Best UX Design Courses Online 2024

17 Best UX Design Courses Online for Web + App Developers.

Image Best UX Design Courses Online for Web + App Developers

While the jury is still out on whether the concept of learning styles is valid, the effectiveness of appealing to the senses to accomplish goals is an undeniable truth. Whether you design website interfaces for Airbnb, app interfaces for Duolingo, or lotion bottles for Unilever, the new way to retain clients is with product design that intimately empathizes with the user.

Becoming a UX-pert can put you in line for a wide range of potential clients and job prospects, as customers navigate more options and become more discerning. Below, we give you a tour of 17 of the best UX design courses online and show you a variety of choices for upskilling yourself in UX design online.

UX Design Courses Online – Overview

The term UX, or User Experience Design, was coined in 1993. Nevertheless, UX can find its roots in the ancient world. The Chinese concept of Feng Shui, which emphasizes the importance of space between objects in a room, is a UX design concept. Another archaic but still relevant UX concept is ergonomics, which originated in ancient Greece.

Ever since computers entered the consumer realm, User Interface (UI) design, which makes websites and apps easy and pleasant to use, became a key to success. Then came UX, taking those platforms and consumer goods in general to a whole new level.

According to Career Foundry, “a UX designer is concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.” UI became a subset of UX and the bar was forever rising. As brands compete for clients who have ever-increasing options, UX professionals are in high demand. See our list of UI Design courses here.

New York UX course provider General Assembly says that nowadays “organizations are recognizing the value of user-centered design, applying its principles everywhere from web experiences to physical products to service delivery.”

According to visual media platform InVision, “92% of the mature design organizations can draw a straight line from the efforts of their design team to their company’s revenue.”  The online UX design courses below can prepare you to either specialize in UX or at least improve your own product to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

Best UX Design Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

UdacityGoogle, CourseraNUS, GetSmarterNYU, EMERITUS
Logo Image of Udacity UX CoursesLogo Image of Coursera UX CoursesImage of GetSmarter UX CoursesImage of Emeritus UX Courses
UX DesignerGoogle UX DesignUX Design, NUSUX Design for AR/VR
from $349from $59/month$1,500 Get prospect.from $6,800.
View CourseVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: This list aims to overview the best UX design courses online. We cannot claim comprehensiveness as there are many other UX design classes available.

1. Become a UX Designer – Udacity

Image UX Design Courses - Become a UX Designer, Udacity

Become a UX Designer (visit website) by Udacity recognizes the basic elements needed to pivot into a UX design career, with the main learning goals being to understand and gain experience in design research, prototype creation, and design. A series of projects form a UX design portfolio that should help you land your first job.

UX designers from Google and others teach you how to use UI kits and plugins, as well as the fundamentals of UI design. In addition, you will also learn how to do solution sketching and create production-ready assets, among many other accessibility functions.

With access to GitHub review and LinkedIn profile optimization services, this 3-month, self-paced degree appears to be tailored to tech products for absolute beginners in UX design. Add to that the capstone project, which focuses on portfolio development, and what you get is a course best suited for a freelance career in UX design.

Although the course doesn’t require any prior experience, the course description makes it seem like candidates need at least elementary knowledge of website and/or app design and development. Without that, there may be a big learning curve to overcome. Overall, it is one of the best UX design courses online to start a career as a UX designer.

Type: Nanodegree | Instructors from: Google, Feather Docs, Context Leap
Capstone: Yes | Level: Beginners | Prerequisites: None | Time: 3 months
Info: View course page. From $399/mo. Get up to 75% off. Includes certificate.

2. DesignLab UX Design Courses

Image UX Design Courses - Design Lab UX Design Courses

Beyond their Foundations UX course, Design Lab (visit website) offers an array of learning options for multiple levels of experience, talent, and interest. More specifically, the Foundations course provides a solid introduction to visual and UI design, as well as an opportunity to submit a strong design with your UX Academy application.

Once you’re in, you can take a 4-week course in UX design or a 6-week advanced course. In UX Research & Strategy, learners get insights into making stronger designs and better products by properly researching user needs. UX: Interaction Design shows learners “how to design products around user goals” and build skills like wireframing and sketching.

Entrepreneurs could benefit greatly from this UX design course as it could help them refine their product/service lines. The advanced course currently on offer is Data-Driven Design and it promises to bring learners to mastery in product data and UX analytics.

Learners are taught how to “collect and interpret data to design, launch, and grow digital products,” while also practicing with experimentation that can support their design choices. This best UX design course is targeted at seasoned UX and product designers who want to level up their work or open new doors for themselves.

Platform: Design Lab | Style: Async Learning + 1:1 Mentoring
Level: All | Price: Various packages
Info: Visit website to browse their best UX design courses and certifications.

3. Introduction to UX Design – Domestika

Image UX Design Courses - Introduction to UX Design, Domestika

Ethan Parry’s goal in Introduction to UX Design (visit website) on Domestika is to teach you “how to create digital experiences that resonate with your users.” Despite it being a beginner-level class, learners are required to have a copy of Adobe XD to participate.

Never used Adobe XD before? Not to worry! Parry also has Introduction to Adobe XD, which you should consider taking before diving into this online UX design course.

Parry teaches research, methodology, and overall UX strategy, drawing on his experiences working with the Spanish luxury group Meliá Hotels International and leading workshops for KPMG and Accenture, among other prestigious clients.

As the saying goes, success leaves clues. To that end, you’ll learn a lot about Parry in the first portion of the course, including his involvement in the “European Adobe XD team (Adobe XDI).” In fact, much of the limited content is dedicated to introducing Parry, teaching UX design history, and discussing the “business value” of UX design.

Further, Parry covers his 5-step UX process, including research methods, problem-solving skills, and how to create personas and journey maps. He teaches ideation techniques, prototyping, and how to “carry out a smooth design-to-development handoff,” with the final project being a “validated UX design prototype” to meet the needs of a given client.

You also get interview tips that can help you land your first UX position. Priced reasonably, this UX design online course promises quite a lot. Perhaps this pair of courses (including Introduction to Adobe XD) can serve as a starting point to more study and portfolio-building before you try to interview for jobs or land clients as a freelancer.

Instructor: Ethan Parry | Level: Beginners | Lessons: 22 | Time: 3 hours
Info: View course. From $14.90. Up to 75% off. Browse category UX Design.

4. Google UX Design Professional Certificate – Coursera

Image UX Design Courses - Google UX Design Professional Certificate, Coursera

In UX Design Professional Certificate (visit website) on Coursera, Google brings you “in-demand skills that will have you job-ready in 6 months.” Without any prerequisites for enrolling, Google offers various UX courses that draw upon 20 years of experience in “building products, platforms, and services that help people and businesses grow”.

This course invites learners to follow the design process from start to finish, showing you how to empathize with the user, define pain points, create wireframes and prototypes, and more. You’ll learn research techniques from planning to compiling research results, while also trialing usability testing, mockups, and design tools Figma and Adobe XD.

Your main output will be a portfolio that contains 3 “end-to-end projects” to show prospective employers and clients. This series of 7 UX design courses demands a commitment of 10 hours a week for 6 months, which is worth it considering the program’s rigor and its ability to prepare you to land your first job in UX design.

Provider: Google, Coursera | Type: Professional Certificate
Pricing: Free trial. $59/month Coursera Plus. | Review: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: View course. Browse: Search all UX design courses on Coursera.

5. Calarts UI/UX Design Specialization – Coursera

Image UX Design Courses - Calarts UI/UX Design Specialization, Coursera

Calarts’ UI/UX Design Specialization (visit website) on Coursera promises to provide “practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective.” As such, the online UX design course is targeted at learners “with experience in front- or back-end web development or human-computer interaction.”

In this regard, the course is designed to extend coding and web/app development skills into visual design, analysis, and UX design disciplines. The instructors equip learners with the current best practices in UX design, including creating paper and digital prototypes, ideation, and sitemapping.

“Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes” is the other UX-oriented course in the program, where you’ll conduct early UX research and create user interfaces, high-fidelity mockups, and clickable prototypes. It builds on the previous UX course by teaching responsive web design and typography, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Calarts is a highly respected post-secondary institution for visual and performing arts, and your instructors bring their wealth of experience in web design and development to offer a high-value learning experience for professionals who want to enhance their resumes and open new doors. It’s one of the best UX design courses online for career movers.

Provider: California Institute of the Arts (Calarts), Coursera | Type: Specialization
Pricing: Free trial. $59/month Coursera Plus. | Review: 4.7 ★★★★☆
Info: View course. Browse: Search all UX design courses on Coursera.

6. UX Design Bootcamp – Springboard

Image UX Design Courses - UX Design Bootcamp, Springboard

Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp (visit website) offers a 6-month project-based course, mentoring and career coaching, and externships. It allows learners to practice doing user research, sketching solutions, and building wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Design tools, including Invision, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD are also covered, as well as ideation, information architecture, Guerilla Usability Testing, and Interaction Design. They even have a unit on “Psychology Principles” so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the end user.

Although UX Design Bootcamp is online, it is time-bound, so you’ll have to decide if the time is right for you to start when the next course begins.

The fact that the curriculum is project-based means you’ll have material to boost your portfolio, with 9 projects before the capstone giving you much fodder to showcase your UX prowess to future employers and clients. Speaking of getting employed, Springboard stands behind all its courses with a “land a job or your money back” guarantee.

Duration: 6 months | Certificate: Yes. | Info: Hands-on experience. Career support.
1:1 Mentoring: Yes | Job Guarantee: Yes | Fee: from $1,890/month or $11,340.
Info: View course page.

7. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UX – Udemy

Image UX Design Courses - User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UX, Udemy

In Udemy’s User Experience Design Essentials (visit website), Adobe Certified Instructor Daniel Walter Scott equips learners with UI and UX design strategies and concepts.

If cost is an issue, Scott suggests using the free trial version of Adobe XD for his course, where learners are guided through the process of building and testing a full mobile app and website. What’s great is that these projects can become items for your portfolio and are complemented by feedback from working professionals.

More specifically, Scott covers fonts and colors, prototyping, wireframes, Lorem ipsum, artboards, and premade UI kits, including how to create your first UX brief. He also promises to share “professional workflow tricks & shortcuts”, UX jargon, and tips from his experience in the field.

UX Design Essentials could be ideal for someone looking to land their first entry-level UX job. Being a self-guided course, even a working rookie who wants to fast-track their portfolio-building could find value in Scott’s program, with one review lauding the insight they gained into communication between UX design professionals and their clients.

Scott adds further value to this online UX design course by showing you other software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Instructor: Daniel Walter Scott | Skill Level: Beginners
Lectures: 84 | Video: 10 hours | User Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆
Price: View course. From $11.99. Up to 95% off. Browse category on Udemy.

8. Professional Certificate in UX Design for AR/VR – NYU Tandon School, Emeritus

Image Professional Certificate in UX Design for AR/VR – NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Emeritus

The Professional Certificate in UX Design for AR/VR (visit website) on Emeritus aims to prepare professionals for emerging opportunities in Extended Reality (XR). NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering offers this online UX certification, which is specifically targeted to those interested in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

It promises to give learners what they need to capitalize on the future possibilities of these emerging technologies as they continue their expansion into “augmented e-commerce, navigation, banking, collaborative work, and fitness.”

Over 6 months, learners glean insights into UX environments for AR/VR and audio media, review case studies from industry leaders, and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools. Tandon teaches speculative and critical design, immersive and augmented interfaces, design politics and ethics, pain points, research, haptics, and sound design.

This latter unit covers “key components of sound design, such as composition basics, Adobe XD skills, audio user mapping, sourcing and editing sounds, and audio moment mapping.” Requirements to enter the program include visual design experience and Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator knowledge.

Product designers looking for techniques to improve the user experience of the products they manage or are developing are the prime beneficiaries of this program. Working UX engineers can also equip themselves for career advancement by taking this UX design course and UX consultants can enhance their services to clients.

The capstone project encompasses design sprint components, including prototyping and usability testing. Furthermore, learners benefit from NYU’s network of mentors and industry professionals, while being able to access career guidance. Needless to say, only those who are serious about UX in XR need to apply.

Provider: NYU Tandon Engineering, Emeritus | Time: 7 months | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Developers | Pace: Instructor-lead | Tuition: $6,800
Info: Visit course website. Get free brochure. Browse full course catalog on Emeritus.

9. UX Design – National University of Singapore, GetSmarter

Image UX Design Courses - UX Design – National University of Singapore, GetSmarter

From the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS) comes UX Design (visit website), taught by Dr. Lu Weiquan, Senior Lecturer at NUS’ Department of Information Systems and Analytics. More than 100 years after its humble beginnings, NUS is ranked among the top universities in Asia and worldwide.

NUS’s Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) teams up with GetSmarter to offer learners a solid foundation in UX design. You may be more familiar with GetSmarter’s big brother, edX, for online education from prestigious institutions around the world.

Since it is targeted at “designers, developers, and individuals who want to strengthen their UX design theory and practical skills,” professionals wishing to upskill and boost their portfolio with UX design work should find this online UX design course valuable.

Skills taught in this UX design course extend beyond digital products, so it can also be valuable for marketers of tangible consumer goods and real-world services. While the course is online and self-paced, there is an official start date though.

The UX design online certification covers a range of topics including common constraints, Figma wireframing, analysis and critiquing, and identifying user personas. As GetSmarter is a 2U company, learners get access to 2U’s Career Engagement Network resources and events. NUS did its best to deliver high value for the high price.

Provider: NUS, GetSmarter | Time: 6 weeks | Certificate: Yes.
Level: Professionals | Price: $1,500 or £1,200 | Discount 15%: GS-AF-LEARN15
Info: Visit course website. Get free prospectus. Browse all online courses in this category.

10. UX and Web Design Course – Digital Marketing Institute

Image UX Design Courses - UX and Web Design Course, Digital Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing Institute’s UX and Web Design Course is part of an MOOC focused on digital education that claims to have a “global certification standard.” Their 11 hours of material should take 3-4 weeks to complete and come in “bite-sized modules.”

The syllabus includes case studies, reading, and toolkits to introduce you to UX and web design best practices and core principles. Graphic design principles, Search Engine Marketing/SEO, project management, Google Analytics, problem-solving, and e-commerce are among the competencies covered in this UX design online course.

Module 2 is where you get the UX training, offering “Visual Design: Best Practices”, “UX Patterns for Web Design”, and “UX Prototyping and Testing”. Otherwise, the course is heavily focused on website design and optimization. As it gives a good overview of the topic without much depth, it makes this course a good starting point for absolute newbies. 

Small business owners who need a competitive DIY web presence might find this course helpful as well. That said, at just under $450, this UX design online course may not deliver what a person needs to get employed or gain new clients as a freelancer.

Platform: Digital Marketing Institute | Style: On-demand, self-paced video
Level: Beginners | Price: Various packages. From $445

Tip: Browse our round-ups of graphic design courses, or Illustrator Courses, or Photoshop Courses, and Photography Courses or Web Design Courses or graphic design software.

11. UX Design Program – CareerFoundry

Image UX Design Courses - UX Design Program, CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry offers 6 courses as part of their UX Design Program, including on UX and UI design, data analytics, and product management. Their mission is to help people build a career they love and they focus on helping people gain the freedom to work remotely with flexibility in creative careers.

This ambitious course gives you 6 months of preparation to pivot into this emerging career path, with mentorship being a strong feature. Your mentor helps you on a one-on-one basis with all your assignments and project reviews through to the capstone. While their team is not diverse, their messaging is decidedly humanitarian and everyone is welcome.

Learners have the option to do the course full-time over 5 months or part-time for up to 10 months, including a module on job preparation. Among other things, the online UX design course covers building sitemaps, researching, AI, and wireframe, and prepares the budding product designer to use a range of tools, including Figma, XD, and Marvel.

As a user, you’ll be privy to apprenticeships with CareerFoundry’s industry partners, as well as career assistance from one of their specialists. A series of projects will enrich your portfolio and your career specialist will help you build a “competitive application package and job search strategy.”

In fact, CareerFoundry specializes in pivot preparation, with their site boasting to have helped over 7,000 career changers and a 90% graduate placement rate. If you’re unsure about diving in just yet, you can take their free online UX course to test the waters and get a free consultation with a CareerFoundry program advisor.

CareerFoundry does its utmost to deliver value for the hefty price tag of this course and they have a money-back guarantee if you don’t land a job within 6 months of graduating. It is certainly one of the best UX design courses online for ambitious career movers.

Platform: CareerFoundry | Style: 1:1 Learning + Mentorship
Level: Beginners | Price: Various packages. From $7,505

12. User Experience Design – SuperHi

Image Web3 Courses - User Experience Design, SuperHi

Intro to User Experience Design offered by SuperHi is a beginner’s principles course that teaches you UX design procedure, wireframing, prototyping, User Interface (UI) design, and user testing. If you’re curious about UX design but don’t know quite where to begin, this is among the best UX design courses online for beginners.

Taught from a UX designer’s view, the course requires you to perform tasks for yourself and clients as you study. Topics include comparing the UX design process and traditional graphic design processes, analysis of various site maps, and researching user flow (how to do user testing with real people, receive feedback, and make informed design choices).

Moreover, you’ll also get real-life experience making wireframes and prototypes to give to customers. While no prior coding experience or knowledge of computer programming is necessary, you’ll need a computer running Mac OS X 10.9 or a later version, Windows XP or a more recent version, and a reliable broadband internet connection.

Platform: Superhi | Style: 6 hours of video lessons
Level: Beginners | Price: $149

13. User Experience Design Immersive – Online or In-Person- General Assembly

Image UX Design Courses - User Experience Design Immersive - Online or In-Person, General Assembly

User Experience Design Immersive on General Assembly is a three-month-long, self-proclaimed “leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions,” which you can attend online or in person. Ten years ago, Jake Schwartz co-founded New York-based General Assembly with one goal in mind: to become the “solution to the global skills gap.”

General Assembly also has locations in London, Sydney, and Singapore, but this year’s in-person version of the course is at the Broadway HQs in the Flatiron building, just a few blocks north of Union Square in Manhattan. Not to worry if you can’t make it in person this summer, as there are a handful of dates for the online class (full-time and part-time).

The online UX design courses are taught over Zoom and use Slack as the virtual classroom chat platform. No prerequisites are required, but they do point out that many of their students “are familiar with graphic and digital design concepts.”

The course covers UI design and agile methodology, and instructors foster collaborative work in product teams. Students practice UX/UI handoffs, presentations, design critiquing, and are given an opportunity at the end of the course to pick up CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in an optional, self-paced module.

You’ll also engage with professionals in the UX industry who visit General Assembly as guest speakers and hiring panelists. They even do field trips, such as studio tours. What you can expect is to emerge from this UX design course with a healthy portfolio and access to one-on-one career coaching.

If you’re unsure about making the hefty time and money commitments that this course requires, there are free info sessions and workshops available to interested candidates.

Platform: General Assembly | Style: Online + In-person
Level: Advanced Beginners | Price: $16,450 (financing available)

14. Beginner UX Design Course – UX Academy

Image UX Design Courses - Beginner UX Design Course, UX Academy

Join learners from a variety of backgrounds in UX/UI Design offered by London-based UX Academy. With a focus on UI, UX, and voice design, UX Academy is comprised of a “community of experienced creators and innovators” dedicated to delivering high-quality educational content on UX design.

This beginner-friendly UX design online course was created to provide a thorough introduction to the user-centered design process, covering discovery research, mapping, interaction design, wireframes and prototyping, user testing, and project iteration.

UX Academy offers this course online via Zoom with live teaching and hands-on practice, where team projects are done using a shared online whiteboard. UX/UI Design is a part-time course that meets once a week at 6:00 PM GMT for 8 weeks and demands 2-4 additional hours on coursework.

As UX Academy is a member of the CPD Certification Service, this popular UX design course has been certified as conforming to CPD’s continuing professional development principles. Free courses are available for you to get a feel for the Academy’s style and help you decide whether to commit or not.

Platform: UX Academy | Style: Zoom Workshops + Coursework
Level: Beginners | Price: Various packages. From $150/month

16. UI/UX Design Bootcamp – Thinkful

Image UX Design Courses - UI/UX Design Bootcamp, Thinkful

Also headquartered in New York City, Thinkful is an online platform bringing you their UX/UI Design Bootcamp, among other online courses and career support to help tech professionals upskill themselves. Thinkful’s five-to-six-month bootcamp promises 4 rigorous modules, a challenging capstone project, and a stacked portfolio.

It starts by covering user experience research and visual design, and introducing learners to industry tools. After that, you’ll start designing a product, picking up design process best practices, such as drafting a research plan and prototyping. This progresses into hands-on learning that gives you a chance to see concepts in action.

Figma and Webflow are among the tools you’ll work with and apply UX/UI concepts to a real-life case study. Wrapping up the UX design bootcamp is a visual design module, followed by a capstone project. Thinkful’s program prepares designers to develop and work with digital and tangible products while having a polished portfolio to show for it.

Career support includes mock presentations, interview training, and a career coach who will be your accountability partner. They’ll encourage you in networking and prospecting, assist you in writing cover letters, and more until you land a job.

If you’re unsure about committing to a 6-month bootcamp, Thinkful thoughtfully provides free practice exercises that even beginners can tackle. Once you’ve experienced their student platform, you can decide whether to dive in all the way.

Platform: Thinkful | Style: Full-time (Instructor-led) + Part-time (Self-paced)
Level: Beginners | Price: Various packages. From $12,350

17. UX Design Bootcamp Online – Become a UX Designer – BrainStation

Image UX Design Courses - UX Design Bootcamp Online - Become a UX Designer, BrainStation

BrainStation is the market leader in intensive Computer Science education for adults and it brings you UX Design Bootcamp Online. They have an impressive list of hiring partners and industry leaders to whom you can present at the end of this 2.5-month bootcamp. In-person classes are available in Miami, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and London.

Their online UX design courses are comprised of live lectures delivered through their own virtual campus platform and interactive, collaborative, and project-based modules. Learners can communicate with peers and instructors, get updates, and find support on Slack as they increase their UX design and soft skills.

Starting with the basics, the UX design bootcamp then flows into “UX Research, Strategy & Planning”. In this unit, designers explore how tools like ChatGPT can be leveraged in UX design as they upskill in sketching, wireframes, task flows, empathy mapping. Learners can also pick up UI design, app design, and responsive website design skills.

Unit 5 is a professional development unit that covers leveraging industry tools and exposes learners to UX/UI design workflows used by successful companies, among a range of professional development topics. Learners can choose to attend on a full-time (6 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week) or part-time basis.

For working professionals, the latter option lets you fit your learning into 2 weekday evenings and Saturdays. Along the way, you’ll build a solid portfolio and get access to BrainStation’s Career Accelerator Program after you complete the capstone project. At the end of the program, you’ll get a BrainStation UX Design Diploma.

Platform: BrainStation | Style: Instructor-led Live Lectures
Level: Beginners | Price: Various packages. From $747/month

How to Choose the Best UX Design Courses Online

Image of Tips for Choosing the Best UX Design Courses Online

As with any course of study, the main factors to consider include cost, time commitment, and content. That said, with the variety of UX design courses online, there are a few other questions to ask yourself that can help you make your choice.

Are you ready to dive in all the way right now, or is it better if you just dip your toe and see if you like the water?
All the online UX design courses promise to prepare you to land your first UX design job. Use a discerning eye to determine if a course matches the approach you’d like to take to enter the field.

Note that if you start with a cheaper, shorter course, you probably shouldn’t quit your day job. Some of the pricier courses offer free workshops, information sessions, or practice projects to allow candidates to try before they buy, which could be extremely helpful.

If your goal goes beyond just upskilling to enhance your present work and you’re in fact looking for a new job, you might consider a more rigorous course with a job guarantee, as such UX design online courses promise a refund if you don’t get hired.

Do these guys know what they’re talking about? 
When vetting UX design courses from institutions that have their own websites, take into account your experience as a user of their page. Exemplars from the courses we reviewed are General Assembly and BrainStation.

If you’re not impressed and the page doesn’t exceed your expectations in any way, it’s safe to say they’re not the real UX deal (this strategy may not work for courses provided through MOOC platforms, like GetSmarter).

Is this course too easy or difficult for me?
Many of the UX design courses online claim that they are for beginners, but a closer look at the description reveals that you need to have some requisite knowledge coming in the door. On the other hand, some UX design courses really do start learners off from Square 1 and may not be worth your while if you have some experience already.

Is this course only for digital products or does it teach concepts that apply to real-life products and services?
Indeed, because UX design is so often packaged with UI, many courses specifically teach UX for digital products, such as apps and websites.

If you’re interested in applying your learning outside of the digital realm, be sure to confirm that the UX course you’re considering covers this before clicking the sign-up button.


Image of List of Best UX Design Online Courses - Summary

Wrapping up our tour of the best UX design courses online in 2024. No matter what field you’re in, getting some UX design under your belt can enhance your resume. UX design is a highly relevant skillset that applies to numerous disciplines.

In response, a large crop of educators is offering courses for career changers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and other dreamers. If you can nail down the right course, it can be well worth your money and time to build these skills and stock a UX portfolio. It could be a strong differentiator at your next interview.

Best UX Design Courses Online 2024

  1. Become a UX Designer – Udacity
  2. DesignLab UX Design Courses
  3. Introduction to UX Design – Domestika
  4. Google UX Design Professional Certificate – Coursera
  5. Calarts UI/UX Design Specialization – Coursera
  6. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UX – Udemy
  7. Professional Certificate in UX Design for AR/VR – NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Emeritus
  8. Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp
  9. UX Design – National University of Singapore, GetSmarter
  10. UX and Web Design Course – Digital Marketing Institute
  11. CareerFoundry UX Design Program
  12. User Experience Design Immersive – Online or In-Person- General Assembly
  13. Beginner UX Design Course – UX Academy
  14. Improve Your UX Design Skills – LinkedIn Learning
  15. UI/UX Design Bootcamp – Thinkful
  16. Online UX Design Bootcamp – Become a UX Designer – BrainStation

Other UX Design Courses Online

  • Rachel How – YouTube – View
  • Jan Mraz – TikTok – View
  • UX/UI Design Process and Principles: Practical Guide – Atheros Learning
  • Intro to User Experience Design – SuperHi
  • Figma UI UX Design Essentials – Skillshare

What are the best UX design courses online for 2024, in your opinion? Which UX design online programs have you taken? What have you learned? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email for questions.

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