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25 Best AI writing generator software to create web content 

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According to a study conducted by the State of Inbound1, 80% of marketers consider high-quality content as a top priority when it comes to customer engagement and retention. Furthermore, content marketing accounts for 26% of B2B marketing budgets.

Studies such as these highlight the importance of consistently rolling out top-quality content if businesses are to secure significant visibility in highly competitive markets.

However, it is a mammoth task to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content on a daily basis. Fortunately, the emergence of AI writing generator software has made this rapid content roll-out a lot more achievable. Below, we give you a tour of the best AI text generator tools in the industry and how they can benefit your business.

AI Writing Generator Software – Overview 

While an AI Writing generator may not be able to serve as a human replacement yet, it can work wonders when treated as a productivity solution.

AI writing assistants are trained systems that use AI-based deep learning methods and GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3), which is an autoregressive language model, to generate a textual output from some sort of user input.

Ai writers have been trained using real-life data and possess the skill to mirror human research by scanning pre-existing content online and creating unique texts from scratch.

Studies have indicated a surge in the popularity of AI text generators and it is attributed to these tools’ ability to automate and accelerate content production, offload repetitive tasks for users, and save time by maximizing productivity. In addition, many of the best AI writing software are SEO trained and allow you to optimize content for search engines.

The content marketing industry is very optimistic about these AI text generator tools that are only becoming more sophisticated with time. Below is a list of the top AI writing software that can help you produce high-quality content for greater user engagement.

Best AI Writing Generator Software 2024 – Top Picks

WritesonicJasper AIINKCopy AI
logo image Writesonic Text Generatorlogo image Jasper AI Text Generatorlogo image INK AI Text Generatorlogo image Copy AI Text Generator
AI Content GeneratorAI Copy WritingAI Writing AssitantAI Copy Writing
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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure at the end of this post.

Note: This review aims to give an overview of the best AI writing generator software. We cannot claim comprehensiveness as there are many other AI text generators available.

1. Writesonic AI Writer

Image Writesonic AI Text Generator

Writesonic (visit website) is a popular AI text generator for businesses who are specifically looking to write for social media although the tool can create blogs, emails, ads, and much more. Other than for writers, Writesonic is aimed at e-commerce stores, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs whom the AI writing software helps in the following ways.

Writesonic’s Sonic Editor is an enhanced version of Google Docs that lets you create articles, long-form content, sales emails, essays, reports, and even ebooks. Its editing options allow you to expand, paraphrase and shorten the content accordingly.

E-commerce stores can improve their Google rankings sales using Writesonic’s e-commerce tools. Use the AI writing generator to create engaging titles, product descriptions, bullet lists, and SEO-optimized descriptions. Marketers can also use Writesonic to generate good-quality ad copy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

All you need to do to create your copy is enter at least a five-word title and the keywords you wish to rank for. There’s a free trial of over 6,000 words and if you’re still interested, you can upgrade to their long-form plan priced at $12.47/month. Writesonic could be the best AI content generator if you want a great UX, excellent AI quality, and SEO integration.

Platform: Writesonic | Surfer SEO Integration: Yes. | Plagiarism Checker: Yes.
AI Text Tools: Copywriting, Paraphrasing, Expander, Ideas, Descriptions, Social Media.
Price: Visit website. From $12.67/month. View pricing plans.

2. Jasper AI

Image Jasper AI Content Generator

Jasper® (visit website) is an industry-leading and unique AI writing software with a Chrome extension to help you curate content ten times faster. It specializes in assisting with high-converting marketing copy and long-form content in 25 different languages.

You can either use Jasper® to create fresh content, blog posts, reports, and emails from scratch or use its 50 effective templates to generate ideas. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a handy AI writing generator to work with for individuals of varying tech literacy.

Businesses can use the Jasper® AI content generator to streamline their content and create engaging social media posts on the daily as well as create catchy captions. Apart from text-based content, Jasper can also create art in a matter of seconds. You can use the ‘Art’ feature to generate ads, visual charts, and thumbnails.

A great feature of Jasper® is the Surfer SEO integration that writes SEO-optimized content five times faster, ultimately helping you with rankings on the search page. Jasper’s pricing model offers businesses the flexibility to pay on a monthly or annual basis. The Boss Mode starts from $49/month with an AI content generator for 50K words.

Platform: Jasper® | Long-Form: Yes. | SEO: Yes. | Chrome Extension: Yes.
AI Writing Tools: Blog, Social Media, AI Copy Writing, Ads, Idea Generator, Reports.
Info: Visit website. Boss Mode from $49/month. View pricing plans.
Note: Surfer Pro integration requires an extra subscription. View plans + features here.

3. INK AI Writing Assistant

Image INK AI Content Generator

INK (visit website) is a one-stop AI content-generating tool that is equipped with a lot more than just content production. Currently, their suite of features contains eight different AI writing tools to assist your company with generating content that is engaging and risk-free.

Although Google does not typically mind AI-written content, it can parse information that may not be factual or relevant and this can harm your ranking. INK’s AI Writing Assistant is trained to bypass this stipulation using patented SEO and user engagement optimization.

With its AI writing generator, all you need is to feed the title and introductory lines to your post and the app will already know the type of writing you want. On clicking ‘compose’ it will create your post in a matter of seconds. Of course, you’ll be required to do your own editing to make sure that the output matches your intent.

Other than AI writing, INK AI Shield also protects your content from SERP penalties. It offers practical suggestions on what to improve in the final copy to avoid plagiarism. For SEO, INK features SEO Optimizer, AI Keyword Research, and the SEO Rocket program. An AI image generator allows you to create illustrations from the text-based prompt.

All in all, INK is one of the most comprehensive and best AI writing generator software for professionals and enterprises who rely on heavy content-based engagement for marketing. Its professional plan is billed at $468/year and comes with unlimited words.

Platform: INK AI | Long-Form: Yes. | SEO: Yes.
AI Text Tools: AI Content Shield, AI Writing, AI Images, SEO Articles, Keyword Research.
Info: Visit website. Professional $39/month. Enterprise $99/month.

4. Copy AI

Image Copy AI Content Generator

Copy AI (visit website) is a popular AI content generator for businesses that wish to scale their blogs, emails, and social media campaigns. For each campaign you work on, Copy AI can generate multiple templates to choose from.

Sift through the templates to find the text of your choice and continue to let Copy AI polish and edit the text. As a user, you only have to provide a few sentences about your topic, your company, or campaign subjects and the AI writing software will handle the rest.

Your blog campaigns work the same way. will ask you for a bit of context about your company which you can provide by feeding your blog title and keyword. You can review the main talking points and let the AI writing process happen. Keep in mind that the output may still need some care. Use’s editor to polish the piece to perfection.

Finally,’s social media tool allows you to choose the type of post and the social platform you want to run your campaign on. As with emails and blog posts, a bit of context will go a long way in the AI writing creation of an engaging post.

Luckily for users, comes with a free version that lets you generate a 2000-word content piece to test the waters before subscribing to their $49/month pricing plan. If you have a growing business this might be one of the best AI text generator software around.

Software: Copy AI | GPT-3 Protocol: Yes.
AI Text Tools: GPT3, Copywriting, Rewriter, Headlines, Blog, Descriptions, eMails.
Info: Visit website. Premium from $36/month. Free plan available.

5. LongShot AI

Image LongShot AI Writing Generator

LongShot AI is another reliable AI content generator that claims to create value-based content for users and search engines with its advanced AI metrics. The software can generate user-sourced content for topics trending as recently as an hour before writing.

There are multiple use cases for this AI writing tool for businesses. You can create product reviews, movie reviews, predictions, and comparison-based content. LongShot also claims to help your SERP rankings tenfold by creating SEO-optimized, user-centric content.

In addition, you can use their copywriting templates, story-based templates, and email templates to generate interesting web copy, ads, and marketing campaigns. Most of the latter require content-based activities that can be repetitive in nature. This AI writing software can take this monotony of routine-based writing tasks out of the equation. 

LongShot AI is one of the best AI writing generator software to help create optimized and user-centric content. Their pricing plans go from $29/month for 50,000 words to $375/month for 1 million monthly words which can help agencies scale quickly.

Platform: LongShot AI | Long-Form: Yes. | SEO: Yes. | Chrome Extension: Yes.
AI Text Tools: Fact GPT, Copywriting, Rephraser, Headlines, Blog, Meta, Descriptions.
Pricing: From $29/month.

6. Rytr

Image Rytr AI Text Generator

Rytr (visit website), a reasonably inexpensive AI writing tool, can curate Facebook pages, YouTube descriptions, profile bios, testimonials, reviews, landing page copies, product descriptions, and more, all in a matter of seconds. Its diverse use cases make it a valuable content-assistive tool for marketers, educators, SDRs, entrepreneurs, etc.

Its simple and clean interface, coupled with valuable copy, makes it worth the investment for businesses and professionals who struggle with the written word or find the art of phraseology too much of a hassle.

Rytr’s language AI allows you to create content in more than 30 different languages across 20 different tones. You can adjust exactly the right emotion to dictate the content of your post. There are also 40 different use cases and templates to help you get started.

All that users are required is to feed a little info and Rytr will activate its scientific AI copywriting formulas such as AIDA and PAS to generate quality output.

Roughly speaking, Rytr’s powerful AI text generator will take around 15 minutes to render a 1000-word post. You can always reword, alter or crop the content to your liking. The all-in-one solution also comes with additional features such as team billing, project management, storing, and file organization to make the writing process a breeze.

Last, but not least, Rytr comes with a free version that generates up to 10k characters a month. Alternatively, you can opt for the server plan (100,000 characters/month) for $9 or the unlimited character plan for $29/month.

Software: Rytr AI | Languages: 30. | Plagiarism Checker: Yes.
AI Text Tools: Copywriting, Rephraser, Headlines, Ideas, Meta, Descriptions.
Info: Visit website. From $9/month. Unlimited from $29/month.

7. ChatGPT

Image ChatGPT AI Text Generator

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an optimizing language model that allows users to engage in natural conversations during a system development process. It is a sibling model to InstructGPT which is trained to respond to instructions given in a prompt. Open AI is a research company that specializes in AI system deployment.

The ChatGPT model is an upgrade of the GPT-3.5 series. Both models were trained on an Azure AI supercomputing infrastructure. As of now, ChatGPT is trained to engage in AI writing dialogues, follow up, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.  It is gaining increased popularity since the beginning of 2023.

OpenAI has provided developers with API integrations for this AI writing software on its websites. However, the tool is far from complete. It comes with several limitations, most notably, of writing plausible-sounding nonsensical sentences, being sensitive to tweaks to the input phrasing, and being excessively verbose.

Developers who integrate this best AI writing generator software into their system stacks are encouraged to give feedback on how to improve the tool’s functionality.

Software: ChatGPT | Info: Free. Commercial pricing is available. Try here.
AI Text Tools: GPT-3.5, Copywriting, Summaries, Dialogues, Descriptions.

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8. GrowthBar AI Copywriter

Image GrowthBar AI Copy Generator

GrowthBar is another reliable AI writing tool for generating SEO-optimized content for websites, articles, landing pages, etc. Its user-centric interface makes it easy to plan, write and optimize your content. The popular AI text generator also allows large teams and enterprises to collaborate on projects for fast-tracking content roll-out.

You can create a 1500-word blog post in 2 minutes using Growthbar’s drag-and-drop AI editor. Its keyword suite suggests hundreds of keywords that are complete with difficulty scores and revenue metrics. In fact, Growthbar’s dashboard goes a step further to provide you with your competitor’s keywords, Google ads, and backlinks.

You can use Growthbar’s 5-star chrome extension with your account to get SEO insights even as you perform normal Google searches. Additional Growthbar features include AI Meta Description, Blog Topic Generator, and Blog Outline to help you gauge the direction of your blog and keep the content on track.

Businesses and professionals interested in Growthbar’s AI suite can enroll for the five-day trial after which they will have to choose a package from its Standard ($29/month), Pro ($79/month), and Agency ($129/month) pricing models, either billed monthly or annually.

Platform: GrowthBar | Long-Form: Yes. | SEO: Yes. | Chrome Extension: Yes.
AI Text Tools: AI Blog Writing, Headlines, AI Copywriting Generator, etc.
Pricing: Standard $29/month. Pro 79/month.


Image Peppertype AI Content Generator  markets itself as a high-converting AI writing assistant for freelancers, businesses, and agencies. You can train Peppertype to adapt to your writing taste by supplying info about the nature and tone of your content and letting the AI text generator handle the actual content creation.

Peppertype is best for writing emails, optimizing for SEO, rewriting older content, creating website content and landing pages, and increasing CR with high-converting sales copy.

Peppertype has introduced a new feature that allows you to create team-based projects in a more organized manner. All of your project files are stored in a single folder along with your content briefs. Its editing suite allows you to rewrite, expand, or simplify paragraphs.

There is also the option to mark your favorite content or template that saves the preferred content type in a special folder for quick access. One downside to Peppertype is the unavailability of a free trial. You can, however, choose between their Personal ($35/month) or Team ($199/month) billed either monthly or annually.

Software: Peppertype AI | Long-Form: Yes.
AI Text Tools: AI Blog Writing, emails, Landing Pages, Rewriting, Copy Generator, etc.
Pricing: Personal $25/month/annual and 50,000 words. Team 165/month.

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10. CopySmith

Image CopySmith AI Writing Software

CopySmith is a powerful AI text generator mainly aimed at enterprises and eCommerce businesses. This explains its relatively pricier payment models that start at $19/month and scale up to $299/month for a whopping 100,000 words’ worth of content. Subscribing to their annual plan also unlocks their rollover credits. Use leftover words the next month.

It is a great AI writer for businesses looking to cut back time writing and invest more in the direct launch and marketing phases. Some of the use cases for CopySmith include product descriptions, category pages, cart abandonment campaigns, and A/B testing.

You can use this AI text generator to initiate an entire campaign mapping out a cohesive journey for your customers that yields more sales. While you can also use CopySmith to generate user-centric blog posts, it specializes in curating SEO-optimized product review pages that can be an immense help when it comes to SERP rankings.

Other features include the ability to curate content in over 60 languages, easy translations from one language to another, and API functionality to integrate with your entire tool stack. Overall, it is one of the best AI writing generators for professional content creation.

Software: CopySmith | For: eCommerce. | Chrome extension: Yes
AI Text Tools: Product descriptions, eCommerce ad campaigns.
Pricing: Starter $19/month. Professional $59/month.

11. Scalenut AI Writing Generator

Image Scalenut AI Text Generator

As the name indicates, the Scalenut AI writing generator software gives businesses a scalable solution that can fit their business need. By integrating Scalenut’s automated NLP key terms usage and content briefs, you can generate a guided blog in 5 minutes.

Upon subscription, users will get a black canvas to pour all their ideas on. From there, the AI writing assistant takes care of guiding your writing process and workflow. 

Among its various features, we have a vast assortment of templates to help users with ideas on writing blogs, sales copy, email headers, etc. Its NLP-powered SEO feature lets you create fully optimized content for search engines along with producing reports. It also gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your AI writing, readability score, etc.

It is also possible to reach out to Scalenut support in case you find yourself unable to activate a feature or get help with grooming your content. Scalenut’s pricing models begin from $17/month for 100,000 words and $47/month for budding startups.

Platform: Scalenut AI | Long-Form: Yes. | SEO: Yes. | Chrome Extension: Yes.
AI Text Tools: Ai Blog Writing, Copywriting, Content Planning, Descriptions.
Pricing: Individual $17/month. Growth 47/month. Pro $89/month.

12. Article Forge AI Writer

Image Article Forge AI Writing Generator

Article Forge is another virtual AI writing assistant that claims to shield users from any potential penalties from Goggle against AI-generated content. It comes with simple functionality and a user interface. Simply enter a specific keyword and Article Forge will create a 1500-word blog for you in a matter of minutes.

Professionals stemming from diverse fields including entertainment, health, finance, and marketing can get help from this virtual AI writing tool to generate reliable and SEO-optimized content of various types. From AI blog writing to health articles, movie reviews, and social media posts, Article Forge can create it all.

Since Article Forge uses deep learning, the generated articles are 100% unique and do not run the risk of plagiarism. However, it is still advised that you double-check by passing the generated copies through a plagiarism-detecting software such as Copyscape.

Article Forge is a reasonably inexpensive alternative to other best AI writing generators with a $27/month package of 25,000 words or a $13/year package with the same number of words. There is the option of a five-day free trial before finalizing your purchase.

Software: Article Forge | Long-Form: Yes.
AI Text Tools: AI Blog Post and AI Copy Generator, Plagiarism checker.
Info: from $13/month/annual or $27/month billed monthly.

13. WordAi AI Text Generator

Image WordAI AI Writing Generator

WordAi is another AI writing generator software to cut back your content production time and extend your budget to other areas of your business. However, unlike creating content from scratch, WordAi rewrites an already written piece albeit making it completely unique.

Like most other AI writing tools featured on this list, WordAi allows users to create unique content that is highly optimized with keywords for better rankings on SERP results.

You can use this AI writer to rewrite texts in ways that are indistinguishable from human-written content; completely restructure sentences that are automatically optimized and unique; and enrich your content by including LSI keywords that are primed to rank higher.

The WordAi AI writer is equipped to generate hundreds of variations for a singular idea making it easier to ensure that the content is always unique and even error-free. While rewriting texts, it also fixes any errors or mistakes found in the original text.

There are a number of features that make WordAi a convenient AI writing software. You can both write and download in bulk as well as add the solution directly to your workflow using their APIs. A 3-day free trial can give users a feel for the kind of AI writing they can expect after which they must choose from their monthly ($57) or yearly ($27) plans.

Software: WordAI
AI Text Tools: AI Copy Generator, Blog Writing, Headlines, Rephrasing, Rewriting, etc.
Info: from $27/month/annual or $57/month billed monthly.

14. Anyword AI Writing Assistant

Image Anyword AI Copywriter Generator

Anyword is a one-stop AI writing assistant that does a lot more than just generate words out of thin air. With Anyword’s advanced predictive analytics, you can make more informed decisions about the type of content you must put out.

Anyword is extremely diverse in that it not only lets you decide what type of content you want but also lets you create different audience personas. These can range from a Californian housewife to a business professional or a college student. Creating personas such as these can help you put out copies that are highly user-centric.

Another notable feature of this AI writing generator software is the predictive performance score that evaluates the engagement potential of your posts and how it will possibly impact various demographics.

With Anyword’s AI Ad Copy generator, you can also create engaging posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. You can also connect your ad accounts, use specific keywords and rewrite copy until it is fine-tuned to your exact business goals.

Other than ads, this AI writing software also lets you create landing pages, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, and website-targeted messages. All you have to do is enter a URL, a summary, or a product description and choose the format and preferred writing style. Once the Anyword AI writer generated your copy, you can easily edit the file. 

Anyword’s starter package comes with 20,000 credit words for $24/month and goes up to $83/month for larger teams giving them 10,000 additional words.

Software: Anyword | Best for short-form marketing copywriting.
AI Text Tools: Ad Copy Generator, Blog Posts, Headlines, Social Media, Rewriting, etc.
Info: from $24/month/annual. 50,000 words. Multiple seats.

15. Sudowrite AI Writing Generator

Image SudoWrite AI Writing Software

Founded by writers Amit Gupta and James Yu, Sudowrite is an easy-to-use AI writing generator to help you break through your ‘writer’s block’ with its ideas-generating solution.

Most of Sudowrite is based on OpenAI’s upgraded AI model that many deem as an improved version of GPT-3.5. The company has recently updated most of its features to now include guided writing, tone setting, rewriting, descriptions, brainstorming for idea generation, expanding content, and receiving feedback on your posts.

As an AI writing tool, the software specializes in generating highly descriptive images and does a convincing job of showing and not just “telling” your stories. However, it is still in the modification/improvement phase and as users, you can provide any constructive feedback to improve the product’s functionality. You can subscribe to Sudowrite for $10/month.

Software: Sudowrite | Best for low-budget campaigns.
AI Writing Tools: GPT-3.5, Blog Posts, Tone Settings, Brainstorming, Rewriting, etc.
Info: from $10/month/annual. 30,000 words.

16. Chibi AI Text Generator

Image Chibi AI Content Generator

Chibi is a dynamic AI writing software that comes with a resourceful prompt vault that stores plenty of creative and useful AI writing templates. For users with specific and unique needs, Chibi AI allows a personalized vault that stores these specificities for generating highly-targeted content in the future.

The AI writer can create blog posts, blog titles, meta descriptions, featured snippets, niche questions, talking points, sales copy, etc. Like many reliable AI text generator solutions, Chibi AI gives you greater power over setting up the context for your writing prompt.

You’re also not limited to a set number of fields and can give as many details as you like which helps Chibi Ai in understanding and meeting your audience’s needs. As writers, you can use their pre-made and tested prompts that weave together content for your business or organize your own private prompts.

Chibi AI offers four different pricing plans that range from $19/month for starters to $99/month as its most premium package. The standard package is priced at $65/month and comes with a word limit of 250,000.

Software: Chibi AI | Longfrom Content: Yes | Languages: 27
AI Writing Tools: Grammarly, Content Analyzer, Blog Posts, Ideas, Rewriting, etc.
Info: from $19/month/annual. 30,000 words.

Additional Best AI Writing Software

Image Additional Best AI Writing Software

17. Frase

Frase will let you research and generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content in a matter of minutes. Not only can you create your content briefs instantly but also optimize them and use Frase’s content analytics to tweak your posts for greater engagement. Its intuitive editor will let you gauge your competitors’ performance and write like an expert.

18. Grammarly 

Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop app lets you create mistakes-free content without costing a single dollar. You can secure real-time suggestions from Grammarly on better phrasing and grammar while writing in desktop applications and sites across the web whether it’s a social media app, emails, or word documents.

19. Writer 

Writer is an advanced generative AI writer with multiple use cases. You can choose Writer for its large language model system trained on B2B data, customized structure, multimodal capabilities, model ownership, data privacy, marketing, and editorial support along with many additional features. Professionals from all walks of life can use Writer to create engaging content for their users.

20. NeuralText 

NeuralText is an all-in-one AI text generator software and content marketing platform to help automate the biggest chunks of your marketing campaigns. Apart from generating the content, it performs competitive research, creates blog outlines and content briefs, analyzes organic competition, and optimizes the generated content for SERP results.

Other features include keyword discovery, clustering, and SEO analysis. Use NeuralText for creating everything from headlines to paragraphs, blogs, ad copy, and more.

21. AI Writer 

AI Writer prides itself on generating content that is highly accurate, relevant, and laser-focused. Other than being unique and friendly, text generated by this AI writing software is SEO-friendly, authoritative, and can be directly published to WordPress. You can use the editor to write on any topic, list verifiable citations, perform research and discover ideas.

22. ClosersCopy 

ClosersCopy can curate high-converting, SEO-optimized copy for your business. The AI writing tool specializes in generating content that boosts your marketing campaigns. You can use the AI writer to create sales pages and ads or launch email campaigns and engage users. In fact, ClosersCopy guarantees a complete refund in case you’re not floored by their content and impact on your business’s sales.

23. ProWritingAid 

ProWritingAid is primarily a grammar-checking tool whose AI-based model has allowed the tool to store around 3000 explanations and videos written by experts that help writers understand what makes better content. Like Grammarly, you can sign up ProWritingAid and let it roll out its suggestions every time you put a written word down. There is a free version available for fresh writers. The Expert package starts at $10/month.

24. Writer can help you with writing content in multiple ways. It can AI generate ideas or curate outlines to guide you through the writing process. Alternatively, it has ready-made copies to meet your content needs. StoryLab can create blog ideas, intros, Google ads, Instagram captions, YouTube video titles, Facebook ad copy, and much more.

Simply select a copy, add a few keywords and let this AI writer take over. Its free version allows users to run the AI writing generator thrice after which you can subscribe to their basic plan for $5/month which gives users 25 AI runs.

25. Hypotenuse AI Writer

Hypotenuse is a robust AI writing software tool whose diverse use cases include blog articles, Instagram captions, Google and Facebook ads, headlines and slogans, content detection, and content generation in bulk. You can also use it to create stunning images, repurpose your content and summarize your text. For eCommerce stores, this AI text generator can produce high-converting SEO-friendly product descriptions.

How To Choose the Best AI Writing Generator

Image Tips for Choosing the Best AI Writing Generators

AI writing software is designed to help professionals and team members from diverse walks of life. Their use cases expand to writers, marketers, businesses, entrepreneurs, health sectors, academicians, entertainers, storytellers, e-commerce stores, influencers, and hundreds of other niches.

The diverse application of such software makes the question of choosing the best AI text generator tool a lot more democratized.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here and users will have to rely on their own best judgment as well as thorough research to pick the solution that fits their personal needs or business model the most. There are, however, a few questions that you can ask yourself to ensure you’re on the right track when shortlisting the best AI writing software choices.

What type of content do you need?

Different niches rely on different types of content. For example, e-commerce stores usually use product descriptions and reviews in contrast to, say, the finance sector, which relies on plenty of advisory and authoritative blogs to generate leads.

Again, as academicians, an influencer, or story-teller, your needs may be different. Make sure that your chosen AI writing generator offers the type, nature, and tone of writing that is most relevant to you and your demographic.

Does the AI writing generator offer SEO?

Although many of the best AI writing software are prefigured to provide SEO optimization, it may be worth the hassle to perform your own research and make sure that they do.

SEO has become a primary component of content marketing for businesses and if you have decided to invest in a content-related app, it must come with a sound optimization feature. Some of these AI writing generators even go a step further to draw comparative analyses and reports; the more they do, the better.

What is your budget and return on investment?

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for. The more features your AI writer offers, the pricier will be the payment plan. It is often said that starting out, quantity is important but eventually quality takes precedence. As a newbie, you may be happy with just the ability to roll out more content.

As your business develops, we advise investing in more high-end AI writing generators even if it means subscribing to pricier packages. It will most likely be a profitable asset since studies have proved high conversions for investments in content marketing.

Finally, know that you are your own best judge simply because you have the most intimate awareness of your business needs and goals. Therefore, perform thorough research and choose the option that you deem the most compatible with your personal prerequisites.

Best AI Writing Generator Software 2024 – Review Verdict

Image Best AI Text Generator Software - Review Verdict

Wrapping up our tour of the best AI writing generator software in 2024. While AI Writing tools may not have completely eliminated the need for human intervention, they have surely changed the game for many.

Most notably, the technology has allowed users to maximize opportunities by offloading repetitive tasks and creating a valid solution for the longstanding problem of battling creative blocks.

The AI writing generators themselves vary in quality, features, pricing, and output. There are several names on our list that retain the ability to dispense relevant and value-based content consistently, posing themselves as strong contenders for ‘the best AI writing generator software’ accolade.

The truth is that there are hundreds of parameters to gauge before we can arrive at any conclusion about the best AI text generator. It is instead safe to say that the best AI writing software is one which can cut out content pieces that are high-converting, personalized, and relevant to your business.

Best AI Writing Generator Software 2024

  1. INK AI Writing Assistant
  2. Jasper AI
  3. LongShot AI
  5. Writesonic AI Writer
  6. Rytr
  7. ChatGPT
  8. GrowthBar AI Copywriter
  10. CopySmith
  11. Scalenut AI Content Generator
  12. Article Forge AI Writer
  13. WordAi AI Text Generator
  14. Anyword AI Writing Assistant
  15. Sudowrite AI Content Generator
  16. Chibi AI Text Generator

Other AI Writing Generator Software

  • Sassbook AI Text Writer
  • Wordtune AI Text Generator
  • Simplified AI Text Generator
  • ClosersCopy AI Writer
  • Smodin AI Text Writer
  • InferKit AI Content Generator
  • WriteCream AI Writer
  • Deep AI Text Generation API – View
  • Zissou AI Text Generation
  • Oxedent AI Writing Generation
  • Zyro AI Content Generator
  • Hyperwrite AI Writing Chrome Extension 

AI Writing Tools – Pros and Cons 

Writer’s block – AI writing assistants can help in more ways than one. For example, writers often struggle with what is popularly known as “writer’s block”. AI writing generators are not hampered by such limitations and go a long way in helping writers and content generators combat their low-productivity phases.

You are not just saving time, but generating engaging ideas, producing high-converting content, and applying standard SEO practices all from a single resource hub.

Detection – However, the fact that AI has come an incredibly long way does not negate the other fact that it still requires some sort of human intervention to operate successfully. Google can easily detect AI-generated text which can be attributed to its proclivity towards creating non-factual and error-prone content that lacks personality.

And while it does not hold anything against quality AI-generated content, problems such as the ones mentioned earlier can cause businesses penalties and loss in the rankings.

Bias – Then there is the danger of incorporating unwanted bias in your writing. Remember that AI writing tools are trained by humans with real-life data and as humans it is possible for us to transfer our social, economic, racial, cultural, or gender-based prejudices into these systems. Although most AI writing software allows users to give feedback, it will ultimately come down to the developers’ personal opinions on what to do with that feedback.

Plagiarism – Lastly, there is the danger of plagiarism. AI writing tools rely on scraping the internet to generate content. This goes against Google’s guidelines for auto-generated content because it increases the chances of producing duplicate text.

All of this makes human intervention the only plausible answer for countering the aforementioned drawbacks of AI text generation software and maximizing their potential.


What is the best AI writing generator software for 2024, in your opinion? Which AI writing assistants have you tried? What have you learned? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email for questions.

And, no, this article has not been written with the help of an AI writing generator.

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