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8 Best SAT prep courses online to score high on tests

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College admission tests loom large in the lives of high school students everywhere. Then there is the dilemma: SAT or ACT or both? Good scores may mean the difference between getting a place at a top college or having to accept a place at a lesser-known college.

Experts agree that it is essential to prepare for these tests thoroughly. The earlier the better. This article highlights some important considerations and gives an overview of the best SAT prep courses online, all of them are recognized. For ACT Prep courses look here.

SAT Prep Courses Online – Overview

The SAT is designed to indicate whether a student is ready for a successful college career. Most colleges accept the SAT, and many students also go for the ACT. These are NOT intelligence or aptitude tests, as many people still think, and it is NOT just super-bright students that can hope to score well. What are the key differences?

  • SAT belongs to the College Board, a non-profit organization. ACT was introduced in 1959 by professor Lindquist as a competitor for SAT.
  • There are minor differences in the areas covered. SAT does not include science.
  • SAT is scored on a scale of 400 – 1600 and ACT on a scale of 1 – 36.

How To Study For SAT

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Experts will tell you that the best advice they can give is to start preparing for the SAT as early as possible. Choose an SAT prep course based on your preferred learning style and get started.

  • Take a practice test. A practice test will help identify areas where you need to improve.
  • In-person courses. Attending classes will help you to remain focused and disciplined.
  • SAT prep courses online. This is an excellent option and strategy for students that simply cannot attend regular live prep classes.
  • Get a private tutor. One-on-one tutoring is expensive but it is personalized and can be adapted to your specific needs.
  • Think outside the box. Some speed reading courses support SAT and other tests.
  • Prep over the summer. With the tests scheduled for August and September, the summer break is the ideal time to finalize your preparations.
  • Subjects. Keep a focus on the topics of reading, writing & language, and math. 

How To Choose The Best SAT Prep Courses?

It is not easy to decide which SAT prep course to take. Asking yourself these questions may help you decide:

  • How much help do you actually need?
  • How much can you afford to pay?
  • What type of course (tutoring, online, in-person) will you find most comfortable?
  • Are you disciplined enough to study independently or do you prefer the structure of a scheduled course? What is the best learning strategy?
  • How much time can you spend on your preparations each day or week?
  • Do SAT courses offer a score improvement guarantee?

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Best Sat Prep Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Magoosh SATThe Princeton
Review SAT
Udemy SATKaplan SAT
SAT Provider Course image - MagooshSAT Provider Course image - The Princeton ReviewSAT Provider Course image - UdemySAT Provider Course image - Kaplan
Price: from $100Price: from $699Price: from $11.99Price: from $699
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So, what are the best SAT prep courses online? Below is an overview of eight classes to help you get started. Use the navigation to select classes individually.

1. Magoosh SAT Prep Courses – Beat The SAT

Image Magoosh SAT Prep Courses - Online, In-person

Magoosh (view website) takes a systematic approach to SAT preparation. Along with the video lectures and practice questions, students can also get tailored study schedules, SMS reminders, and intuitive dashboards (to keep track of progress). Expert guidance is also offered by Magoosh where you can send an email for further assistance.

Magoosh SAT prep courses are affordable with plans starting from $100. They offer a +100 points guarantee for SATs and a 7-day money-back guarantee. If a student is not satisfied with the course, they can get a refund within seven days. On the other hand, if someone is taking a break, they can also set the course to pause, to be resumed later.

For flexibility, students can access their Magoosh SAT prep classes on both mobile and desktop. There’s a separate app for the SAT prep course program that you can download. If you’re just trying out different platforms, then start with a free practice account to access 100+ practice questions and video lessons.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★ | Price: from $100. Info: Visit website.

2. The Princeton Review – SAT Prep Courses

Image Princeton Review SAT Prep Courses - Online, In-person

The Princeton Review (visit website) is well recognized with some of the best SAT prep courses on offer. There are various options on how to prepare for your exam, depending on your goals. If you know your goal, consider SAT Essentials. To reach a specific score level, the SAT 1400+ or 1500+ programs offer customized tutoring. For all you can expect:

  • Online video lessons. The course program’s core consists of online lessons or live instructions presented by experts in their fields. Online access for 1 year or 365 days.
  • On-demand or private tutoring is available, but it depends on the chosen plan.
  • Practice materials. Test yourself with drills, practice questions, and online practice tests. You can do multiple proctored tests. It includes PSAT prep and access to ACT.
  • Comprehensive score reports. Get full feedback on your scores and advice on how to tackle weaker areas. Access to student portal apps is included.

The Princeton Review offers a well-structured course program that caters to different goals and learning styles. SAT Essentials is the core package, and you will get 18 hours of classroom time access to online sessions, expert video lessons, scheduled proctored practice tests as well as full-length practice tests. The is an improvement guarantee.

Taking things to the next level, the SAT 1400+ and 1500+ are suitable to work towards specific score levels. They are based on the structure of Essentials, but the number of features is higher, e.g., 36 hours of classroom hours. Students will also work with top-percentile instructors and can use AI-driven personalized practice drills. There will be customized home assignments and a 24/7 tutor on-demand service.

All Princeton Review tutors are certified SAT instructors and provide feedback on where students do well and which areas need further attention. ACT/SAT Advantage sessions, PSAT prep, and materials are included in all SAT prep courses.

Rating: 4.6 ★★★★★ | Score improvement guarantees in SAT 1400+ or 1500+.
Price: Essentials $749. SAT 1400+ $1899. Tutoring from $150/hour.
Info: View course page for info on score guarantees, plans, and tutoring options.

3. Udemy SAT Prep Courses Online – SAT Writing 800

Image Udemy SAT Prep Courses Online

Udemy is an excellent platform to find all kinds of courses. From the very basic to the advanced concept, there’s a diverse range of instructors and courses available for everyone. The SAT Writing course (view website) focuses on the writing and language section of your SAT exam. Philip Lee (the instructor) is an SAT score expert. 

In the 4-hour long course, there are six sections and 27 lectures. Starting with an introduction, the course explores topics including connected meaning, style, basic, and advanced grammar. It’s available for under $20 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access. A certificate of completion is also awarded to the students.

Language and writing courses are specially designed for those who pick answers based on intuition rather than reasoning. Students can access the program through the website and their mobile application. You may also browse their best SAT prep courses here.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Price: from $11.99 (up to 95% off). | Info: View website.

4. Kaplan SAT Prep Courses Online

Image Kaplan SAT Prep Courses - Online, In-person

Kaplan has some of the best SAT prep courses online and in-person. The format varies in terms of the subject matter tested by each SAT prep course. You can choose between three different delivery methods.

In-Person SAT Prep courses are presented by an instructor at a school close to you. This is what you can expect:

  • Live instruction by an experienced instructor during scheduled classes. You will get 18 hours worth of interactive lessons.
  • Access to The SAT Channel. SAT students can elect to receive another 30 hours worth of instruction via the SAT Channel.
  • Practice Tests. SAT students can sit for four official College Board proctored tests.
  • Online quizzes. Students have unlimited access to online quizzes and the Quiz Bank.
  • On-demand SAT lessons. Get an additional 25 hours worth of on-demand lessons.
  • Resources. All students are supplied with Prep Books for their respective courses.

Live Online SAT Prep courses follow the exact same format as the in-person courses, but you will receive your training on your laptop or smart device.

SAT Prep Tutoring will give you access to your own personal tutor, either in person or online. Apart from benefiting from individual attention, you will also have access to any of the SAT prep courses online or in-person mentioned above.

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★★
Price: on-demand from $199. Live online from $699).

5. Kahn Academy SAT Prep Course

Image Khan Academy SAT Prep Courses - Online, In-person

They offer a wide variety of free online courses. It is interesting to note that some well-respected reviewers have declared The Kahn Academy’s online SAT prep courses as the best preparation resource for this test. The main features and benefits are:

Well, first of all, It’s free. Just sign up and start learning. The Kahn Academy’s SAT prep course program was designed with the full cooperation and assistance of the College Board, the official owners of the SAT. Thus, you are in good hands.

The online video lessons cover all the areas tested by SAT and contain numerous hints on how to tackle specific questions. You can also take eight official online practice tests. There are numerous practice questions to help you gauge your progress.

In addition, you will receive many tips on how to study. There is immediate feedback on your scores during practice tests, and you will get valuable advice on where to focus your main efforts. If you complete a diagnostic test and provide your test date, you can create an individually tailored study plan that will help you make the most of your time.

Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆ | Price: Free. | Website: View website.

Learning tips: Here is a good overview of popular online learning providers. These tutorials on how to apply chunking learning techniques or how to improve your vocabulary might be helpful with your ongoing test prep.

6. Higher Scores SAT Prep Courses Online

Image Higher Scores SAT Prep Courses - Online, In-person

Online SAT prep courses add a personalized touch to SAT prep. What’s unique about this course is that it explores scholarship opportunities along with online test prep. Higher Scores provide two options for SAT courses, Quick Prep course, and Complete package. You can make the payments via a Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. 

Quick Prep course provides six months of access for $187 and is ideal for those who are taking the SAT exam within the next two months. Students get a 10-day SAT study guide, four hours of video tutorials, SAT prep materials (downloadable), one full-length SAT, personalized Q&A replies, and cash for college workshops as a bonus. 

SAT Complete Package is ideal for students who won’t be taking the test in the next two months. It offers a 24-day SAT study guide, 65+ video tutorials, two SAT prep books (delivered to your home), two full-length SAT practice tests, and Q & A video replies, cash for college workshops, and quick prep for PSAT as a bonus. Students can make the payments in a lump sum ($647) or a two-month plan ($327).

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★☆ | Price: from $647. | Program Info: View website.

7. Prep Expert SAT Prep

Image Prep Expert SAT Prep Courses - Online

Similar to the other best SAT prep courses on offer, Prep Expert is here to help you achieve the best results in your upcoming SAT test. Their experienced tutors all scored in the top 1% of the SAT test, so they know what they are talking about. They also know how to pass that knowledge on as thousands of successful students have proved over the years.

Using the best SAT prep techniques, students learn 100+ strategies to sit the SAT with confidence and achieve the scores to receive admission to their preferred university. Prep Expert offers a 200-point SAT score improvement guarantee for all their SAT prep courses. Depending on your learning preferences, time, and budget, you can enroll in an 8-Week Capstone, a 6-Week Flagship, or a Self-Paced Video SAT prep course.

Rating: 4.6 ★★★★☆ | Price: Self-paced from $499. 6-week flagship from $799.

8. College Prep Genius SAT Prep

Image College Prep Genius SAT Prep Courses - Online

If all of the above SAT prep courses do not match your expectations because you feel rushed by the way you need to learn, the College Prep Genius SAT prep courses might offer an interesting alternative. Instead of providing access for one, three or six months, you get a full-year membership that is cheaper than any of the classes above.

There is a Fundamental and Comprehensive membership plan ($139 and $189) that will teach you the in and outs of the SAT. Both plans include 12 online video lectures, a College Prep Genius SAT textbook, SAT essay template, a workbook, homework guides, interactive quiz questions and a score tracker.

If you want to take things further, you may want to sign up for the Virtual boot camp or even for the In-person boot camp. Still being recently cheaper than other offers, you will get 12 hours of live, interactive on-screen or in-person instruction. All teachers are certified College Prep Genius SAT instructors. Textbooks, questions, and material are included.

Rating: 4.4 ★★★★☆ | Price: Online from $139. Bootcamp from $355.

Other Popular SAT Prep Courses Online

  • PrepScholar SAT
  • Green Test Prep SAT
  • Testive SAT Prep

Best SAT Prep Courses 2024 – Conclusion

Wrapping up our tour of the best SAT prep courses online. Nobody will argue the fact that good scores on the SAT test are important. Students who take these tests seriously know that they need all the help that they can get. Experts agree that a well-regarded SAT prep course program can work wonders to help you raise your scores. The prep classes you choose will depend upon your needs, your budget, and your time restraints.

Last but not least, the market for SAT prep courses is huge. This list does not aim to be comprehensive but wants to give an overview of the most recognized providers. Thus, you may find providers or schools in your local area that will serve you well or even better. We also have not mentioned Varsity Tutors which offers private tutoring online.

Varsity Tutors also have SAT test prep courses on offer that can be customized based on strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your goals, you can use Varsity Tutors to set up study plans that run for hours, days, or weeks. They are not cheap but offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you buy more hours in advance, it gets a bit cheaper though.

What is your SAT test prep experience? Have you gained admission to your dream school? Please share your opinion, and tips in the comments below to help others score well and succeed in their tests.

 What Are The Best SAT Prep Courses Online 2024?

  1. Kaplan SAT Prep | ★★★★★
  2. Magoosh SAT Prep | ★★★★☆
  3. The Princeton Review SAT Prep | ★★★★★
  4. Kahn Academy SAT Prep | ★★★★☆
  5. Higher Scores SAT Prep | ★★★★☆
  6. Udemy SAT Prep | ★★★★☆
  7. Prep Expert SAT Prep | ★★★★☆
  8. College Prep Genius SAT | ★★★★☆


Who should take the SAT test?

If you want to attend a college or university, you can take an SAT test to show you are actually ready to attend it. Anyone can take the SAT to gain college admission. Most students take their tests during their junior or senior year of high school.

How much does an SAT prep course cost?

Prices vary widely for SAT prep courses and depend on your goals and learning styles. The cheapest are usually self-paced online courses that can be as low as $100. In-person classes or private tutoring can set you back up to $1000 with the average pricing usually ranging between $500-$750. It is important to set your goals to choose the best plan.

What is a good SAT score?

SAT scores range from 400 to 1600 points. On average, most students get more than 1000 points but stay below 1200. Better or highly popular colleges may require higher SAT scores. If you want to be part of the 95th percentile you would need to score more than 1400. A score above 1200 puts you into the 75th percentile.

Resources: What is SAT? – Wikipedia

What are the best SAT prep courses online in your opinion? We are happy to add suitable ones to this list.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your prep. Good luck with the SAT!

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