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16 Best Dictation Software To Increase Productivity. Windows, Mac.

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Modern technology is like science fiction comes true. Who would have thought that you would be able to talk to your computer and instantly execute commands or turn your spoken words into text documents? Dictation software is here to stay, and it saves time.

In this article, we cover and briefly review 16 of the best dictation software or voice-to-text software. Everybody’s needs differ, and no single program will satisfy one and all, but there is a dictation solution for you out there.

Best Dictation Software 2024 – Top Voice To Text

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Note: Our list of the best dictation software aims to provide a starting point to find the best solution. However, it cannot cover all the voice recognition software providers available.

1. REV Speech-to-Text Software

Image of REV Speech-to-Text Software

Rev (visit website) combines AI-based speech-to-text software with the skills of 70,000+ freelancers to deliver fast transcription services with a guaranteed 99% accuracy.

Trusted by the likes of The Home Depot, Rev is a contemporary solution for independent podcasters, businesses, and developers seeking to build accurate text-to-speech recognition APIs into their products.

Specifically, Rev claims to employ “a unique dataset of human-quality transcripts” to train their speech engines on a plethora of topics, industries, accents, and 16 languages and dialects. Rev’s REST API lets users place and track orders for captions or transcripts, as well as retrieve source and completed output files directly from Rev AI in JSON format.

Rev’s developers invite fellow creators to use their Asynchronous Speech-to-Text API (pre-recorded audio), Streaming Speech-to-Text API (real-time audio), Custom Vocabulary API (improved transcription accuracy), Topic Extraction API (topic insights), Sentiment Analysis API (sentiment insights), Language Identification API, and Forced Alignment API.

Additionally, Rev AI supports the creation of faster voice-powered applications via the Java Software Development Kit (SDK), the Python SDK, and the Node SDK.

Pending some paperwork, Rev can also ensure that your account is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which guards medical records and other sensitive data. viewing documentation. Overall, reviewers often list REV as one of the best dictation software, concerning accuracy and interface.

Review: ★★★★★ | Services: Audio transcription, Live captioning, Subtitles, etc.
Price: Autmated speech-to-text transcription services from $0.25/minute.
Info: Visit website. Explore pricing plans and options.


Image Otter AI Dictation Software

Otter is a popular AI-powered dictation software and voice documentation platform to help people capture, record, transcribe, share, and store conversations. It is particularly suitable for professionals and individuals who want to organize notes from meetings, interviews, lectures, and more.

The platform combines AI-based transcription technology with natural language processing to produce accurate transcripts that can be shared with other people. Among other highlights, it features real-time audio transcriptions, searchable transcripts, automated highlights, and the option to export transcripts in various formats, including Word and PDF. comes with speaker identification, so you can quickly identify voices and assign a speaker label to each word. The program also provides full-text search of your audio transcriptions to find specific topics or keywords quickly. Using the replay function, you can easily re-listen to your audio clips from the transcript based on keywords or speakers.

It is among the best dictation software for professionals and integrates seamlessly with video and audio streaming sources like Zoom, Google Meet, and Discord. There are several subscription plans for professionals and a free plan to get started without risk.

Review: ★★★★★ | Availability: Web, iOS, Android, Chrome extension.
Price: Free basic plan. Premium from $8.33/mo billed annually.

3. Speechnotes

Image of Best Dictation Software - Speechnotes

Speechnotes is a delightful newcomer to the voice-to-text and dictation software industry but it quickly gained quite a following of very satisfied users. Like other free voice-to-text software, Speechnotes uses Google Speech Recognition technology and supports all the languages that Google does.

Speechnotes voice typing works only in a Chrome browser but that is no problem since you can easily copy and paste text across a variety of dictation programs.

The app is remarkably easy to use but there are a limited number of voice commands for editing, formatting and punctuation. There is no need to create a user account or register. Just go to their website and start using this best dictation software. It works very well in conjunction with Grammarly too! Overall, it is accurate and easy to use.

Review: ★★★★☆
Price: Free | Availability: Playstore.

4. Apple Dictation Software

Image of Apple Dictation Software

Shipped as part of Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems, some reviewers reckon that it is one of the top ten dictation software solutions. There is a big BUT, however.

Apple’s built-in dictation software requires Internet access and you are limited to dictation sessions of only 30 seconds. To get rid of these serious limitations, you need to enable Enhanced Dictation, which may require a specific OS version and hardware to work.

Apple Dictation is extremely accurate, even if you use only the basic version. It is easy to master the basic voice commands. You can even create your own custom commands.

Apple Dictation supports 31 languages but if you upgrade to Enhanced Dictation there are only 20 languages on offer. If you need professional dictation software, Apple Dictation will disappoint you. However, if you simply wish to automate some commands, this could be the easiest and best voice-to-text software solution available at your fingertips.

Review: ★★★★☆
Price: Free in Mac OS and iOS. | Availability: Desktop | OS | iOS.

5. Windows Speech Recognition

Image of Windows Speech Recognition

Windows Speech Recognition has been around for quite a while but Microsoft’s earlier offerings were all but dismissed as “sluggish”, “inaccurate” and “a waste of time”. Initially, the technology was meant to issue voice commands to the Windows operating system and some supported software. With the start of Windows 10, a brand new version of Voice Recognition was introduced, including a dictation component.

Windows Voice Recognition works very well on its own but it is best when used in tandem with Cortana, another Microsoft Artificial Intelligence product. Reviewers warn that Windows Speech Recognition works very well with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word but it does not fare as well in non-Microsoft software products.

Users who wish to automate Windows commands will find this voice-to-text software useful but those churning out professional documents will be frustrated. All the languages supported by Windows can be used.

Prepare for a tedious and long learning curve before the speech recognition software works properly. Serious users will be better off with another product.

Review: ★★★☆☆
Price: Free. | Availability: Desktop.

6. Braina Speech To Text Software

Image of Best Dictation Software - Braina

While efficient dictation is part of Braina, it is actually an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant. As for its dictation, Braina uses advanced voice recognition technology that ensures a very high level of accuracy. It is fully compatible with most Windows-based software.

In addition to its dictation module, Braina offers other productivity-enhancing features such as using your voice to activate a myriad of Windows commands. One unique feature of Braina is that you can use an Android or iOS device like a microphone to interact with the dictation software remotely via Wifi. Background noises do not bother Braina.

Overall, anyone who uses a wide variety of software to generate text will most certainly benefit from Braina’s speech-to-text software. There is support for 100+ languages for both input and read-back purposes. Braina is a good option for companies that want productivity software able to support multiple users and that can be accessed anywhere.

Review: ★★★★☆
Price: From $49 for Premium. | Availability: Web, App.

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7. Tazti Voice-To-Text Software

Image of Tazti Dictation Software

Tazti uses a basic version of speech recognition technology. While it can be used to dictate documents, its main purpose is to enable voice commands to control Windows programs, and games or manage the operating system, and audio files.

More than 300 voice commands can be created and managed. Tazti is particularly useful for browsing the Internet, but there are no read-back features. Tazti is not a free tool, and even authoritative reviewers battled to get Tazti to respond to pricing inquiries.

Overall, users who hate using the keyboard or have poor keyboard skills will find Tazti useful for automating commands. It is especially popular with serious gamers. Only English is offered but you can choose between UK, USA, and Australian dialects.

When compared with its competitors, Tazti is in the lightweight division and best suited to users wanting to experiment with speech-to-text software.

Review: ★★★★☆
Price: $80 | Availability: Desktop | App.

8. Express Dictate

ExpressDictate Voice Typing - Dictation Software

Express Dictate does not feature voice-to-text technology and therefore does not automatically allow you to have your words turned into text. Instead, it is a voice typing system that allows you to create audio files that can be sent to a typist or used with transcription software.

Express Dictate is available for your PC or Mac but most reviewers find it rather pricey compared to the limited features it offers. No free trial version is available. However, it is easy to use, and the user interface is truly intuitive.

Review: ★★★☆☆
Price: Single license from $99. | Availability: Desktop | App.

9. Nuance Dragon Professional v16

Image Best Dictation Software - Nuance Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional – along with Dragon Legal – is the flagship of the Nuance Dragon software suite. It is specialized voice-to-text software for professionals and offers sophisticated features for all types of voice documentation.

v16 continually learns from your speech patterns and previously created text. The Accuracy Tuning module then analyzes your corrections and learns from them too. Even the way that you are speaking and your accent are taken into account to improve accuracy further.

Smart Format rules make sure that Dragon learns exactly how you want abbreviations, punctuation, and dates to appear. Dragon Pro also offers a transcription feature that will turn any sound file into text. It allows you to automate numerous Windows commands as well.

Professionals who dictate memos, letters, reports, emails, and other documents regularly can benefit from this dictation software. Ditto for people with physical disabilities. Six languages, mostly the most popular European ones are fully supported. There is certainly a learning curve, but it is among the best dictation software available, easy to use, and worth the price.

The downside is that is very pricey and no Mac version is available.

Price: $699. Visit website. Bonus: Get Pro + 1-Year Dragon Anywhere.
Availability: Web | Windows | Mobile. | Review: ★★★★★.

10. Google Docs Voice Typing

Image of Dictation Software - Google Voice Typing

Firmly embedded in all the latest versions of Chrome, Google Docs Voice Typing offers yet another free tool that allows you to create a variety of documents by means of voice dictation.

State of the art voice-to-text technology allows you to dictate into Google Docs, edit text, format it and issue a variety of voice commands instead of using a keyboard.

There is a bit of a learning curve, especially because the voice commands cannot be customized. One serious issue is the fact that this voice typing tool does not fare well with punctuation marks. However, as you dictate, you can edit the text.

If you use Google Docs, this feature will help you automate much of what you do. Remember; you can always copy and paste from Google Docs into another app.

Google supports a stunning array of languages, all of them available for use in this excellent Google Docs feature. Overall, this is the online voice dictation software for habitual Google Docs users but not as sophisticated as other best voice-to-text software.

Review: ★★★★☆
Price: Free | Availability: Desktop | App.

11. SpeechRecognizer

Image of Dictation Software - SpeechRecognizer

Available for use on iPhone and iPad exclusively, SpeechRecognizer is yet another voice-to-text software that promises to convert your spoken words accurately and quickly into text. It only works if you are online, however.

More than 40 languages are supported and it is easy to copy and paste the dictated text into other apps. Once you have dictated the text, you can hear it read back to you, helping you review your document’s flow. Unfortunately, no offline activities are available for this online speech recognition and dictation software.

Review: ★★★☆☆
Price: Free | Availability: App.

12. Dolbey Fusion Narrate Dictation Software

Image Dolbey Fusion Narrate Dictation Software

Dolbey Fusion Narrate is among the best voice dictation software services aimed at healthcare organizations with the goal of automating transcription processes. It provides documentation solutions to improve workflow automation and a suite of powerful tools for creating and managing patient records and simplifying administrative processes.

Fusion Narrate supports multiple formats, including audio, video, and text. Its machine learning based speech recognition engine can process thousands of words per minute. An intuitive user interface helps users navigate and manage audio files easily.

The popular dictation software also simplifies the creation of patient documents, such as physician notes, medical histories, and medical records. You can dictate in any Electronic Health Record (EHR) directly and use templates and document-building tools to quickly generate files and reports that are compliant with industry standards and regulations.

While this is one of the best dictation software for healthcare professionals, there are potential cross-industry benefits for those wanting to create and manage individual customer records. Dolbey Fusion Narrate meets all HIPAA requirements.

Review: ★★★★★
Price: On request. | Availability: Windows, Mac. Browser.

13. Philips SpeechLive Dictation Software

Image Philips SpeechLive Dictation Software

Philips SpeechLive is a browser-based dictation software for professionals, typists, freelancers, or journalists to quickly and automatically convert your voice to text. You can use voice commands to start, stop, pause, and resume dictation. The voice-to-text software is compatible with Philips digital dictation devices such as SpeechMike or PocketMemo.

Additionally, Speechlive has a secure and encrypted cloud storage system to ensure that all data is safe and secure. It also allows for integration with various other speech recognition software, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

Philips voice recognition software offers real-time double encryption, server mirroring, and an automatic backup. Additionally, users can rely on efficient and secure transcription processes, including 256-bit encryption, HTTPS transfer of dictations, and recovery of dictations that were inadvertently deleted.

Review: ★★★★☆ | Availability: All platforms.
Price: On request. Small Business + Advanced Business tiers.


Image of Dictation Software - Dictation IO is free for use only in a Chrome environment. It piggybacks on Google Speech Recognition and therefore supports all the numerous languages that Google does. For free dictation software, certainly offers a high level of accuracy. Numerous satisfied users and most reviewers give it the thumbs up. stores all your documents locally in your browser; nothing is uploaded to the cloud. Voice commands can be used to perform editing and insert punctuation marks, but the software does not allow you to customize these commands or create new ones. is not meant to voice control your apps and is therefore only useful to users who wish to create documents, make notes and browse the Google search engine. It is definitely worth a try and is certainly one of the best free dictation software around.

Review: ★★★★☆
Price: Free and donation-based. | Availability: Web.

15. Gboard

Image of Gboard Speech-to-Text App

Gboard is an innovative app that will find favor with those who find tapping on their touch screens onerous and slow. It offers users a unique technology called “Glide Typing”. Gboard also offers an excellent dictation software keyboard solution that is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

All the languages supported by Google can be used with this best voice-to-text software app. Gboard is free and also offers many productivity-enhancing features. Glide Typing may take some time to get used to. However, users who took the time to master Gboard say that it saves them time.

16. Voice Finger Dictation Software

Image Voice Finger 3.0 Voice to Text

Voice Finger is a simple voice-to-text software that helps users voice control their computers vocally. It is an easy-to-use dictation software and is available for free or as an affordable premium version for individuals and for educational purposes.

Using automatic speech recognition, Voice Finger accurately recognizes voice commands and converts them into text. You can activate Voice Finger by saying a specific phrase, customize voice commands and assign them to specific tasks. Additionally, you may also convert text into voice if you want a text to be read aloud, for example.

Voice Finger works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices and supports over 40 languages. The tool also features built-in encryption and authentication. While this is still a great voice recognition software it certainly looks outdated. However, it might be a good starting point for those wanting to trial solutions for repetitive strain injury, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or Quadriplegia but shy away from costly premium dictation software.

Review: ★★★☆☆
Price: Free + Premium $9.99 | Availability: Download. Windows, Mac. Linux.

Review: ★★★☆☆
Price: Free | Availability: Store.

How To Choose the Best Dictation Software?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What exactly do you need voice-to-text software to do for you?
  2. Are you willing to pay for more extensive features or will you be happy with a basic service?
  3. Are you willing to spend some time teaching the dictation software your specific dialect and preferences?
  4. Will you be dictating material that contains highly technical or scientific terms?
  5. Do you want to access voice recognition software from different devices and have your audio and video files synchronized?
  6. How often do you need/want to dictate texts and format documents? Does the product provide the right features and technology to speak naturally? Does the product suit your current writing process?
  7. Is your working environment noisy?
  8. Is voice control included? Do you need to voice control your apps and devices?
  9. Are there mobile apps available, e.g. an Android app, iPhone app?
  10. What are other essential dictation features you need? E.g., import audio, custom voice commands, automated transcription, great background noise cancellation, multiple languages, professional version, a version for Mac users, and Microsoft Word implementation?

Best Dictation Software 2024 – Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best dictation software for 2024. Voice-to-text software has come a long way but what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. Once you get used to your chosen software, it will save you a lot of time. Perhaps it is best to try a few free versions first or opt for trial versions where they are available.

Physically disabled people will find dictation software to be liberating. In time, the keyboard may just disappear altogether! So, is voice-to-text software worth the time and effort? Definitely.

Best Dictation Software for 2024

  1. REV Speech-to-Text Tool
  2. Speechnotes Voice Typing
  3. Apple Dictation Software
  4. Windows Voice Recognition
  5. Braina Speech To Text Software
  6. Voice-to-Text Software
  7. Winscribe
  8. Tazti Voice-To-Text Software
  9. ExpressDictate
  10. Nuance Dragon Professional
  11. Google Docs Voice Typing
  12. SpeechRecognizer
  13. Dolbey Fusion Narrate
  14. SpeechLive Voice-to-Text Software
  16. Gboard
  17. Voice Finger

FAQs Dictation

What is dictation software, and how does it work?

Dictation software is a technology that converts spoken words into written text. It operates using advanced algorithms and voice recognition technology to transcribe spoken language into written form, making it a productive tool for text input and voice typing.

What are the benefits of using dictation software?

Speech-to-text apps and software offer increased productivity, accessibility, and convenience. They can help professionals perform their tasks more effectively. Furthermore, individuals with physical disabilities, can streamline transcription tasks, and reduce the time needed for manual typing.

Is dictation software accurate, and how has it improved over time?

Dictation software accuracy has significantly improved thanks to advancements in machine learning and natural language processing. Leading software can achieve accuracy rates of over 90%, and accuracy continues to improve with regular updates.

Can dictation software be used in multiple languages and accents?

Yes, many dictation software options support multiple languages and accents. However, the accuracy may vary depending on the language and accent. Professional software typically offers support for a wide range of languages.


The race and market for the best dictation software are changing rapidly. And while certain software was once state of the art, they might not be the one to go for a solution in the near future. We currently keep our eyes on upcoming voice-to-text software, frameworks, and AI assistants such as VA Framework, Kara, MyCroft or Sepia. Once they have settled a bit we will consider including them in this round-up here.

What is the best dictation software in your opinion? How to use it? Do you think it increases productivity or simply shifts the workflow? Let us know in the comments below.

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