6 Educational Software To Master Job Skills

How to use educational software to improve important job skills

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As the Internet keeps permeating most of the aspects of our life, it’s only logical that we are also experiencing a change in how education is managed. Most of these new processes have come about largely via educational online programs such as Massive Open Online Courses or premium eLearning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Udacity or Udemy.

This review introduces 6 different types of educational software available, their uses and benefits. Some categories will also link to a more in-depth review of that software.

Educational Software 2024 – Benefits

Efficiency – Educational software is becoming more intricate, efficient, and reliable, able to provide people with different needs or demands the knowledge they’ve been lacking. In fact, we could simply be our own teachers deciding what we will learn next.

Flexibility – The major benefit of these types of software is flexibility. You can learn at your own pace, convenient time and place. Most eLearning tools, of course, also aim at making us more efficient and successful professionally, socially, and personally. A good thing is, that you don’t need to be an expert or experienced to use this educational software.

Variety – Let’s have a look at some of the most effective eLearning software that are also available on different platforms such as desktops, android or iOS and cloud (web) based.

1. Software To Learn To Type Faster

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Typing software will teach you how to type faster and improve your accuracy. It will help you learn typing techniques and make your typing faster and more accurate as you progress.

Various tutors are available for different audiences (kids, adults, parents, teachers) and operating systems (Mac, Android, Windows). Good tutorials will teach you both the techniques to increase your speed and the ones to correct posture and positioning.

TypesyKAZ TypingTyping InstructorMavis Beacon
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Features – This type of educational software offers extensive progress report features that track your progress in words per minute for every exercise you do. If you are not on the expected scale then it may prompt you to repeat specific lessons and exercises. Some let you set your own goals according to your convenience and track the progress yourself. Once satisfied with your performance you can set a higher goal to achieve.

2. Software To Learn To Read Faster

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Speed reading courses or software can help save you time by increasing your reading speed. That will allow you to read a non-fiction book, the full newspaper, or a coursebook in lesser time (if you are a student).

Popular tutors often offer thousands of eBooks on different topics and also allow users to import their own documents to read. Look for those that provide exercises, goal settings (words read per minute) and eye strengthening training.

Iris ReadingRev it Up ReadingSpreederSuperLearner 2.5
Iris Reading - Course Imagecourse cover image of rev it up readingcourse cover image of Spreedercourse cover image of Become a Superlearner
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Features – It will teach techniques to improve your concentration while reading and also track your progress. You can download it on your computer or access it on the web. Such educational software is popular with both individual learners and organizations.

3. Software To Learn A Language

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Learning a new language can be challenging and fun at the same time. It requires a lot of time and effort to command a language completely. To choose the best from the best language learning apps, consider a few factors such as our past exposure to the language, purpose of learning (hobby or traveling to a new place or part of the curriculum) and goal.

For example, if you are traveling to a particular place and want to communicate with people in their language then you would need to learn a few words and sentences which are commonly used, not the full language.

BusuuRosetta StoneMondlyDuolingo
app logo image busuuapp logo image rosetta stoneapp logo image duoloingoapp logo image duoloingo
iOS / AndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / Android
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Highlights – Educational software of this type usually offers customized in-app features to match a learner’s needs. Some apps also teach vocabulary and grammar to have reading and writing command on language while some have audios to help improve pronunciation.

4. Educational Software To Improve Vocabulary

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Vocabulary software proves to be very useful in preparation for competitive exams like GRE or SAT, which requires powerful vocabulary. It helps in improving your vocabulary by introducing new words with thorough meaning (which includes the history of the word and its usage) its spelling, pronunciation, synonyms, and antonyms.

Such apps also teach how to use the word in day-to-day conversation so that you won’t forget the word and retain it.

Types – There are varieties of this educational software available in the market, some offer audio recording for proper pronunciation, and some have different levels and progress tracking tools, flashcards, exercises, games or puzzles to make learning fun.

app logo image vocab1app logo image magoosh stoneapp logo image wordupapp logo image quizlet
Web/ DesktopiOS / AndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / Android

Features – There are small exercises that can be done in less than 15 minutes a day and also a calendar with a new word every day. You need not spend a lot of time and effort in learning new words, this educational software makes it easier for you.

5. Eduational Software To Improve Spelling Skills

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What does it? Spelling software is mainly developed for kids but can be used by adults too. It teaches the user how to spell a word correctly in a fun way and keeps him motivated by giving small spelling challenges.

It should have a huge database of words and various fun exercises, visuals, games and audios to make your child learn without getting bored of words.

Highlights – Spelling tutors also allow you to add your own words and spellings list. It has a tracking tool by which you can track your progress in the form of a graph, simple data or charts. Most of this educational software is compatible with tablets and smartphones so you can carry them with you and learn at your own pace and time.

6. Software To Enhance Your Writing Skills

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What does it? Writing is a powerful way to express yourself but when you make spelling mistakes and write grammatically incorrect sentences, this powerful way can cause more harm than good. It can make your self-confidence low and could cause you embarrassment. There are many different styles we come across in our day-to-day work such as email writing, report and official documents writing.

This educational software helps you in improvising your writing skills by checking basic grammar which includes subject-verb agreement, tenses, proper use of adverbs and adjectives, etc., spelling mistakes, sentence correction and punctuations. It can help you with different writing styles and makes it look professional and effective.

Features – Such eLearning software is updated regularly to include the latest names, abbreviations and common proper nouns. Good tutors should have a built-in style checker and a dictionary that can be used when you work with a word processor or online.

7. More Educational Software

Reading and literacy software constitutes another large part of educational software. From 3D anatomy learning software to music theory and Photoshop skills, there’s no skill or knowledge that eLearning software hasn’t already touched upon (or will soon).

Dictionaries and thesauruses have been around in digital form for more than 15 years, and as technology advances, they become more intuitive and extensive in their features, unlocking a great knowledge potential.

Mapping, astronomy, and genealogy software are part of an increasingly popular educational software niche with hardcore fans. Travel planning, genealogy tree building, and astronomy software products are particularly popular with young people fascinated by the sciences, or people looking to research their family legacy.

Mind-mapping and note-taking software seek to replace conventional pen and paper note-taking with a more smooth and more easily editable model that promotes learning and studying.

Best Educational Software 2024 – Summary

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Summarizing out tour of the best educational software. In the above article, we learned about different types of educational software available to the users which can help them in improving their existing skills and also provide guidance in learning new skills.

One can find many other options based on his needs and goals. Most of this eLearning software is compatible with various platforms including web, desktop, tablets, and smartphones, and is accessible to most users.

Unleashing our creativity, stretching our potential
Educational software systems are now significantly more affordable and reliable than they were 10 years ago. As responsible adults, thirsty for quality knowledge, it’s our duty to seek more knowledge, hone more skills, and discover new creative talents through the plethora of educational tools we’re being offered today.

What is Educational Software?

Educational software is eLearning software and refers to a desktop based program that allows students to learn a new skill or expand their knowledge in any given topic including science, art, craft and languages. Recently, apps have become very popular and effective to fulfill the same educational purpose of making learning easy and efficient.

  1. Classroom Software
  2. Typing Software
  3. Speed Reading Software
  4. Language Learning Apps
  5. Vocabulary Software and Apps
  6. Writing Software
  7. Reading and Literacy Software
  8. Assessment and Reference Software
  9. Mapping, Astronomy, and Genealogy Software
  10. Mind-mapping or Note-taking Software

In this way, keep yourself educated and enjoy a few of the many options available!

What online, eLearning or educational software tools do you use? Do you use a certain teacher or kids’ learning programs? Let us know in the comments below.

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