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12 Best AI video generators for professionals and content creators

Image Best AI Video Generators - Professionals + Content Creators

Artificial Intelligence (AI) video generation has taken the online world by storm. Today, AI has evolved to the point where it can interpret and churn your text-based prompts into a fully formatted video complete with voiceovers and customized avatars.

Not unexpectedly, this has solved a number of problems related to productivity and cost for content creators, leading to a steep rise in the development of such tools for users. Below, you will find a list of some of the most popular and best AI video generators to date.

Best AI Video Generators – Overview 

AI video generators rely on text-to-video machine-learning algorithms and deep-learning solutions. These advanced AI tools are of a similar ilk to ChatGPT or Meta’s Llama 2, which as you may be aware are AI solutions designed to respond to text-based prompts and queries with detailed and accurate answers that are based on different language models.

AI video generators are trained on datasets like ChatGPT or any other language model but, instead of generating texts or images, they rely on prompts to produce quality videos.

Using techniques like computer vision and neural networks, AI video generators combine and manipulate various elements from large datasets, such as images and audio clips, to create videos based on the textual prompts provided.

Not only are most AI video generators trained to contextualize your videos as accurately as possible, but many are equipped with supplementary video editing features for a remarkably realistic and artistically precise outcome.

Despite being a relatively new AI-based release, they have already proved themselves to be game changers for creators, marketers, online businesses, and even educators. For starters, they help replace studio costs by letting you generate videos from the comfort of your home, speed up the rate of content production, and save time for you and your team.

Quality video generation can put an enormous financial strain on a company’s resources, especially for startups and small businesses. Fortunately, most of these video-generating solutions come with affordable packages without compromising the quality too much.

In addition, these AI tools are trained on datasets that are large and sophisticated enough to help creators with an almost unlimited number of use cases. From business reports, explainer videos, how-to tutorials, and short clips, to memes, TikToks, and Instagram stories, these AI tools can take any kind of text and translate it to a video of your choice.

However, when it comes to AI-based content generation, one must approach it with caution. Google is smart enough to detect whether content, textual or video-based, has been developed by a human or AI. Relying completely on AI-generated content runs the risk of reducing the quality due to a lack of personalization and optimization.

Still, the biggest problem with AI video generators is that they can miss out on the nuances of human communication that marketers and online creators rely on to increase their reach and establish a camaraderie with their audience. Somewhat impersonal content can negatively affect your SEO rankings and, in turn, your online presence.

To solve this dilemma, a number of AI video generators come with integrated video editing tools that allow users to personalize the final product before making it public.

Best AI Video Generators 2024 – Top Picks

PictorySynthesysDeepBrain AIHeyGen
logo image pictory ailogo image synthesyslogo image deepbrain ailogo image heygen
Desktop, MobileDesktop, MobileDesktop, MobileDesktop, Mobile
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Note: This list aims to give an overview of the best AI video generators. We cannot claim comprehensiveness as there are many other AI video generator tools available.

1. Pictory AI Video Creation

Image Pictory AI Video Creation

Pictory AI (visit website) allows you to curate highly shareable videos based on any nature of content. Creative artists now have the luxury of generating fast, scalable, and affordable video-based content for marketing and lead-generating purposes.

In a few clicks, you can create script-to-video content complete with matching footage, background music, and AI speech. For small businesses, startups, and novice entrepreneurs, this can be a real game changer, as Pictory can replace the need to hire videographers with a script-to-video solution for a more affordable and consistent output.

Pictory lets bloggers embed video clips in their articles for a more dynamic outcome, while creators can use Pictory’s snippet clipping feature to extract highlights from their Zoom or Teams meetings and get a week’s worth of video content.

Pictory’s captions feature adds variety and accessibility to your videos even when they are on mute and users can share the outcome between team members and external suppliers, making collaboration a breeze.

The one struggle reported by many Pictory users is the amount of time it takes to locate keywords in the prompt, while the interface may also prove difficult to navigate for some beginner users. However, with its affordable standard pricing plan, Pictory offers one of the best AI video generators for videographers looking to off-shoulder some of the workload.

Platform: Pictory | Style: Video content creation for content marketers
Free trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $19/month billed annually
Info: Visit website.

2. Synthesys AI Video Generator

Image Synthesys AI Video Generator

Synthesys AI (visit website) allows content creators, social media influencers, business marketers, and videographers the opportunity to replace studio costs with an all-in-one script-to-video AI technology. Irrespective of your line of work, these lifelike videos can bring traction to your online and offline presence.

Users can leverage Synthesys AI’s extensive range of avatars with voiceovers in over 140 languages, which brings an unprecedented opportunity to reach a more global market and extend your reach. However, the voiceovers, albeit of a high quality, may lack the nuances of actual human speech.

Synthesys AI comes with the ability to convert any kind of content into videos, allowing you to generate online courses, customer success videos, SaaS product demos, explainer videos, video sales letters, local business adverts, and much more.

Creators can either choose to design videos from scratch or subscribe to the tool’s premium plan for over 50 video templates. When making a video from scratch, you can choose titles, transitions, and any external additions to embellish the final product.

While its suite of video customization features is not as extensive as some of the other best AI video generators, it is still a highly formidable contender. Synthesys AI operates on a cloud-based platform and requires uninterrupted internet connectivity for operation.

System: Web, Desktop, Mobile | Style: Hyper-personalized AI videos at scale
Pricing: from $19/month or $228 annually. AI Studio $199/month.
Info: Visit website.

3. DeepBrain AI

Image DeepBrain AI - Generative AI Videos

DeepBrain AI (visit website) is popular creative video-generating software that helps users produce photo-realistic text-to-video outcomes in less than 5 minutes.

As with most other AI video generators, it’s a reasonably priced software that helps creators and online businesses cut the cost of content marketing by more than 50%. Whether you are looking to create marketing videos, how-to tutorials, or training videos, DeepBrain AI is well-equipped to produce high-quality and purpose-oriented content.

There are over 100 different AI-based avatars that can narrate the content of your video in 55 different languages, allowing your message to become global. Moreover, you have the luxury of creating enterprise-ready custom AI avatars, which are perfect for brand ambassadors, news anchors, celebrities, and sports figures.

DeepBrain AI offers pre-built video templates for different types of videos, as well as social media templates specially designed for platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. It offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface and features to customize captions, add background music and soundtracks, and play with the final output.

Platform: DeepBrain AI | Style: Photo-realistic, script-based AI video content.
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $24/month billed annually
Info: Visit website.

4. Kapwing AI Video

Image Kapwing AI Video Generation

Kapwing is another powerful text-to-video software known for generating high-end results for videographers, online businesses, marketers, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. With a readable prompt, you can create high-quality videos with customizable music, captions, and background options.

Kapwing comes with an in-built AI video generator that offers over 100 unique features that let you edit your final outcome to perfection. You can also generate videos without a script; simply open Kapwing, choose a topic from the search tab along with the size, duration, and text style, and the software will generate a publishable video in a matter of minutes.

With Kapwing’s B-roll feature, the software scans your video and provides you with B-roll footage and graphics to complete your entire video production process.

Fortunately, the software allows users with a free account to generate two videos a month. However, a premium account enables you to produce an unlimited number of videos. Keep in mind that Kapwing’s free account offers only a limited set of features and users have reported issues with saving edits and subtitles in the final version.

Platform: Kapwing | Style: Instant text-to-video AI videos
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $16/member/month billed annually

5. GliaCloud

Image GliaCloud Video Generation

GliaCloud is also among the most trusted AI video tools for creating videos and best serves news agencies on social media as well as marketing teams looking to establish their online presence by securing the attention of potential customers.

It comes with a vast suite of dynamic features to elevate the quality and impact of your video content. You can choose from the numerous transitions to glide from clip to clip, add audio backgrounds, and have full control over the video layout by choosing where to place captions and written content.

However, it’s up to the user to generate video using automatic robot voice generators or manual recorders. They can paste content directly into the platform or use an article URL. Once the video is generated, users can trim or crop it to perfection and perform other video editing styles.

GliaCloud is also equipped with the ability to make montages, gifs, and duplicate clips. There are numerous additional features that eliminate the need for submitting the final product to any external video editor.

Platform: GliaCloud | Style: News- and sports-based AI video generation
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $300/month

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6. InVideo AI 

Image InVideo AI Generator

InVideo AI uses the AI co-pilot to create everything from scripts to scenes complete with background music and all the necessary edits. Once the video is generated, creatives, social media personalities, online marketers, and others can use these videos to boost online engagement, raise brand awareness, and generate leads.

All you need to do is feed the AI video editor the right instructions and specify the target demographic. As with any AI solution, the best results require input that is as detailed as possible. Users can choose the desired number of scenes and accents for their avatars, as well as crop the final video and bring it to the required length.

Not only does InVideo AI come with a simple interface for easy navigation, but it also offers a fully-powered video editor for tweaking your videos to perfection. However, making adjustments to the final cuts may take longer than expected and inexperienced users may find the process a little cumbersome.

While it’s a text-to-speech AI, you can generate videos from ideas simply by choosing a topic. Its multiplayer editor allows digital media teams to collaborate in real-time and engage in social media success. InVideo AI offers a free trial, at the end of which users have to subscribe to either their Business or Unlimited packages.

Platform: InVideo AI | Style: Simple AI video creation with ready-made video templates.
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $15/month billed annually

7. HeyGen AI Video

Image HeyGen AI Video

HeyGen AI is an AI video-generating software that can help users greatly minimize the cost of producing videos in the studio. With this text-to-video AI, you may simply choose your favorite avatar, type in or paste the script, and watch this AI-powered tool do its magic.

There are 100+ unique AI avatars of various age and race demographics that can produce voiceovers for your product releases, video-based updates, how-to videos, reels, tutorials, and more. For a more realistic outlook, you can also decide on the poses of the avatars as they speak, although the final cut may still fall short of looking completely realistic.

Alternatively, HeyGen lets users create a custom avatar to fit their unique brand descriptions, which they can bring to life with HeyGen’s extensive range of over 100 unique voices that speak more than 40 different languages.

HeyGen’s long list of integrations allows you to streamline your video creation process from various other platforms including, but not limited to, Zapier and Canva. With over 300 video templates, there’s a video template for almost every use case, be it a business report, communication tutorial, or digital media pro-tip session.

Keep in mind that HeyGen is comparatively newer than other best AI video generator tools and for this reason, users may encounter some unexpected bugs in its system.

Platform: HeyGen | Style: Text-to-video AI avatars and AI voices
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $24/month billed annually

8. Wisecut AI 

Image Wisecut AI Video

Wisecut AI is another excellent platform for creating reels, clips and short form video content by trimming lengthy videos into smaller, more easily manageable clips that are complete with subtitles and auto-frames. This makes it a suitable AI tool for podcasters and Youtubers who mainly rely on educational videos as their primary content-generating niche.

Wisecut offers various high-end video editing features that video makers need for a smooth final product devoid of long, awkward pauses, hedges, and other undesirable elements in their speech. These features include “auto cut”, designed to make long-form content more digestible by identifying awkward pauses and cutting them from the final product.

One special feature of Wisecut is its ability to generate a transcribed storyboard based on your speech. All you have to do is move around the text and scenes, without needing any video editing skills, to create frames from scratch.

In addition, the AI uses the facial recognition feature to “punch in and out” automatically, making your video cuts and jumps more organic and smooth-flowing. Further, Wisecut offers automatic audio ducking to adjust background noise, along with the ability to add music and maneuver volumes.

Finally, you can add subtitles as well as translations to increase engagement with your videos, since 80% of viewers are more likely to finish watching videos with captions or subtitles, especially in public where the videos are typically on mute.

Platform: Wisecut | Style: Video cutting and video editing software
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $10/month billed annually

9. Colossyan AI Video

Image Colossyan AI Video Generator

Colossyan is a high-end AI tool for workplace learning. Like other video-generating tools, Colossyan allows users to create videos by submitting a textual prompt and choosing a suitable avatar. You can use the technology to create performance indicator videos, company updates, explainer videos, as well as professional videos for other use cases.

When submitting the prompt, users can use both PDFs and PPTs for churning the text into engaging video content, with various ready-made video templates available to choose from, most of which are suitable for scenario-based learning.

Once you’ve chosen your avatar, you can make further adjustments like changing your avatar’s accent, clothing, or position. Alternatively, you can custom-design an avatar from scratch. After the video is generated, users can add auto-translations or subtitles.

Since Colossyan is still in its beta stage, you may expect some bugs and the AI avatars, although lifelike, are not completely realistic. On the upside, Colossyan comes with an easily navigable interface and offers a starting annual package for small-scale users going all the way up to custom quotes for enterprises.

Platform: Colossyan | Style: AI video platform for workplace learning
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $28/month billed annually

10. Elai AI Text Video Generator

Image Elai - Best AI Video Generator from Text offers users the ability to AI generate videos from a significantly large number of use cases. Among other things, the platform contains templates for social media influencers, company delegates, instructors, and content creators to generate explainer videos for e-learning, e-commerce, corporate communications, real estate, news, and more. comes with an extensive suite of features and video editing options. You can choose from over 80 different AI avatars that collectively speak over 75 different languages in over 450 unique voices. Users can even tweak the accents, tones, and styles of their chosen avatar, as well as customize their own voice in the video.

For voiceovers and dubbing, you can create a custom avatar based on your own selfies or use a studio-created option. To save time, creators can generate professional videos by pasting the blog post URL of an article in question. Not only does it generate engaging videos from scripts but its GPT enhancements allow it to create its own scripts to boot. goes a step further than many of its counterparts by allowing users to generate videos with their complete brand kit, whereby you can use custom logos and colors to maintain a consistent brand identity and increase personalization. Additional videography features include screen recording, a sound effects library, and team collaboration.

Platform: | Style: Customized AI videos with presenter
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $23/month billed annually


Image Best AI Video Generator - AI is an all-in-one AI video generator for creatives, marketers, social media personalities, educators, and business officials. It comes with an incredibly vast range of features that make it a suitable platform for generating videos for multiple use cases.

Its extensive toolkit consists of an all-in-one video editor, screen recorder, translations, and subtitles. The video editor allows users to filter videos, add texts and music, extract images, remove background noise, as well as edit other effects in the video.

Users can loop videos, use the green screen editor, remove fillers, extract audio from videos, add images to their videos, increase video volume, remove audio from videos, remove watermarks, repurpose videos, and much more. also comes with a teleprompter, subtitle translator, webcam tester, video compressor, video frame rate converter, video enhancer, voice recorder, voice dubber, intro and outro makers, meme maker, and more. There’s also a separate suite of features and AI tools especially targeted at businesses and potential enterprise customers.

Apart from the occasional mishap with’s auto-generated captions, clip-breaking, and live recording, it is a well-rounded AI video solution. Given its vast range of features and all-in-one solution setup, this best AI video generator tool is also reasonably priced for individual users and enterprises.

Platform: | Style: Fast and easy professional and high-quality video.
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $12/user/month billed annually.

12. Designs AI 

Image - Designs AI Video Generator

Designs AI, the final AI video generator on the list, allows decent user personalization with their videos in a matter of a few minutes. Its AI-powered tool suite includes a color matcher, graphic maker, and font pairer to create videos that are consistent with your brand.

Its video maker relies on advanced machine learning techniques for greater accuracy and realism in the final outputs. You get automated scene-cutting for transitions, suggestions, and ideas from keywords for more content, along with a library of digital assets, which includes fully licensed images, 500k+ audio files, and 50 different voices in 20 languages.

Creators also possess the ability to add stunning visual effects, transitions, and other icons to their videos, eliminating the need for external software. Designs AI guides users with an easy step-by-step AI video generation interface that does not require much technical skill.

Other features include optimization for all platforms, the ability to resize videos and make audio adjustments, and cross-platform collaboration. At $19/month, it is an affordable solution, especially for solopreneurs and social media influencers.

On the downside, Designs AI may occasionally suffer from bugs or buffering, and the user may experience occasional slow speeds. Furthermore, although extensive, the range of voiceovers lacks natural tones and the nuances of normal human speech.

Platform: Designs AI | Style: Integrated Agency-as-a-Service platform
Free Trial: Yes | Price: Various packages. From $19/month billed annually

How to Choose the Best AI Video Generator 

Image of How to Choose the Best AI Video Creator - Tips

While AI video solutions offer a quick fix to the problems of cost and productivity, they come with a few drawbacks. Chief of them is the generic nature of the final products and the lack of personal branding and sophistication.

Ideally, you must invest in a software solution that provides a reliable answer to most of these problems. For example, certain AI video generators on the list have built-in video editors that allow users to tweak the final product until it fits the bill.

Here’s a quick round-up of what to look for in the best AI video generator:

  1. Quality video output: A reliable AI video generator should be able to put out video qualities between the ranges of 720p to 4k.
  2. Customizability: Personalization and branding can be a difficult task with AI-generated videos. High-end AI video generators allow users to add their custom logos, backgrounds, images, and make other necessary adjustments to make the content appear more authentic.
  3. Extra features: Some AI video generators come with a basic stack where you feed a text-based prompt, choose the respective AI avatar, and wait for the finished product. Depending on your business goals and finances, this may work for some time.
  4. Purpose: Do you need the tool for creating how-to videos, music videos, training videos, product videos, or social media video tutorials? Check for the right features.

However, there are other AI video generators that go a step further to bring in newer and more unique features, such as smart cutout, audio denoise, motion tracking, background removal, silence detection, and much more. These additional features can go a long way in fine-tuning your videos and upgrading the overall quality of your content.

Finally, you must consider your skill level before investing in the best AI video generator. Whilst some will be relatively beginner-friendly, others might require users to go through tutorials on navigating the interface before they can actually commence the project.

Once again, a high-quality AI video generator would want to make the process as easy as possible for the user. These are the ones that typically offer great customer support in the form of tutorials and guides to help users make the most of their chosen platform. 

Best AI Video Generators 2024 – Summary 

Wrapping up our tour of the best AI video generators in 2024. AI video generation has emerged as a cutting-edge technology making massive strides in the world of online video creation. Yet, its emergence has led to fears of increasingly generic or inaccurate content.

However, investing in the right software and putting time and effort into your AI-generated videos can counter these issues and yield more creative results for all parties involved.

By educating yourself about the technology involved and outlining best practices you can create video content suitable for social media, digital and physical products, educational videos, or create training videos, music videos, and how-to videos.

Best AI Video Generators 2024

  1. Pictory AI Video
  2. Synthesys AI Video
  3. DeepBrain AI
  4. Kapwing AI Video
  5. GliaCloud
  6. InVideo AI
  7. HeyGen AI Video
  8. Wisecut AI
  9. Colossyan AI Video
  10. Elai AI Text Video Generator
  12. Designs AI

Other Best AI Video Generator Software

  • Synthesia
  • Steve AI
  • Hour One AI
  • D-ID
  • Biteable
  • Lumen5
  • Doodly
  • Moovly
  • Adobe Sensei
  • Viddyoze
  • Wave Video

What are the best AI video generators for 2024, in your opinion? Which AI video generator have you used? What have you learned? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email for questions.

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