on their difficulty.

This path is comprehensive and covers a lot of ground making it perfect for those looking to enter the creative industries or for those looking to brush up on their Photoshop skills and knowledge. This is one of the best Photoshop courses online to get it all in one place.

Instructors: Matthew Pizzi, Sebastian Bleak, Justin Seeley, Kirk Nelson and others.
Level: Beginner, Intermediates, Advanced | Photoshop Courses: 17
Info: $29/month. $299/year. Get free trial to test their online Photoshop classes.

11. Master Photoshop for Web Design – LinkedIn Learning

Image Best Photoshop Courses - Web Design - LinkedIn

This is another learning path that consists of 5 scaffolded online Photoshop courses presented by LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn is a subscription-based learning platform offering video lessons and courses taught by industry professionals.

This path consists of 5 courses curated specifically for those interested in employing Photoshop for web design. The idea is to take learners from the basics of Photoshop toward its use for specific techniques, strategies, and workflows needed by designers.

An interesting standout for this learning path is the introduction to modular UX design and working with smart objects in the fourth course. While this path is not comprehensive, it is worth exploring if you are interested in web design or design-specific projects and work.

Instructors: Emily Kay, Brian Wood, Sue Jenkins, Jesse Freeman, Nigel French
Level: Beginner, Intermediates | Photoshop Courses: 5 Online Classes

12. GoSkills Photoshop Courses Online

Image Best Photoshop Courses - Beginner, Advanced - GoSKills

GoSkills is an online learning platform aimed at helping professionals achieve their personal goals. GoSkills hosts two Photoshop courses Adobe Photoshop for Beginners and Adobe Photoshop Advanced.

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners is an accredited course that presents learners with the fundamentals of Photoshop. Through 58 Photoshop lessons, learners will learn basic tools for layers, masking, clipping, removing backgrounds, shapes, effects, etc.

At GoSkills, learners are encouraged to learn at their own pace. This allows beginners to perfect their skills before moving on to the next. Many of the reviewers praise the course for how it is scaffolded into perfectly digestible lessons and for its ease of use.

Adobe Photoshop Advanced is another highly rated and accredited course aimed at intermediate learners wishing to reinforce and expand upon their skills. Through 55 lessons students will learn to create animations, edit videos, tool recording, and utilize a variety of typographic effects. This course currently has a five-star rating with reviewers touting the compact lessons and the engaging instructor. 

Both, the Beginner and Advanced Photoshop courses include access to GoSkills tutors and a support team that aims to help students personalize their learning experiences. Furthermore, both of these Photoshop courses are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Services ensuring quality courses.

Certification – After completing each course learners will receive a certificate for their professional portfolios. While these courses can be accessed through a subscription plan only, being accredited and so comprehensive makes them worth the price of enrollment.

Instructor: Ray Sheen. GoSkills | Certificate: Yes. CPD Accredited
Level:  Beginner or Advanced | Video Lectures: 50-75 | Study Time: 20+ hours
User Review: 4.9 ★★★★☆ | Pricing: $29/month. $199/year. All classes.

How To Choose The Best Photoshop Courses Online

Selecting a course for learning or expanding one’s knowledge of Photoshop isn’t easy. There is an incredible amount of Photoshop courses online and the quality of these classes varies drastically.

Objectives – The most important thing to consider is what your learning objectives and goals are. Are you a hobbyist or a professional expanding your skillset? Are you an artist or a photographer? Do you want to use it for web design or print?

Suggestion – Your personally defined goals should lead you comfortably into one of the courses mentioned in this article. There is truly something for everyone. We suggest that you consider the reviews of each Photoshop course you’re interested in and if the reviews support what you are looking for give the course a try.

Additional Photoshop Courses Online

As mentioned above there is a vast number of resources available to learn the art of image editing. To complete our list of the best Photoshop courses online, I want to mention the following classes that are suitable to be shortlisted too.

  • Adobe Photoshop Training – Training tutorials from Adobe itself
  • PhotoshopCafe – A great pool of resources and short classes t learn Photoshop.
  • Improve Logo Design Skills – LinkedIn Learning Path specializing in logo design.
  • Photoshop Courses TutsPlus – A class from the popular TutsPlus platform.
  • Alison – A pool of free Photoshop courses online for beginners from Alison.

Best Photoshop Courses Online 2024 – Summary

Here it is, our list of the best Photoshop courses online in 2024. Online learning is a twenty-first-century miracle. It allows motivated learners to connect with experts and teachers with a flexible and often forgiving schedule.

Connecting with industry professionals and teachers online makes learning Photoshop more accessible than ever. We can learn from the masters of the trade and quickly employ our newfound skills.

Investing the time or money required to enroll in online learning is an opportunity to invest in yourself. If you are looking to learn or expand your knowledge of Adobe Photoshop you are in the right place. Explore, connect, and learn at your leisure.

 Best Photoshop Courses Online 2024

  1. Advanced Adobe Photoshop Course – Domestika
  2. Ultimate Photoshop Training: Beginner to Pro – Udemy
  3. Photoshop MasterClass – Udemy
  4. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course – Skillshare
  5. Adobe Photoshop CC – Complete Course – CreativeLive
  6. Skillshare – Adobe Photoshop CC Advanced Training Course
  7. Adobe Photoshop Course for Illustration
  8. Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp – CreativeLive
  9. KelbyOne Photoshop Courses Online
  10. Photoshop for Creative Professionals – Pluralsight
  11. Master Photoshop for Web Design – LinkedIn Learning
  12. GoSkills Photoshop Courses Online

Photoshop – What Is Image Editing?

Image Editing describes a set of analog and digital processes for altering, changing, or enhancing images. Analog image editing processes deal with physical alterations to film media in the darkroom or directly onto a photograph. The use of inks, paint, various exposure techniques, scratching, and airbrushing negatives, photographs, and illustrations are used to manipulate images for a range of practical and artistic purposes.

Photoshop – What are Raster Graphics?

To use Photoshop effectively, learners must understand what a raster image is and is capable of. Photoshop deals with raster graphics. Raster graphics are composed of pixels measured in dots per inch (DPI) or Pixels per Inch (PPI).

What are the best Photoshop courses online in 2024? If you enrolled in Photoshop courses or classes, please let us know about your learning experiences and outcomes.

Resources: Wikipedia 1 | Wikipedia 2 | Wikipedia 3

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