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15 Best AI content detectors + ChatGPT detector software

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There is a growing number of AI content generators capable of producing wide-scale SEO-based content for almost any industry. AI’s ability to create any type of content with a human-like tone, style, and structure has given rise to questions about originality, content quality, and the implications of AI-generated content for the future.

AI content detectors are one answer to this rising dilemma. The rise of content-generating tools has inevitably led to the simultaneous growth in the number of AI detection tools. Below we give a tour of the most popular and best AI content detectors.

AI Content Detector Software – Overview

AI content detectors are tools to detect whether a text is completely or partially generated by AI. Most of these AI tools are trained on Chat GPT models and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognize GPT texts as well as texts generated by other AI tools.

The widespread access to AI content generators has created some serious dilemmas in particular for educators, web publishers, and recruiters from content writing agencies.

Originally, teachers or publishers used plagiarism detectors like Turnitin and Copyscape, which compare the input to millions of online content pieces and flag parts that might have been copied. However, as AI text generators create texts from scratch, they could bypass plagiarism detection, calling on new technology to keep content in check.

AI content detectors are designed to solve this problem. Whether you are an educator, a recruiter for a content writing agency, or a blogger, you can submit your input to a content detection tool and check whether the text originates from a human mind or an algorithm.

Additionally, writers and bloggers need AI detection tools because AI-based content can be uninspired, banal in tone, and even factually outdated. While there is no clear evidence that Google penalizes AI-based content, bloggers and businesses understand that generic content can hurt their brands in more ways than one.

Google is quick to replace content that fails to capture the attention of its online visitors and, amid the sheer degree of competition, AI content detectors can help you ensure that you are putting out purposeful and tailored content for your audience.

Best AI Content Detector 2024 – Top Picks

Winston AIOriginality AIINK AIGPTZero
logo image Winston AI Detectorlogo image Originality AI Detectorlogo image INK AI Essay Writerlogo image GPTZero AI Detector
AI Content DetectorAI DetectorAI Content ShieldChatGPT Detector
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Note: This list aims to give an overview of what could be the best AI content detector.. We cannot claim comprehensiveness as there are many other AI content detectors available.

1. WinstonAI

Image AI Content Detectors - WinstonAI 

Designed for content creators, educators, and web publishers, WinstonAI is a powerful AI content detector that helps you ensure that your content always remains within the remit of the specified guidelines. It detects text-based content and simultaneously serves as an AI plagiarism detector under the paid version.

As an AI content detection tool, Winston claims to have the technological asset to detect and pick up on the intuitive and advanced ability of modern AI-based content-generating tools, including Chat GPT, JasperAI, RYTR, and others.

WinstonAI allows you to smoothly operate and categorize your projects with separate titles and authors using their labeling feature, which enables users to easily view, access, and retrieve files. All you have to do is input the text using the scan or upload feature and leave it to the OCR technology to scan for any AI-based content.

You can even use Winston to scan handwritten text in the form of pictures. Users can scan up to 80,000 words for $12/month, with printable reports that make it easy for content creators and web publishers to verify that the content has been generated by a human. It is certainly among the best AI content detectors available.

Platform: WinstonAI | Style: AI Content Detector
Accuracy Rate: 99.6% | Price: Various packages. Free up to 2,000 words

2.  Originality AI – AI Plagiarism Detector

Image AI Content Detectors - Originality AI - AI Plagiarism Detector 

Originality AI is an advanced Chat GPT and GPT-4 detector that is specifically designed to help content marketers meet SEO requirements. While Google may not always penalize AI-generated content, it can detect, sift, and designate low-quality and generalized answers to the back of its results page.

Since the technology is built by content marketing and AI experts, the software works with an understanding of what content creators need the most.

With a focus on the web publishing industry, Originality AI future-proofs your website by helping you publish highly original content, detecting if it is plagiarized or machine-generated, and scanning it from top to bottom. As a result, it reduces the risk of your website being flagged in Google’s future updates and improves search rankings.

Originality AI also comes with extra features for content agencies; you can share reports and reviews with your clients or teammates using a simple link, integrate its features into your setup using its APIs, and improve content quality using the readability score.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial and users must make a $20 upfront payment to start using the solution. However, It is certainly one of the best AI content detectors around.

Platform: Originality AI | Style: AI Plagiarism Detector
Accuracy Rate: 99% | Price: Various packages. From $14.95/month for 200k words

3. Content at Scale AI Detector

Image AI Content Detectors - Content at Scale AI Detector

Content at Scale offers a free AI detector that can check if your content is humanly generated or a product of the advanced technologies of Chat GPT, GPT-4, and Bard. Since it’s a free tool, you do not have the luxury of near-unlimited word scans and users can only scan documents of up to 25k characters.

On the bright side, the tool is not just a text-based content detector but also scans images. Going deeper than a generic AI classifier, it can detect robotic-sounding content whether it be text or otherwise; you just need to paste your content into their website’s AI content detector box and click “Check for AI Content”.

While some users report a certain degree of inaccuracy when scanning texts compared to other free software, the tool is thoroughly trained to tap into multiple layers of generated content using NLP, semantic analysis algorithms, and SERP parsing capabilities, making it an excellent alternative for educators and content generators on a budget.

Platform: Content at Scale | Style: AI Content Detector
Accuracy Rate: 98% | Price: Free (up to 25k characters)

4. INK Content Shield

Image AI Content Detector - INK Content Shield

INK Content Shield (visit website) is a powerful AI detector designed for content agencies that are suspicious of one-click SEO tools and keen to optimize their brand. INK AI can shield companies that are particular about their unique flair and brand reputation from the poorly tailored, generic content typical of one-click-solves-all content-producing software.

Using INK Content Shield allows you to scan content in real-time as you write. Other than checking for plagiarism, it also scans content for relevant topics, headlines, and SEO optimization, making it a one-stop solution for content writing agencies.

This technology not only gives you insight into portions of content that are machine-generated but also helps you understand what steps to take to improve and change the AI content for the better.

Users can try INK Content Shield for free with a short trial before switching to the professional ($39/month) or enterprise package ($99/month). It is obviously a pricier solution when compared with some of its counterparts, which can be discouraging for some users especially when paired with its complicated interface.

Platform: INK Content Shield | For: Best AI Content Detector for Publishers.
Price: Various packages. From $49/month after a free trial.
Info: Visit website.

5. CrossPlag

Image AI Content Detectors - CrossPlag 

CrossPlag is an advanced and affordable plagiarism-checking tool that is best for educators and academics who need to parse content coming from the AI wheelhouse. Its white-labeling solutions are fit for both businesses and academia where there is a need to have full ownership and control over the data.

With increased accessibility to tools like Chat GPT and others, CrossPlag helps teachers and content creators ensure that quality and originality are never compromised. Alongside AI detection, the tool offers plagiarism detection for teachers and bloggers by comparing the input to more than 100 billion texts worldwide.

Businesses can easily integrate CrossPlag’s similarity report API into their workflow and make sure that the content they are publishing does not damage their brand’s reputation with low-quality, duplicate content.

Additionally, CrossPlag offers high-end data protection protocols, a self-provisioning environment for its users, and unique role-based workflows to help optimize academic integrity by holding up originality and quality standards.

Platform: CrossPlag | Style: Best AI Plagiarism Detector for Academics.
Price: Various packages. Free up to 1,000 words. $9.99 for 5,000 words.

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6. CopyLeaks

Image AI Content Detectors - CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is an AI-based text analyzer that combines content detection, plagiarism detection, generative AI GRC, and AI grading. This makes CopyLeaks an appealing software for content publishing agencies and educators who want to ensure that the available content is plagiarism-free and 100% original.

With CopyLeaks’s AI content detector, you can check if the text is a product of AI tools, including Chat GPT and Bard. The AI plagiarism detector comes with LMS and API integrations that you can embed in your workflow for smoother operations.

Additionally, CopyLeaks offers its users a generative AI governance feature, which is a complete suite of protection solutions that help ensure generative AI compliance and safeguard proprietary data.

Finally, the AI grader can assess content and administer thousands of standardized tests at the state, national and university levels, making it a great solution for academics that want to establish clear protocols around content integrity and plagiarism avoidance.

On the downside, you do not have access to many of its features in the free trial and there is no free version available.

Platform: CopyLeaks | Style: AI Plagiarism Detector
Accuracy Rate: 99.1% | Price: Various packages. From $9.16/month for 1,200 pages

7. GPTZero

Image AI Content Detectors - GPTZero 

GPTZero is aimed at educators who are inundated with an influx of AI-generated content since the rise of AI-based content production tools. It offers deeply trained education models for assessing student writing and an ed-tech use case.

GPTZero can detect whether the content is humanly generated or comes from Bard or Chat GPT, including any of the variations in the GPT series. Its free version allows you to paste text-based content of up to 5,000 characters without having to sign up. Should you choose to sign up, you can scan content of up to 50,000 characters.

Once you’re signed in, simply paste the content on their website or upload a document and allow GPTZero to take over. Teachers and educators can easily upload multiple files in bulk for entire classrooms. As it scans, GPTZero begins highlighting every sentence that is machine-generated, keeping the interface simple and easy to maneuver.

GPTZero also offers a simple API for schools and universities to embed in their organization workflows, making it easier for academic stakeholders to access and utilize the solution in a way that streamlines their work schedules.

Platform: GPTZero | Style: AI Content Detector. View.
Accuracy Rate: 85%-99% | Price: Free (up to 5,000 characters)

8. Sapling AI Detector

Image AI Content Detectors - Sapling AI Detector

AI Detector by Sapling goes beyond the typical sphere of detecting machine-based content, making it a suave tool for content creators and businesses looking to optimize brand value. Sapling, which is itself an AI-driven writing assistant, has created this AI detector as a free tool that detects output generated by Chat GPT or GPT-3.5.

Once you upload content, Sapling AI Detector will scan the content for duplication and give a percentage for fake output highlighted in red. It also points out related issues with the text, such as whether the content is inaccurate, bland, or embedded with biases.

Users will notice two different sections for pasting or uploading text: the top section and the bottom section. The first is to show the overall score and highlight portions of likely AI-generated text, while the bottom section highlights individual sentences with varying degrees of originality to offer a more in-depth analysis of the text.

For optimum results, Sapling encourages users to use both the general detector and the pre-sentence detector as each relies on different methods for content assessment.

Platform: Sapling | Style: Best AI Content Detector for customer service teams.
Accuracy Rate: >97% | Price: Free with account

9. Writer AI

Image AI Content Detectors - Writer AI 

Writer is a popular and diverse AI text generator that specializes in producing content that is tailored to multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, life sciences, e-commerce, retail, technology, etc. The technology also comes with an AI content detector that is only available as an API in the Writer app.

Currently, Writer AI is limited to checking only 1,500 characters at a time. To check for duplication in longer texts, you may have to break down the content and paste it into the app in shorter sections, which may be challenging if you typically deal with long-form content or assess content in bulk.

Once Writer’s AI content detector scans your text, it will assign it a percentage that will serve as the score for content generated by AI. You don’t have to create an account to use this tool, albeit enterprise plan subscribers can enjoy higher limits and full access to the API, making it suitable for recruitment companies that hire content writing agencies.

Platform: Writer AI | Style: AI Content Detector
Price: Various packages. Free up to 1,500 characters. $18/month for 500k words.


Image AI Content Detectors - AIESO 

AISEO is an AI writing assistant that also offers an easy-to-use AI content detector that compares the input with a vast dataset of machine- and human-generated content to achieve a high degree of accuracy. This tool is better suited to content agencies and businesses who wish to bring fresh and original posts to their blogs.

The AIESO AI content detector comes with a “bypass AI detection” feature and “topical score” that can help you reconfigure content that is highly likely to be machine-generated. Once it scans a text and assigns it a “human detection score”, you can paste the content in the bypass AI detection section.

This latter feature is a proprietary platform that uses the top 3 AI engines, natural language processing, and semantic analysis algorithms to curate long-form SEO-optimized blogs for web publishing. You can also use this feature if your text is in a language other than English, such as Japanese, Chinese, and most European languages.

Platform: AISEO | Style: AI Content Detector
Price: Various packages. From $19/month

11. Corrector AI Content Detector

Image AI Content Detectors - Corrector AI Content Detector

Corrector is a free AI detector for educators and web publishers on a budget that uses the Chat GPT-3 model to give real-time feedback on the extent to which a text is AI- or human-generated. In addition to using OpenAI detector algorithms, NLP, and deep learning models, it also employs machine learning to spot fraudulent or unoriginal content.

Like most AI detection tools on this list, all you need to do is paste the text into the AI locator and it will highlight AI-based texts or sentences. Its simple interface makes it an easy tool for teachers and other professionals when assessing texts. However, teachers can’t upload bulk content and will have to upload each student’s input individually.

Corrector’s AI content detector is a search engine-approved software, making it a commensurate solution for web publishing. Users should note that they can only input text of no more than 800 words, meaning that they might need to paste the text in sections.

Platform: Corrector AI | Style: AI Detector
Price: Free (up to 800 words)

12. Paraphrasing AI Content Detector

Image AI Content Detectors - Paraphrasing AI Content Detector

Paraphrasing AI Content Detector is an advanced GPT-4 content detector and serves as a free alternative to GPTZero and Originality AI. Educators and web publishers on a budget can make use of this highly accurate software instead of splurging on a pricier tool.

In addition to a speedy and reliable detection process, this tool has a user-friendly interface and is based on various training models to ensure a high-quality analysis of the input. Other than content detection, this tool also offers paraphrasing, grammar checking, story and outline generation, article and essay generation, and plagiarism detection.

After you input the content in the designated section, hit “detect” and allow the tool to intricately scan your document and assign an AI detection score. To make things easier for bloggers and web publishers, there is a “bypass AI content” feature that reconfigures your article in a way that is undetectable by AI checkers.

Platform: Paraphrasing AI | Style: GPT-4 AI Detector
Price: Free (up to 5,000 words). View

13. SEO AI Detector

Image AI Content Detectors - SEO AI Detector 

SEO.AI has created an AI detector for Chat GPT that scans input against four different AI detection models. SEO.AI is primarily an SEO-based content-generating software that is currently offering a free app for detecting content produced by AI.

You can upload or paste text that is up to 5K characters long and check how original and high-quality your input is with the technology’s AI detection tool. The latter uses algorithms on prediction, entropy, perplexity, and correlation to determine the nature of the input.

Other than detecting AI-based content, users can also visit the website to access a series of insightful articles on Google’s latest policies on machine-generated articles and how these affect SERP rankings.

Since SEO.AI is primarily a content generation solution as opposed to a content detection tool, it doesn’t offer a great array of features or luxuries like uploading long-form content, content in bulk, or accurately analyzing content in any language other than English.

Nevertheless, it is a handy solution for web publishers and teachers who do not have the option to invest generously in AI-detection software.

Platform: SEO.AI | Style: AI Content Detector
Price: Free (up to 5,000 words)

14. GPTRadar

Image AI Content Detectors - GPTRadar 

Designed by the founder of Alessio Nittoli and cofounder Antonio Cappiello, GPTRadar is a reliable AI detection tool with a simple interface for teachers and web publishers. Using GPTRadar’s easy-to-use interface, you can paste up to 400 words’ worth of content in a single instance and let the tool do its magic. 

The GPTRadar AI content detector uses OpenAI GPT-3 and its algorithms to figure out whether the input was machine-generated or the product of a human mind. Moreover, it can ensure compliance with Google’s SERP guidelines and help you fix the tone of your text to streamline and optimize your brand’s reputation. 

At $0.02 per token (125 words), it is a reasonably priced AI detection software, albeit some free tools can give you similar results. 

Platform: GPTRadar | Style: AI Content Detector
Price: $0.02 per credit (1 credit = 125 words). View.

15. OpenAI Text Classifier

OpenAI’s Text classifier is a finely-trained GPT model that is capable of detecting the extent to which content is generated by various AI tools, including Chat GPT. According to OpenAI, the text classifier is “available as a free tool to spark discussions on AI literacy”. As it is not commercially aimed at any sector, the tool comes with certain limitations.

Given that the primary aim of the tool is to foster conversations around the differences between human-generated and AI-generated content, OpenAI warns users against qualifying its results as the final verdict on the degree of text originality. Instead, OpenAI encourages users to scan the responses and provide feedback on the tool’s performance.

One limitation is that users can’t post content below 1,000 characters (150-250 words). Once you paste the content, the classifier will assess the text and label it as either very unlikely to be AI-generated, unlikely to be AI-generated, unclear if it is AI-generated, possibly AI-generated, or likely to be AI-generated.

Keep in mind that OpenAI admits to having trained its text classifier on a limited number of models and, therefore, can’t provide an accurate estimate. In addition to requiring a Chat GTP login, there’s also a chance that the classifier will get things wrong on texts written by children or texts available in languages other than English.

Platform: OpenAI | Style: AI ChatGPT Detector

How to Choose the Best AI Content Detector

Image Tips for Choosing the Best AI Content Detector

AI content can look convincingly similar to human-generated content. This is why you must choose AI software with a high degree of detection accuracy. Currently, many AI detection tools admit to the possibility of false positives and undetected AI content in their results. 

OpenAI Detector, for example, has a clear disclaimer on its site that the technology simply does not have enough human-generated sources to compare and accurately determine whether the content comes from AI or not. For this reason, you must look for the following metrics when choosing the best AI detection tools.

1. Accuracy: As a user, it is your job to research how accurate the results of your chosen AI content detector are. Winston.AI and Sapling have been rated as two of the most accurate AI detectors but there are other competent tools that you can also look into.

2. Additional features: While an AI detector’s basic task is to detect machine-generated content, some tools offer additional features for the same price. GPTZero, for example, allows teachers to upload multiple files at once, which can speed up the process of checking for AI input.

Similarly, there are tools that not only highlight sections of content that are AI-generated but also offer to help you bypass detection.

The kind of features most suited to you will boil down to whether you are using the tool as a teacher, a web publisher, a content agency recruiter, etc. One example is Originality AI which offers features such as shareable links to its reports and SEO optimization which are highly tailored to the needs of content writing agencies.

Therefore, make sure to thoroughly assess all the features that your chosen software offers as part of its suite.

3. Pricing: The pricing for an AI content detector varies vastly from relatively expensive to completely free. While the difference in price points comes with a catch, it is also important that you do not strain your finances. For anyone who wants to test the waters or requires the most basic of solutions, there are some decent free AI detection tools to start with.

Best AI Content Detector 2024 – Summary

Image. List of Best AI Content Detectors - Summary

Wrapping up our tour of the best AI content detectors in 2024.

AI detection tools have emerged as a response to the growing need for separating machine-generated content from that which is produced by humans. Given the vastly different needs of users and the purpose to which these tools are applied, there is no one-size-fits-all AI solution to hail as the best.

Users must figure this out on their own by choosing software that effortlessly and accurately makes the distinction between different types of content and ensures that the quality of writing is never compromised.

Best AI Content Detectors 2024

  1. WinstonAI
  2. Originality AI – AI Plagiarism Detector
  3. Content at Scale AI Detector
  4. INK Content Shield
  5. CrossPlag
  6. CopyLeaks
  7. GPTZero ChatGpt AI Detector
  8. Sapling AI Detector
  9. Writer AI
  10. OpenAI Text Classifier
  11. AIESO
  12. Corrector AI Content Detector
  13. Paraphrasing AI Content Detector
  14. SEO AI Detector
  15. GPTRadar – ChatGPT Detector

Other Best AI Content Detectors

  • Smodin AI Content Detection
  • ContentDetector AI
  • Sribbr Free AI Detector – View
  • Sapling ChatGPT AI Detector
  • GLTR AI Detector – Giant Language Model Test Room
  • Hugging Face ChatGPT AI Detector
  • Writefull GPT Detector
  • Hive Moderation AI Content Detection
  • AI Writing Check Detector

What is the best AI content detector for 2024, in your opinion? Which AI content detectors have you used? What have you learned? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email for questions.

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