Best HTML & CSS Courses Online 2024

15 best HTML & CSS courses online for beginners to build websites.

Image Best HTML & CSS Courses Online To Build Websites

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) together form the core technologies that are universally accepted as the building blocks of all web pages.

Whether you are a newbie looking to pick some skills for your blog page, curious to learn the basics of programming, or considering a career in web development, HTML and CSS will together make up your square one.

Fortunately, learning HTML & CSS is easy. Below, you’ll find a list of the best HTML & CSS courses online that will smoothly catapult you into the nifty world of the web.

HTML & CSS Courses Online – Overview

HTML is used to describe the structure of web pages. You can arrange the content around this language that uses markup to label the content as paragraphs, lists, etc. With HTML, you can embed tables, texts, lists, photos, etc. in the documents that you publish online.

With CSS, you can describe how the various HTML elements present themselves on your screen. It is a design language used to style your web pages and work on the layout by adding colors, adjusting fonts, inserting backgrounds, etc.

CSS can be used independently of HTML and is compatible with any XML-based markup language. The uncoupling of the two languages allows the separation of structure from presentation. In other words, you can easily employ CSS to organize websites, modify page layouts to fit various types of devices, and style multiple pages.

Nevertheless, you must learn both HTML and CSS, preferably in that order, as they are skills that complement one another in a real-life project. And if your goal is to eventually land as a front or backend developer, HTML and CSS will ensure you a smooth transition towards learning JavaScript, the basics of programming.

Best HTML & CSS Courses Online 2024 – Top Picks

Intro HTML & CSSLearn To CodeWeb Design for
Build Websites with
Table image HTML & CSS Courses - DomestikaTable image HTML & CSS Courses - UdacityTable image HTML & CSS Courses - UdemyTable image HTML & CSS Courses - Pluralsight
CourseNanodegreeCourseLearning Path
from $14.90$399/monthfrom $11.99$29/month
View CourseView CourseView CourseView Course

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What is the best way to learn HTML & CSS? Below, we suggest 14 of the best HTML & CSS courses online including beginner classes, career paths, and certifications.

1. Introduction To Web Development with HTML and CSS – Domestika

Image HTML & CSS Courses Online - Web Development with HTML and CSS – Domestika

Javier Usobiaga Ferrer is a web designer in Barcelona. In his popular HTML & CSS course (visit website), he gives you a first look at Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS. He teaches the coding language that will give you greater control over the look and feel of your websites. The class offers subtitles in 8 languages.

Within 3 hours, students will learn about layout tools, borders, backgrounds, HTML tags and typographic CSS properties. For the final hands-on project, Ferrer challenges learners to create a responsive website for a fictitious cafeteria using what they were taught.

You will need to download a free code editor such as Sublime to take the course. Apart from that, no prior web design or data science experience is required. This is one of the best HTML & CSS courses online for beginners aiming to start a career in web dev.

Instructor: Javier Usobiaga Ferrer | Level: Beginners | Time: 3 hours
Info: View course. From $14.90. Up to 75% off. Browse category Web Design.

2. Learn To Code – Udacity

Image HTML & CSS Courses Online - Learn To Code, Udacity

Udacity’s Learn to Code (view course), is a course for beginners looking for a preliminary gateway that will introduce them to the world of web development, machine learning, AI, and more. At 10 hrs/week, it is a 4-month program that demands no prerequisites other than a professional text editor such as ‘Sublime’, and a motivation to learn.

You will begin with the basics of programming through HTML, CSS, and Python. Udacity has designed this course to prepare learners to think like programmers. Individuals will hone their problem-solving skills and explore various programming paths.

A total of four modules comprise the course and will successively introduce you to the essentials of HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. With HTML you will learn to write your first line of code and move on to more rigorous programming in Python and CSS.

You will learn how to add style to your HTML using CSS, syntax, and debugging techniques in Python and other fundamentals of web development using JavaScript.

If you aim for a career in programming, this could be one of the best HTML & CSS courses online that sets a broader context. It offers professional certification and also adds two of the most popular programming languages, JS and Python.

Instructors: Karl Krueger, Kelly Howard | Certificate: Yes
Prerequisites: None | HTML & CSS Courses: 4
Info: View Course. From $399/month. Get a personalized discount.

3. HTML, CSS, and JS for Web Developers – Coursera 

Image Best HTML & CSS Courses Online - For Web developers, Coursera

Taught by instructor Yaakov Chaikin (visit website), Coursera’s HTML and CSS course for web developers is authorized by Johns Hopkins University and comes with a shareable certificate for successful students. It is a 5-week self-paced course for beginners that focuses on skills in HTML, CSS, CSS Frameworks, and JavaScript.

The course starts with an intro to the basic concepts in HTML5 including document structure, semantic tags, and other essentials. Next is an intro to CSS3 that will also include more advanced concepts such as floating and CSS rule conflict resolution. This module will help the learner to come up with responsive designs for their websites.

Module 3 takes students to the demands of a real restaurant-based client looking to set up a website. You will learn how to develop an actual website from scratch and absorb the basics of engaging with real-life projects.

Modules four and five focus on introducing JavaScript and using it within the context of a webpage to build dynamic web applications. This is one of the best HTML & CSS courses online for beginners who want to build professional skills in web development.

HTML & CSS Courses: 4 | Duration: 4 weeks. 40 hours to complete 
Provider: Johns Hopkins University | Level: Beginners | Certificate: Yes
Info: View Course. Coursera Plus with Certificate – $59/month. View.

4. Web Design for Beginners with HTML & CSS – Udemy

Image HTML & CSS Courses Online - Webdesign in HTML, CSS, Udemy

Udemy’s popular HTML & CSS course (view course) is for beginners who aspire to launch a career in web designing by learning HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, Sass, etc. The 11-hour video course will take you through the cornerstones of HTML and CSS. Since it is a beginner-level HTML course, there are no prerequisites or special software required.

As part of the HTML essentials, you will learn about text basics, adding media to the web page, semantics and organizations, forms, and tables. In CSS, you will begin by learning about CSS essentials, Box Model, and CSS Floats, before moving on to intermediate CCS, CSS Typography, CSS Background, Flexbox, CSS3 Special Effects, and others.

The great advantage of this course is that it does not assume any prior knowledge for its students, and you may easily start from scratch and build up to something. Students who successfully finish the course will receive a certificate of completion. It is one of the best CSS & HTML courses online for beginners.

Instructor: Brad Schiff, Udemy  | Level: Beginners | Lectures: 71
Video: 11 hours | User Rating: 4.6/5 ★★★★★
Price: from $11.99 (Sale – 95% off). View course on Udemy. Browse category.

5. Front End Web Developer – Udacity

Image HTML & CSS Courses Online - Frontend Web Developer, Udacity

Udacity’s Front End Web Developer (view course) is a nanodegree program curated to help individuals design stunning websites and create interactive applications. Dedicating 5-10 hrs/week, students can finish the course within 4 months. Individuals should bring basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, hence, this course is for intermediates.

Upon graduating from this program, you will have a functional knowledge of using CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid to create responsive website designs and applications that provide dynamic user experiences. Mastering the essentials in JavaScript and HTML, you will be able to develop interactive websites and quality user interfaces (UI).

Students will also learn how to connect the backend server data to a web application using JS. At the same time, the focus will be on equipping students with skills in offline website improvement and competency automation application building. One of the best HTML & CSS courses online if you want the full package and professional certification.

Instructors: Daniel Silber-Baking, Rachel Manning | Certificate: Yes
HTML & CSS Courses: 4 | Prerequisites: Basic HTML, CSS, JS
Info: View Course. From $399/month. Get a discount. Up to 75% off.

6. Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS – Udemy

Image HTML & CSS Courses Online - Build Websites with HTML, CSS, Udemy

Udemy’s second HTML & CSS course on the list is another beginner-level class aimed at individuals who, regardless of their backgrounds, are contemplating a career in web development. It is a reasonably priced course, comprising some 77 lectures and awards successful students with a certificate of completion.

First, students will get an introduction to HTML Foundations, their attributes, and other elements. You will eventually learn to start your first-ever web page and master the basic structure of an HTML document. Eventually, learners will move on to the more core concepts and learn to get their hands dirty by applying theory to practice.

Next, you’ll encounter the CSS foundation modules. Individuals will dive deep into core CSS concepts such as CSS styling, floating, positioning, specificity, etc., and eventually, learn to build their websites by putting their knowledge to use.

There are no prerequisites. A text editor is provided by Udemy as a free resource. This is among the best HTML courses online for beginners aiming to build and manage their web presence or start an online business.

Instructor: Code College, Udemy | Level: Beginners | Lectures: 77
Video: 6.5 hours | User Rating: 4.6/5 ★★★★★
Price: from $11.99 (Sale – 95% off). View course.

7. Building Websites with HTML, CSS & JS – Pluralsight

Image HTML & CSS Courses online - Build Websites with HTML, CSS, JS - Pluralsight

Pluralsight (view course) will teach you how to create an interactive and dynamic website by bringing together HTML, CSS, and JS. There is a series of courses offered by different instructors catering to beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. You can opt for a free skill IQ test available on the website to determine which module to start with.

Beginners can start with basic HTML & CSS courses but also JavaScript before opting for modules that teach how to add style and graphics to your website using advanced-level coding skills. Learners with already intermediate or advanced language skills can opt for higher-level training offered by some other courses on the platform here.

Most popular of these include learning how to optimize and deploy your website, applying special effects to a site using CSS, and debugging sites, working with GeoLocation using HTML, and storing Data.

HTML & CSS Courses: 18 | From: Beginners-Advanced | Pre-requisites: None
Price: View course. $29/month. Includes certificate. Try with the 10-day trial.

Reading tip: To explore other opportunities to learn to code, browse our lists of best Udacity nanodegrees, DataCamp Courses, or Pluralsight courses.

8. HTML Courses & CSS Courses – codecademy

Image Best HTML & CSS Courses Online - Codecademy

Codecademy offers two of the most popular and best HTML & CSS courses online suitable for beginners. These courses will take around 9-10 hours of learning and award students with a certificate of completion towards the end. There are no prerequisites for the Learn HTML course. For the Learn CSS course, you should possess the basics of HTML.

Learn HTML is divided into four sections that take students from the HTML elements and structures – the building blocks of a website – to creating tables, and forms and writing clearer HTML codes using Semantic HTML tags.

Once the basics of HTML are down, you can jump to Learn CSS to add style, colors, and flare to what would otherwise be a drab-looking web page. Divided into five modules, the course will take you from syntax and selectors for adding website designs to higher-level concepts, including Visual Rules, Box Models, display, colors, and typography.

By the end of the program, you will be ready to create portfolio websites that showcase your newly acquired skills.

Prerequisites: None | Complete in 30 hours | Certificate: Yes.
For: Beginners | Price: Free. Get a certificate with Pro for $19.99/month.

Tip: If you are looking for more specific classes, here is a round-up tour of the best web design courses.

9. Learn to Code with HTML & CSS – FutureLearn

Image Best HTML & CSS Courses Online - Futurelearn

Learn to Code is part of the Digital Marketing ExpertTrack offered by FutureLearn. It is a beginner course that takes students behind the scenes of dynamic websites and apps. 

Key skills included in the program are simple coding, website development, and styling. You will begin with an introduction to coding languages before moving on to  HTML & CSS. By the end, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of coding that can help start a fresh career or allow you to navigate your way in an external project.

Learn to Code is a short course that one can easily complete within 2 weeks with 3 hours of dedicated weekly study. At $39/month, you can get access to the full expert track and all the other FutureLearn courses on offer.

While it’s a decently packaged course for beginners, it does not teach some of the more advanced concepts that other introductory courses are offering. However, it could be one of the best HTML & CSS courses online for students looking for a slightly theoretical-based understanding of coding and HTML & CSS’s role in website development.

Duration: 2 weeks | Certificate: ExpertTrack | Level: Beginners
Price: Free trial. Upgrade $39/month or $279/year. Access to all courses.

10. Learn HTML Course – Treehouse

Image Best HTM & CSS Courses Online - Treehouse

Learn HTML is part of a series of tracks offered by Treehouse on various topics, including programming, web designing, etc. The platform offers students a way to identify topics they are already familiar with and create a custom curriculum that teaches them the precise skills needed. 

You will begin with an introduction to HTML and CSS suitable also for learners with zero coding background. The basic HTML course teaches important concepts such as markup, file paths, formatting, images, display ads, and other essentials. With the basics down, the track will move on to HTML forms and creating and working with HTML tables. 

Concepts will gradually increase in complexity with the introduction of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an XML markup language for creating 2D images, and audio and video components in HTML. All in all, this comprehensive track is one of the best HTML courses online that could lead you to a career in web page development and design.

HTML & CSS Courses: 6 | Time: 11 hours | Track: Beginners to Advanced
Price: $25/month. Plus: $49/month. Access to all courses. Trial available.

11. HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals – W3C – edX

Image Best HTM & CSS Courses Online - W3C edX

edX’s beginner-level course is offered in collaboration with W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, which sets the latest standards and guidelines for the web and equitable access to information on the internet for everyone. HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals are part of W3C’s “Front-End Web Developer” Professional Certificate.

Focused on HTML5 and basic CSS skills, the course will begin an introductory module on writing a web page and the essential concepts of a markup language. Individuals will learn the basics of web designing and styling using CSS, and learn about Flexbox, page layout, and other fundamentals. Coming out of the course, you will have a sufficient understanding of the basic framework for a website, from headers and links to sidebars and images.

edX offers its HTML & CSS courses for free but a verified certificate will cost you $199.

Duration: 6 weeks. 4-6 hours/week | Certificate: Yes.
Provider: W3C School, edX | Price: Free. With certificate $199.

12. Intro to HTML & CSS – Khan Academy

Image Best HTM & CSS Courses Online - Khan Academy

The Intro to HTML & CSS course provides individuals with an in-depth and functional knowledge of HTML and CSS applications for responsive website designs.

In the first module, you will learn about essential concepts in HTML such as HTML tags, text emphasis, lists, and images. Next will be an introductory module on CSS. You will learn about selection using ID, name, or class. With the basics down, the later modules will touch upon the core concepts in both HTML and CSS.

Individuals will encounter units focused on HTML tags, CSS text properties, web development tools, CSS layout, CSS selectors, various ways to embed CSS, etc. There is also a section offering some guidance for the next steps in your new coding career. One of the best HTML & CSS online courses you can take for free.

Duration: Self-paced | Certificate: Yes.
Provider: Khan Academy | Price: Free. View website.

13. Learn HTML, CSS, and JS from Scratch – educative

Image Best HTM & CSS Courses Online - educative

Educative’s beginner-level HTML & CSS course teaches you the concepts and techniques to build and create appealing websites and functions. It comes with a certificate of completion for successful candidates. There are no course prerequisites.

With Learn HTML, individuals will begin coding and creating their web pages. The first module introduces learners to the semantics of web page layout using HTML. Be prepared for attributes, creating hyperlinks, lists, tables, forms, and other essentials. From here you’ll move to style HTML content using CSS.

In the third and fourth modules, individuals will learn the basic concepts in JavaScript such as numbers, strings, and Booleans and use these to create conditional statements, loops, and data structures. By the end, learners will have created an image carousel and a to-do list, two functional modules using the skills acquired during the course.

Duration: 10 hours to complete | Lessons: 36 | Quizzes: 19
Code Challenges: 44 | Playgrounds: 145 | Certificate: Yes.
Provider: educative | Price: Free. With certificate $149.

14. Free HTML & CSS Courses Online

Image Free HTML & CSS Courses Online - freecodecamp

The first of the three free HTML courses that appear last on our list is Learn to Code HTML & CSS at  Upon enrolling, you will go from learning about fundamentals in HTML and CSS to mastering the Box Model, positioning, typography, creating lists, and introducing backgrounds and gradients. Coming out of the course, you will have a functional knowledge of writing good HTML and CSS code. 

Learn HTML and CSS Correctly is another completely free course available at It consists of 71 lessons that focus on HTML elements and what they look like when fully functional. It is one of the most comprehensive HTML courses online. After learning the core HTML concepts of website development, later lessons focus on CSS and how to use the Cascading Style Sheets to beautify your website. 

Finally, Responsive Web Design by FreeCodeCamp is a certification program that will introduce you to the cornerstones of HTML and CSS with a cat photo app project. Individuals will then learn some modern techniques and practice for accessibility using CSS variables. It is one of the best CSS courses for beginners with none-to-little knowledge in markup and style languages.

Price: Free HTML Courses. Free CSS Courses
Providers: FreeCodeCamp, I Love Coding

15. HTML Courses & CSS Courses – GoSkills

Image Best HTM & CSS Courses Online - GoSkills

GoSkills is offering separate HTML & CSS courses online and students can enroll in both to get a more complete picture of the basics of web development. These are self-paced online courses that come with individual certificates and a mobile responsive layout to help students learn on the go. 

Introduction to HTML offers 38 lessons and has no prerequisites. You will encounter fundamental concepts in HTML including HTML tags and attributes, creating paragraphs, formatting texts, styling HTML elements with CSS style tags, creating links, etc. By the end, you will have developed two resume websites to showcase your newly acquired skills. 

Introduction to CSS will focus on the design and styling side of the website development process. Learn how to add background colors, and images, work with margins, formatting, style links, CSS pseudo-classes, gradients, pagination, etc. By the end, you will have a working knowledge of design elements and their application to a website.

Instructor: John Elder | CPD certified: Yes | For Beginners
Video Lectures: 38 | Study Time: 20 hours | Rating: 4.8 ★★★★★
Info: $29/month or $199/year for all online courses.

How to Choose the Best HTML & CSS Courses Online

Image How To Choose The Best HTML & CSS Courses Online - Criteria

Wrapping up our review of the best HTML & CSS courses online. HTML and CSS are two of the most pertinent technologies in the world of web design and development. The best plan for an aspiring coding enthusiast would be to opt for a course that offers in-depth coverage for all of the essentials in markup and style languages.

When opting for the best HTML & CSS courses online, students should factor in their learning goals, financial situation, workload, and motivational level. Another key consideration is your prior knowledge.

Many of the best HTML courses on this list, such as those offered by Udemy and Educative, are reasonably priced and do not require any background knowledge.

Other programs, such as Front End Developer by Udacity focus on more advanced concepts. You must thoroughly assess your own level of understanding as well as perform rigorous comparative research on the classes available to decide which online HTML & CSS courses best meet your particular needs.  

Best HTML & CSS Courses Online 2024 – Verdict 

Image Review of Best HTML & CSS Courses Online - Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best HTML courses and best CSS courses online. Whether you have a long-term goal of becoming a real programmer or wish to break into the world of e-businesses, you will sooner or later find yourself hassling with web pages and design.

With HTML and CSS being the building blocks of website development, the sooner they are mastered, the better. Since there seems to be a barrage of online courses available, it may not be easy to choose a favorite but a little research can go a long way.

Remember, the perfect package will be the one that aligns neatly with your short and long-term professional and financial goals.

 Best HTML & CSS Courses Online 2024

  1. Introduction To Web Development with HTML and CSS – Domestika
  2. Learn To Code – Udacity
  3. HTML, CSS, and JS for Web Developers – Coursera
  4. Web Design for Beginners with HTML & CSS – Udemy
  5. Front End Web Developer – Udacity
  6. Build Simple Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS – Udemy
  7. Building Websites with HTML, CSS & JS – Pluralsight
  8. Best HTML Courses & CSS Courses – GoSkills
  9. Best HTML Courses & CSS Courses – codecademy
  10. Learn to Code with HTML & CSS – FutureLearn
  11. Learn HTML Course – Treehouse
  12. HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals – W3C – edX
  13. Intro to HTML & CSS – Khan Academy
  14. Learn HTML, CSS, and JS from Scratch – educative
  15. Free HTML & CSS Courses Online

What are the best HTML & CSS courses online? Feel free to share this post or suggest your personal favorites to extend this list.

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