Rev it Up Reading 3.0 – Review 2024

A 5-hour class to read faster. For professionals, students, and leisure.

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If you’re like most people, you learned how to read in grade school, and you probably haven’t given your skills much thought since you received that progress report in the 5th grade. Speed reading expert Abby Marks-Beale has created a compact online course called Rev it Up Reading which teaches students and professionals how to sharpen their reading skills and significantly improve their competence when reading.

In this review, you will learn about the unique features, learning outcomes and teaching concepts that make this class so popular among people from around the world including me. Keep reading to see if this compact 5-hour course suits your learning style.

Rev it Up Reading 3.0 – Overview

Course goals

  • improved reading speed
  • sharpened concentration
  • better comprehension
  • enhanced retention.

Target audience – Rev it Up Reading 3.0 (view course website) is a strategic reading training program targeted towards upper-level students in high school and college, professionals, and adults just looking to get more out of life through reading.

Course structure – Abby designs and presents the online version of Rev it Up, personally. She divides the course into

  • 9, thirty-minute modules including assignments,
  • seventeen timed reading exercises,
  • and automatic progress tracking and reports.

Duration – The course takes about five hours with the option to email Abby directly at any time. This approach leaves room for you to work at your own pace while still enjoying the perks of personal training without the hassles of “in-person”. Rev it Up Reading is meant to fit anyone’s schedule, and is adjustable to most people’s current reading level.

Exercises – The exercises will aim to sharpen tools that help you breeze through reading materials faster than ever. From eye-tracking techniques, peripheral vision training, to memory exercises, you’ll learn useful tips and techniques designed to help you better understand and retain information from the text more efficiently.

Pricing: $49 for 7 days. $199 for 90 days. $299 for 365 days.
Coupon: Use REV2024CL to save 50% on the 90-days / 365-days passes.
Website: Visit website.

Bonus: Additionally, students will get a copy of her ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ eBook. Available for PC, Mac, iPad and Tablet.

9 Course Modules – A Closer Look at Rev it Up

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Rev It Up Reading is a 5-hours course and breaks down into nine, thirty-minute modules:

  1. Introduction. This module outlines the structure of the course and demonstrates how exactly the exercises will shape progress.
  2. Memory. Most readers have tendencies to go back and re-read things. This module’s objectives center around sharpening memory skills and dumping bad habits.
  3. Recitation. The third module uses recitation to familiarize users with reading for understanding and retention.
  4. Patterns. This module teaches how to sort important phrases and word patterns, dramatically improving reading comprehension. Word association techniques are introduced and sharpened here.
  5. Context. Understanding context, tone, main idea, and other concepts aimed at improving how well and how swiftly you can derive information from text.
  6. Prioritizing. Techniques in prioritizing information, and breaking down sentence structure are reviewed and practiced in this module.
  7. Getting organized. In this module, you’ll learn useful tips to organize yourself, and your reading workload.
  8. Skimming. Abby introduces techniques to make the most out of non-fiction works in this module. Skimming, note-taking, and concept extraction for nonfiction works are expanded upon in this module.
  9. Summary. The last section of Rev it Up Reading recaps the main points and ties the lessons together, leaving users with a summary to facilitate their use of the techniques introduced throughout the course.

Pricing: $49 for 7 days, $199 for 90 days or $299 for 365 days.
Coupon: REV2024CL. Save 50% on the 90-days and 365-days passes. 
Further Info: Visit website.

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Rev it Up Reading – Benefits for Students, Adults

Anyone can drastically improve their quality of life by becoming a better reader. Students in high school saw their standardized test scores significantly improve, college students gained better note-taking techniques, professionals increased their productivity, and leisure readers learned the best techniques to expand their ever-growing knowledge base. Abby takes great lengths to build confidence and increase the desire to read in adults. Below are some of the main benefits.

1. Rev it Up Reading for Students

A student’s success relies almost entirely on their ability to read. Students who are more confident readers do better on standardized tests and struggle less with their coursework. However, students who know how to read but have trouble reading to learn often fall through the cracks and fall behind.

Abby’s Rev it Up Reading 3.0 targets problem areas that often cause frustration for students such as concentration, comprehension, reading speed, and note-taking. If you’re a student, and you would benefit from reading up to 3x faster, Rev it Up Reading might be something worth looking into.

You will be:

  • reading faster
  • understanding more in less time
  • concentrating better
  • prioritizing information efficiently
  • gathering information from text for later study efficiently
  • retaining what you read better
  • taking better notes
  • managing your time better
  • learning from text with more confidence and ease (less headaches)
  • getting higher scores on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, etc.)

2. Rev it Up Reading for College Students

Abby has further tailored her online course for college students. College students benefit especially from reading faster simply because they tend to have much more reading to do, and are literally tested on how well they can retain the information. In college, students are expected to study independently and that’s the area they can get the most out of the class.

Abby’s strategic reading tips aim to improve students’ reading rates by sharpening reading comprehension, concept retention, note-taking skills, and time management. Abby knows you can read, now she wants to teach you to understand more and remember more of what you read the first time.

3. Rev it Up Reading for Professionals

Reading doesn’t end in the classroom. Working professionals often have to read a lot for work, and need to read to stay current in their field. Many study for new certifications and even technical occupations require a lot of reading in between actually working.

Abby’s online strategic reading system targets the needs of professionals too. Time management and efficiency become more important in the workplace and Rev it Up Reading for Professionals aims to sharpen skills proven to be invaluable to most professions.

You will:

  • brush up on tips, tools, and techniques to get you through lengthy reading materials in print and on the screen faster
  • improve your ability to manage your workload
  • increase your productivity and efficiency
  • build confidence through reading

4. Rev it Up Reading for Leisure

People read for their own personal reasons outside the classroom and outside the office all the time. Abby has further broken down her online program to accommodate the needs of the leisure reader. Reading for leisure usually means you’ll be reading a lot of different types of materials, at whatever pace you please. Whether you choose to linger on a sentence or a word or skim through pages becomes completely up to you.

The speed reading course system for leisure aims to create more versatile readers by teaching you how to shift your reading speed according to your desired purpose. The course aims to make reading more enjoyable, as it should be!

Rev it Up Reading will:

  • help you filter information more efficiently in nonfiction and fiction material
  • teach you to prioritize your reading based on personal value
  • teach you to adapt reading speeds according to the type of work
  • build confidence and pleasure while reading.
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Additional Resources by Abby Marks-Beale

Books – In addition to her highly interactive online course, Abby has also developed other resources to expand upon concepts touched on in Rev it Up Reading. Abby offers books, webinars, workshops, conferences and even a podcast overviewing some of her speed reading breakthroughs.

Workshops, Podcast – On-site workshops and can be short 90-minute sessions or all-day training conferences. Webinars are highly interactive and offer the benefits of in-person training without the hassles of leaving the comfort of your home. Her podcast titled Rev it Up Revolution Podcast revisits techniques to become a more confident reader. You can also sign up for any of these resources on the website.

Rev it Up Reading Review – Verdict

Rev it Up’s user-friendly and interactive interface makes the course flexible and thus convenient for any adult on almost any schedule. The system allows you to go at your own pace, while still enjoying personalized instruction and direct correspondence with your instructor (Abby). Rev It Up Reading (view course website) may only fall short when you don’t have access to WiFi as the software is unavailable offline.

So, why should try it? The sheer accessibility of the course makes it a good option for anyone with an inflexible schedule and a lot going on (so, most adults). Far cheaper than any college course, Rev it Up Reading 3.0 seems to fill a need not easily filled by conventional courses. Abby teaches adults reading for the real world and her lessons can increase efficiency in any setting. A lot can be gained from reading a lot faster.

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